Is CEO Movement a Scam? This Review Explains Why I Left it.

A commenter asked me about CEO Movement, so I joined it to see if it’s a scam, and didn’t take me long to leave it. This review will explain why I did.

Quick Report on CEO Movement:

ceo movement reviewPrice: $79 and this charge is every 28 days, not every 30 (which is strange).

There are also other possible miscellaneous charges/up-sells, one of which is to promote a Kangen Water filter which can cost $1,000’s. 

Summary of program: This program teaches you how to build an online business generally by promoting the very same CEO Movement program and possibly their Kangen Water Filter promotion through Facebook Ads and Instagram.

After going through much of the members area, this is in my opinion what the system is about. This program does appear to be legit and has success stories though, but let me explain why I gave it this rating:

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars.

While their FB ads and Instagram training was OK, I wouldn’t justify paying $79 every month for that.

The MAIN issue I have with the program is that in my opinion and the experience with it, it seems to overly teach how to promote itself and there’s a lot of potential for this promotion to lead you to buy one of those Kangen water filters, and those have a notorious reputation for being scams.

I don’t think CEO Movement is a scam, but I have a hard time believing in those Kangen water filters and this makes it hard for me to recommend CEO Movement itself.

So I recommend this alternative instead:

ceo movement alternative

Let’s take a deeper look into CEO Movement (A detailed review):

When I paid the $79 to enter it, I was greeted by a lot of welcome videos and like I said earlier, the training on FB ads and Instagram seemed to be decent.

There’s also a lot of generic business advise videos, but those don’t really give me specific instructions like the FB ads and Instagram training videos did. 

The problem is that while watching many of these videos, I felt that the context of this learning material was meant to help me promote CEO Movement. Here is how the members area looks:

ceo movement members area

Now of course, the training can be used to promote your own business that is not related to CEO Movement, but in my experience, there are better programs for doing that and if you’re a beginner, here’s the best one, its called Wealthy Affiliate.

I’d much rather recommend this program to you that would teach you to create your own online business without being “indirectly” pushed to promote only 1 thing and that one I pointed to, will do that.

And I say this because, the training in this program was really a minor thing I got out of the members area. A whole bunch of it was videos trying to sell me the idea of great lifestyles and giving me questionnaires about how much I am ready to spend to have a great lifestyle.

In my experience, such videos and questions typically happen whenever there’s some sort of big high ticket up-sell coming in my experience.

Here’s some perfect examples of this:

  1. AWOL Academy. They basically led me through the same lifestyle sales tactics, then hit me with a $10,000 up-sell.
  2. Legendary Marketer. Same thing. Small price to get some FB ads training, then boom, big ticket upsells.
  3. Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ).

Honestly, CEO Movement seemed almost identical to GAZ because it operates the same way:

  • You pay to enter the members area.
  • You get training on FB ads.
  • Then much of the members area talks about promoting GAZ.
  • And then they try to get you to buy a water filter system (Notice how similar this sales funnel is to CEO Movement!).

And by the way. I also left GAZ for the SAME exact reason I decided to leave CEO Movement too. I will admit, the latter program gave me more training material, but still not enough to stay.

I am basically giving these examples to showcase how often I run into programs like this one I’m reviewing and how quickly I know what the sales funnel is aiming to get me to do. It is because of this that I proceeded very carefully with the program, until I saw enough to decide to stay or leave (and like I already said, I left).

One other big reason I left CEO Movement (The Enagic Water filter thing):

ceo movement enagic kangen water image

So before I purchased a membership into this program, I had looked up this program on Google and some of the reviews kept talking about this Enagic Water Filter up-sell that was $1,000’s and how this is was part of a “big scheme and scam”.

Here is an article on these kinds of water filters and the risks (besides the money investment).

Well what I can tell you is that this is a product that people can market, but they need to buy it first from my understanding and the part where it’s called a scheme by people is that it is believed that this product is overpriced and there’s many promoters and companies that are pushing it, and talking about how it’s awesome for health and that if you spend $1,000’s to get it, not only will you be healthy, but you’ll also help make people healthier who buy it from you.

That sounds great, but if you’ve heard as many MLM and high ticket pitches as I have, this is usually nonsense in my opinion because you can truly buy these kinds of water systems for less and if you know about alternative ways to promote it as an affiliate marketer, you’d know you don’t really need to buy these things to promote them.

