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If you’re interested in making money online and have a question, ask it here! I would recommend first going through the website first as it will help answer any question/s you have. Start here.

I understand there are many people who visit this page who have their own specific situations and ideas in mind which they would like to utilize through the internet to make money with.

So with that in mind, ask away! I would be more than happy to answer and will respond within 24 hours (usually faster :)).

You can also post questions on specific pages and posts that are up on this page.

You can also ask me questions on specific internet marketing programs and if I have already reviewed them, I will let you know my thoughts on it.


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  1. Hi Vitaliy,

    This is a wonderful site and you have done a tremendous job of developing and promoting it. I have read probably 80% of this site and have lots of respect for it. Thanks so much for helping people like me.

    I have been trying to make money on line since 2011 and haven’t made a dime. The internet marketing industry changes like the weather: What was good yesterday won’t work today, you know what I mean. I have gotten so caught up in information overload and scam artists (which I haven’t been burned by too many of them) until I don’t know who to believe.

    I come from the mortgage lending industry and am a former mortgage lending instructor for 20+ years. I started a foreclosure website about 8 years ago and can’t get it off the ground.

    However, my question is simply this. I don’t really like writing and I know that writing is a big part of keeping a successful website going. Can you recommend a way to work around this? Are one page websites still around and effective?


    • Lori hi, before I give you my advise on what to do for your mortgage site, let me clear up a few things since you mentioned information overload and not knowing who to believe:

      Most of the internet marketing world has NOT changed, but it has gotten more specific and typically the same core things about creating a website that delivers the best content is still the best way to get rankings and traffic, and obviously make money from that. Many of the scam artists and mixed information out there usually neglects to mention this and simply points out that cheap ways to get rankings/make money no longer work, which is true, so they try to sell you another cheap way to do it, and so that itself is the scam.

      Now this brings me to your foreclosure site…

      You have a clear passion and with all the experience plus the site itself which you started, my advise would be to use the training inside Wealthy Affiliate, specifically the local marketing training to get the site to work.

      What you mentioned about not wanting to write applies to blog websites, but business sites like yours have a bit of a different strategy to get rankings…

      They require important pages to be set up like the services you offer, citations to be created across different websites to mention your business and you also will likely have to use paid ads like Google express to make your website show up on the map listings or for keyword searches related to mortgage services in specific areas.

      In addition to this, I’d also consider blogging about mortgage tips, because this is still a great way to get FREE traffic and with all the knowledge you possess, it’s also a great way to get clients to see your experience in this mortgage business.

      Now putting all of this together, here’s what I would do:

      1) I’d join Wealthy Affiliate here.
      2) I’d upgrade to the premium membership in Wealthy Affiliate, which would cost you $19 if you acted on their current discount for the first month.
      3) I’d go into the webinar (live events) section of Wealthy Affiliate, and see all the local marketing webinars provided there, and I would absolutely apply what every webinar we have on this subject teaches to your mortgage site so it can grow and get traffic.

      This way you would avoid all the blogging (but I would still recommend a few) and would help your site grow as a local business site. Overall, while there would be learning and application involved, as well as some time to pass to see the results, this would arguably one of the best ways to get your website to grow the right way and get the success you’ve been seeking to see with it.

      Furthermore, you can also communicate with me within WA if you join so I’d be there to guide you should you need help.

      • Thanks so much Vitaliy. I really appreciate your great advice. However, I joined WA about 4-5 years ago and will join again, but only if I can be under your tutelage.

        Like you, I think WA is a fantastic learning center and obviously I would be most happy to re-enter. Let me know ASAP if there would be any conflict or problem, prior to joining?

        • You should be good to go as long as you join under a different IP address than the one you joined under years ago.

  2. Hi Vitaliy,

    We already started with Wealthy Affiliate. We like your story a lot because you show us what WA can do in real life. So here is our question…

    We’d like it a lot to change our subscription to you. The link we used for our present subscription is from someone we don’t know at all.. we just found it on Google. Is that okay with you? If yes, how can we do that?

    Cheers and greetings from Amsterdam,

    Ciska and Els

    • Hi Ciska and Els, I actually get a number of people asking me about this, and the truth is, I’m always welcome to actually welcome people to be my referrals, but I want to be fair and honest here…

      1) Because you did register under someone else, I can’t get credit or the commission from you obviously and I would never want to take away or steal someone else’s credit.

      2) You are welcome to ask me questions inside Wealthy Affiliate, even though you are not my referral. I am open to helping anyone in the community, but of course my referrals always have to get my attention and help first.

