Is JVZoo a Scam? Here’s my Personal Opinion.

I’ve purchased numerous make money online programs from JVZoo over the years and reviewed them on this site. Today however, I want to review JVZoo itself. I have mixed views on how this program does business and want to help you know what opportunities it has, as well as what to watch out for.

Quick Report on JVZoo:

is jvzoo a scam 07

Price: $0.

It’s completely free program to join and you can promote products from there for free. You can also purchase the products on their marketplace.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10 stars

The main points to note:

The actual JVZoo network itself is legit.

However, in my many experiences buying products there, there are many low quality ones being sold and I will explore that including if it’s worth doing business through this network.

There are also things to note about the network itself which I personally am not a fan of and they could make serious improvements on (which I will explain)>

Before I explain my points in this JVZoo review, here’s an important note:

an alternative to jvzoo 05

More reasons why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to JVZoo:

  1. Whether you want to make money online.
  2. Where you want to do affiliate marketing.
  3. Whether you’re looking to even promote JVZoo products.
  4. Whether you want to promote products outside the JVZoo realm (Clickbank, Amazon, ect…).

That program (Wealthy Affiliate) will help you do all of this. That’s why I recommend it and no JVZoo program I’ve ever come across (even the rare good ones) come close to the value and skills this program gives you. It’s literally free to try and great for beginners.

What exactly is JVZoo? 

It is a gigantic network where you will find a plethora of mainly digital products being sold, all pertaining to the make money online industry. To date, this network is arguably the biggest when it comes to how many products it sells in this market. 

Now JVZoo doesn’t own the products being sold there. But it does provide a network for vendors to go there, sign up, put up their products on the network there and then have affiliates promote it. This is very similar to the type of stuff you see done on Clickbank.

And if you’re wondering which place is better, here is an article on Clickbank vs JVzoo I recommend checking out.

There are many pros to being involved with JVZoo (here are 5):

So far, I have 5 major pros to list with regards to this site:

1) There’s great opportunity for make money online program creators to work with JVZoo.

It is extremely popular to create make money related programs/systems and products and put them on this site.

2) There’s a good DFY system in place to earn money.

It gives you access to tons of affiliates who will promote the products you put on the network with a done for you software system in place to compensate them and you for each purchase (no need to be a professional software engineer, this network handles that technical stuff for you).

3) Great earning opportunity overall for vendors and affiliates alike.

It provides an excellent way for people to make money (here’s ideas for making money with JVZoo), both as vendors (product creators) and affiliate marketers (the people who promote the vendor’s product/s):

jvzoo affiliate vs vendor 09

4) Diverse ways of earning money are possible with JVZoo:

Many commissions are recurring which can provide a stable income for affiliates/vendors. There are also high ticket affiliate promotions available.

5) Reputable marketers use this place to put their programs up on.

A lot of big time marketers use this place to make a lot of money, mainly because they have large networks of followers and affiliates working for them.

Many of these people create multiple products, release them on the JVZoo market place and let their affiliates know that they did this so they can start promoting it for them.

For example, people like Stefan Ciancio and people like Greg Kononenko are people whose programs I trust and usually recommend. There’s generally very few internet marketing gurus I trust, but I would add at least one of these names to that list.

But there are also cons to using JVZoo (here are 5 in my opinion):

And while I generally like JVZoo, the following cons you’re about to see are things few people actually mention:

1) There are in my opinion many bad programs and systems being sold there.

At least from a point of a view of a marketer like myself.

I generally know what systems and tactics work to make money online (Wealthy Affiliate has the best one in my opinion) and often times when I encounter and review a lot of bad systems, many of them sadly come straight out of this network. 

It’s tough to vet products accurately in my experience because what I think is a bad product may be considered good by others, so this is a mixed bag, but my experiences with buying many products on JVZoo have led me to this conclusion.

2) JVZoo’s support could be much better (they are pretty useless).

If you have an issue with a product you purchased from JVZoo, you can’t contact some personnel inside the actual network to work out the problem. Instead, you have to contact the owner of the product you purchased it from instead (It’s the same issue with another popular network called Warrior Plus). 

And this is a big problem because first, what’s the point of even having a support in JVZoo in the first place? And second, what if the product owner isn’t exactly friendly? Or what if the product owner is just tough to reach? These are all realistic questions. 

I’ve often had issues with the products I’ve purchased in JVZoo and it wasn’t always easy to connect to the owner, and since I couldn’t connect to JVZoo’s support directly to help me handle the problem, that left me having to dispute some charges with my credit card company.

