Instant Buyer Traffic Review. Why It’s Not Instant.

I purchased Aidan Corkery’s Instant Buyer Traffic today and in this review, I’m going to “expose” the method he is using to generate sales and if it actually works.

So does Instant Buyer Traffic actually work?

Well yeah, but it’s not exactly instantaneous like the title of the program says. There’s actually a few catches you need to know about and they really pertain to the strategy itself and your level of expertise in making money online. If it’s little, I would probably not recommend this program to you, and if it is, you may very well be able to succeed with it. 

Let me give you a quick summary of Instant Buyer Traffic:

instant buyer traffic review

Name: Instant Buyer Traffic by Aidan Corkery.

Price: $14.95, with 3-4 up-sells.

What does it teach?

Overall, you learn to find people on Facebook that have purchased products from places like JVZoo, and Warrior Plus, then you befriend them, in masses, and do Facebook live events afterwards to only these people, in which you’ll sell to them other products from JVZoo and Warrior Plus, and/or collect an email list and then sell to them later.

There’s also training on doing webinars for these folks. 

In short, if it isn’t already clear, the people you befriend on FB that have purchased internet marketing products are the “instant buyer traffic”. 

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10 stars.

This is one of the few products I’ve purchased on Warrior Plus that’s actually good in both the training content and the actual way it teaches to make money online. It’s not a method for everyone, but it can work, although it’s not as quick as advertised in my opinion…

Recommended? Only if you are an intermediately successful online marketer. This is really who this strategy would work best for.

Otherwise, you need a more solid program that works for ANY level of online marketer and this is it:

instant buyer traffic alternative

Ok, let me “expose” the details of Instant Buyer Traffic:

I just explained the concept above, but in this section, I want to give you more details on this method. In internet marketing, there’s different levels of “buyers”.

  • Cold: They won’t purchase anything from you.
  • Warm: They are open to purchasing from you.
  • HOT: They are READY to purchase from you.

With this program, you are finding the HOT buyers, and those are classified as the easiest sales and yes, I will weigh in here and say that it is true that you want this class of people. I have to say, I agree with targeting these particular audiences because YES, they are the ones most likely to buy and I personally call them laser targeted traffic (audiences), but my methods of marketing to them is a little bit different.

But these classes of people are NOT easy to find. I’ve been doing online marketing for MANY years and most of the time, I’ll find the WARM audiences and turn as many of those prospects into HOT categories.

I’ve rarely found the HOT ones, but when I have, it’s resulted in me making the most money I ever have in my online marketing career and I actually have a case study to explain this.

Aidan also recognizes this difficulty so his method of finding the hot audiences is through Facebook groups, specifically internet marketing groups, famous internet marketers and then seeing who their friends are, adding them to your friends list, and slowly building up their trust to eventually pitch them a product to sell.

 Aidan provides a step-by-step formula to go from befriending a potential prospect, to making the sale with them. In the next section, I’ll go over the training in this program:

The training of Instant Buyer Traffic explained:

instant buyer traffic members area

There are 6 modules all of which go into details about the things I just described, but this section is going to explain the step-by-step process a little bit more clearly in case you want to know more about this program:

Module 1: 

You are told about the method, and are given 2 options to start:

You can use your existing FB profile, which Aidan explains is the recommended one. BUT he also covers a paranoia I personally had (which others do too) that when you start pitching internet marketing products, you DON’T want friends and family to see it.

Fortunately, there’s a way to block friends and family from seeing your promotional messages, so this problem is covered. You can move on with this step 🙂

The other option is making another FB profile, which is said to be against their terms, I didn’t get too much into this method, I believe in the first one more.

Module 2:

In this section, you get into the specifics of adding “buyer friends”, aka people who have purchased from JVZoo and Warrior Plus. The way you do that is you browse Facebook looking for popular internet marketing groups, famous internet marketers and fan pages of popular JVZoo and Warrior Plus products.

All you’re doing here is “weeding out” who the people are who purchased these products and considering them to be the “instant buyer traffic” you want to promote to.

