How 1 Website Made Me Over $1,000 All From Free Traffic


A popular online diet called “Fat Loss 4 Idiots” exists which pays it’s affiliates anywhere from $26-$38 per sale. This diet in early 2007 was EXTREMELY popular amongst affiliates and promoting it through the keyword “Fat Loss 4 Idiots” was far too competitive, so I decided to dig more into the product. This led me to discover a way of marketing where you can conquer unconquerable niches. I put up a full blog post on it here.

Long story short, I discovered that Fat Loss 4 Idiots used a technique called calorie shifting to make up it’s diet method. I also discovered the keyword calorie shifting was highly searched after with little competition. So I did 2 things:

1. Put up an article which talked about how to do calorie shifting, which linked to a page which promoted Fat Loss 4 Idiots. The article ended up getting over 100,000 views. In fact here it is. If you look at the very bottom, you’ll see the # of views. This article linked to a website which promoted Fat Loss 4 Idiots, which leads me to the next thing I did…

2. Created a website which promotes Calorie Shifting Guides, and promoted Fat Loss 4 Idiots as the #1 method of calorie shifting. This site is called: You can check it out to see how it looks.

The result:

This method made me $1,000′s and all of this was pure profit because all the traffic I received to the site was free traffic. All I really paid for was hosting and a domain which amounts to pocket change yearly. 

To this day the article is getting views as is the website. Though the popularity of calorie shifting has diminished, the site is till up. It only costs about $50 a YEAR to keep it on the internet. All I need is 2 sales from Fat Loss 4 Idiots (each sale pays me $26.30-$38.06) to break even/make a profit from this site.

Furthermore this site is up 24-7 which means I need not do anything to it since it’s already working for me. 

The future of this site:

I have discovered that this site can EASILY have 1,000’s of visitors coming to it on a monthly basis if not more using traffic generating techniques I learned from this place. If you too are looking to create a website which generates 1,000’s of visitors and sales, I highly recommend you learn from that place I just linked to. It’ll provide you with all the guidance you need. I personally learned everything abot online marketing from them and you can actually learn the basics for free. Learn more.

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4 thoughts on “How 1 Website Made Me Over $1,000 All From Free Traffic”

  1. Hey there, very easy to understand case study. I was wondering if this thing with writing articles on authority sites and linking your site is still working today. Because I once heard Google no longer cares so much about backlinks and stuff

    • Hi Anne, I haven’t updated this case study but yes you are right, although there’s a lot to explain here so let me summarize quickly:

      What I did in this case study was I linked an already highly viewed article on an article directly ( to my calorie shifting site.

      This “backlink” basically acted as the fuel to boost the site to the top position for it’s keyword.

      Now that being said, if you were trying to repeat this same process today, it would not work the same way. In fact, I’d cut out the suggestion about using an article directory because it no longer holds good SEO weight like it used to (see details).

      Now if I were to recommend this plan, I would make the calorie shifting site itself and write articles on the site itself. This would eventually boost the site to become it’s own authority without the need for any backlinks.

  2. I am a member of WA and a newbie.I want to quote you so that i get the answer am looking for.This is what you wrote ”I also discovered the keyword calorie shifting was highly searched after with little competition. So I did 2 things….”
    Now how do you discover that a certain keyword is highly searched after and that it has low competition,what process do you use?? That is the question burning inside of me and i would appreciate if you helped me out.
    Thanks for your posts.

    • I used the keyword tool Jaaxy :). This is where I determined ho w popular it was in terms of search and that it had low competition. Hope this clarifies things!


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