Top 10 Niche Markets That You Can Actually Succeed With.

I’m going to show you the “top” 10 niche markets I have found and through online marketing, how to make a wonderful online business out of it.

I am continuing a “promise” I had made several months ago where I talked about helping people out who are stuck on niches but because I haven’t really kept up with it, this article is going to compensate for it and basically keep the promise going until the end of 2016. And I’ve updated it today to adjust to 2019.

top 10 niche markets

There are 2 important rules about this “top 10” list:

First, I recommend you only take one or more of the niche markets I will reveal to you if:

  • You know about the niche, like or love it and if you don’t, here’s how you can find them.
  • If you are currently not involved with another niche site that you like and if you hate the one you’re doing, only switch to one of these for the above point.
  • If none of the 10 niches on this list interest you, leave me a comment below. And I also added an add on list below (through a link) which will show you at least 100 more ideas! 

And second, whether you find a niche topic here you like or don’t, regardless, once you choose one eventually, I’m going to give you 2 options for monetizing them:

  • First if you’re somewhat experienced with online business, you can go ahead and apply these 2 steps I use to make money of any topic. Just choose one of the topics you’ll discover and use the steps. 
  • And if you’re completely new, skip that tutorial and do this:

Alright I get it, now give me the top 10!

Hang on a moment, I want to spoil something…

It’s that this list is not something you would consider to be worthy of being in the top 10. But you will only think that if you’re only focusing on the money and have never done online marketing.

Here’s the thing about these topics…

I’m not here to give you obvious information on markets you already know are popular. I’ve been through many courses and people telling me to go into weight loss, dating, fitness and other extremely general topics that frankly speaking suck to market in because broad topics like those get beginners and even experts nowhere!

I can tell you to make an online business focused on general subjects, but guess what? You’re not going to make it in that if you don’t know how to narrow down the topic and promote correctly (Hint: It’s the laser niche topics that truly count!).

I can give you 100 examples of that, but they will all fail you. And notice, part of my title did say it’s topics you can SUCCEED at. So it’s going to be EXACT topics that I’m going to show you. But…

Look past the general numbers and you’ll see that…

All these ideas can be turned into 6 figure websites (I can say this as someone who has accomplished that as an affiliate marketer):

If you take something general like weight loss, where there’s likely around 50-100 million users browsing for it online every month and compare it to any of the 10 topics I’ll show you, you’re going to see the traffic numbers are MUCH lower, a fraction lower even.

But look beyond just those numbers and understand that these are REAL niches with defined audiences and know that with the products you can promote to them, the prices and affiliate commissions you can earn and services you can sell can make you FAR more money.

So while the people who are still looking away (you’re making a BIG mistake…) and still focused what I like to call “surface topics” (the general ones) they shouldn’t be targeting, you’re going to make a lot of money targeting the RIGHT ones which those same surface topic chasers would consider to be a wasted effort!

Alright so let me reveal these subjects (it took me about 5 minutes to come up with them):

Wow, 5 minutes to come up with 10 ideas that can all make 6 figure businesses!? Yep, that’s what a my experience in online business will do for you.

Now I’ve had posts like these go into specific niches where I deconstructed them and showed you how to make money of them, but if I do that for every single one on this article, this post is going to be as long as book so again, do one of those 2 tutorials above if you want to really get going with these subjects. 

What I will do is give you basic information on each subject such as:

  • A description of the niche and the general audience that is interested in it.
  • Keyword statistics that will show you the traffic potential.
  • Affiliate opportunities and other monetizing ideas. 

1) Emergency supplies: 

emergency preparation

Description: People buy these things usually after a natural disaster hits. Seriously, use your imagination and if you are one of these people or have bad experiences where one of these problems hit and you were stuck in line trying to get the essential things to keep your home/family safe, you’re probably perfectly suited to make an online business from it. This is an evergreen niche.

There are also times where depending on the timing, this topic can easily become a hungry niche, such as if a disaster is on the way or if it has happened, people will be flocking to get supplies ASAP and when stores will have big lines or empty shelves, the internet will be where hungry audiences go to get those necessities. 

How do you do it? Remember that 5 step tutorial to making money online? Well you already have step 1 down if you choose this to be your niche topic.