The goal set here is to get 1,000 potential prospects.

Module 3: 

Here you get a more comprehensive live step-by-step tutorial to get the second module down (basically it’s module 2, but shown in specifics).

Module 4:

Here you get into the preliminary steps of what you’re going to promote to the audience you attract and befriend. And there’s 6 affiliate case studies provided to showcase that this works.

And here is my $1 million dollar personal affiliate marketing report which include case studies.

Module 5: 

Here you start to learn about how to pitch to these people you added. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t sell to them right away. Aidan explains how to warm up to them and gain their trust, and then explains how to set up a Facebook Live events and have those friends attend it, and that is where you pitch to them your offer.

The basic idea is this:

  • Find internet marketing friends.
  • Show them you are an authority in making money online.
  • Gain their friendship, help them out, communicate with them.
  • After you get their trust, invite them to attend your FB live event.
  • Sell them your affiliate offer there.

It’s actually brilliant in my opinion. 

But understand this: This method is NOT instant, you NEED to find the people first, get their trust and then sell to them, and this will take time. 

Module 6: 

Here you get into other ideas of how to utilize this method. Instead of directly selling affiliate offers, you can build an email list and go into more advanced things like webinars and selling stuff through those areas.

Final Rating: Instant Buyer Traffic.

Green Flag

5 out of 10 stars. A legit program, but more practical towards intermediate and above internet marketers. I just don’t think beginners can replicate this strategy and get good results (but if you are a beginner, I would recommend this), simply because they won’t be trusted or have the authority in the potential prospects eyes to give good advice.

My final thoughts: Will this work?

There is a good chance it can, but you have to understand that your level and knowledge of internet marketing plays a HUGE role in all of this.

Let me explain:

On my website, I also sell internet marketing products. I don’t really focus so much on social media, but what Aiden recommends and what I do are similar things:

I find buyer audiences on Google, he finds them on social media. And when we do, we essentially go about the same approach to getting sales:

We show the person/s that we are an authority in our field, that they can trust us, and then we pitch them offers. 

Now the key here is…

That you NEED to be an authority to do this, that’s my takeaway from this program. I simply do not think that if you try Instant Buyer Traffic’s approach and you’re a beginner, that you will succeed.

You simply won’t have the sales knowledge or proof to show potential prospects that you are a legitimate person to take advice from on making money online. If that is where you are at right now, don’t worry:

And if you are advanced, yeah this program is WORTH trying, but I still think a safer, more long term approach is using the same program I just recommended to make sales online. 

Overall, I liked Aiden’s program, it was well researched, there was proof provided of the method working and the program was well organized and explained. It’s not my #1 recommendation (you already that its Wealthy Affiliate), but it’s still a good program.

16 thoughts on “Instant Buyer Traffic Review. Why It’s Not Instant.”

  1. If I understand correctly, it’s the “authority” element that a person new to internet marketing lacks in terms of a proven track record and some “runs on the board” as the saying goes, right? I guess this is particularly true if you are trying to sell an online marketing platform to make money. For the sake of credibility, one should be pretty good at making consistent money online. 

    Like with any new process, I believe that you have to follow step by step and learn and apply it little by little. The same wold go for Instant Buyer Traffic. I don’t believe that implementation would be that difficult but you’ll get limited results if you have not already deveIoped the credibility. I liked your post, and will bookmark it for when I’m ready. 


    • Yeah that’s the thing Norman, the person who made this product has credibility and can show others that he makes money, but it’s a whole other story for people who haven’t reached success.

  2. I would think that befriending people on Facebook wouldn’t be the correct way to find customers. It sounds like a good strategy if you find people that like the same interests you do. Then you could start a conversation and ease your business in after you actually have talked to them for awhile. This sounds like you target the people, find them, then go after it! I think this would work for most people but not all. Best Wishes, Rachel

    • Hi Rachel, I believe I mentioned in my summary of module 5 that you DO not hit prospects with sales pitches right away, you warm them up to it. 

