50 Profitable And Evergreen Affiliate Marketing Niches

After doing affiliate marketing for over 10 years, one of the best skills I’ve developed is finding profitable niches and to prove it, I’ll show you over 50 of them.

Not only that, but I will give you a specific action plan to follow that you can try for free that’ll help take ANY of these niches and turn them into stable online businesses that can make you good money.

Furthermore, if for whatever reason none of the 50 niches that you’ll read today will suite your taste, I’ll personally help you find the ideal one for you (leave a comment and tell me your specific interests and based on that, I’ll tell you your niche). 

50 profitable affiliate marketing niches

Before we start this list of 50 affiliate marketing niches:

If you’ve never been to my website, or know who I am or my resume with affiliate marketing, here’s some resources to show you that I’m legit:

Now having said this, let me mention that while you read this list, my objective isn’t just to give you plenty of ideas, but I also want you to understand the steps involved to taking these ideas and actually knowing how to build off them, so to do that, let me give you the specific formula that always works for succeeding at affiliate marketing:

profitable affiliate marketing formula

Don’t skip that formula folks, I really want you to memorize it (it’s really simple actually). And again, this is the program which will teach you it, step-by-step correctly so if there’s serious intent from you to start and do affiliate marketing, trust me, use that program (Wealthy Affiliate), like I and many others did (and see Wealthy Affiliate success stories and their results).

Anyway, let’s get to the 50 (evergreen, affiliate) niches already! 

I’ll mention the name of it, and give a brief explanation of the potential it has. With the formula you now have, most of the questions about how to make that into a profitable online business should be answered! 

1) Pop up campers.

pop up camper photo

Whether or not you own or drive an RV, a pop up camper is a VERY popular accessory for people who do. It’s an “extension” accessory for an RV that allows people to place items and basically get more room in their RV.

A simple search I did on this subject gave me these results on how many people look for it:pop up campers niche

This is 100% a profitable niche. Not only that, but it’s also…

A high ticket one as well because these things cost at least a few $100 and some I have seen in online stores cost $1,000+. 

Considering how popular pop up campers are for the niche group that is RV people, you would want to target them through blogs and YouTube channels (targeting them as a demographic on Facebook would also be VERY viable) and selling them these, it can turn into a very profitable affiliate business for you.

Of course before you engage with creating an online business on such a topic, you should obviously research it and if you’re an RV person, you likely already know enough about pop up campers to educate those who are interested in them on which ones to use and how to set them up.

Such an idea is very profitable if you use the formula I have given you above.

2) RV living & accessories for RV’s.

photo of an rv

As a researcher into potential niches for affiliate marketing, you’ll often find a “chain” type of scenario where by finding one niche, you’ll get ideas for even more. Such is the case for this one. 

While looking into pop up campers, my experience led me to ask questions about what other things may be related to them and this idea came up. RV living is a bit more bigger than pop up campers in terms of niche popularity, but if you live on the road and/or have RV experience, believe me when I say, this is a BIG topic and you’ll find both websites and many YouTube channels with tons of views and traffic providing great content and information on it.

My estimates on the popularity of this topic are that it’s at least 2-3 times as popular as pop up campers and thus it’s more profitable potentially, but you can also COMBINE the pop up campers idea with RV living and make a whole site dedicated to this lifestyle.

It’s also an evergreen niche, and combines a mix of cheap, simple accessories that you can sell AND high ticket ones.

3) Wilderness survival.

surviving in wilderness photo

There’s a reason why shows like survivor and Bear Grylls’s “Man vs Wild” are popular and get millions of visitors…

It’s because people love this subject of surviving in the wilderness and let me assure you that it is HUGE. A person (perhaps it’s you) who understands the secrets to this can set up a quasi blog/YouTube channel on this subject and get MILLIONS of people hooked on the ways to do this.

Now in terms of what you can actually sell as an affiliate marketer, the list is beyond huge, but let me give you some ideas…

  • Camping tents.
  • tubes for filtering out water.
  • Special clothing gear. 
  • Kits for survival. 
  • Backpacks.
  • GPS devices.
  • Organizing trips for groups of people wanting to learn this (you can even sell this yourself).
  • Ect…

4) Trail Running. 

trail running niche photo

Once again, we have a “branch” of niches, where by finding one idea, it leads into finding another. From the survival topic, I was easily able to find this one on trail running, a sport I sometimes do and LOVE.

Care to guess what kinds of products you can promote within this topic as an affiliate? Try to brainstorm real quick, and test yourself by not reading past this sentence until you’ve finished! 