      3) If you are indeed having an issue where your referrer (person who got you into WA) is not helping you out and you indeed wish to switch, the only way you can really do that is by leaving WA, and then rejoining it through another IP address and through my site, that will put you under me, but you will have to void any progress and sites you’ve made inside WA to do this.

      4) The other option now that I think about it is to contact Kyle, one of the co owners of WA and let them know you wish to switch, and he would be the one to do this, but I’m honestly not very comfortable with this because of the first reason I posted.

      It may very well be that your referrer is a good person who you simply just need to reach out to be in touch with so they can help you out.

  3. Hi Vitaliy. In your experience with SEO, have you ever dealt with massive rankings drops in just a couple of days? I’m asking you this because it happened to me in the past days and I can’t seem to find the cause.

    I have no manual penalty, no backlinks issues and there was no Google update in that period. My content is also pretty good (1500-2000 and over, words on average). My reviews would normally rank on the first page in Google immediately.

    I just read lots of articles about rankings dropping and nothing seems to suit to my case.

    I didn’t have the SSL certificate and someone told me this could be the cause. I kind of doubt that, since I didn’t find any SEO article on this topic.
    But I really can’t find the real cause, and some of my posts continue to drop each day.

    I didn’t find anything on your website about this topic, but maybe you can give me some advice. Thanks.

    • Hi Heather, let me ask you this and this is what will truly be important:

      Did your rankings really drop or did your traffic drop? This is an important distinction because if you’re doing everything as you say, your rankings should not be seeing a massive decrease at all. Your traffic however CAN see a drop off and…

      More than likely, this issue has to do with Thanksgiving coming up and other holidays. I’ve mentioned to many people who also had this question that holiday events are typically the #1 reason why this happens.

  4. I have seen lots of promotion of Wealthy Affiliate, and I understand the free version gives basics, but to learn the real information you must become a premium member with a monthly fee, from which all affiliates receive a portion. My financial situation is currently very grim-I was unfairly fired from my last job in 2008, due to three health conditions, ending a 36 year career as an xray tech. I have been unable to find anyone who will hire me for any job despite hundreds and hundreds of applications. My current age of 66 also likely is a factor. I have spent thousands of dollars and maxed out four credit cards attempting to find an online income source, but all the opportunities I have purchased have been unsuccessful, despite my attempts to research them for scams before purchase. I cannot afford monthly membership currently. My question for you is can one actually make money from the free program? Several other WA affiliates have told me I cannot without the premium membership. I am curious to get your response.

    • Hi Marilyn, I’m sorry to hear about the situations you’re going through involving your previous job, health and the scam experiences. The short answer to your question on WA’s free membership and you making money with it is yes it is possible. I don’t know which affiliates or members you spoke to about this matter, but as one of it’s longest and most successful members, there’s a lot more to this answer than a simple yes, let me explain:

      The free training within Wealthy Affiliate covers the overall (macro) approach to making money online, while the premium gets into finer details, which I admit does increase the odds of people making money.

      But at the same time, the person’s success odds depend not just on the training, but also themselves. I run into A LOT of people who join WA without having an open mind, that just want to make money online fast, and I make sure to tell them right away that this is not what they should be aiming for, because then they end up misunderstanding what the training teaches and not doing it correctly, then this leads to them failing and starting over.

      Believe me, I made that mistake personally when I joined and it wasn’t until I decided not to follow my own preconceived “understanding” of making money online, that I sat down, and with an open mind DID the training, and followed every task and it was instructed and that is what helped me become one of their successful members. This is the message I send to all my referrals and people who aren’t my referrals.

      Going back to question on making money with the free membership, you will get an overall idea of how it works, you will get sites and tools to get started, and it can lead to you making money, but it will also depend on how well you do the training. They do have a 1 month discount for premium right now, but if you’re still serious about this business, I’d only do the free membership and keep an open mind.

      You need to understand that while, yes, they do want people to go premium, it’s not just because they want to make money, it’s also because of all the free stuff and services they throw into the mix, that it needs to somehow be paid for on their end and the membership fees of premium do that.

      They do also provide people with a free trial to their keyword tool which does cost monthly eventually.

      I hope this answers your questions. On a final note, I want to say that this business is not easy. I am sure the schemes you fell for you in the past promised easy riches and I guarantee these things do not happen unless someone builds a real online business, through hard work first, this is what you can expect within WA in terms of them being honest about it and giving you a blueprint for doing that.

