Global Affiliate Zone Review. Is GAZ a Scam? I Wasn’t Happy.

I was a member of Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) for under 24 hours. I quickly left because of the reasons I’ll explain in this review. Let me explain if it’s a scam.

The great news is that in this review, I’ll actually show you what’s inside this place and offer a video tour (my personal tour) so that you can understand why I left so quickly and sadly, the reasons I given why are good reasons…

Quick Report on Global Affiliate Zone:

global affiliate zone review

Name: Global Affiliate Zone (Aka GAZ).

Price: $99/month, but there is a 14 day trial in which you can refund this amount and I gladly took that offer after I saw what I saw.

Plus inside the membership there is some sort of sales funnel to join a program called “Enagic” which charges several $1,000 to become a member off and it lets you become an affiliate for it.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars.

Compared to the fluff I saw on the sales page, I expected something good from this program and I was surprised and extremely disappointed by what I really saw in there. This review is going to take you inside Global Affiliate Zone and explain my experiences with it…

Recommended? No way. But this is:

global affiliate zone alternative

What is Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ)?

So I joined this program thinking it would be some sort of training center for becoming a successful affiliate marketer. I assumed I’d learn about making websites, running Facebook ads and basically learning to create my own online business in topics I’d be interested in.

This is something I’ve come to expect from GOOD programs like this, that offer real training, real value and a good reason for me to pay a monthly membership.

Unfortunately, this program did not meet this standard in my opinion. In fact, in most cases, it was the complete opposite.

My personal video review of Global Affiliate Zone (inside look):

So as you can see, I reviewed this program on this blog and on YouTube. You’re welcome to read/watch both, but essentially both options basically say the same things…

Here’s my text review from inside Global Affiliate Zone:

Instead of getting high quality training which is what I naturally assumed was going to be the case…what I basically got was this:

It felt like an overwhelming majority of the content within the members area was nothing more than them trying to prepare me to spend more and promote them.

Just hype, questions about how serious I am about making money online, and success stories. Seriously, there’s very little ACTUAL training on being an affiliate within this program.

Note: As an update, I am getting more and more comments from other people below who have tried this program and they seem to pretty much confirm the same experiences I had, which is unfortunate.

Details on what you get inside GAZ and why it’s not much:

Once you join, here is what they run you through:

Here’s a screenshot of the steps you go through as a member of this place. I marked down (in red) my personal notes and summaries of each area:

global affiliate zone members area review

So you can see why based on those notes alone, I was very disappointed with the program, but now let me explain the members area screenshot in a bit more detail and how they start you off and what you end up learning:

1) A welcome video.

2) Then the next step FORCES you to schedule a call with a coach. Not doing so means you can’t unlock the other training. 

3) Then after the coach call is scheduled, it runs you though a series of 10 questions asking you about how much you want to make and how awesome it will be when you do…

4) The coach is supposed to use your answers to make a “plan” with you. By the way, as an actual internet marketing coach myself, I don’t like this system at all! For instance, if you check out my personal coaching offer, I don’t force anyone to go through any specific funnels or high pressure tactics…

5) Then you run through another series of videos that are just really talks of success stories and hyped content (no real training).

6) Then as you keep going through this, they start pitching this water system, coolant thing and give you some sort of compensation plan. What I though was going to be training on how to be an affiliate marketer turned into some kind of sales pitch for a system I had no interest in and they started talking about how it can cost $1,000’s but you can make a lot, so on and so forth. The type of stuff being pitched at this point in the GAZ sales funnel was entering into a realm of high ticket systems and I stay away from those…

7) This optionally leads you to learn more about this side system they are pitching and they discuss the compensation plan behind it.

8) And finally, after all of that nonsense is done with, THEN and only then do you get training, and that training is a series of lessons on “everything” Facebook related, ads, fan pages, ect… and that’s basically the program for you.

9) And ladies and gentlemen, that’s basically 90% of the content within GAZ, which if not actual training. Why then pay the $99? 