Finished? Ok, here’s what I would consider:

Hiking shoes again, specifically trail running ones. I own a few pairs of these and let me tell you, regular sneakers do NOT compare when it comes to running in the wild.

  • Clothing for trail running (pants, socks, shirts, protective gear, you name it).
  • Action cameras.
  •  Fit bit watches.
  • Hydration backpacks.
  • Also GPS devices (who knows where trail runners might venture into…).

5) Para motoring.

para motoring picture

If it wasn’t for a guy named Tucker Gott, I would never have discovered the following niche idea: Para motoring.

It’s pretty clear based on the above picture what’s involved and I assure you, if you look at this successful YouTuber named Tucker Gott who made an affiliate business out of it, you’ll see it’s potential.

Pretty much ANY hobby and sport can become a niche topic to build an affiliate business from and this certainly counts! 

If you were to create a blog or in Tucker’s case, a YouTube channel, you could get 100,000’s of views on people interested in this subject and sell them accessories and training on this.

6) Hang gliding. 

Hang gliding may also be considered an extreme sport, similar to para motoring, but regardless, it is 100% a niche you can “exploit” in affiliate marketing. I can guess the accessories that go into creating a hang glider like in the video above are not cheap and they are certain sold on places like Amazon, where you can promote them on an authority blog that talks about hang gliding.

7) Surfing.

surfing picture

Surfing is most definitely a niche and a truly profitable one considering ALL the topics you can blog and make videos on, from locations, to selling actual surf boards and cleaning kits for them, as well as clothing people can wear, as well as safety tips on the sport itself. 

If you have ever gone surfing or at least a little bit experienced in and (and love it), you should most definitely consider making a niche site on this subject! 

affiliate marketing segway to wa

8) Rock Climbing.

rock climbing niche

At this point in time, I probably shouldn’t have to explain why rock climbing would be considered a GREAT niche topic and considering that it is a common sport ALL over the world, you can probably guess it’s popular. Everyone knows what this sport is even though most don’t do it, for obvious dangerous reasons.

But to the small, specific group of people who do, guess what? They are a niche audience and I would guess the equipment involved in this sport is also very expensive. Should you have a passion for rock climbing, my advice, just like for the surfing topic is the same: Make an affiliate business site out of it.

9) Cave exploration. 

cave exploration niche topic

There is absolutely a 0% chance that I’ll ever engage in this “activity” especially after watching The Descant and being claustrophobic, but there’s a lot of people who absolutely love this particular hobby, which is to explore caves and hike through them. 

Some people purposely put themselves inside tight spaces in caves for the thrill of exploring it and while I’ll never understand why people do this, there is still no doubt that this topic is very popular and if you’re into it, trust me, you can sell a lot of products as an affiliate through a site you make for this.

10) Kayaking.

kayak niche

Finally a niche topic that is not so extreme: Kayaking. 

I discussed the potential of the kayaking niche topic here. Selling these types of kayaks can really bring in great profits, considering how even the cheapest are around several $100.

Not to mention the fact that PORTABLE kayaks are also a huge rising topic, and those cost over $1,000. 

11) Van life.

van life

Van life has always existed, but from my research has become more popular thanks to YouTube, due to many factors (economy, lifestyle changes, new generations of people preferring this over expensive apartment living, ect…).

But to a niche marketer/affiliate marketer, this topic presents opportunity to create a channel/blog that helps people who wish to live this life get the best supplies and actually live it.

And if you need proof, here’s a video with 1 million+ views from one of the many people who does live this lifestyle and sells products as an affiliate marketer:

You can honestly draw similarities between van life and RV living, because in many ways, it has similar potential. 

12) Truck life.

truck life

I’ve explored this topic many times and I can tell you that truckers are an interesting niche crowd. If you are into trucking or know someone who is, I can tell you that there’s money potential here too.

A blog about the “truck life” and talking about ways to do the following things:

  • Safer driving tips.
  • Making extra money while doing this particular job (online marketing).
  • How to set up the bedroom in a truck.
  • Ect…

All of these topics have GREAT potential. Speaking from experience, I once set up a Facebook ad where I only targeted people who are truckers and I was interested in selling them a promotion into Wealthy Affiliate

I was getting 30 website visits a day on an ugly ad I set up. The potential is big.

And that was only for truckers who were interested in making extra money. This doesn’t consider all the other possibilities, considering how trucking is a job that has many people in it. 