In fact, JVZoo literally tells you to handle the problem with the product owner directly and I think that is a big con (some product owners are annoying to deal with, I would know):

jvzoo support screenshot 02

3) JVZoo in my opinion could do a better job filtering out the programs they allow on their network.

To put it into perspective, I’ve purchased well over 30 products and systems (to review) and in my opinion about 80% of them were bad, the other 15% were OK, while only 5% were good.

This is actually normal as in this industry as it’s common to see a lot of garbage systems and a few good ones. There’s also even worse cases like with Clickbetter which sadly in my experience has an even larger percentage of bad programs out of the good.

And I will say that even places like Clickbank also have this problem, so it’s not isolated with just JVZoo, but at least with programs like Clickbank, I can actually contact their support and work out things if I have problems. With JVZoo, I can’t really do that.

4) I wish JVZoo had ratings for their products (correction made):

There’s no reviews type system in place so people can see if what they’re getting is good or not. A lot of the bad programs are purchased by many people who then end up getting their potential businesses ruined because they followed bad advice. 

Update: Apparently clarification from JVZoo staff corrected this and they do have product ratings now.

5) I have seen one too many product creators put up stuff on this site:

There are many “serial” marketers on this program who create and put up one bad program after another, but because they know how to hype up the system and create a good compensation for their affiliates, they keep getting away with it.

I won’t name anyone in particular, but usually when I see a serial product creator release something new to JVZoo, I tend to look at the product with a very skeptical eye.

jvzoo alternative

Should you buy products and programs from JVZoo? 

Ultimately, that’s up to you. In my case, if you know how to filter out what’s a good program and what’s a bad program, then sure.

But if you’re new to making money online, you may not be able to figure this out and may find yourself be taken for a lot of money by the plethora of systems and programs out there which are associated with this network (it’s not the network that’s bad, it’s the system, but the network is not really doing anything about it) who are great at making incredible sounding sales pages to make you believe that their system is going to make you rich (it won’t most of the time).

And for new people to this business, my advice is to start with Wealthy Affiliate and not JVZoo because there’s just too many different products and in my opinion rarer chances of finding a good one that’ll teach you how to actually make money online in one of the right ways.

Should you create and put up products on JVZoo?

This is a great question and I would say yes, but you would need to first be an experienced marketer who knows how to create a system/product and then think about going to this network to deliver it to the masses of affiliates and potential buyers out there.

Even in that case though, I would suggest Clickbank instead. By the way, here’s a post on Clickbank vs JVZoo in case you need to know the differences.

I find they are the next level when it comes to JVZoo, especially since they actually have a central customer support system in place, meaning that as a vendor (a legitimate one I hope!), you will have less stress to worry about dealing with customer support questions.

What about as an affiliate? Should you promote anything on JVZoo?

The answer is yes, and in my opinion it should be done if you can distinguish the good products from the bad.

But this is often misunderstood as affiliates tend not to look at the quality of a product, but more so, it’s affiliate commission potential and this leads them to often promote an otherwise bad program with good intentions. 

My personal opinion is if you want, as an affiliate to promote great make money online opportunities and programs, then you need to promote Wealthy Affiliate, (more info on it below).

It’s a system that has one of the highest retention rates I have ever seen/promoted through as well as one of the most legitimate opportunities ever, for a great price instead of anything you’ll find on JVZoo or other programs. 

Final Rating: JVZoo

Yellow Flag

4 out of 10 stars. As a whole, the program is legit, but it’s lack of proper “vetting” in my opinion could be improved upon leads to too many sleazy taking advantage of it and putting up poor quality programs and selling them to people who think they are great opportunities and this is damaging the network’s reputation. 

Furthermore, the support needs to improve, a lot.

But overall, from an affiliate and vendor perspective, if you do business with JVZoo, you will get paid honestly and on time.

My final thoughts: Want to be a successful affiliate in the make money online niche?

The make money online niche is vast and there’s many programs you can promote. In my opinion, the best choice is Wealthy Affiliate.

Since JVZoo has too many unknowns in terms of programs that may not be so good, and if you’re the type of marketer who wishes to promote 100% legitimate programs, get paid a good recurring income from it, then there’s really nothing better than Wealthy Affiliate

I constantly look for new programs to potentially promote and this one is still levels higher than anything else. It is an all in one training system that I personally learned from to create a very good online business and in turn, decided to let other people know it, namely you guys reading this now. 

