Is Warrior Plus a Scam Site? My Good And Bad Experiences.

So for many years, I’ve purchased online marketing programs from numerous places, and one of them happens to be the Warrior Plus site.

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As a whole, this platform is not a scam, but let me tell you, it needs to improve on it’s customer service area A LOT because as of right now, I personally feel it lacks in that regard and I will be explaining my personal experiences with this place since I have purchased a number of make money online programs from it (which it’s known for).

Before I explain those experiences, let me say this:

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Note: There are 2020 profits there, but I also have updated 2021 profits as well. Check it out.

So let me start by explaining what Warrior Plus is in general:

It’s one of the main websites that people who are interested in selling their make money online products and programs go to put them up there.

If you are someone who creates say an affiliate marketing training program, you can use the Warrior Plus network to put your program up there and have affiliates see it and then choose to promote it. That way, you can make more money from the network whilst letting the affiliates do all the marketing for you.

There are other sites which are very similar to Warrior Plus, the most famous of which is JVZoo.

As a whole, the Warrior Plus site is very recognized in the make money online niche and the products people create and launch through there are also often featured on other popular sites like Munch Eye.

The opportunity of using Warrior Plus explained:

Overall, if you make products related to making money online, putting them up on Warrior Plus can basically get you more sales because of all the affiliates who could potentially promote it.

And if you’re an affiliate marketer, you have the opportunity to promote a diverse range of make money online products from this site too and possibly make a good income.

That is what Warrior Plus offers in terms of opportunity.

But Warrior Plus has issues and here are the 2 most common:

And this is stuff I’ve personally experienced after buying a lot of programs from this site:

1) Customer support gets a bad rating from me.

Warrior Plus has many of the SAME issues I pointed out in places like JVZoo in that their customer support could really be A LOT better. I’ll be showing you specific of how useless their support basically is (or was for me at least). In fact, the same cons (and even pros) I listed for that site, I may as well just list for this one, but I’ll keep it short:

2) Too many bad programs.

There’s a bunch of programs featured on Warrior Plus that are low quality (garbage too!). I don’t even think there’s a vetting process that goes on when people submit their products and programs to be on this platform.

If there is, it could sure be better because if I take the products I’ve purchased from it and label them with bad, OK and good labels, then most of the time, the products I’ve purchased are either on the OK or bad side, with VERY few being good.

Now I have my own subjective, yet high standards for the internet marketing I purchase and review because I’ll know if they work or not most of the time because I’ll cross examine their strategy with what I was taught works from programs like Wealthy Affiliate and based on that program as the gold standard, MOST of the products I’ve purchased on Warrior Plus are sub par at best.

If you seek to get a refund from Warrior Plus, this is where it gets annoying:

Just a few days ago, I purchased a few products from this place:

One of them was called The Milk it Method. It was an OK product that I decided to keep.

But then there was one called The Piggyback Payday. Now that one had issues where I wasn’t sent a log in and what happens if you have technical issues or just issues in general (like refunds) with the products on this platform is this:

1) They provide you with a chat to contact, but for the most part they REALLY emphasize trying to dispute whatever problems you have with the vendor so they send you through a bunch of F.A.Q pages which basically say that.

2) The problem in my case was that the vendor wasn’t actually responding to my original issue. 

3) Furthermore, even the chat itself says it takes hours to respond. I guess this isn’t a bad thing, considering even a good platform like Clickbank takes about 24 hours to respond to requests, BUT what Warrior Plus does is that they first reach out to the vendor, then to you, so it becomes a back n forth type of thing which can take some time to figure out.

Update. Warrior Plus’s chat responded to me (The situation didn’t improve):

They basically told me to dispute the issue with PayPal (I didn’t pay through them) or to dispute through my credit card company. And this is extremely annoying since it makes the customer service in Warrior Plus basically useless.

It just seems like all they do is send you anywhere but through themselves to fix any potential refund issues. This seems like a support theatre than anything else.

Look I understand that this platform aims to get details on a case from both sides and wants the vendor and customer to figure it out, but I really believe they need to play a more active role since it is after all their platform where these purchases get made. Otherwise, what is the point of even having them in place if they don’t directly help you? 

recommended alternative wa instead of warrior plus

Support shouldn’t be like this and there’s enough examples to set the standard:

Going back to what I just said about Clickbank, a really good program in this regard, what they do is that they actually have a central place where you can get refunds from QUICKLY. Now I do get that this can lead to abuse on the customer’s end, but Clickbank truly makes refunding easy.

In Warrior Plus’s case, it’s not easy.

If you can reach out to the vendor and they can communicate with you well, sure it is, but like I said, if you get an inactive one, then you’ve gotta go though Warrior Plus’s directly and that can take awhile considering the steps they take and how long it takes for all of this to get figured out.

My final thoughts:

Like I said before, Warrior Plus is not a scam, but like JVZoo and especially places like Clickbetter (not to be mistaken with Clickbank), they have to handle 2 particular problems:

  • Low quality programs.
  • Being more active in their customer support area and have less of a web/wait to handle disputes.

There’s a reason bigger programs like Clickbank, Amazon, eBay, Commission Junction are considered bigger networks, it’s largely due to the fact that their customer support is top notch and I truly believe the other programs I mentioned in this review, besides Warrior Plus itself would be more successful if they did. 

I still believe that if you have a good product, specifically one that deals with making money online, that Warrior Plus is one of the places you should consider to put it up on, but even then, know that you must be a good customer service representative should people want to ask you questions.  

And as an affiliate, I honestly can’t think of a good program to recommend promoting on this platform. I can recommend another platform and program to promote and that would be Wealthy Affiliate. They offer good compensations, excellent recurring commissions and a high positive feedback from customers. 