13) Travel blogs (vlogs).

travel niche

There’s no denying that countless people dream of travel and it’s thanks to blogs, YouTube & the internet that people who love doing this can share those experiences, and attract visitors to their sites/videos.

I talked about travel blogs here, but one of the best case studies I’ve seen to date about someone who successfully has their own business set up from this is this solo travel lady, who created an awesome blog, YouTube channel, Instagram account and Pinterest account where she details this stuff. She does very well and affiliate marketing I believe is one of the things she does.

Even if it’s that’s not the case, you should know that if you decide to do this, then affiliate marketing can and will be a viable way to monetize such a business idea.

14) CBD oil.

CBD oil niche

10 years ago, a niche topic on THIS particular thing would be illegal, but considering how it’s becoming more and more legal, CBD oil is a topic that is GROWING (no pun intended) and I can tell you that if you’re into CBD oil and know a lot about it, that most of the audience that is also interested does not.

And this interest, yet lack of knowledge the audience has gives an affiliate marketing OPPORTUNITY. You can definitely find tons of blogs and YouTube videos on this subject, but I want to link you to a site a friend of mine runs which teaches people how to create businesses selling CBD oil. Here is the link

The author of it (Jay) explains different affiliate programs which you can legally join and legally sell CBD oil through. Overall if you start your own blog/channel on CBD oil and explain everything you possibly can on it through great content, it WILL do well.

15) Mountain bike blogs & YouTube channels.

mountain bike niche

This is another awesome topic that I recently started checking out thanks to one of the YouTube case studies I talk about here. I would say there’s at least MILLIONS of potential customers if not more who love this subject.

And considering how expensive a good mountain bike and accessories cost, the affiliate who promotes them properly, can do very well. As far as I know, a good brand mountain bike itself can go over $1,000 in price EASILY. Imagine the affiliate commissions on that?

I am very interested in this topic personally, but I have no clue about how to pick out or assemble a mountain bike should I ever get one, and believe me, there are MILLIONS of people who are also in the same position who look at blogs and one of the channels I link in the above paragraph that are valuable to me, the potential customer.

And there are many mountain bike affiliate programs you can explore to promote them on!

16) Sports cycling.

cycling niche

Sports bicycles are very different from mountain bikes, which puts this topic in it’s own niche category, but like mountain bikes, are very popular. 

Lots of people prefer this sport to mountain biking, and just like that topic, this one has it’s own high ticket items, tons of people wondering about it which to choose and more.

If you’re an avid cyclist (mountain biking or not), you have a good niche audience with either choices 15 or 16.

free affiliate niche course

17) Harley Davidson’s.

harley davidson niche

There’s so much niche/affiliate marketing potential here folks…

  • Leather jackets. 
  • Motorcycle accessories (Helmets, protective gear, ect…).
  • GPS devices for the motorcycle.
  • Ect…

18)Sports motorcycles.motorcycle racing picture

Sports bikes are Harley’s are obviously of the same type of category of motorcycles, but like mountain bikes and sports bikes, are different and if you know about this particular type of motorcycle (and ride it), then of course, it also has massive potential too!

And here’s a bonus topic: Dirt bikes. Another category to consider! 

19) Building muscle.

building muscle

There are countless men and women who wish to bulk up and build muscle. This category of people are an excellent topic to target on a blog/YouTube channel. There’s countless examples of people who have made great blogs and video channels on THIS topic alone and made it big as personal coaches AND affiliates.

Clarifying for people interested in this topic on how to build muscle through proper supplements, workout recommendations and diets could go a very long way in helping that turn into a GREAT online business.

Note: This topic could also cross into the “how to burn fat” topic too (and get an even bigger audience to your business).

20) Marathon running.

Marathon running niche

While jogging can relate to marathon running, a site or YouTube channel focused on JUST this topic alone could do VERY well. Creating content on how to finish marathons, the proper gear to use (sneakers especially) can help you find SO many affiliate opportunities and a large audience to help out who want to start, do and finish marathons.

Ideally, I would recommend that if you decide to target his niche topic, to be a marathon runner yourself. Even if you haven’t finished one yourself, that very experience you have can help newcomers trust you and take your suggestions on what to buy to help in their marathon endeavors. 

21) Triathlon training (Iron Man Challenge).

triathlon niche

This is a unique niche because it provides SO many opportunities. In a triathlon, there are 3 marathons which take place: Swimming, followed by cycling, and finally a third marathon which is jogging.

