How to Make Money on Black Friday. Ways I Made Over $1,000.

Since today is Black Friday, I’d like to give a different perspective on it and here is what I mean:

Many people associate this day with “saving” money and getting great deals on stuff they want to buy. 

My position on this day is different and it involves doing the opposite which is making money with it. And yes, in one of the cases, I will explain how I made over $1,000 in a single day, which is actually today. Spoiler:

Here’s proof I made over $1,000 on Black Friday:

how to make money on black friday

3 proven to work options to earn a buck on Black Friday:

These options are legit and these, including the one I personally use to make money will be explained in detail:

1) Option 1 (this will be a long, but profitable read):

Discover the most popular items on sale (Keep reading and I’ll show you how to find them), on this day, buy them at the discount price, then resell them POST Black Friday, via eBay, Amazon and other online retailers for what they would be worth at their normal price. Now there’s 2 ways to do this:

Buying it physically at a popular store near you:

Now I am not fan of standing in line and I’m sure you’re not either, especially since in most of the locations that people do this at, it’s generally very cold, loud and you have no idea how long you’re going to have to wait, let alone, possibly have to fight once you get into the store (keep it civil people!).

But I’m fairly certain if you were to know for a fact that if you purchased one or more items that are hot sellers and that are guaranteed to actually sell, that it would inspire you to actually do it. 

Example: Buying smartphones on sale (older models but ones which are still popular) is one way to do this strategy.

Buy them online!

Even though it’s Black Friday and not Cyber Monday doesn’t mean that you can’t purchase stuff online for a huge discount. Online retailers would have to be fools not to take advantage of what goes on this day so absolutely know that they’re offering discounts. In fact, head over to Amazon and check this out:

Now I didn’t provide a link because it’ll change or get removed, so I don’t want you going to a 404 URL, but you can certainly head over to Amazon right now and see this Black Friday menu popping up like it is in the screenshot above. 

Now here’s a key point:

Remember I said I’d show you how to find the hot items on Black Friday? Here’s how:

You can either Google what the hottest items are expected to be on this day and/or you can literally go to Amazon, click on the Black Friday tab and just look at what’s being sold.

Then you can either buy the item itself and/or head over to a store and buy it there (if that’s even a possibility at that point). 

But the thing is, you want to be selective about what you buy, meaning:

Buy something a bit more expensive so when you resell it, the profit margin is much higher for each of the item/s you’re reselling. Now DON’T go over your budget on this. 

For example, if you’re selling a 4K television which is probably a big seller this day, don’t buy 10 or 20 of them if you can’t afford them. Even for a regular, say 20 inch screen 4k TV, they are priced at about $700, meaning on this special day, you can get them for about $500 or possibly even online, which means if you sell them for $700 post Black Friday, you’re looking at an estimated $200 profit margin PER TV.

But be careful with this, you have to invest in these things with a mindset of, if it will fail, that you won’t go bankrupt or be super tight on money. This is why I am suggesting you select only the popular sellers (which you can find again on Amazon and eBay), so you will know what people are trying to get.

Now in addition to picking the hot sellers, also pick ones out that are getting the highest number of reviews as well as favorable reviews. For example, on the Black Friday page above, here’s numerous items that are being sold. 

What I am looking for is items with the following criteria:

1) Is it an expensive item, meaning if I sell it, will the profit margin be big? It is also a high ticket product?

2) Does it have a lot of reviews?

3) Does it have a lot of favorable reviews?

So here’s the ones I’ve selected out of this criteria (I scrolled through 2 pages so you can see how I select them):

what to buy to sell on black friday

Notice, with the first option which is a steamer, you have NEARLY 40,000 reviews and the thing costs a little over $80, normally it’ll be $120, so you can make a $40 sale. 

The other options are also big and worth looking at, which is why I placed a green check mark on most of them. Here’s some other options:

In this case, I didn’t select the traveling bags because I didn’t see enough reviews on them and I didn’t select the Harry Potter one because the profit margin didn’t seem high enough.

3 very important rules you need to follow if you’re going to use option 1:

1) Again do not go over a budget you set.

A lot of people may start trying to buy these things in bulk, whether on Amazon or other places and think they’ve hit gold, but even a “guaranteed sale” is never guaranteed, remember that, so be careful. You’re just making a safer bet with these options. 

2) The deals above only let you select one item at a time.

However, if you go to the actual shopping page, you can select them in bulk options for the same price. Here’s an example, the steamer I showed above is discounted at $81.99. 

If you to go the sales page and select, say 4 of them, the total will be $327.96 which is the result of $81.99 x 4:

3) There’s a time clock for each item, so make sure you select them while they are on discount.

Option 2: Offer personal services for a discount:

Are you a personal trainer, tutor, car mechanic, computer technician who can help people fix their computers, someone who has an email list or owns a business that sells ANY type of services?

If so, then you’d better spread the word that you’re offering discounted service for just this one day to lock in some clients. 