Keyword statistics: Let’s look at some facts about this niche and by facts, I mean keywords:

What I did was I looked up different topics within this subject. We’re talking:

Information on actual disasters that strike every year (Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, ect…).

I also looked at the keywords for EACH of those things and that people (surprise, surprise!) actually look up ways to prepare for them! 

What sort of things do they look for? Power generators, boards, long lasting food reserves, ect…seriously if you know this niche, you can list about 100 different things people can buy. 

Then take those different topics, put them in a keyword tool and you’re going to find some very, very interesting facts. Let’s take power generators as an example…


You’re looking at over 8,000 searches monthly for JUST power generators. Now if you actually started reviewing the different models there are, they also have their own keyword stats which adds to this 8,000 number and you would probably hit about 50,000 in traffic potential and that’s just for ONE sub topic of this niche.

Combine that with the other things people NEED if they’re interested in this niche? Man, you’ve got at least a million possible visitors and hundreds of topics you can already write on. 

Any affiliate opportunities? OH. YES. Let’s just do the power generator one. Thinking of promoting them on Amazon? You should…

emergency supplies niche

With just this one promotional opportunity, you are looking at commissions that can make you from several dollars to $100+. 

Now that’s just for power generators, in a niche that has WAY more selling opportunity than just that.

So hypothetically (and realistically…), if you add in the potentially million+ niche audience, the products you can sell (knowledgeable people on this topic will know ALL the things they can promote) and the commissions (plus these other monetizing ideas), conservatively, there’s no reason why this site can’t cross 6 figures.


Now as I said before, I don’t want to get into TOO many details on each of these because it’s just going to make this article WAY too long but as I said before, use this post where I fully dissected one big niche and just use it to brainstorm one or more the topics you’ll read about here and then again, use one of those 2 major tutorials I told you about…

2) Self defense/martial arts:

self defense

Description: One of the most in demand and evergreen markets you will find is self defense and people wanting to study martial arts. If you are someone who has trained in it, been a fighter, competed or even better have been a champion, you can also make a site on this and share tips. 

Keyword stats: I’m just going to go with a general topic:


10,000+ audiences looking at this and it’s only for self defense. 

Hang on Vitaliy! I have a keen eye and I noticed something…

First, it appears the competition is too high! Self defense has over 500 QSR (for those of you who don’t know, QSR is competition). And frankly, the power generator one also had a lot of them too! 

You are correct, but ever single term I’ve listed is SUPER basic. I’m not interested, at least right now in going in too deep and finding every single none competitive term. All I’m doing for you guys is showing you basic stats. If you want to find the low competition terms, all you have to do is this:

Add words to self defense like: For men, women or target the different arts there are, how to some special moves, ect… and I promise you, you’re going to find that all those BIG competition numbers drop to the point that they are so low that landing on that first page is no problem!

Don’t believe me? Well ok, I’ll do this once, but after this, on the other examples, I’m going to be lazy about the research and you’re going to have to go that far:


Oh look, by just adding a few more definitive words to our niche keywords, we have found SO many more low competition ones! That’s all you have to do with your options as well.

Ok, you got me there Vitaliy, but I noticed a few terms that may not apply to my site?

Of course you’re going to find keywords that will never work for you. You may have also noticed some terms have the world “classes, courses” and things which require that you promote a physical business. Well why not do that?

You can easily do business with some local martial arts schools and promote them. And if you own one, well that’s even better because you can get more clients…

Anyway, back to the stats. I’m going to estimate another million potential visitors a month for this niche.

Affiliate opportunities: Well besides you promoting a business that is yours or someone else’s, supplies for martial arts will absolutely work, personal courses you can make yourself and promote as videos (look up martial arts videos on YouTube and see how many views they get). Start a channel on it!

And also, I have an updated YouTube tutorial where I advise reviewing popular products. In this niche case, make videos showing self defense moves instead. It’ll still get a lot of views.

Is it safe to say this kind of site can cross 7 figures, not 6?

3) The survival niche.

survival alone

Note: From here on in, you already know how I search the stats for these things and I don’t think I need to provide more proof of profit potential because you can already find this yourself. 