But there’s also countless niches you can make money from other than this niche and for that, Wealthy Affiliate too is a great program to learn that from. But let me get back to the original point here, about promoting WA itself and why I recommend it:

Here’s some details about it’s promotional opportunities:

1) $23.50 recurring commission.

2) Members get many free websites to create on the network.

3) Massive support + training offered to keep people inside the network.

4) You can be a coach for referrals (helps retention and recurring sales continue on and on).

5) Average retention rates (typical stay times) are 7 months. 

6) Yearly commissions are $175 per sale, each year. 

7) Every year, during Black Friday, a 6 day sale takes place where people can buy yearly memberships for less and earn affiliates $130-$500 per sale.

8) An annual sales contents exists where if you get 300 of them, the owners fund an entire trip for you to visit Wealthy Affiliate’s creators in Las Vegas, which I’ve attended 6 times consecutively already.

6 other major benefits of promoting Wealthy Affiliate (or just being a member):

1) If you refer someone into the program before, and Black Friday comes up and they purchase the offer, you get that commission, year after year as long as they keep renewing. It’s literally a whole other income on top of the $23.50 monthly one.

2) You can refer (as well as join) for free. The only “downside” is that you have to be a paid member of the program to take advantage of these perks I listed above, but with the free bonuses all paid members get (free hosting, SSL, support, protection, training, ect…), that price is ridiculously small compared to the overwhelming value this program delivers. 

3) People who join the program are NOT forced to promote the program (Huge downside to JVZoo products), they can create their own business in ANY niche market, a HUGE open ended potential you can leverage in your promotion of the system.

4) If you are a new person to the internet world, you can and should join this network, not just for it’s promotional opportunity by for the education it gives you. They taught me how to do everything in this industry successfully.

5) A bootcamp course is included inside the program to help anyone promote this system to others. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp course, I’ve made over $300,000.

6) The owners of this program (Kyle and Carson) are truly awesome people who help you, whether or not you promote their program.

Here’s some commission stats from this program (my personal results):

promoting wealthy affiliate over jvzoo stats


Those are my real stats. And the program in WA teaches you to get to this (or in any other niche too):

My final thoughts on JVZoo:

While I started this review off about JVZoo, there are huge parts to this network that can be improved upon.

And as an affiliate who wishes to promote a good system, you may have a tough time finding a good program that will keep people paying, at least that’s my opinion based off my many years experience of buying products/programs there.

And as someone who is new, finding a product on JVZoo that can help you learn good ways to succeed online is also though (in my opinion).

I personally believe you can succeed with this program, but usually if you’re already knowledgeable on affiliate marketing (or are a vendor looking to host a make money online product or program there).

Then there’s also one more thing to consider which is: Do you really like the make money online niche? Lots of people say they do, but there’s so many other profitable niches out there and it’s better to tackle the one you like in my opinion.

Anyway, there’s a lot to consider if you go the JVZoo route, which is why I suggest Wealthy Affiliate instead.

Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion solves all of those problems (among other potential ones) with it’s awesome network and opportunity to help you succeed online in general, whether it be to:

Give you the necessary skills to promote JVZoo or none JVZoo products.

Long story short, they’ll teach you to make it in the business and they will also offer you an awesome way to make money with them as well. This is a highly recommend program above JVZoo (or any others).

50 thoughts on “Is JVZoo a Scam? Here’s my Personal Opinion.”

  1. Hi, it’s Laura from JVZoo. I read your review and wanted to clarify several things you’ve written about.

    1) JVZoo is first and foremost an affiliate network. We allow sellers to list their products and recruit affiliates from our network to help them make sales. We do vet products for compliance and do not allow “get rich quick” schemes. Secondary to the affiliate network, we are an online marketplace. We have product ratings (it’s incorrectly stated in this article that we do not) and we supply the direct support desk for the product owners.

    As a marketplace that does not act as a wholesaler, we do not purchase and resell the products, therefore we don’t provide basic support for the products. We encourage customers to use the appropriate helpdesk for assistance first and foremost so the ppl who best understand the product can provide proper support. That being said, we will and do get involved if support is not provided from the product owner. Our helpdesk assist users listing their products and affiliates in our network – and since we have over 900,000 – we provide A LOT of support. When consumers need assistance, we also provide them the necessary help.

    2) All stores and marketplaces have products one considers high quality while another person may consider low quality. Again, we review for legal compliance, however we do not vet for a level of quality as again we are not reselling products nor acting as the merchant of record. We feel it is up to the individual to determine if the quality of product meets their needs. If they feel it does not, they may refund within the products refund period.