  3. No, this isn’t for me.  Legit go, but I’m not one to make my first priority of affiliate marketing Facebook Live. Using JVZoo and Warrior Plus aren’t my goto product sources and building an email list is something I do along with a whole lot else. This seems a little too shallow for my liking and personally it isn’t my style. Traditional affiliate marketing seems much better than that.

    • Well I understand your point Stew, but there’s a reasonable argument to be made against that point of view as well. If you become an authority, why wouldn’t you want to expand into the social network world and have fans of yours listen to you on Facebook live? It would be a great way to expand the authority. Certainly, it’s not exactly what Instant Buyer Traffic teaches, but there’s branches of that model that can be applied to another legit business idea.

  4. I often find the word “instant” a bit suspicious because professional marketers know how to use words to make us buy a product. It is really hard to gather instant buyers. I’ve done internet marketing for many years and I think this is only possible for authority figures with a lot of fans. I think for the majority it is best to stick with slower yet more actionable systems. Do you agree?


    • Hi Albert, I agree. You can’t influence masses, let alone one person if you don’t have your own personal success to show for it.

  5. I don’t like the technique behind this strategy at all. Facebook has become so commercialized already and its only getting worse. I honestly don’t see it lasting another 5 years because of ploys like this one. I’m sure some people will make money off it but it’s just not for me. Thanks for the review, I will keep looking at other options.

    • I totally understand your point Anna, but I have to say, there is good potential in this strategy if you are a good marketer with a high level of success. There’s a huge market of people on social media looking to make money online that need good people to listen to and follow, and that is why I think this strategy is legit (if it’s used this way).

  6. This is a very relevant article for me because I am currently an internet marketer myself. Firstly, I just wanted to get a quick clarification. I’m assuming that if you get started with this program, you can only promote JVZoo or WarriorPlus? 

    I would probably classify myself as somewhere in the beginner to intermediate range. Would you recommend this for someone like me who is promoting another product and who has had a fair bit of experience in internet marketing? 

    • Hi Parmi, firstly, you don’t only need to promote products from JVZoo and Warrior plus if you try the Instant Buyer Traffic Method. You can promote from various other places.

      In my personal case, I’d probably just promote Wealthy Affiliate or Market Hero to this crowd, as it would be perfectly fine in this case. 

      Remember, through this method, you’re simply finding people who know about internet marketing, are looking for products on them and have actually made purchases within this realm, and these 3  qualifications make them more than open to buy any other product which meets those 3 quotas, hence why I’d pitch them Wealthy Affiliate, which is outside the JVZoo and Warrior Plus realm.

  7. Thanks for the review. I often find myself tempted to buy these kinds of services if I think it’s going to help get traffic to my blog. You’ve done a great job on the review and saved me a ton of time. I don’t think my internet marketing knowledge is at this level just yet and I’ll wait until I know more. But I’ll keep this page bookmarked for the future. Thanks again.

    • No problem, do note that this program has little to nothing to do with traffic, at least not to your site, it’s strictly based on building an authority out of yourself on social media sites like FB and getting sales there.

  8. I agree with the no so instant way this goes. Do you think the process could be sped up a little? I like the idea of finding out what type of people you’re dealing with, cold, warm, or hot. But even that would be time consuming.

    Overall, do you think this approach should be titled “instant” realizing over all it is everything but? I would want to find a way of speeding things along without sacrificing quality.

    • Well in order to get more “instant” results, you first have to reach a point where the there are a lot of people in your niche who know you and listen to you. That will ALWAYS take time to reach which is why I said in this instance, that this program is not good for beginners.

      I would probably be able to make this work, but it would take me about 1-2 months to grow a following on FB which would want to hear my advice. Then I could make friends with those people and do live events to get the “instant sales”, but yeah it would ALWAYS take time to get to that goal.

      Now regarding the title of the program, I totally get your point but you have to understand that many people title their programs with the intent to make them market better. Instant Buyer Traffic sounds a lot better than Takes time to get sales or something more appropriate in this case.


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