EACH of these 3 things present their own affiliate opportunities, BUT as a whole, the triathlon topic is itself very popular and like the marathon niche above this one, you can start a whole business teaching and helping people to get ready for it, whilst selling equipment to help them conquer the event.

22) RC Boats.

rc boats topic

The few times I tried RC boating, I was in Busch Gardens in Tampa, and I enjoyed it, but let me tell you, there are many people who are into this topic and the price ranges (affiliate opportunities) for this topic are pretty huge, from very small, low cost RC boats, to large, high ticket racing boats.

23) RC Planes.

rc airplanes

Literally take the RC boat topic, and change up the name to airplanes and you literally have the same kind of affiliate potential!

24) RC Helicopters.

RC helicopters

And here’s one more branch of the RC topic altogether. Keep in mind that you can create an entire affiliate site that talks about boats, airplanes and helicopters (all inclusive to the RC toy niche itself).

affiliate course preview

25) Drones (Something I have personal experience with).

photo of drone

Numerous times, I’ve discussed the drone topic and how I started my own niche site on it (get the details of this drone niche site here). In fact, with the site I currently run that sells them, I recently made 2 high ticket sales from someone who purchased a very expensive battery for a very expensive drone model + a very expensive remote.

These 2 sales, equated to nearly $100 in affiliate commissions for me. Here is the proof:

amazon affiliate commission proof

26) Weight loss for cats.

cat weight loss niche

My grandfather has a cat, and that cat (despite being adorable) is overweight. And this is a hungry niche topic (no pun!) that I am sure millions of cat owners have. 

Being able to control a cat’s weight can make a huge difference in their longevity and there are many owners of cats who wish to see this happen, and thus they will look for ways to do that through the internet, by looking at blogs, talking to vets, and going on YouTube to figure out how it can be done.

If you’re a cat owner who has solved this problem, start a blog and help other cat owners get their cat’s weight under control.

27) Weight loss for dogs.

weight loss for dogs

There is the same exact potential for this topic as the cat weight loss topic folks! 

28) Turtle care.

taking care of turtles

I have 2 turtles, both who are 19 years old at the time I’m writing this blog post. The average life span of the breed I have is 30-50 years. I love my turtles and want them to live to the latter part of that span and there’s many turtle pet owners who probably wish to see the same thing.

While there’s many different breeds of turtles, a site which explains for turtle owners the right ways to take care of them (and their aquariums, habitats) can be absolutely profitable for an affiliate marketer.

I’ll even give you an example…

Heating lamps are very important in this niche and while there’s different brands, when I took my turtle to the vet and they told me to get a specific one that would help his health improve, I found out it costs $95 and it has a 6 month usage. I now own 3 of these lamps. 

If I had purchased them online, if I got it from a blog, the person who promoted it would have commissions from it.

29) Taking care of fish.

taking care of fish niche

Fish don’t cost a lot (well some do), but the accessories (filters, aquariums, ect…) certainly do. Not to mention all of the topics on the right way to properly take care of them would be a very profitable niche blog/YouTube channel to run. 

30) Aquariums/decorations.

aquarium picture

Aquariums themselves can be a profitable niche, including the decorations that people put into them. Those accessories are very expensive at times, but if you’re into making a beautiful looking aquarium, I assure you, so are many others, and if you can display how to properly set this up, you can sell some great accessories as an affiliate.

31) Taking care of pigs (as pets).

taking care of pigs

Having pigs are a pet is actually a great niche topic, and it’s something I’ve personally seen, as one of my cousins once owned one (a pot bellied pig). It was hard to take care of it, but considering how much more common this niche is than you think (and how hard it is to take care of these pets), a niche site focused on helping people care of these adorable (and smart) animals is huge.

32) Taking care of rabbits.

rabbit care

Rabbit care, like ANY other pet care is an important and popular niche topic. I’ve never had a rabbit myself, but there’s millions of people who do. I suspect that care for these pets is a topic that many people need help with and as an affiliate marketer, you can absolutely help this niche audience with this subject.

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33) Skiing. 

skiing niche photo

Ski gear and accessories are VERY popular and of course, a site on this stuff, where you sell them as an affiliate can really do well if you know about this sport a lot!

34) Snow boarding.

snowboarding niche topic

If you already expected me to mention the snowboard topic right after skiing, then good on you! You are becoming someone who recognizes a niche and the opportunities it presents and this just means you’re more cut out to start one! 

Snowboards in general can really get expensive, and of course, you can connect both the skiing and snowboard topics together into one site, and basically tackle winter sports together.

