Vitaliy’s Affiliate Disclosure:

Hi guys, so a big part of making money online is doing so through promotions such as affiliate marketing. It is required by the FCC to disclose this on my website so here it is:

This website does feature what is known as Affiliate Links within several pages and posts. These links take you to a website where if a purchase or sign up is made, a compensation occurs for me. This compensation varies depending on WHICH program is being promoted. 

I do want to say that I make my best effort to ONLY promote good programs that provide the best benefits and RESULTS to people. Now I don’t always provide links to third party sites as an affiliate, sometimes it’s just an external link.

One final word, I am not being sponsored by any of the places I am promoting on this site. I choose to promote them on my own as I find the program/s to be of great quality to the consumer and do my best to provide the more comprehensive information on them so people can enjoy them too.