    3) We build our platform for our users. Therefore, when support tickets are opened and feedback is provided, it is always taken seriously and considered for our platform’s next set of updates and features. This is evident by JVZoo averaging more updates per year than there are days in the year, every year, for over 10 years now.
    We love feedback and are never offended by constructive criticism.

    That being said, when one is reviewing a platform in effort to promote another with their affiliate link, it is to be disclosed on the page near the link every time (just a little compliance feedback for you).

    Appreciate the feedback!

    • Hi Laura, thanks for your responses. I agree with some of them and disagree with others, so allow me to respond to your answers:

      1) I agree here with some things and made some changes about this being an online marketplace. However, I still think that a lack of a third party support on your end for product inquiries and issues is something I would personally reconsider on. If I the buyer, has an issue with the seller and they aren’t respecting a legitimate refund request, there needs to be a third party to deal with the issue. Clickbank has this. I hope you eventually do too.

      2) I have mixed views here. I get that you guys aren’t resellers and I’ve never said you are.

      In my subjective opinion, I’ve rarely found products here as well as in other marketplaces like JVZoo to be high quality, and that includes Clickbank, Clicksure, and Clickbetter, other similar networks.

      I’ve also seen many products get “good” and “high ratings” but often times these rating are not necessarily a reflection of a good product because they can be rated by people who have no clue what a good product is or not (This is based on my personal experience and opinion being in the business for so long).

      Now I’m not entirely discounting the value of ratings or what other people disagree with me on when it comes to high quality products, but when I buy a product on JVZoo and consider it low quality, I’m going to state my opinion and provide the evidence to show that.

      3) I’m glad your organization makes updates and improvements, but my biggest issue is that there needs to a third party to step in to settle disputes being the vendor and buyer if they can’t agree to something.

      4) I have an official affiliate disclosure page here and it complies with the rules.

  2. My experiences are not so good as they have sellers promoting incomplete applications. I was actually just duped again and had to file a PayPal dispute on two transactions with the same seller struggling in getting my money refunded (well within the 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee).

    They claimed I didn’t buy their program plus upgrade, and I have receipts. Wow not impressed with JVZoo.

    • That’s unfortunately something I can relate to with JVZoo as well Michaela, and it seems like your experience just further proves this article’s position as being unfortunately true. I’m sorry to hear about your experience, but this sadly happens commonly with this and other similar places like Warrior Plus.

      Since I’ve been in your position, let me share what you can do to solve this current issue and get results in the future with legitimate programs:

      1) I’d recommend finishing this dispute with PayPal and provide all the evidence you can that you legitimately wanted a refund within the 30 days. Get a screenshot of the vendor showing that claim. That’s how I do it if I ever get into this situation. It’s not legal advice, I’m just sharing my approach to the circumstance.

      2) For future purchases, I recommend using a credit card, as it’s easier to dispute if this situation happens. With PayPal, I find it’s more complicated.

      3) If you were looking for legitimate programs to make money online, then I would recommend the Wealthy Affiliate program. After I used it’s training and got results, I stopped looking for other programs like this, including in places like JVZoo (I didn’t need to keep searching for something that works, I found it).

  3. Hi Vitaliy,

    I appreciate your review on JVZoo. Sadly, I have a few programs, all still in the money back guarantee time frame.

    I really wanted these to work, but frankly, the “DFY idea” is not, and II nearly pull my hair out trying to figure this out, as well as finding the components of the programs. I wasn’t after get rich quick schemes. I wanted something I could enjoy.

    I’m a senior, and very disabled. I’m also a veteran, and the money that I earned was earmarked, to a great extent, for helping out my fellow veterans. We’re trying to combat homelessness for those of us who served. That gets harder by the year, I think.

    Well, this is what I ask: should i just automatically return anything I got from the bad systems you named, as everything is still less than 30 days. Or is there someone who can identify the bad apples in the bushel, or if I name names, a practice that nearly got me killed, is there someone who can tell me who i need to avoid, and who is trustworthy?

    I am an honest lady. I couldn’t live with myself if i knew a program I promoted and sold to others was contrived and messed up (One of us would have to move out). All joking aside, is there a resource for me so I don’t waste anymore of my time or money on pathetic losers?

    Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Suzanne, I read your comment and apologize for getting back to you at such a later time. So I have a few things to say:

      1) Regarding your experiences with JVZoo products, I can’t tell you what to do about refunding or not because I don’t have any names or examples to work with. This has to be your independent decision on whether to refund the products or not.