I can hop on Amazon right now, find a nice water filter system and promote that without spending a penny on it.

And since I DO affiliate marketing, and do it well, I would aim to promote the best possible one for my customer. And that would be a simple, cost effective online business model.

Being that I have heard enough bad tales about Enagic Water Filters, I’m staying away from them and if a company I am part of starts pitching them to me, I will become cautious. Such a thing appears to be happening with CEO Movement.

Overall Rating: CEO Movement.

Yellow Flag

3 out of 10 stars. Again, SOME of the training is good, and I do believe this program is legitimate for the most part, but a majority of the stuff there appears to persuade you to promote the company itself and possibly get involved with the controversial Enagic Water Filter stuff, and being that I went through this same stuff with Global Affiliate Zone, I decided to leave.

I prefer a program like Wealthy Affiliate which doesn’t do that sort of stuff and helps you choose which type of business you want to create online by giving you tons of options to choose from, and then offers you training to actually create that based on the one/s you choose and you don’t have to buy high ticket upsells to start an online business with this program.

My final thoughts on CEO Movement:

As an online businessman who has seen his share of MLMs, high ticket programs, scams and very few legitimate options to get started, I don’t believe that a good place to start your first successful online business is with this. It costs too much and I really think the training, while good at places is not very beginner friendly…

better program than CEO movement

I want to thank the commenter who asked me to check this program out, because I did find that there’s a lot of people who wonder about it and I did also discover other systems also promoting the same type of Enagic Water Filter stuff, so I will be reviewing those (GAZ was one of them).

If you have a personal review or experience with CEO Movement, Enagic Water Filters and/or other programs that pitch this particular product, please let me know, so I can review them as well!

6 thoughts on “Is CEO Movement a Scam? This Review Explains Why I Left it.”

  1. Being attacked by the CEO bots. Filters that help people’s health sorry your selling water filters with pseudo science at best for your own personal gain so really there is no morality there. If these machines had as many health benifits as you and the other bots claim it would have won a Nobel prize by now.

    I personally work in the health and fitness industry and see these online charlatans promote garbage that apparently helps people lose weight. When in reality they are simply preying on people desperate to lose weight for their own gain.

    What I see from these contrapeneurs in the CEO movement is similar. They are preying on people who aren’t happy with their lives and want to live and work online. People in CEO movement will say anything to get people to purchase that machine so they can continue that pyramid chain.

    To those who say the reviewer has a bias it doesn’t make his review wrong.

  2. I’m part of the CEO movement, I was also sent your review by a client to which I found no proof in what you was saying you just simply used it to leverage your own business.

    I have joined your opportunity to see what it was about as I like to see what others are doing. You charge £49 a month for your training platform which offers low ticket sales, for me the value for money is with ceo movement at £59 a month the training platform is far superior.

    I’m not slagging you off as we all have to start somewhere but what you have said has no proof in it at all and simply used it to leverage your own business, the difference between you and us is,

    Too quality training in Facebook, Instagram, millionaire mindset, personal branding, attraction marketing and internet marketing fundamentals, as you can see money £59 a month is better spend in CEO where I actually make high commissions with a product that helps people health and can also make a living from it, not click bank which you can start by yourself anyway.

    The amount of emails I receive of you daily is actually considered spam so who in my eyes is trying to get people in and not on a system that works that you have through up but by simply putting down something that is far greater, perhaps you should reconsider your membership you might actually learn something and help people rather than trying to make money from them,

    All the best


    • Hi David, you did post 2 comments to my site and I erased your second one since it basically said the same thing this one is, but I want you to know that comments on my site aren’t published until I review them personally and allow that to happen. Otherwise there is risk that anyone, including spammers can comment anytime on my site, and I need to filter these out.

      Anyway, I appreciate your respectful comment on my site and as with any negative or differentiating viewpoint, I am always happy to have a respectful discussion. So let me make some counterpoints to what you said:

      1) While I appreciate you joining my alternative program, (the Wealthy Affiliate one), I have a hard time believing you truly went through the system to see it’s benefits. And I say this because of the way you broadly spoke about the “issues” you saw.

