High Traffic Academy Review. Is Vick’s Program a Scam?

I’ve had my doubts about anything Vick Strizheus creates and one of his older programs, which I will review today: High Traffic Academy (2.0) is certainly on that list, mainly because of:

  • Vick himself and the reputation he has in the internet marketing world that I’ve seen which is mixed.
  • The price of that program.
  • The numerous other programs he has that I also don’t particularly like and…
  • The fact that I believe (and will show you) how you can get visitors to your site through my personal methods that work, without having to pay the entry fee Vick charges. We may not have the same strategies, but mine do work, that I can guarantee you (not saying his don’t).

 High Traffic Academy 2.0. The quick review:

high traffic academy review

Creator: Vick Strizheus.

Price: $997. Possible up-sells or promotions into one or more of Vick’s newer programs may be happening in it too.

What do you learn? It’s mainly training on getting a lot of visitors to your site through what sounds like traffic generation methods “not many” know about. 

This I personally believe is nonsense because if there really are such hidden gold mines of visitors, believe me, Vick wouldn’t be the only person talking about it.

And you know what? 

And in my experience, the best methods are still the most obvious ones. I’ve made my income through that and it works just fine (SEO, PPC ads through networks like YouTube, Bing, Pinterest, ect…), even in 2019.

THOSE are truly the goldmines of traffic and I’ll be giving you my personal explanation of how I get tons of visitors to my sites below with proof that it works (no charge to you!).

My overall Rating: 0 out of 10 stars.

The truth is that I did not buy Vick’s program. It’s also possible this program isn’t even in business anymore, but the bottom line is…

I simply don’t trust him because I just know a lot about his history, how he markets and what he delivers. He’s a GREAT marketer, but on the back end, I’ve heard and seen too many disappointing reviews to know better.

He’s not getting my $997 and this is my personal viewpoint, you should decide on your own, but remember, in this review, I will be sharing my personal strategies and I won’t charge you anything for it.

What do I recommend? While I will be sharing my free tips for generating visitors, I do want to note that my tips come from the training in this program and they share a lot more information and training on that:

high traffic academy alternative

Just note that in this review, I’ll keep referring to that program over and over because it is a GREAT alternative, not just for Vick’s program/ (yes he has multiple ones), but pretty much any other out there which teaches traffic generation and profiting from it.

Understanding why I don’t trust Vick:

Many years ago, there existed a popular, yet scam MLM program known as Empower Network.

Vick happened to be one of it’s most successful promoters. The way he promoted it was that he created his own program outside Empower Network known as Big Idea Mastermind.

In that program he basically pitched it in the same kind of manner as he pitches High Traffic Academy 2.0, that being that he’ll show you how to generate mass visitors easily through master tactics, and that those people will buy and make you good money. So in short, through joining his program, you would be able to become a successful Empower Network Affiliate too.

The price of his program was I believe in the $5,000+ mark, but you could elect to buy it for other less expensive packages. Never the less, that was the first time I had encountered Vick’s name.

Doing a little digging pulled up some sad history about him unfortunately, the most obvious one being that he had legal issues with insurance fraud a few years beforehand, back when his name was actually Vitaly Strizheus (Yes my name is Vitaliy too, but there’s no relation, I assure you).

But I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt…

Despite Vick’s history, I still decided to give his program/s more thorough look and also wanted to believe that perhaps he wasn’t doing that same sort of bad stuff I just explained. People are allowed to change and I am always for that sort of thing.

I’ve made mistakes in my internet marketing career, so I can’t judge this guy badly for the rest of his days for it, we’re all allowed redemption in my personal belief.

But anyway, despite omitting his history and looking into what Vick released later on, I actually learned that there was a very unfortunate trend going on and that was…

Vick would make one program after another with the same kind of theme in teaching people how to generate traffic, charge high for it and then remake a similar program later on with similar things. From what I do remember reading from others, the reviews on his programs were mixed. 

So the troubling thing I noticed and came to the conclusion to was that Vick, being a great marketer just kept making one new program after another and hyping up how he would show you how to make money from it with the same line of marketing basically:

Ways to generate high amounts of traffic. 

And eventually this message just died out whenever I would see another one of Vick’s programs. I mean think about it, say you joined on of his programs, such as the High Traffic Academy 2.0 and you paid a lot of money to be a member. 

Then Vick comes out with a new program and charges more for it. In my opinion it depreciates the value of the old program and the more programs I see made by Vick with the same kind of message being pitched, the less I trust that message.

Most recently, in 2018, he actually made another which I was a brief member of: Four Percent Challenge

And in regards to Four Percent Challenge, check this out:

If you need proof that I know about traffic generation, simply look up the Four Percent Challenge on Google. Guess whose page is ranked #1 organically?