      2) For simple products and programs that can help you earn online, Wealthy Affiliate is where I would suggest beginning with.

  4. This is the first time I have ever seen a review of this platform. Thanks for the very detailed and in depth info on JVZoo. I have purchased a few products from JVZoo, some good and others not so good. 

    I think if you have a list then promoting bad products will not do your reputation any good or your long term profits.
    I was not aware that you can not get support from them concerning any products purchased. Sadly there is are many really bad products getting promoted and these, serial marketers as you call them never stop pushing these get rich quick schemes.

    I saw one recently called “5 minute cash machines”, and the title says it all, but they sell and as long as there are people who want to believe that instant riches are possible, then they will continue to make these types of products.


    • The market for get rich quick schemes is always huge Barry and this is one of the things keeping serial product creators going. As long as they can deliver a good marketing pitch, they can keep selling garbage and this is something that is widespread beyond places like JVZoo. It happens on Clickbank, Clicksure, Clickbetter, Warrior Special Plus and other similar places.

      What’s truly important is leading people who fall for these schemes away from them by letting them know the truth about making money online, and places like Wealthy Affiliate do that honestly and help people with creating real success.

  5. Vitaliy – Wow, that a very detailed and thorough review of JvZoo. I totally concur with your thoughts. 

    One big red flag for me about platforms or businesses is their customer support. How easy is it to contact someone? 

    And the fact that with JVZoo, you need to actually contact the owner of the product really adds some red tape to the entire process. I am so glad I read this review. I have seen lots of articles about JVZoo, but never looked into it myself. I am very familiar with Clickbank and love the fact that they do have customer support – so that’s a huge plus for me. 

    I am a newbie with Wealthy Affiliate (well 6 months – so I guess not that new) and appreciate your success. It’s examples like you that give hope to others who want to achieve the same level of success. 

    Thank you! 🙂

    • Thanks LT, I’m glad we both agree about the value of customer support for important platforms like the ones I talked about!

  6. JVZoo is good just as you said but the cons are quite very alarming. I wonder why they allowed so many fake products on their network and such a thing spoils reputations. A part from that, when I purchase a product I don’t like, I won’t be able to reach out to the support, I will have to contact the vendor or product creator which might not be reachable. 

    • Usually the product vendors are reachable, but not being able to do that directly through JVZoo is a nuisance and kind of makes them…useless. It seems like they’re only there to provide an HQ for internet marketers to sell to their email lists. 

  7. Actually, there are plenty of dishonest and bad characters selling on JVZoo who will spam the hell out of you, and if you ubsubscribe, they will spam you even more, and not honor your unsubscription. They may also sell your email to others.

    This is the reason why I strongly advise people NOT to buy anything that is being promoted on JVZoo. The risk is high that you will get a permanent spam problem afterwards. Even the legit ones put your email on multiple lists and getting off them is not all that easy.

    And you cannot use a throw away email, because your Paypal email is tied to your purchase and you cannot use a throw away email for your Paypal.

    • I have to say I agree, as I have gotten MANY emails from people who are JVZoo vendors whom I don’t recall purchasing from. What you say about them selling your email address is very likely true and one way to combat this is to set up another email address where you can send all that junk to.

      JVZoo DOES provide good products (rarely), but yeah this spam issue is certainly a downer for many, thanks for warning us man.

  8. Hey Vitaliy, excellent post. I’ve created an account on JVZoo before with poor results but I think that was because I was just starting out trying to understand the system a little better. However, I like the amazing job you did pointing out the differences between Clickbank and JvZoo. 

    So are you promoting anything from Clickbank or JvZoo or are you just promoting off Amazon? I have to ask you, do you think Clickbank is better than JvZoo at present? Anyway, nice job on your post.

    • I think Clickbank is better, but not because of the products it has, since it too carries a lot of bad ones, but because their customer support is actually awesome. I promote Clickbank products when I find them to my liking, as well as JVZoo, with the same criteria.

      As for Amazon, yes I am also affiliated with them and promote products from there as well, although this is in regards to different niche sites I own, like a drone site I talk about here. Thanks!

  9. I have the same opinion of JVZoo as you do. There are tons of crappy products, like on ClickBank, and I don’t like how for so many products on the platform, you have to BUY the product to promote it.

    I understand that you need to know what’s inside to write a proper review of it and to be able to point out the good in the system, but I think that for reviewers such as myself, the owners of those programs should have a lower price or a free trial that would let us into the program to review it and be able to promote it.