I have a personal boxing trainer who sells 1 hour sessions at $100. Right now he’s discounted 5 of them for $300, which means people save $200. You’d best believe people locked this in.

Option 3: The one I used to get over $1,000 in a single day (proof coming).

Now this is a personal case and it may not apply to you unless you decide to do what I do for a living, but believe me, if you do, this day can become like a bonus month for you, earning you money in a day what you would earn in a month.

black friday $1,000 made in 1 day


I am part of an awesome program called Wealthy Affiliate. They teach you to sell online and I just promote the program (They also teach you that in this course called the Affiliate Bootcamp).

I also make enough from them to be considered a super affiliate (full time earner basically).

Now people can join for free to learn how to make their own websites and sell stuff online.

They can also join for a paid membership which offers a plethora of more value and that carries a monthly cost. 

But it’s the last membership offer they have (the yearly) which is where the whole Black Friday thing comes into play:

Their yearly membership is $350+.

During the Black Friday period, they discount it for several days to $299 and a lot of existing members on that site take advantage of it.

Being that I have referred thousands of people to that organization, once ANY of those referrals upgrade during Black Friday, I earn a healthy commission of about $110-$130 (for each sale). 

And the beauty is every year after that, during another Black Friday period, not only do new people get to upgrade again, but previous ones who took advantage LAST year can renew this year, giving me a RECURRING commission of the same amount.

So for example, in 2018, the Black Friday period for Wealthy Affiliate lasted for 6 days. And I made…

Nearly $13,000 or 2018! Here is proof:

my black friday income stats

And here are my Black Friday sales stats for 2019:

2019 black friday sales stats

Every year, during Black Friday when this promotion comes up with Wealthy Affiliate is a period I consider a massive bonus to my income and in 2020, after it passes again, I will update this page for those income stats too.

2020 Black Friday income stats coming soon!

In addition to my already stable income I make thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate training, this Black Friday promotion is basically another form of income I earn during this period for me and what’s great is that people love this place because of it’s incredible training and all of the success stories they bring out (including my own which you can read here). 

Now how can you take advantage of this? Well you can:

Check out the Wealthy Affiliate program here where I detail all of it’s benefits.

You can also start to promote it like I do which would automatically set you up for the same Black Friday commissions I am set up for and if you choose a different route, you can learn from them how to sell anything online. Besides Wealthy Affiliate memberships, I do sell other things on other websites (drones for example). 

My final thoughts:

I used to consider Black Friday a horrible day because it brings out the worst in people’s buying habits, but if you correctly do things, you can expect to make good money through this period. It does involve work and spending money in some of the cases above, but because people love to buy stuff on sale, you can make more money during this period. 

Above all, do not depend on Black Friday as a source of income, consider building a healthy business that makes money throughout the year and this special day as just one out of the year where you can make more. 

Now I don’t own a physical business, but through Wealthy Affiliate, I have built one online that I am very proud of and if you seek my advice on building your own, I would suggest you also join the same program I’m a part of to truly make a profitable one. 

In any case, I have provided 3 different options for you to work with besides the one I am mainly involved with. I don’t like over selling anything and I like to give people a diverse range of good ideas to work with that fit their skill set.

If you have any Black Friday questions regarding selling and/or any of the ideas I put above, let me know 🙂

Update: One more Black Friday method revealed!

Recently, I created a tutorial in which I discussed how one can do affiliate marketing and promoting things on Amazon via YouTube, and all it really comes down to is taking the most popular products that are selling, and just reviewing them yourselves (you need to own it). Here is the YouTube formula.

Well, I have considered mixing in this formula WITH the Black Friday event and I have no reason to believe that it won’t work. However, while I can confidently tell you that the YouTube method works, I haven’t tried to connect it to the Black Friday event as of yet. Thus far, this is the basic idea:

black friday promotional method

The good thing about this formula is that even though Black Friday itself lasts for a few days (Cyber Monday would too here), this method would work year round and just spike in sales during this period. 

If you have any questions about the Black Friday methods I mentioned, please let me know. Also note that this approach works very well with Cyber Monday events too!

16 thoughts on “How to Make Money on Black Friday. Ways I Made Over $1,000.”

  1. Hi there,

    This is very interesting, although I personally do not have spare cash to take advantage of sales, you have outlined it very well and made it seem easy! I have thought of doing something along these lines, but usually get techno-phobed out by the process of setting the system up.

    I’m also more into digital products like ebooks, and member sites. These have a lower profit margin though.

    • Hi Stella, I agree, it is risky and I did mention that in the article. But you don’t need to go this route to have a good online business. You can always set up a website and sell these same things you mentioned (member sites and digital products). There is less profit margin via 1 sale, but there is more volume so that profit margin rises quickly the more you sell and for a lower price for digital goods, you have a good chance of doing that.

