How to Get Free Internet Marketing Coaching From a Real Pro

As an actual internet marketing expert (all the proof, resume, happy clients and my bio is coming up), who has:

  • Made six figures numerous times and lost it all numerous times.
  • And now has a stable online business set up in this world (Over 15 years).
  • Who is able to work online full time and make a living from it.
  • And now helps coach and consult people at making a living at it as well…

Everything you need to know about my internet marketing coaching services:

Now aside from that video, if you skipped it, I pretty much say the same kind of stuff in the remainder of this blog post, and before I get to the coaching details, there’s some important truths to this whole coaching thing and success online and it’s this:

99.9% of people fail at this and here’s how to prevent that from happening to you:

In my experience, there are 3 primary reasons people who try to make money online fail (often more than once). Once you understand these reasons (you may very well relate to this) and the solutions to them, then I will explain how I’m going to coach you into becoming the 0.01% of success stories:

1) The wrong mindset.

internet marketing coach

It’s unfortunate, but in my experience, MOST people who try to get started in this business (and many who have been at it for long, but haven’t seen results) just don’t have the right mindset and honestly, I was once guilty of that too, which is why I was one of those 99.9% of failures when I started…

What do I mean by the wrong mindset? Here’s a few examples:

  • They want easy results.
  • They want fast results.
  • They want to put in little or no effort to getting the above results. 

I 100% guarantee you that if you go into the business of making money online having these mindsets, that you’re not going to succeed.

The solution is this: Change the mindset:

  • Go into this business knowing it’s going to take hard work and passion to fuel that hard work. This is how I’ve made it work for me and you can see my story here.

2) Slow down, this business is not get rich quick scheme.

What I teach people to do is to create an online business and sell products and services/consultations through those sites (examples are provided below) and to make that a success takes time and effort.

You cannot and WILL not be able to sit down on day 1 and make a $1,000, not unless you already have seeds planted in your business to begin with to make this work and you need to work hard to reach that point anyway.

Rushing through this business = creating a LOW quality business and that leads to your business failing.

Here’s the solution: Slow down. Focus on getting quality work done.

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE who begins their journey at making money online needs to start at the same point and go through the necessary steps to reach success and this takes time to achieve, which in my experience takes months to get to.

But while this period is going on and you are hopefully working hard, your business is marinating and building up, and once you pass that threshold and it starts making you good money, that’s when you’ll see all that all that effort is really worth it.

When I started one of the most stable and successful sites I run today, aka this website, which ended up making numerous six figures over the years, I made it with the intent of putting in hard work and passion into this and it took me several months to start getting my sales, which then grew.

This whole thing is a tree that continually grows if you keep working at it and the bigger the tree grows (the more effort you put in, the more money you’ll make. This is what I’ll be training you to do too.

3) Don’t listen to the fake gurus or get the wrong training.

99% of internet marketing gurus aren’t actually gurus, they are liars who sell you garbage training. See this list work at home scams to see how many there are (And that’s not even a complete list of scams I’ve checked out!).

99% of internet marketing coaches aren’t actually that, they are just sales people trying to get you to buy expensive high ticket training and things that aren’t garbage too (don’t worry, I’m not one of those people).

99% of internet marketing programs lie to you or just teach you horrible, guaranteed failed ways to make an online income. 

I learned this after having tons of experience with the above 3 things and seeing what was really going on. Most of the time, the “experts” and training programs aren’t trying to help you make money online, they just want to sucker you into their program to eventually up-sell you into spending $1,000’s (this is how their scam generally works).

The solution is this: Get training and coaching from the 0.01%, aka me, Vitaliy.

I have to mention all of this because I often have to re-frame people’s mindsets and have them going on the right path. I run into too many people who show me that they are guilty of the above issues and if I don’t take the time to explain why they need to change their mindset, they are just going to become one of the 99.9% of failed rates and I honestly don’t want to see that…

Knowing what you guys know now, I promise you that this will propel you towards success faster than you can imagine (too many people spend time going through the above mistakes, too long).

Moving on…getting to know the coach, Vitaliy Gershfeld & his resume:

internet marketing coach

And here’s more:

As you can see there are quite a number of success stories when it comes to my experience in this business and if you haven’t already looked through my case studies where I document and show my other income proof, I do recommend you check those out. But moving on…

Here’s how the internet marketing coaching works with me:

The way I help people succeed in this business is through the same program that helped me reach results. This program is free to try and my coaching comes with that:

Now you may be thinking that there’s a catch or why do you need to join a program if you’ve got a coach here to help you, so let me explain all of this, so you know that there’s full transparency: 

The very best way you can succeed online with my help included is if you have a a blueprint to follow from a system that works. This same program I have just mentioned, called Wealthy Affiliate is where I became a success story.