    Because we are already somewhat experienced, we won’t be using the training within those systems much and it makes sense for us to pay a lower price or to get a free trial to be able to write a consistent and relevant review.

    I agree that the customer support is way better with ClickBank than it is with JVZoo. I myself bought a product from JVZoo, one of Bryan Winters’ products and it’s been 2 weeks now that I have been trying to get a refund, have not heard from him yet.

    Very frustrating!

    • Hi Reyhana, many products on JVZoo, prior to being officially released, get pushed on places like and you can actually get early bird discounts on them if you wish to review them.

      I do have to slightly disagree though regarding what  you mentioned about not using the strategy of the program you’re going to review. I believe it’s worth taking a look at it first and examining it’s merit before judging if it’s worth promoting and I certainly endorse buying the product to see all of that.

  10. Thank you for making such a detailed review! I had never heard of JVZoo before, but I’m sure if I stumbled upon it on my own, it would seem like the affiliate marketer’s dream.

    I’m new to affiliate marketing, and marketing in general, so I probably wouldn’t be able to pick out the good programs from the bad ones. Now I know I’m better off just staying away.

    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, but I haven’t mustered up the courage to create a site promoting it. I still don’t know enough about marketing to comfortably discuss the program, but seeing how much potential it offers definitely motivates me to learn!

    Thanks again for the helpful review!

    • Hi Taylor, I have to say that you are doing the right thing in that you’re growing your online marketing experience before you go ahead and market something like WA. When I started, I was involved in selling dieting products and programs and when I gathered up enough info and experience, I started this current site you’re on which talked about my marketing experiences, it gave me more credibility this way.

      I think if you head in the same direction, you can also do the same thing, and while WA is awesome, when you add your experiences on top of your promotion with it, you’ll get more sales out of that.

  11. Hi, 

    Thanks for the detailed review! Unfortunately, as you mentioned, many of the products and programs in the business and money making niche are really a scam. This is also seen on Clickbank as well.

    What is more annoying, is that some affiliate networks, do as you said about JVZoo, they allow the same scammer to market one product after another, thinking that they will get more money this way. They don’t know that this harms their reputation instead and makes people afraid to buy from their market place.

    The best way is to try to find as many reviews as possible and read them before you buy any product from such a network. And even better, is to try to find legit alternatives.

    I know wealthy affiliate is a great platform and has a good affiliate program. But what if you are looking for programs to promote in niches other than the internet marketing and business niche. Where do you go other than JVZoo and Clickbank?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Hi Amjad, for promoting things that aren’t related to making money, there’s 2 things I suggest:

      1) Amazon Associates.

      2) Directly signing up with a company you seek to promote products though. While places like Amazon Associates, Clickbank and other networks are huge places with mass products to promote, there’s also individual sites and programs which you can directly connect with.

  12. The main reason I have been kind of afraid of joining JVZoo is exactly as you said, it really confuses me. I am new to the making money online arena, and I have been looking for products to review and possibly even promote.

    JVZoo is a vast marketplace, but wading through all the junk is very challenging. It kind of feels like a feeding frenzy. Given your experience, finding very few actually good products, I would probably have a much more difficult time. I will take your word for it and probably stay away until I have more experience in choosing programs.

    I like the idea of Clickbank since they provide customer support and it sounds like a lot more to my speed. Do I need to have at least some traffic before Clickbank will accept me?

    Thank you for the pointers, I really appreciate it. You have a lot of experience I can learn from.

    • Hi Steve, the last time I joined Clickbank, they didn’t have any requirements for becoming an affiliate for them, so I would check. Either way, their customer service is awesome and you can just ask them directly.

      Regarding your dilemma with JVZoo, I wouldn’t even worry about that network. If you are in the make money online niche, promote a program like Wealthy Affiliate, which is an awesome choice. You only need 1 good promotion to recommend to people.

      As your experience grows, you will be better equipped to review the vast numbers of other make money online programs and if they are good, you will decide if you want to promote them, but your fall back, if the product/s aren’t good, will be to promote Wealthy Affiliate instead. It’s a good formula and since the program is so good, you will still be steering customers in the right, legitimate direction to make money online.

  13. Ya, I have some experience with JVZoo in purchasing systems having to do with trading Forex – it ended badly. I wouldn’t recommend trying to be a Forex trader either. 95% of Forex traders lose money and I could never figure out how to be part of the 5%.