That’s right: Yours truly and here’s proof:

my four percent ranking

By the way, I’d like to say that with regards to Four Percent Challenge, I sort of liked the training, but knowing what I already knew about Vick, I saw that it would just become a high ticket sales pitch, and I would have to pay tons of money to keep going further in Four Percent Challenge, and thus I left it.

Final Rating: High Traffic Academy

0 Stars

Red Flag

0 out of 10 stars. So with all these events and research being done, do you see why I’m so skeptical and reluctant to join High Traffic Academy (even if it’s no longer around)?

My final thoughts: Time to share my traffic generating methods:

People seem to think that traffic is a hard thing to get to your website. It definitely can be if you listen to the wrong people. The truth is that it takes work, and smart training to understand.

In my experience there are 2 proven method of generating tons of visitors to your site:

Organic traffic via SEO. This is one of the hardest things to get to your site, but one of the most rewarding. Here’s a snippet of how I do it:

The second is paid ads which get me visitors and while there are social networks you can do this through, I’m personally for using one particular network: Bing Ads. I get charged pennies for HIGH value visitors and clicks and all I do is I create ads and target VERY specific keywords like product reviews.

This always ends up costing me extremely little and gets me a highly relevant visitor each time which results in sales very often. How many clicks do I get, how much do I pay and how well does this work? Here’s an example:

I have used these 2 methods over the years to get any website I make visitors and those visitors are ALWAYS relevant and highly targeted. I honestly think that programs which don’t teach these 2 gold mine ways of doing it are doing their members a disservice

These are still 2 of the best if not the best ways to drive visitors to your site. All you need is the training to show you that and also to work hard to do it:

This is why when I see programs like High Traffic Academy 2.0, what is marketed in it, the price of it and the history of it’s creator, I’ve gotta say NO way.

And that is really the main things I wanted to explain in this review. I’m not going to call Vick’s program a scam, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be recommending it and I believe I stated some good reasons for that.

Update: Since I wrote this review, I’ve also gotten into YouTube Ads and Pinterest Ads, and also am focusing on growing my business through Facebook ads, all MAJOR sources of traffic generation if you know how to use it. 

But if you’re just a beginner to traffic generation, let me tell you, free traffic is still the most profitable if you know how to get it and again, my alternative program will show you how to do that (And show you paid ad marketing methods too).

10 thoughts on “High Traffic Academy Review. Is Vick’s Program a Scam?”

  1. I also do believe in people changing for the better, but it does not look like Vick is going to change any time soon. With him just pitching the same thing over and over again, slapping a different name on the product and then bumping up the price, it really makes you wonder whether he is really in this to help others out.

    All I see, is that he wants to create products to lure people to buy it, and to make more money for himself.

  2. Thanks for writing this post! It’s Important to bring to the public attention people who have a history of providing services like Vicks. You are saving people their money and time.

    Thanks for the Bing ads tip. I will be looking more into that as a possible tool to use on my website. Thanks for an informative post!

  3. Hi Vitaliy,

    This article was a good read and very informational. I can see you have done your research on Vick’s work and well done for spreading the word. I enjoyed the section on your ways of getting high traffic to your websites. I also find that writing articles on low target keywords is very effective.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Clancy, I’m glad we share the same methods to drive traffic to our sites. Regarding Vick, it doesn’t take a lot of research to see his history, the news report about that insurance incident I mentioned is actually on YouTube. 

  4. Website traffic is very important but I don’t have an extra thousand dollars to take a flyer on something like this. I’m more of an organic type of guy. Also if you don’t trust Vick, I don’t trust Vick. You offered some very valuable insight when it comes to this topic. I’ll be checking back to see what else you write about.

    • Hi Chawn, thank you. I just know better about other ways to attract traffic to my site which would not require that you pay so much for programs like Vick’s and yes, his history also taints my decision in going with any program he releases onto the market.

  5. Wow, it sounds like you are very familiar with Vick and his products. I am glad you are sharing your opinion and experience, this definitely sounds like something I should stay away from as I build out my website. 

    I do want to ask about Bing Ads. My website is 9 months old and I have not had a lot of traffic yet. I am in a highly competitive niche, back pain. It’s more like an industry and it is dominated by authority sites like WebMd, MayoClinic, etc…

    At what point can I try to use ads on my site whether it’s Bing or Google? Can you point me in the right direction? So far I have been relying strictly on SEO keywords and posting my links on Twitter and Google Plus. I would love more traffic. 

    Thanks Vitaly, I look forward to hearing back from you.

    • Hi Steve, so you have a few options:

      You can go ahead and start with Bing Ads right away depending on your budget (see if they have an initial credit to start you off with, you may be able to get $50 or even $75). Next, whether or not you do get it, read this tutorial on that network.

      Regarding the back pain niche, it is a good choice, but besides the 9 month old website, how many articles have you written and are you reviewing back pain reducing products? If not, this is what I would begin doing, and with each new product you review, you can set up an ad on Bing ads promoting it.


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