10) And a quick note on this “forced coaching” stuff, I have had experiences with systems like that before (Super Affiliate Network) where this annoying policy in my opinion existed. I felt that on one hand, it was meant to help me move forward in the GAZ program, but on the other hand, being that it felt like a big push to up-sell me, what could the coach actually teach me? 

In short, I feel like I literally just paid GAZ $99 to hear about more opportunities basically.

This is nothing close to what I expected to see from this program.

They made their sales page seem like this was a legitimate training system that would help me make internet sales and you know what? Considering their point of view, it actually is.

The problem though is that with a lack of training, the focus on promoting them and that water system, this program quickly becomes one of those systems I have warned people to stay away from because they don’t really teach you much.

You join to basically learn how to make others join them too and then they run through the same online sales funnels I just did. And looking back at the sales page, this would explain why they said they have done for you funnels.

It’s because the system of GAZ is self promotional. You join, you get the ability to promote them, you do, more people join and become members, and you as the affiliate get paid.

You know in some cases, if they offered some sort of good training, that was open ended, I could see reason to give this program extra points, but as of now, it really seems like I’m run through a chain of hyped content with very little value offered, just “opportunity”. That’s something I’ve seen in many scam programs.

Final Rating: Global Affiliate Zone.

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. Overall, I was very extremely unhappy about Global Affiliate Zone. It was not what I expected and the stuff inside the members area really made me mad. I also later experienced similar programs like CEO Movement which tried to follow this same selling strategy, but thanks to reviewing and seeing GAZ do this, I didn’t make the same mistake.

My personal thoughts: GAZ is not what a good system is supposed to teach…

When I started this review of GAZ, I had mentioned how good affiliate marketing programs that teach making money online and affiliate marketing in general are “supposed to work”. I’ve seen a lot of them and I have more than enough experience and information to know which training programs are worth spending money on and which ones are such that you need to get a refund ASAP and/or stay away from them.

I want to share this experience by offering you an alternative program to GAZ which is quite the opposite in that it does things correctly compared to GAZ. Let me explain:

I’m recommending you try a program called Wealthy Affiliate, which contrary to GAZ actually does do things that a good program is supposed to do (actually teaches you to make money online and doesn’t continually give you hype videos like GAZ).

Let me give you a 7 examples of why WA is levels beyond GAZ:

For starters, the training there is one of the very first things you do when you join. They don’t waste your time and give you hyped videos to give you some false impression. The training straight up gives you the info on how to make money online and gets you started on that.

Secondly, the starting membership is free so you can see that training for yourself. There is no $99 charge or something like that, you can enjoy WA without risk.

Thirdly, there is no FORCED steps for you to do. You are free to browse around the site as you wish, and while I do recommend you do the main training I just discussed, you are still free to check out the site as you like.

Fourth, you don’t have to join some private FB community like in GAZ, once inside WA, there’s a live chat and other options available for you to communicate with people.

Fifth, no scheduled calls with coaches necessary (nothing is forced!).

WA does do coaching, but it’s in coordination with the training there. I for example, give coaching to members, but I don’t require they speak to me. If they have questions, they’re free to ask me anytime.

Sixth, there’s no crazy up-sell into some strange, unrelated water or arbitrary program in GAZ. In WA, you are recommended an upgrade in membership, but you are not pitched some crazy, high ticket stuff.

Seventh and last, there is no nonsense in the form of one hyped video after another which makes up the MAJORITY of the membership in GAZ.

Instead, WA focuses on providing it’s members with actual, valuable training so they can be on their way to make businesses. And on that note, members aren’t forced to promote the WA company, they are free (and the lessons show this) to promote whatever they like.

It is because of these experiences that I’ve determined what a good affiliate program does and when I see GAZ trying to do what it currently does, I know it’s not the place for me. So in short, after seeing all of the things I saw and measuring how invaluable that was to me, I left.