    The Wealthy Affiliate program way takes some work and patience, but as a newbie, I am enjoying the comprehensive training and total package with premium hosting and everything needed to be successful being included.

    • Yeah Forex has always been a big market and I’ve seen products on JVZoo being released off that topic. Sorry to hear it didn’t turn out well for you Alex.

  14. Hi Vitaliy,

    Like so many other online programs designed to allow an individual to make money for him/herself it’s too bad that a site such as JVZoo is not in some way regulated to weed out the individuals who design what ends up being worthless garbage as products.

    People then end up purchasing these products and find out, much too late that they had essentially wasted their money. An immediate tell-tale sign as you noted in your review is the fact that on JVZoo if a person were to have purchased a product, later to need some sort of technical support that in reality the site has no one available to help him/her with whatever issue had taken place. Again, much too late if the individual on his/her own did not have the expertise to fix the situation, money would have been wasted.

    I’m also pretty sure in reading your review that there was no mention made of a person getting some sort of refund on a bad product that had been purchased coming from the distributor. Not good.

    I believe that the “zoo” title ending to this company is quite appropriate. It seems to be unregulated where anything goes with a mishmash of products being promoted, most of them truly not worth the investment that a person had made in purchasing them.

    Clickbank, a similar online marketing site has the same issues as well. Often, not worth the cost of a person who purchased a product looking to provide a solution in his/her life.


    • Hi Jeff, JvZoo is mainly well organized for vendors and the affiliates who promote them, but they absolutely need to work on a better filtering system and WAY better customer support. I will say, in defense of Clickbank, their customer and affiliate support is outstanding, having personally done business with them before.

      But above all else, I would say the support, help and opportunity in Wealthy Affiliate exceeds these networks by far. Anyone seeking to find a GOOD internet marketing product to promote should consider Wealthy Affiliate for the big reasons I mentioned above. They’ll make more money promoting them, they’ll have happier customers.

  15. Hey Vitaliy,

    I’ve heard of JVZoo but never joined it so I wouldn’t know much about it but I have been associated with affiliate programs and they didn’t work out. I did find Wealthy Affiliate and I don’t think there’s a better program out there. This is the place to be and you have to be willing to work hard and be patient. Don’t ever give up. You’re a perfect example of that. Thanks for your review.

    • Hi Rob, we’ve spoken many times before and I know you have a niche site has nothing to do with making money online, so even if there was a good product on JvZoo worth promoting:

      1) It wouldn’t involve your existing niche.

      2) Wealthy Affiliate itself is the best program worth promoting. I haven’t seen any product on JvZoo offer a better deal or quality product that this place.

  16. I like your honest review of JVZoo. I have purchased a few products off their site, but haven’t really had much success with them. I have followed the instructions of Wealthy Affiliate and began to make sales online, so that was pretty great. However, I haven’t made anywhere near as much as you did promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Was that your first year doing internet marketing or are you an experienced marketer?

    • Well I was involved with different niche markets before starting my promotion of Wealthy Affiliate, but it took me about 2 years to reach the point where I was making $50k and above yearly with them. 

  17. I like how honest you are about this review. I have been an affiliate through the JVZoo platform and I agree with you, most of the products on the site are bad. I have signed up for a few myself and had requested a refund for all. I had been promoting products for a while then finally decided to try a few. After I personally experienced the low quality products, I stopped promoting products to people. 

    • Well it’s always a good policy to own the products before you review them Sheree, but I am glad that once you saw the low quality of some of the programs you bought, that you correctly decided to stop promoting it. 

      I can tell you that promoting WA would be something you’d truly enjoy and be proud of.

  18. I love the way you started with JVZoo and ended your review with Wealthy Affiliate. For those of us who could have fallen into the hands of JVZoo unknowingly, thanks for the review. This will really assist a lot of ignorant affiliate seekers to steer clear except maybe for the financial benefits.

    But what benefit will one get when you identify that what you are engaging in has a huge disadvantage to your business and the reputation you seek to build. Once more thanks.

    • No problem! And I totally agree about the risk vs reward of promoting products that while they pay you, potentially very well, the problem in the end is that their low quality screws over the consumer and that will play a role on the affiliate’s reputation like you said, something which will not help them out in the long run.

  19. Yeah, JVZoo is nothing put a place where you have to go through trash to find anything useful at all. Sure, for affiliates it can be good, especially the recurring commissions can be quite attractive to most. But by selling such products to your audience, you’re totally not building any trust here. There are many other better places where you can find quality products.

