My Traffic Business Review: I Found 2 Shocking Things

I looked at buying My Traffic Business, but before doing so, checked out a bunch of reviews (and did some other research) and afterwards, what I discovered made me put away my wallet and that’s the shocking stuff I want to talk about in post.

Now I do also want to say that those reviews showed me what My Traffic Business is all about and as it just so happens, it’s nothing I haven’t done in my own online business already (but in a few different ways).

In any case, I am knowledgeable on the method, even though I did not buy the program and as you’ll soon learn, to call this a “program” is a bit too complimentary.

Quick Report on My Traffic Business:

my traffic business review

Name: My Traffic Business.

Creator: James Wendell.

Price: $47.

Does My Traffic Business work? It can but there are better options, especially after reading the reviews.

Final Rating: 0 out of 10 stars

There are several reasons for this rating (2), and one of them is the low ratings/reviews I found on the program. The other is even more shocking in my opinion, but you’ll see what I mean below.

Other than this, the method taught within My Traffic Business is highly self promotional and based on what I saw, low quality at that. I personally don’t like that mix and therefore will not recommend it.


my traffic business alternative

My Traffic Business, a full review:

Before I share the reviews I found on this program and the shocking stuff they say, let me cover exactly what My Traffic Business is about and how it teaches you to make money online.

The basic idea behind the program is to teach you to do 2 things:

  1. Promote My Traffic Business itself.
  2. To do it through email marketing.

The idea isn’t bad, and doing affiliate marketing this way CAN work. However, based on what I’ve read, the material you get to accomplish these 2 things isn’t exactly high quality either (and that’s an understatement).

For starters, the training inside My Traffic Business is an eBook called “List Building Excellence”. And that happens to be one of the major red flags in this whole “program”. Let me explain:

Here’s the 1st problem with List Building Excellence:

It’s literally a PLR product you can find on various sites, for various prices, the cheapest of which is $9.95. I have however seen some people try to resell this for as high as $67 on the other sites I’ve seen (that’s outrageous).

Anyway, here’s proof:

list building excellent plr proof

And through My Traffic Business, it costs $47 (but you do get support and a few other things included, so that may be a bonus). Anyway, the problem I have with PLR products is that they are not original entities and products/content the owner creates.

They just buy it off third party places and resell it for whatever they want. And without telling the customers that it’s a PLR product, they assume (like I originally did) that it’s a unique product made by the owner.

Additionally, PLR products are often known to be outdated and are most commonly used as bonus items product creators make as enticements to get you to buy something. In this case, a PLR product is literally the MAIN product in My Traffic Business, which is one of the reasons why I gave it a 0 rating.

Here’s the second problem with My Traffic Business: The reviews are not that great (to say the least).

Interestingly enough, all of the reviews I found on My Traffic Business are literally either neutral or mostly negative and I’ll prove it to you:

And by the way, this is literally the tip of the reviews iceberg I found on this program (because most of them said the same thing).

Ironically, my review is the only one I found out of the others that points out that this program uses a PLR product as the main product, but whatever, it’s another important criticism of this program that needs to be shared in my opinion.

For me, any program that uses PLR products is in my opinion going to have it’s rating lowered, just because I personally do not like PLR stuff period.

Final Rating: My Traffic Business

0 stars.

Red Flag

0 out of 10 stars. Yeah it’s rare for me to give anything that big 0, but sadly, I have to give to this program. The mass amounts of low ratings/reviews mixed with the PLR stuff is sadly the reason why.

I don’t even like doing that, but there’s no reason I can find to justify recommending My Traffic Business. The idea of affiliate marketing and email marketing is absolutely legitimate, but this is not the source I personally believe is the best place to teach you that.

My final thoughts (and better options):

I’m not happy with having to write this review to be honest, but when what I found out is so clear, it has to be said regardless. However, like I just said, there’s other programs and products out there which aren’t about PLR stuff where you can learn affiliate marketing from, as well as the email marketing topic.

My #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate is where I’d honestly go above all other programs to do it. This is where I learned both email marketing and affiliate marketing from.

In addition, besides being a program you can try out for free, it also has mass amount of very high ratings and reviews that you can see there for yourself.

And finally, Wealthy Affiliate uses original content it creates from the experts inside this program, to the biggest success stories. No PLR stuff at all (phew).

Now to be fair, there are other programs worth noting you can find here, but in all honesty, none of them are as good, for the deal that it’s provided at from Wealthy Affiliate (believe me, I’ve checked many of them to say that).

Anyway, I hope this review of My Traffic Business was illuminating and that you understand my main 2 points of criticism for it. At the same time, you also know about what other alternatives are out there which provide far more value.

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