      I am able to set up sites, sales funnels and make profits faster now because I put in the work initially, but that took me a good few months to get to.

  5. Hi Vitaliy,

    Very nice and helpful review about Wealthy Affiliate. My question is, how are you going to support me or anybody who signed up once he is inside? I’m someone who is a newbie in this market.

    Thanks a lot man.

  6. Good after noon Vitaliy,

    Thank you so much for your meticulous responses on the tons of questions you are asked. I have red them all. I am a French speaking visual artist. Which translates to: writing and composition are absolutely not my forte LOL. Let’s say composition is one of the things that makes me procrastinate.

    I am a very motivated self-learner and can learn everything I have to from scratch, when I decided 20 years ago to learn how to invest in real state properly.

    My question is: Is this is something you have to do a lot in WA? If you have a web site, or a blog, or certain themes I guess you have to feed them regularly with new articles or other kind of compositions no? Thank you in advance Vitaliy. I am sure you will find a way to reassure and convince me LOL.

    • Hi Michelle, writing is certainly a big part of getting traffic in this business, but it’s not the only thing necessary to succeed. Being that you speak French (and good English in my opinion), some options you can consider with an online business are:

      Starting a real estate company in your area and making a site in french. Being that you have so much experience in this field, it’s a good place to start.

      Also you can learn SEO and the basics of growing a website within Wealthy Affiliate and use that knowledge to help other businesses, which would then pay you for the service. You will find a lot of training in WA on this subject and there are a lot of people who don’t wish to write a lot who go this route and it also works very well. I’d recommend starting with WA and seeing the training, this will totally help you narrow down what path you wish to take and I’ll also be there to answer your questions 🙂

  7. Hello Vitaliy,

    I would like to start an online business and have been reading everything online including all of your content which has been very very helpful. I would like to join WA, but I am having a difficult time coming up with a niche. I am a physical therapist and have a background in fitness with some nutritional knowledge. Any feedback would be most appreciated!

    Thank You,

    • Hi Bill, there’s numerous niche directions you can go here:

      For physical therapy:

      1) How to relieve knee/joint problems.
      2) How to heal muscle injuries.
      3) How to improve mobility.

      And these are good options for fitness:

      1) How to lose belly fat/cellulite/love handles (I’d pick one area of focus).
      2) How to get six pack abs.

      I’d pick one of these options and go through the free training in WA here. Hope this helps!

  8. Hi Vitaliy,

    I have a question for you regarding taxes and Wealthy Affiliate.

    I was able to go full-time with affiliate marketing in 2017 and am a complete idiot. I just went to a tax professional about filing taxes and found I owe roughly $16,000 from my $49,000 taxable income. I didn’t file quarterly like you are supposed to when you are self employed and this is what is really screwing me.

    I’m just wondering if you have any advice on this. Do many people in this industry report all their earnings? Do you have any tips on deductions?

    Any advice at all would be appreciated?

    • Hi Kyle, yeah that’s a pretty big problem and unfortunately one I don’t really have a cure for, but it can be improved upon moving forward. Though I am NOT a tax professional, what I can tell you is that if you’re making a substantial income in the U.S through affiliate marketing, in my experience, it is best to open up a corporation to write off more expenses, otherwise, you’re just going to get a 1099 form and have to pay through the roof like you are now.

      As for your existing issue, I would consult with at least 1 or 2 more accountants to see what options you have. Moving forward though, talk to the accountants about opening up a cooperation, it will really help a lot.

        • Hi Essau! Empower Network isn’t around anymore and I believe the owners switched to another program (I don’t remember the name), but either way, Empower Network was a scam and a pyramid scheme. It was not a program I recommended even when it was around. I still tell people to join Wealthy Affiliate instead, its a safe program.

  9. Hi Vitaliy,

    This is going to sound very retro but it is a real situation that I live in. I am located in a mountainous region in the south of New Mexico. There is NO cell service…none, nada. So our ability to join in on a lot of areas of marketing are limited.

    My question: Do you think this would be a big enough detriment that it would greatly hamper my results? Also, my interest would be in promoting others products instead of creating one of my own – again, would this hamper results?


    • Hi Patricia, there’s a couple of answers to this, and the first is that if you have wifi service in your area, you should be totally fine with working on a website from a computer. You mentioned you have bad cell phone reception, but often times, there’s wifi spots where you can still use the internet so it should be fine.

      That being said, if the wifi in your area is bad, you can work on your website offline, save whatever work you did and publish it when you have a connection established. The website you run will actually be online 24-7 since it’ll run on servers that are not in your area, but are constantly up so while you may not have a connection in your spot, people will still be able to view your website from any other part of the world.