Last thoughts: 

I know I sound very angry in this review, but unfortunately I have good reason to be. I really had high hopes for GAZ and really though it would be a good system for making money online. I rarely get to see and review good programs. But GAZ not only under delivered, but it also disappointed me in ways that made me think I really wasted my time there. 

I don’t know how you feel, but if you’re a current/former or possibly future member of GAZ, I’d love to know what you think.

Note: I have found certain reviews saying that GAZ has changed over to a program called Affiliate Institute. Get the review of that program there.

20 thoughts on “Global Affiliate Zone Review. Is GAZ a Scam? I Wasn’t Happy.”

  1. Thank you for highlighting the real GAZ. There are too many places like this out there, ready to catch the unwary and innocent. 

    In my several months of searching to learn about affiliate marketing, I came across many like this. I watched so many videos that like GAZ insisted you had to speak to a coach before going further. This just puts me off completely. 

    Then there were the ones that tell you how much you can earn for only working 2 hours a week. To me that sounds very implausible but people still get caught out because they want to believe its possible. 

    I think more people need to research via good blogs by people that have actually tried these ‘systems’ and know the truth, like you.

    I am so glad I finally found a good one in Wealthy Affiliate. 

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for buying this program and revealing another shining object in GAZ, Vitaliy. Sounds so annoying how all they do is hype you and expect to get more money out of you without offering anything for the initial payment you made. So good that you were able to get your money back. 

    • Thanks Juliet. I had hopes for GAZ, but it did not turn out well. In the end, I felt that the program was trying to do something along the lines of a high ticket scheme, and I never liked those types of programs. Just my personal thoughts on GAZ.

  3. This is why I try to do a little research before I buy into any of these online money making programs. Thankfully, there are honest people like you who have spent their money on some of them and are kind enough to alert unsuspecting individuals so they don’t fall for it. A red flag for me is when they demand you pay before you gain access. I run as far away from the program as possible. 

    You don’t sound angry, but even if you do, it’s rightly justified, these program creators have to realize that they cannot keep trying to use affiliate marketing to promote their MLM schemes. 

    • I agree, although I don’t think that GAZ is an MLM scheme. They do try and steer you into promoting them, but through a general, one tier affiliate marketing model, not multi tier, MLM models from what I saw. It still doesn’t change my viewpoint on them…

  4. This is an eye opener because you have been able to expose another expensive shiny object offered on the internet. It is unfortunate that many newbies are eager to make fast money and will fall for these programs. 

    I was a member for 28 days at GAZ before I decided to quit because they didn’t meet my expectations.

    I have heard of the creators and they do not have a good reputation according to many people that left comments in different places on the internet about them. 

    This was such a detailed and well written expose on an online scam that I actually read it twice to be sure that I completely understood all of the reasons why you decided to write such a scathing review.  

    Well, this review of yours was 100% justified.

    • I have to say, GAZ also didn’t meet my expectations and I saw it very early because I read the sales page, had an expectation going into this program, but as they started me down their sales funnel and it took me a LONG time to actually see any value, after all the sales pitches, I knew I had to get out of this program.

      Luckily, people who read this review will know about Wealthy Affiliate as being the alternative to go with.

  5. The Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) seems very similar to other such platforms that I have run across over the past 4 years of online marketing. The real push is to further promote their own site and get other unsuspecting would-be marketers to also spend that initial $99 (and more, sometimes much more) to do so.

    Thanks for your inside-look review of the program, I can see that it is not for me. I have developed a successful online business by staying away from such sites and prefer ones that over deliver. One of these is the Wealthy Affiliate platform you mention and there are others too.

    The title you have used for this review will lead the people wanting to do some research before investing their time and money into GAZ here, so you are helping them by providing this forthright review of the platform. This may be a tool that will make some money for online marketers, but most will not. They will lose their investment. 

    Wealthy Affiliate will provide you training that GAZ will not. Most certainly there are other platforms that have similar offerings to what Wealthy Affiliate offers, but none really measure up. 