  20. Thank you for your comprehensive and truthful review. I am not familiar with Jvzoo though I am very familiar with Clickbank. It stinks that such a good concept has the issues it does like the support and the number of bad products. However, I like your idea of using it to sell your own products if you are experienced enough. The exposure would be great! Thanks for the review!

    • There’s plenty of bad programs on JVZoo, Clickbank and other platforms that get search traffic and reviewing them, while leading people to actual good systems is a great way to monetize of this.

  21. Hey Vitaliy, JVZoo at first seems to be a good idea but later it proves to be rubbish in my opinion. I am actually a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I can say that they keep their promise when you are willing to put in the work. If you do, it will definitely payout for you, but you really need to follow through with it.

    • Yeah I hear ya Aaron, but that applies to every single affiliate program out there. If someone is willing to work hard, they will succeed with any affiliate program out there.

      The real question is which affiliate program provides the best benefits for the actual affiliate and without question, that would be Wealthy Affiliate itself. It’s services, legitimacy and opportunities, in addition to it’s high retention rates, benefits and constant growth have their members loving the experience and wanting to stay there for a long time and obviously, as an affiliate seeking to promote an opportunity like it, they will find themselves very happy promoting that place, as will their referrals who enter it and see how awesome it is there.

  22. Hey Vitaliy,

    I was once JVZoo affiliate member and being approved to promote several of their products but I didn’t take up their offers. The things I don’t like about JVZoo is that you must allow JVZoo to access your PayPal account for refund purpose according to them. Why did JVZoo need to access my personal account, unlike ClickBank or other Affiliate Platforms?

    Another thing is you need to pay for a JVZoo Autoresponser and submit your email list to them which I hesitated to risk my customers being spammed.

    I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a good product to promote that really teaches you everything about affiliate marketing and provides all the necessary tools to run your own online business.

    Once again, thank you for enlighten us about JVZoo.

    Best wishes.

    • Well the thing is JVZoo doesn’t have it’s own payment system from my understand, it basically outsources it through PayPal, which is why when you buy a JVZoo product, almost always, you are led to a PayPal checkout, it’s meant to ensure ease for them and simplicity should a refund be demanded. 

      I am pretty certain that they wouldn’t spam your customers, more than likely, they’ll just send you notifications on new product releases from their most popular sellers (I get them all the time).

  23. I’ve been signed up to jvzoo for over a decade and haven’t made a penny. I’ve bought things from there and for at least 95% of what I’ve tried I didn’t like so I asked for a refund. As for refunds, they are pretty good so I’ve never had a problem. I’ve noticed jvzoo is like a zoo, vendors come and go. As you say it is a legit company, but too often cheap or rubbish products can be sold on there.

    • Interesting, I assume when you say refunds, you mean communicating with the product owner directly, since JVZoo doesn’t handle refund requests right? Just want to make sure Sharon. But yeah we are in agreement on the majority of products on that network not exactly being good.

  24. Hi Vitaliy, your results with Wealthy Affiliate are impressive.

    I have used JVZoo before and recently I made my first sale. In my opinion, it’s an alternative to Clickbank. But I have been approved for only one product and the other vendors reject me because I do not have many sales.

    It’s weird. How will someone make sales if he cannot get approved?

    • Some product owners on JVZoo will give you access if you purchase their program and if not, you can work your way up with existing products/programs that approve you.

  25. Hi Vitaliy,

    I have worked with Clickbank a bit, but I have also started looking at other programs like JVZoo, and Commission Junction to expand my own affiliate endeavors. I’m glad I found this review when I did, for I have very little knowledge about JVZoo itself, and your post did answer a few questions-even ones I didn’t know to ask yet. 

    I’ll know going forward, that if I do work with JVZoo for any affiliate program, I’ll really have to research what program I’m getting affiliated with well beforehand.

    You would think that a platform like JVZoo would provide a review system to provide affiliate marketers with relevant information to make that ‘informed’ decision to work with a specific product. From an affiliate perspective, it would provide much better customer (affiliate) satisfaction.

    They probably don’t do this for fear of loosing too many vendors because of bad reviews, especially if 80% of their business is coming from bad products like you’ve described.

    Thanks again


    • Hi Frank, good idea on the review system for affiliates, but at the same time, good point on how it may inhibit JVZoo’s profits, which makes that possibility unlikely. I will say that if you look at their best seller list, often times, newly released products come at a huge discount for affiliates to buy before they get released onto the general market, and that’s when I usually get a lot of their products and test them.


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