      As for promoting other’s products, yeah this is fine and totally a thing you’ll learn about (affiliate marketing) within the program I highly recommend people start from (Wealthy Affiliate). On that program, the sites you make will be hosted by WA so as I said, this will keep it working for you.

  10. Well, this page is about candor and I thought I would find a place to ask a question, so I guess this is it.

    I have tried a lot of things and have had many disappointments and few victories. My question is this, in my niche website, (not sure what that will be) approximately how much money needs to be spent on advertising (I know the value is usually dependent upon the amount of money spent in the beginning, especially for advertising and promotional marketing) and I am sure that your training answers this along with suggestions of where to place ads, hopefully on a penny budget?

    Just having a site does not mean that it will be successful, because I know that it must be promoted and at this point, I am recovering from a horrible business loss which put my wife and myself in a homeless situation for four months, so I am cautious, yet need to earn lots of money quickly because at age 68, I have more days behind me than I do before me.

    We have been able to maintain rent for two years now, replaced some furniture, not of the same quality we lost, but I’ve done that basically through spurts of income thru ride share programs and other promos I have marketed through guerrilla marketing, with no budget for advertising because we lost it all, savings, retirement, property, everything except one car. Now we are just like two kids graduating from High School, except now, we have over 40 years experience, LOL!

    I am a closer, sales trainer and motivator, and have always been able to smile regardless of hard times.

    Well, I’ll stop now and I really do hope this is the right place that will perform for me and my Bride as we supply quality time investing in this! Thanks for your input, and I did not read all those comments above me, just a few of them, because time is a premium commodity more than ever before, and I try to spend it with that in mind, these days!

    • Hi Lester, I am very sorry about the circumstances you find yourself in. While my recommendation would be to try out a training program like Wealthy Affiliate, my warning would be not to rush anything you decide to do through it. The problem is that when people lose a lot of money or fail in a project, they often try to compensate the losses by going into more riskier projects and ventures, of which the main focus isn’t to create something successful, but to recover the losses and get a profit.

      This is actually a distraction that often leads people to more failures and why rushing back into trying to salvage losses and seeking to make money fast is a mistake.

      What I recommend on my site through Wealthy Affiliate is not a project that will pay quickly, but it will work if you put in the time. In all my efforts doing online work, the lesson of taking your time is what consistently has been shown to work.

      Wealthy Affiliate does have training on paid advertising, with pennies by the way, something that I personally do, but it is an advanced training level that I would not rush into if you do decide to try this program. Do what it teaches in the order it teaches.

  11. Would this work for products I like and personally buy through a multi level marketing program? For example, I buy a heated blanket from distributor. I then can either buy more and sell to other people, or get other people to sell it for me.

    How does referral selling through Amazon work? Do you pay a fee to become an affiliate? Is this the same concept as ebates?

    I have a Paypal account set up because I rent a room on airbnb. Can I use the same account? Would I get paid to promote airbnb for advertising my site on my own webpage?

    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Dawn:

      1) Yes you can resell MLM products to customers, by either buying them or promoting it such that the customer has to buy from the distributor.
      2) Promoting through Amazon essentially works by getting a link to a product you want to sell and having people buy through that link.
      3) Amazon’s referral program (Amazon Associates) is free to register for.
      4) You can use PayPal if the affiliate program/MLM program allows you to get money through it. Amazon will require you to provide a lot of personal info for example.
      5) I did not understand your question on Airbnb. My guess is that you’re looking to see if it has a referral program? Check their main site, they may indeed have it.

  12. Hi buddy,

    Great site you got here, love the Q and A facility!

    As a niche marketer, I have a lot of respect for your excellent site you have got going on here and often consult and check this site when I am not quite sure of something or have a little doubt.

    My question, how do you see affiliate marketing, with a particular focus on blogging moving and developing over the next 5 years?

    With larger screen sizes on mobile devices and faster more affordable data plans, I can see things becoming more visual, more multimedia with video being an important or key aspect.

    Your thoughts?

    • Hi Derek, this is an awesome question, which actually gave me a new idea, for which I JUST wrote an article on. Here it is, I thank you for this idea and fully answer your question there.

  13. Hey,Vitaliy. I am Sharmine Ida from Wealthy Affiliate. I am sorry for being here. Actually,I am here to ask you if you know any things where to get images free for my website? I am doing my site on losing weight. Thank you.