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Since 2005 when I started online marketing, I have grossed about a million in sales. At the same time though, I have had a plethora of failed campaigns, especially in my early years when I was inexperienced.

But on this particular page, I want to document 8 different case studies, their quick summarizes and how they made so much. I will link each of these summaries to their individual and detailed case study if you wish to get more details on it.

1) Profiting of a movie franchise.

One thing I have learned over the years is that niche markets are profitable marketing and they can be created out of thin air. In this particular case, what occurred was a popular movie franchise arose in the early 2,000’s and it’s popularity brought up an interesting niche topic which I totally took advantage of. 

Here are details on this topic and exactly what I did. But in short, I created a site which aimed to inform people on this movie franchise, collected an email list and sold some stuff through Amazon. 

Unfortunately, this site “died” over the years because I moved onto topics I found to be more interesting, but it still remained as an important lesson in niches and how a passion can lead to profit.

2) Profiting inside the diet niche.

One of my original niche topics I decided to try and make money off was the diet one. I was fortunate that at the time I entered this industry, there were many options available for quick money making opportunities.

One of them was article marketing, a form of advertising where I could write short articles on high authority websites, gain high search engine rankings and make money in the process.

At the same time this was available, I was looking at diets to promote to people and one in particular on Clickbank was out that was on fire.

However, the competition for promoting that exact product was extremely high, but through a clever way of segmenting this product and finding low competition aspects of it, I was able to profit quite in the process! Here is how I did it.

3) My “second” six figure website.

I decided to use this and not the first one because the profits from this one were actually closer to $200,000, the highest grossing website I’ve had to date. 

In this, I also targeted a popular diet trend that was out and decided to promote the same product as I did in case study 2 in it’s stead. Man I will never forgot my shock at how quickly the money was pouring in…it was unbelievable!

Read more and see exactly how this scenario went down.

4) A successful site aiming to promote women’s fitness products.

Specifically kettlebells. This was a niche topic I got involved in through a “partnership” of sorts with a business that made a program with that training tool, for women. In doing some market research, I saw it had great potential and decided to make a site on it.

While the popularity is still there today, ultimately, the site went down after a few years because, like with my first case study, I lost interest in it. But you can read about the market and profit potential of it here.

5) A 2 part case study on this specific website.

I will not hide the fact that this site you’re on is my main page that I am most interested in promoting. Thus far, it has probably made $200,000+ over the past 4 years. While it is NOT as profitable in the short term as my 3rd case study site was, there has been much more stability and overtime, more potential available in it. Plus it is the single longest running page I’ve had that I have not lost interest in! 

But anyway, here is info on how the site started and how it’s done 🙂

Now in 2016, the page was aiming to break $100k but fell short of it, not by a lot, but it is something I aim to improve upon and reach this year. If you’d like to see proof of how much it’s made, here is the corresponding article where I screenshot the profits.

6) Paying pennies for ads when it should technically cost way more!

An advertiser’s dream is to pay little to nothing when it comes to ads and it can absolutely be done in online marketing if you correctly know how to “play” the system. 

While it is not illegal to do what I did, it is a method MOST advertisers simply do not know and/or do not take advantage of. The system of advertising on places like Google and Bing is designed such that if you correctly do certain things, you will be rewarded by paying LESS for your ad which is exactly what I did. 

In the process, while people were spending dollars on ads and clicks, I was spending a MASSIVE fraction of that, pennies. Here is how I did it.

7) Correcting mistakes to make a unprofitable site, profitable.

For pretty much anyone who has a website that isn’t making money, there are a number of things you can do. And on this case study, I explain very clearly why a website isn’t making money and if you make the necessary changes I suggest, that you will increase the odds that it will.

8) Exploiting an Amazon feature to make you money!

Yes people make money on Amazon. In my case, I do it without buying/reselling anything. I simply market as an affiliate there, but in an attempt to boost sales, I figured out a neat trick in finding their most popular products and correctly marketing them. I managed to make some excellent sales in the process and would recommend you absolutely check this tutorial to see how I did it!

My final thoughts:

These 8 case studies are just the tip of the good and bad experiences online I’ve had, but fortunately, I have been moving into more and more profits after learning many of the lessons I have.

Now if you are also interested in learning how I do these things, what I would do is NOT focus on individual case studies I’ve listed here, because the fact is, you need a central starting point and good training to have a good online business as I’ve learned.

Anyway, feel free to enjoy reading about each of the success stories I’ve provided. They are all absolutely real things that have happened and it is also a fact that you can use them to become successful in the world of online marketing as well 🙂

7 thoughts on “Case Studies”

  1. Just trying to wrap my head around this, I create a site say “The hard the hungry and the wonderlusters” Based on how to support the wanderlust of adventurers . Where does the income come from?

    Thanks a bunch

    • The income would come from promoting the right offers to the niche crowd Mike. You could sell accessories (backpacking gear, tour books, maps, travel guides and so many more things).

      The thing about this particular niche is that it’s very broad. A lot of people love to travel, but specifically, what do they want to see? Nature? Historic areas? Both? Start a site with one of these groups in mind and then sell them specific products. So for the nature travelers, backpacking gear and accessories for things like camping (tents) would be a great website.

      This is what I’d do 🙂

  2. ha Have tried surveys that lead to nothing, I got laid off on my job on 2 / 13 / 15 due to new people getting the contract,and I am on unemployment for now, until God blessed me with another job. I am very interested in learning how to make money at home, and not be scam. I really don’t want to go back to a job, I am 55 years old and I want to make money and enjoy life the rest of my days. But I don’t have but a 8th grade education, will I be able to do this kind of work, please let me know.

    • I can’t say for sure Elvira. This business is not guaranteed to work for everyone. Also is English your second language? I ask because if you have a primary language you are fluent in, I would try to build a site through that language because it will be easier. Either way, if you look at my page on Wealthy Affiliate, that program will show you everything you need to know.

  3. I am a member of WA and it has helped me tremendously. I have a site up now but I have been feeling lost with what to do next. This article has come at the right time in my progress. Thank you so much for giving us an insight into your past

    I will move along and start up something new and give my other site a break. You are inspirational!

    • Hi Lin, if you’re feeling lost, make sure to let people know in chat and use the question feature a someone will always be able to help you. In fact, if there’s anything specific you’d like to ask, let me know right here 🙂


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