Description: This topic generally deals with people who love the idea of surviving (generally outside civilization). People want to know how to make their own food, how to hunt, how to make fires, and there is also another funny group of people that are preparing for the…zombie apocalypse.

Just another niche tie in you can add to this site or do separately (that’s actually a whole other idea, but here, they are related so they can be used in one site).

Keyword stats: Again, you have an easily 100,000+ a month niche audience for a site like this. Most survival terms get several thousand searches monthly (but again, look beyond just that term, look at ALL the terms and things you can sell, add them up to get a more proper estimate).

Affiliate opportunities: Ok, so we have a situation here where people aren’t really interested in buying products as much as they interested in knowing how to live WITHOUT them, so how do you profit?

Well it’s not that hard, you can actually sell camping supplies to these people, tools to build fires, backpacks and other things people will pretty much always carry. You can also sell lessons where you teach people how to survive and charge for that. I do know of people who charge for classes in this subject and price them at $500+ per person…

4) Hiking trail ideas:

hiking trail decisions

Description: There’s MILLIONS of people who love hiking, want to know where they can go to get the best experiences and for money making purposes, want to know accessories to make their hikes more worthwhire (Hint, hint affiliates!). If you enjoy traveling and hiking, document your travels on a website and recommend them to your audience while also sharing the supplies you use when you go on them. 

Keyword stats: Millions upon millions of people love hiking. You can literally dissect EACH state, provide, country and it’s famous areas where people can go hiking. Here is an example:


The keyword tool Jaaxy was also smart enough to provide specific areas where people look for these trails. Imagine traveling to those places and recording that, then blogging about it and/or making a video? And seriously, the term: Hiking trails in (Add ANY area) is guaranteed to get results and this can offer you endless amounts of blog ideas and notice how many of those examples above are in the GREEN competition area.

You can also personally USE the money you make on your site to travel to those places to better inform your audience of whether or not they are worth it. Eventually an online business should provide the funds you need to try new products and things that deal with what you’re selling so you can EXPAND the business.

5) Camping sites. 

camping near river

Description: Like with hiking, there’s also millions of people who enjoy camping. Basically take the same example of hiking and just replace it with camping, find actual landmarks people travel to and use that to generate content.

Keyword stats: 100K + searches in my estimate and the bottom example is just a portion of the potential…notice how there’s ALSO regions being shown to have searches!


Affiliate opportunities: Sell tents, camping supplies, HIKING supplies too (a tie in to the previous idea) things like cameras and outdoor equipment for cooking (kind of like the stuff in the survival niche!).

Oh and that updated YouTube idea I linked above? It’s perfect for this niche too. Again, here is the link. You can literally just review camping supplies and link your videos to Amazon that sell those camping supplies.

6) Taking care of a specific pet.

exotic pet

Description: Have a specific breed of a dog, turtle, cat, lizard, ect…? Well guess what, so do plenty of other people and you can BET that there are on Google looking at ways to better improve the health and lifestyle of those pets. 

Keyword stats: Depending on the type of pet it is (some are very popular), for example, Labrador retriever dogs, you can find probably about 100,000 people who own these specific pets. Let’s do the Labrador retriever one:


Now you can repeat this type of search for any specific pet. Usually you can go a bit broader on non-common pet types. For example, if you own turtles, while there are different kinds, I’d make a site on general turtle health and tips, whereas with dogs, you’re better off going with a specific breed unless you want to target a specific age group they are in (a site on taking care of puppies would work).

Affiliate opportunities: Pet clothes, accessories, health advice/consultations if you’re an expert on how to make their life better, ect…

7) Aquariums and scenic environment setups for exotic pets.


Description: There are groups of people who love making a beautiful environments in their backyards for pets. Maybe it’s some kind of aquarium that instead of being a glass one is a bunch of rocks with a waterfall, grass, and other beautiful set ups that decorate the backyard, maybe it is the actual aquarium but it has many beautiful environments set up in their to recreate what a real one would look like.

You will often see these in pet stores. I often find these types of things in big sushi restaurants. They generally have fish and turtles swimming there.