    • Dave it seems we agree on all fronts when it comes to not just GAZ but any system that works the way it does in it’s internal push to have it’s members promote it. 

  6. Thank you for taking the time and effort to research this scam first hand so we don’t have to go through it. I am glad you were able to get your money back. I definitely don’t like the idea of being forced to make a call with a coach either.

    Most scams try to rip you off as much as they can without giving you anything useful in return. Worse than that they usually try to get you to get other people to join so that they will also get scammed which sucks. GAZ definitely seems like a scam based on what you have said.

    Thanks for helping us avoid suffering the same fate!

    • The thing is, GAZ can easily be higher rated if they just removed all that red tape and forceful way of doing things in my opinion. I didn’t call them a scam though Renton, but as of right now, there’s NO way I’d recommend it to people who would ask me about it, I just don’t see the value in it.

      Opportunity? Sure, it’s there, but good programs need FAR more than just an opportunity to be good…

  7. Through FB I engaged with a couple of people involved in GAZ, and one was a top leader. I asked straight forward questions and never received straight forward answers.

    I then watched a few FB lives where I was invited to but again, nothing new. Just hype over hype. Such a time waster. I am still in a closed (now secret) group but still, hype and nothing else.

    I don´t understand how so many people fall for it. I guess when you are desperate for more time and money (families, people who recently lost their jobs) you almost try anything. Especially when you have friends involved.

    You usually trust your friends, right? Luckily I have done my research and I am happy with my WA membership that actually teaches you stuff. I hope GAZ will be investigated to save lots of people time and money.

    • You know Mary, the story seems to be the same with just about everyone I talk to who went through GAZ (and myself)…

      A lot of hype, and not much actual explanation. And being that I also went through Wealthy Affiliate, aka WA and know how to distinguish the real value of internet marketing training from hype, when I look at GAZ or other systems that don’t really provide much of it, I know to rate it lower.

      Now I did have to REALLY look into the members area of GAZ to get the training, which was on FB, but to get through that, my goodness, I went through so much hype and funneling through that hype that it really annoying me and it seems like that hype doesn’t end there, based on what you said about the FB live stuff and closed groups they have…

      Hype itself should be a selling point of a system, but if the majority of the marketing is hype, that’s a red flag.

  8. I joined GAZ a few months ago and I only lasted a week. I couldn’t handle all the rambling any longer, they never got to the point and I soon realized I would have to buy a $2,500 water filter! The cancellation process wasn’t easy either but I did eventually get my money back. Bad, bad, bad. I am now with Wealthy Affiliate, as after researching how bad GAZ is, I found out how good WA is and I am now a very happy WA premium member.

    Thanks for your review.

    • What you said about the rambling really resonated with me Helen as I also felt that when I was in GAZ and in my experience, when a program spends so much time doing that, and not really getting to the point, they are getting ready to hit you with something big, and as we both know, it came in the form of those water filters they were pitching.

      Glad to hear you’re with WA and happy to be there 🙂

  9. Hey Vitaliy,

    I really hate it when a program forces you to schedule something. For me, I like to learn at my own pace as I’m a slow learner and coaches tend to pressure me which would end up with both of us arguing and bickering. With that along with the $1000 upsell part, GAZ is a definite no-no for me. Appreciate you trying out the program man, helps save us from falling over that trap.

    • Yeah the pressure part is typically true of online coaches, especially when you’re in a system that still has up-sells to sell you. Now I am not claiming this is the case for GAZ since I didn’t do the coaching call, but given the little value I saw there, I really believe they just might head in that direction…

  10. While I was reading through your review of the most disappointing affiliate marketing training ever, I understood why people believe that making money online is a scam. $1,000 upsells to become an affiliate? That is ridiculous. Hype is the easiest way to get people to give you money. The difficult part is persuading them that your program is actually worth it. The biggest part of this scam has to be the “individual coach”, showing personal interest in you and your needs. Thanks for buying these programs yourself and revealing their true purpose.


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