      But it is better to go this route through a niche (here is a good way to do it). not some sort of eCommerce store that sells anything, that is a task that’s too complicated and too large for one person. 

  2. Personally, I have no investment money to think about using option 1, although this could be a great option for someone with some extra disposable income.

    Obviously making this much money doesn’t happen easily, and some time and research must definitely go into something like this. I notice you mention that you work online for a living, how long did it take for you to hit that “$1000 in a day” milestone? I’m looking at pursuing something online.

    Any insight would be great, thanks!


    • For me it varied, I’ve had previous experiences like this where $1,000 a day was hit within 2 days of experimenting with a paid ad campaign. This is very rare though and not something I would advise relying on. 

      I would say that if you take the time to build an online business like I did and see it grow, continue to help it grow, it will reach that point within a few years time. Obviously there’s other things that would affect that speed, such as the size of the website, your traffic, your promotions and how often you work with the whole thing.

  3. Another great article Vitaliy!

    It’s too bad I have to wait a whole year to try these options out but I’ll be sure to be prepared for the 2018 Black Friday.

    I’m a bit skeptical about option one, but it is because it’s the one with the highest risk. I saw a ton of great deals this year and passed on them to avoid the risk. I’ve always thought about it, but I think I’ll give it a try next year.

    Thanks for your recommendations,


    • I hear you on the risk part Luis, this is why I endorse doing that particular strategy only if you buy something popular and if the worst case scenario happens, that the money lost will not ruin your life. An investment has to be made in a way in which if it fails, it will not hurt your financial position. 

      While you wait for the next Black Friday period to happen, I would look into affiliate marketing, buying and selling things through eBay and other sorts of selling topics to gain experience on the business, so you’re well armed with information and a potential ready to go business once the next Black Friday hits.

  4. What a cool article mate, and such a nice way to spin black friday on your favour; honestly I’ve liked all the options you’ve described, can’t get extra rich with them but sure can get you some money in. by the way WA is a great platform to present to your audience, no mistakes there.

  5. Vitaliy,
    Very interesting how to are able show us how to turn a supposedly aweful day into a great one. Taking advantage of what seems like a lemon and being to turn it into a lemonade. Great and awesome work. I just started reading some stuff on your website and I really enjoy your content.

  6. Hello, Vitaliy! Way to spin an otherwise awful and stressful day into a way we should all be making money. I especially like your screenshots of Wealthy Affiliate that illustrate how anyone can make buckets of cash for a low or no minimum investment. Keep up the great work and I will hope to see some more articles from you in the not so distant future.

    • Thanks Jack, I believe as long as you make the product readily available and no people are hurt on this day, then Black Friday can be a very happy day for everyone involved.

  7. Good and interesting article on how to make money. In the UK, Black Friday is getting a bigger and bigger following and it usually extends over a few days now so that’s a relief for those of us who work. You tips on making money are compelling and I can see that your Wealthy Affiliate income is great for one day. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

    • Interesting point Gail, I’ve always wondered if a Black Friday exists in other countries, I’m glad you cleared that up for me. And yeah, it is extending more and more because it’s just so easy for businesses to make extra money, so extending the opportunities and offers only extends their profits.

      The Wealthy Affiliate income I showed you actually extended further, for about 5-6 days, and in that time, I made about $10,000. In the future, I will not be surprised if Black Friday events extend to an entire week and/or most sales start to expand online, thereby eliminating the need for a Cyber Monday, they’ll just merge together.

  8. Interesting read. I have heard of this just the other week. The only thing that scares me in regards to trying this is there always seems to be someone selling it cheaper. My other concern is that as a buyer will I not be looking for a discount from the price if I’m not buying this new from the original seller AKA wall mart or target etc? I like this idea a lot I just don’t have that knowledge or confidence.

    • Hi Zenon, this is a completely normal and logical thing to think, but I would like to explain why it won’t be like that…

      You see, when you buy, say a popular selling 4K TV on Black Friday for several hundreds cheaper, then you can sell it as a seller on places like eBay and Amazon, and believe me, people buy from numerous different sellers on there besides the main ones you listed (Walmart, Target). 

      The point is, a hot selling item is in high demand and as such, it will sell (which is why I advocated buying only the best sellers) and when someone seeks that item, they will usually do it in other areas besides offline sources, they will do it online and when they type in a specific item they want, in this case a hot selling 4K as an example, they will see who offers the best price and just as importantly…who actually has it, therefore if you have it and you put it up on those popular online sources, the name brand on which you put it on is what will give the consumer the confidence to buy it from you.

      Think about it this way, if I am buying an item from an unofficial source, I am more likely to get it if it is listed on Amazon or eBay, because if something goes wrong and I need to get it refunded, those 2 places will absolutely do it, giving the buyer full confidence in their purchase. Another thing to consider is that you can offer it for a little bit cheaper than the other people selling the same item, because you’ll still have a good profit margin, because you bought it on Black Friday.


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