Keyword stats and affiliate opportunities: Now this is one where you generally won’t find huge masses. I would estimate it’s probably less than 100,000 people but what you can target here is 2 things: an aquarium for a specific pet and/or supplies they sell separately FOR the aquarium so you can customize how it looks. 

These things sell from $50-$1,000+. 

Note: This is a niche topic I included in another long list I did (see this list of 100 niches that I made).

8) Scuba diving gear.

scuba diving topic

Description: If you enjoy diving and have tried scuba diving and know about it, make this type of site right away. You have incredible opportunities and HIGH priced affiliate items you can sell (high ticket).

Keyword stats: Man, this is huge, you’re looking at a combination of accessories for scuba diving, LOCATIONS of where people can do it, how to’s on the subject and many more variations. In total, several 100 keyword ideas can easily be written about on this subject alone and in total, at least 100,000 visitors can hit your site monthly. Here’s a FRACTION of the keyword stats potential:


Affiliate opportunities: You can sell lessons, accessories and just like in the hiking/camping niche, document places people can go diving, ect…

9) A niche on pool management (The water one, not billiards).

cleaning the pool

Description: Pools are very expensive add on pieces of property people add and taking care of them is also an expensive feat if people don’t know what to do. Fortunately, if you have a pool or have cleaned/repaired/took care of them, this type of niche site will definitely suite you.

Keyword stats and affiliate opportunities: I would say in total, also around 100k people. You have audiences all over the United States for example which live in the suburbs and/or own their own pools who actively hire people to maintain them.

But this can cost a lot of money and as an affiliate, you can sell your services to help them save it. You can promote accessories people can use to maintain their own pool rather than wasting money on hiring someone. 

10) Hedging finances: 

protecting finances

Description: This is a group that is somewhat similar to the emergency crowd, but more so on the financial area where they want to know where and how to invest their money from inflation and where to make good investments.

Keyword states and affiliate opportunities: If you’re someone who makes smart investments to protect finances, a wonderful site you can make is where you recommend certain stocks, how to store money, where to preserve it (maybe you recommend things like gold and silver or buying real estate for certain budgets). You can even handle people’s finances if they see that your advice is truly making and protecting investments.

This is a never ending topic you can write about because you can easily take ideas from popular news stations like CNBC and document current events and how they can effect the economy and other aspects of finance for people. 

Affiliate wise, I would recommend you offering consultations or if you’re not an expert finding someone whose advice has saved you money and to promote them for a fee.

How about 100 more niche ideas? Here you go:

Again, here is a post on 100 niches. You’ll see some repeats from this list here, but a majority will be completely new and some are mind blowing niche markets!

My final thoughts: 

This was not an easy list and certainly the topics here were not BROAD (some were even hungry!), but I hope I was able to show you the profit you can make by these seemingly less popular niches than most of the common names surface topic people keep latching onto!

Got questions or thoughts on the topic I listed? Let me hear em 🙂


147 thoughts on “Top 10 Niche Markets That You Can Actually Succeed With.”

  1. Wow you really done some great work here with your website! There are so many people looking for niches and you have provided some excellent examples. What am I saying? You have over 100 here! I’ll definitely be coming back here to check out more topics that you have posted. 

    Keep up the great work you’re really helping out a lot of people!

    – Ryan

  2. I shared the same opinion about the martial arts niche too – or sports of any kind – but there were some critics who disagreed when I published a blog about the topic. In their opinion, most of these skills are best learned through face-to-face settings and teaching online wouldn’t be as effective, even if it’s possible. 

    Yet there are so many experienced coaches out there. Imagine everyone sharing their expertise and promoting gear/products that are useful for the students, they can surely offer more value than any type of eCommerce stores. 

    Based on my research, the keyword opportunities for this niche are super rich. I wondered why these coaches haven’t thought about tapping into the online market before. 

    • Hi Cathy, those critics you mentioned do have a point, but what they don’t understand is that there’s so much traffic on Google and social media looking for videos on these subjects (which is why you probably saw so many keywords). 

      I personally follow a bunch of trainers and fighters on Instagram and they post videos regularly. Being that I also train, I take a lot of value from these short videos and include them in my training, and even use them with my clients. 

      These same people who also post these videos also get a lot of sponsorship’s and more business to their schools from marketing this way. 