35) Cross country skiing.

cross country sport

Cross country skiing is a hobby/sport that doesn’t really involve downhill skiing, but rather through woods that are heavily snowed in. It can really be fun but you can also combine this niche with one involving skiing. There are MANY people who love cross country skiing.

36) Fly fishing.

fly fishing photo

I have very little experience with fishing, and even less with fly fishing, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is a topic that has a huge audience itself and accessories/training you can create a whole affiliate business from! 

37) Ice fishing.

ice fishing photo

While most people would consider fishing itself to be a niche, I would say it is something you can really break down into even more specific topics and build great businesses from.

Take ice fishing, and fly fishing (that I just mentioned). These are part of the fishing topic, but technically different from each other and more specific than fishing itself.

And this topic carries it’s own (different affiliate opportunities) from ways to drill a hole in the ice/snow, to stuff to wear when you do this and more. 

I recently considered running ads on fly fishing and fascinated to discover that in the United States, this a very common and popular activity in the state of Minnesota. Apparently, lots of people love doing this there (out of the other states I looked into on this subject).

38) Solo camping.

solo camping photo

Camping itself carries GREAT potential, but like we broke down the fishing topic into more specific topics, camping has this branch too, specifically, solo camping, a topic that is popular among avid hikers and travelers who prefer solitude vs doing these activities in groups.

But this crowd, despite having the “solo” tag is still one that has millions who do it and ANY niche topic that has millions of people interested in a specific topic has potential (affiliate marketing potential).

39) Sailing.

sailing niche

People who have these boats know that there is A LOT of care required and if you know about this, please start an affiliate business teaching others how to do sailing properly. I promise you that others (and there are many) who do sailing will read/watch your content and buy affiliate promotions from you!

You can even do Vlogs, where you record yourself on a sailing boat talking about how to take care of it and put in affiliate links in the description.

40) Sky diving.

sky diving niche

This is another topic I think I’ll never get involved in, but hey, that still doesn’t change that tons of other people will. By this point, I don’t think I need to explain how much affiliate marketing opportunity there is in this business! But if I do, leave a comment below asking me to clarify the opportunity, and I’d be happy to 🙂

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41) Scuba Diving.


Scuba diving, and diving in general is a very big topic which has it’s own high ticket potential, and here’s just some of the many things an affiliate can promote on a site/blog/channel on YouTube with regards to this topic:

  • GoPro’s. 
  • Accessories for diving/scuba diving. 

And besides the selling part, you can also write tons of content on places to swim at (exotic areas) and do things like Vlogs of your personal experiences doing this. Remember, if you live your niche and love it, you are going to have a better/easier time doing affiliate marketing.

42) Yoga.

yoga picture

Yoga blogs and video channels are huge and to some this may signal that it’s got huge potential, to others, it may signal that there’s too much competition, so if you’re in the latter part of this opinion, read this article on niche saturation and competition and don’t worry about it.

As for those in the former, if you love yoga, create a blog/channel where you talk about poses, sell mats, yoga pants and other accessories. Make sure your online business delivers great content to the people seeking to do yoga, because the better you do this, the better your online business will perform, that I promise.

43) Life insurance.

life insurance

A few weeks ago, a referral/student of mine asked me to help them out with finding keywords for this specific niche topic and I was actually very surprised at how well thought out this idea was as well as it’s potential.

My mother started a life insurance plan for me when I was a teenager and it’s an investment that has grown for over a decade, that I now hold for myself and grow on my own.

And the agent that helped her pick it out is…an affiliate for the life insurance company that I now have a plan in.

But while that agent sold the services in person (we all met for lunch and discussed it), why couldn’t an online marketer do the same thing? It would save them tons of time having to meet with clients (not that you can’t do it).

So if you know about life insurance and/or are an existing agent, start a blog, please.

There’s SO many people looking at this topic online and with the initial research I did into this topic, I found that…

A site that is an authority blog on this topic can easily amass 10,000+ visits monthly. But what can you talk about that blog? Well here’s a few examples:

  • Talk about the general idea of life insurance.
  • Compare the different plans that are out there.
  • Talk about the benefits of it.
  • Discuss your own personal experience with life insurance (this is a great way to connect with others seeking life insurance).
  • Talk about smart ways to invest in life insurance plans.
  • Ect…

With the keywords I found, I would NOT be surprised if someone could write at least 100 blog posts on this subject and all the possibilities it carries.

44) Treasure hunting.