      2) Now you can make this same counter argument for me and CEO Movement, but allow me to elaborate:

      3) You mention how there is “not the same value” basically in WA as there is in CEO Movement. I highly disagree. You bullet pointed a number of benefits of CEO Movement like mentoring, done for you funnels, and other benefits you listed above, but this is all included and in more amounts in my opinion (based on my own membership experience in CEO Movement) within Wealthy Affiliate.

      4) About the “Spam” emails. This shows me you don’t understand the purpose. The WA community has over 2 million people and when new people join, you will get followers and them leaving messages on the profile you create, authentic, friendly ones, wishing you well and offering help if you need it. And you have the controls to set WHICH emails you get, but each time you get help or a response to your question, that comes in the form of an email notification, and it is not spam.

      5) You mention low ticket sales vs high ticket ones. My friend, there are such things are ethical and unethical sales being made. I have had a plethora of options as an affiliate to market extremely expensive programs and products and I choose to market only that which I consider affordable and good for the consumer.

      Now I am not judging CEO Movement here as being unethical, but I highly distrust the water filters they market for the crazy prices and I have heard way too many controversies about them.

      6) Let’s imagine for a moment that there is no affiliate program to promote these water filters and someone comes to you and tries to sell you a $1,000 water filter. You’d probably laugh at them and disregard their sales pitch.

      But now let’s assume that you were also told that if you market these water filters, that you will now be able to get high ticket commissions. I would argue that even if you didn’t use them, you’d probably change your mind from being skeptical to thinking “Wow, this is a great opportunity” and I believe this is what fuels the popularity of these water filters.

      As I’ve heard many controversies behind them, I’d much rather market a well reviewed and cheaper water filter because it’s better for the consumer than convince them a $1,000+ is in their best interest, when I’d probably get a high commission for it. I just can’t do it, but this is where we clearly divide on opinions.

      7) Going back to the high ticket vs low ticket ones. You mentioned Clickbank too and how you’re all alone in marketing that. This is another example of me believing you did not take a deeper look into Wealthy Affiliate. So I will make this important point very clear right now for anyone who is reading this comment:

      Wealthy Affiliate gives you training on marketing ANY product in any niche. You CAN market Wealthy Affiliate and make money from that, but they literally offer another MAIN training program to build your own business, with Clickbank, with Amazon and ANY program out there, from which they don’t make a penny and that is something I find very valuable because they are not doing this out of their own interest.

      8) I would much rather market something like this to people and make LESS sales because in my personal opinion, the training in Wealthy Affiliate is far greater than ANY program I’ve come across.

      9) Yes CEO Movement offers it’s own benefits and yes there are many success stories, but the way I learned about online business, I truly believe the way WA teaches it is better and allows people to create their own dream online businesses.

      10) I think the biggest issue I find with CEO Movement is the water filters they are pitching. They have so much controversy and high prices that I cannot get behind that. Plus the training I saw in MY membership of CEO Movement did not justify the price I paid to be a member of that program.

      I’m happy to hear your counter points to this, but I ask that you please put them in numbers, so I can individually address them.

      I also sincerely wish you the best in CEO Movement and in your online business.

  3. To me, it looks very much like you don’t like the idea of this opportunity because you would rather people follow and buy into the opportunity that you ARE affiliated with and make money from. Your review is therefore quite biased.

    • Fair point Hannah, but I have my own counter points to make:

      1) I actually PAID to join CEO Movement and whenever I pay for programs, I want to see if they are good enough to promote as well. In CEO Movement’s case, I explained what you’re going to encounter, which is a pitch to buy even more expensive stuff whilst paying for a membership in CEO Movement that I don’t think you need.

      I run into companies like these quite a bit and know to avoid to them. I’ve spent $1,000’s on programs like these to see how they work, and I know how to distinguish if a program is a pyramid scheme, a scam, ponzi scheme, legit, all that stuff. CEO Movement is gray when it comes to what I think.

      2) If people like my review, and see that I don’t recommend the program I am reviewing, wouldn’t they naturally want to know what works? That’s why I give the recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate. And the thing is, unlike CEO Movement, you can join the other program for free (see the details here) and decide for yourself.

      Sure I am promoting it, but I stand by my conviction that WA is way better and isn’t trying to sell you high ticket nonsense like many companies/programs do these days.

      I’d love to hear if you agree with my counter points or not though.



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