      I am certain if you made that point to the same critics, they would change their mind. If not, they aren’t meant to be marketers.

  3. I like the financing niche on your list. I am learning about the stock markets now and thinking of starting my website in this niche. You said to provide a consultation service. It’s a good idea but I might wanna do it later in my journey. 

    Are their also quality affiliate programs for this niche? And how can I find it?

    • In this case, you may want to just Google for stuff relating to stock market consultations and affiliate programs. I did and what I found was a program called CEX.IO. Now I’m sure there’s more, but you should find multiple ones, then read the reviews on the affiliate programs to see which one is most legit. 

      Ideally, in this particular niche, offering consultations yourself would be the easiest way to go, but it will only happen when you become good at it so continue to study the stock market, and jump into it personally so you can then gain a better understanding of trading, stock betting and all that.

  4. I would be interested in looking into the self-defense area, I do have some experience in it but not enough to choose it as a niche. I think this is wonderful information, on how to look at the competition too, in any niche that you choose. I have an interest but it’s not so marketable. But I now have a better idea now of how to find out what exactly to look for when choosing your niche.

    • Good stuff Andy, I’m glad that despite having a few options for niches, you still decided not to opt for them because you are not confident enough to build off this. Typically people who know a little bit of info on a topic, just dive into making their site and stop shortly after because they run out of ideas.

      One option you can consider to actually push ahead with your existing ideas is to start the site, learn the info as you go to build up your knowledge of it and add to the site as you learn more about it in real life. This really helps if you have a major passion for your niche, but are worried you won’t produce enough content in it.

  5. Wow, thank you ever so much, Vitaliy, for the very sound advice. I can only vouch for the niche related to specific pets or breeds. My main website – the one that I’m still monetizing the most from – is about my dog breed, and it does exactly what you suggest it should do: it attracts the attention of dog lovers of that breed, because it is not general. So, once again, thank you for making the whole niche choice process much more worry-free for me.

  6. The niches that I found interesting were martial arts, emergency supplies and survival. There are more than 1 billion people out there, so no matter what niche you choose, there will always be potential traffic to your website! 

    People tend to create websites focusing on WHAT to sell for profits. But a few focus on building a BRAND, a website about something you really love. That’s why you see so many websites full of affiliate links and posts that only talk about PRODUCTS, not topics. Thanks for this post!

  7. I’ve found what I’ve been searching for. This is an amazing article because it shows you the niches you could get right into and build an amazing online business from. Before reading this, I never Knew camping sites and emergency supplies were great niches with lots of traffic. 

    I also like the fact that you display the keywords and traffic to let one know how many keywords they can use on their websites to get it Google ranked as quickly as possible on the first page. Once again thanks so much for sharing. Was very helpful and informative indeed

  8. Hi Vitaliy

    Thank you for clarifying the niche market data stats. I’m thinking about the anti-aging products niche. Are there specific formulas necessary to be successful in this niche? I’m really interested in this market and should do a keyword search, yes?

    • Great question and this is indeed a hungry niche market. Here’s how I would go about it:

      1) Target the specific group (niche) best suited for this. I’d go with women.
      2) Yes target keywords, target keywords such as anti aging tips for women and other things that attract that specific group to the site.
      3) Find best selling anti aging products on Amazon, find their keyword data and review them.

      That’s literally the blueprint on how I would market in this niche. It’s a competitive one, but you’ve got so much potential with what you can create content on that it won’t be that difficult to get good amounts of traffic from it.

  9. Do you prefer these niches primarily because it is not as competitive as a make money online sort of niche?

    Also, wouldn’t the martial arts and self defense niche be a little bit broad? Can you not break it up into a specific martial art or self defense art? Or would doing so cause it to be less profitable because the niche is too focused and their is not enough of an audience?

    • Good questions Jessie, most of these niche markets are NOT as competition as the make money online niche, and that one happens to be pretty broad because there’s so many ways to do it, so the fact that these topics are more specific, makes them less competitive.

      Regarding the martial arts and self defense niche, the answer is yes and no. I should have been more specific with it because I used both terms, but what I actually meant was focusing on self defense, as it implies street defense, and arts which deal with that, which is itself a niche.