Now there’s no catch in that this program is free to try (you’ll see it yourself) and so is my coaching, but there is an upgrade of $49 a month like I mentioned above if you want to get all the benefits of it.

Note: Everything I am mentioning in this whole post about the benefits of WA and my coaching is part of your FREE membership.

Back to the topic of WA coaching (the free stuff):

You absolutely need a program with a good blueprint to follow to succeed online because otherwise, without it, with every question you ask me and every answer I give, you are going to feel more lost, trust me on this:

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

You need a website to make money online. If I tell you where to go and what to do, you’re going to have technical questions, which will lead to a lot of lag in your progress. And that’s just all stemming from 1 question.

By having Wealthy Affiliate to work with, it will give you a free tool to make a website with and solve all those questions before they even pop up. This will make your progress speed up.

This doesn’t just apply to the site making example, but to you starting and creating a successful online business in general.

How it all works:

This program gives you a step-by-step way to build an online business.

Both this program and my coaching will be helping you do the following:

And if you follow that training, you will succeed:

And the way my assistance comes into play and works is that if you ever have any questions or problems along the way to getting there, I’m always around to help you figure it out and move forward, with this blueprint I just explained.

For example:

If you ask any question within the community, I get an email saying so and so person needs help and I get in there and respond.

If you have private questions or are lost somewhere, ask the question and I get notified to help you out.

This is how easy it works, but the beauty is that this program is extremely beginner friendly and easy to implement (but you still need to work hard, remember that). 

Want to see how well I help my trainees/referrals? A 100% response/help rate:

Here’s how to get started, make your business and get my coaching, step-by-step:

Step 1: 

Sign up through the official WA site. Here it is: 


The registration is simple, quick and you’ll be inside WA in no time. 

Step 2: 

If you want to get started with all the good stuff right away, simply do this once inside WA:

And this will get you started with the training that I talked about above. 

Step 3: The internet marketing coaching part:

Once you join, I will personally reach out to you (on the profile you set up within Wealthy Affiliate). This will help us communicate in the future and you can ask me anything, anytime from there.

Also do note you can just leave a question anywhere in WA and I’ll be told you left it, and come by to help you resolve it 🙂

Also note that you have a LIVE, 24-7 chat available to ask questions. You can use it as much as you like, for 7 days as a free member! 

online marketing coach

If you have any questions about this coaching topic or WA, let me know below!

4 thoughts on “How to Get Free Internet Marketing Coaching From a Real Pro”

  1. Hi Vitaliy

    I really enjoyed your contents in here in relating to affiliate marketing.

    My name is Eddie and I’ve been working on affiliate marketing for more than a year using WordPress. However, I’m gaining no success and haven’t made a single dollar yet.

    I’ve created 50 posts, done My keyword research using tool called SEcockpit. But, no traffic coming in.

    If I Join Wealthy affiliate, are you really going to be My coach and help me get through this? And is affiliate marketing still work during this crazy period?

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • Hi Eddie, so I’m going to give you a preview of what my coaching looks like right now.

      I run into a lot of people who are in a similar position as you (they have a site, but no results) and typically, what I suggest they do is this:

      1) Focus on the training in WA to optimize their existing website.

      2) Sometimes I run into cases where the site people come into WA with requires a complete overhaul or even doing a new site and while I haven’t seen yours, I’d be happy to take a look and help you decide once you join.

      3) You mentioned you use an SEO tool to pick out keywords and this is a bit alarming to me because typically these tools tell you to chase keywords, but no create good titles, so you may be suffering from lack of traffic because of this (it could be other reasons too).

      4) I am certainly happy to be your coach, but it’s a two way street in that I can only provide my guidance on what to do and this will involve you having to use the WA training and asking me questions when they come up. I am not someone who will nit pick through your site over and over.

      I am however someone who points you in the right direction on what to do and I will be able to view your site and provide pointers when you’re a member.

      5) You may want to consider the premium membership of WA if you join since you’d get more personal and private access to me.

      6) As for the question on the crazy 2020 year we have, affiliate marketing is still generally fine and as long as you use it, you should be too. In fact, it’s more stable than other industries because it’s so focused on being online.


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