Here’s what I want to stress (summarize) about Warrior Plus:

wealthy affiliate vs warrior plus option 09

I strongly believe (and know from experience) all the success you can achieve on Warrior Plus and the other networks I listed in this article will come from Wealthy Affiliate.

12 thoughts on “Is Warrior Plus a Scam Site? My Good And Bad Experiences.”

  1. Great content, Vitaliy!

    You should look into ExoFunnels. They’re similar to WarriorPlus, ClickBank, JVZoo, etc.

    But do quite a few things to increase revenue for affiliates and vendors. For example, they’ll upsell customers to other products in their network and use your affiliate link to do it – so you earn money from their upselling.

    Also, you can actually earn money by referring new affiliates and vendors to their network. Unless I’m missing something, I don’t think any of the other networks offering anything like that.

    • Hi David, thanks for bringing Exofunnels to my attention. I’ll probably check this site out soon. While I generally like that they include more affiliate and vendor earning opportunities, I’m honestly more concerned about the customer.

      Just because this company upsells to customers doesn’t mean that’s a good thing. I’m more concerned about the value of products and services this company would offer and if they let any vendor or affiliate do business there, that may lead to a lot of bad products being sold. This is the inherent problem with places like JVZoo and Clickbank, so even if they are good at selling their products to customers, I don’t like that they may end up selling bad stuff in the process to them.

      What do you know about Exofunnels support? Is it like JVZoo where they’ll tell you that if you have issues, that you have to talk to the product owner and not them or do they actually handle support issues like Clickbank does?



  2. Yes, I can concur with the Warrior Plus, as I experienced the same issue when I purchased a product that wasn’t working. I had to go back and forth and then the owner of the product stated he doesn’t give refunds unless it technically didn’t work.

    Well, I emailed him and told him it technically didn’t work as his autoposts to social media were blocked. He then stated I could move my domain to his server so it wouldn’t get blocked. However, I would lose all my content if I moved my domain.

    Who in their right mind would move their domain to his server and lose all their content? He refused to refund but then I went to PayPal and they gave me the refund. Also I noticed he was listed on ripoffreports by quite a few people who experienced the same thing. So yes, the Warrior Plus site needs to have better support.

    • Hi Kyle, I’m sorry to hear about that stuff. There are good vendors on Warrior Plus for sure, but you sadly got a bad one based on what you mentioned. I also assume that if you moved your site to his server, he’d basically exploit that to have you pay more, so it’s a good thing you didn’t do that.

      Just to clear things up, when you said stuff about moving domains to a server, it’s not actually the domain that moves, but the hosting, so your content would be intact. The only time that content would get lost is if you purchased a new domain and wanted to move over the content from an old site. In those cases, you CAN do this, but it takes a lot of work.

      I’m not sure if you’re still having the same issue with a current site, but with the Wealthy Affiliate program, you’d be able to use their free hosting if you joined their premium membership and I can tell you they’d be a lot more helpful than this vendor was.

  3. Good review. Thanks for posting. I like what you said about customer support. That’s probably the most important thing for me, when considering something like this. You’ve actually made me want to consider alternatives to Warrior Plus and JVZoo. Thanks also for the suggestion of Wealthy Affiliate. I find their customer support function pretty decent. Thanks again!

    • You shouldn’t outright ignore JVZoo or Warrior Special Plus Kevin, you can use the products which come out there to promote better ones.

  4. It is really good to get a heads up on Warrior Plus’s poor customer service and low quality products. I hear Clickbank has quite a few scammy low quality products also, but at least they have good refund support.

    Maybe you could do an article on a process to go through when selecting good products to promote from Clickbank or CJ. That would be real helpful.

    I’m glad you’re promoting Wealthy Affiliate as your best recommendation as I am a new premium member and I couldn’t be more pleased. WA is well worth it just for premium hosting.Thank you for an honest review on Warrior Plus and similar networks.

    • I actually did do an article on Clickbank and selecting products to promote there Alexander, the basic idea is, do a search in their marketplace for whatever category of a product you’re seeking to promote, then you’ll get product results that are ranked in a specific order, in which the highest ones get the most sales and lowest refund rates. Those are usually the ones you’d want to look at first, but always look at the actual sales page of the product and see if it suites your taste and interest to promote.

  5. Thanks for such a well written article ! It really helped a lot. As an affiliate marketer that is still new to the game, I have tried several forums and marketplaces like Clickbank looking for learning tools.

    I even signed up at The Warrior forum but never returned due to the time and effort required. I was very busy! A friend told me to try Warrior Special Plus just a week or so ago. I will take your information to heart before I take a closer look! 

    Thanks again! 


    • The Warrior Forum and Warrior Special Plus are different pages. One is for asking internet marketing questions (and generally getting bad advice) and the other is for vendors to put up their own internet marketing products (and most of them are generally low quality) Mike. If you do decide to purchase from Warrior Special Plus, I’d be very careful.

      Since you are new to affiliate marketing, I’d disregard that site and just go with the best affiliate training program I know: Wealthy Affiliate. You will find it to be much better to learn from and even promote should you decide to head that route.

  6. I have heard of Warrior Plus and JVZoo. I know what you mean; there does seem to be a lot of scammy products that get sold on these platforms. I have seen quite a few of them on ClickBank too.

    I have also heard that ClickBank actually makes it easy for refunds, just like you mentioned. But I never knew that Warrior Plus made it so hard. 

    It really does make the customer service there useless because if the ultimate solution for them, is to send us back to Paypal or to our credit card company, then that’s something that we can just do ourselves.

    They really have to step up and provide the service that customers are looking for, else they will start having a bad reputation.

    • Yeah it seems like an illusion or theater to have this “support” in Warrior Plus, considering how little of a role they actually play in there regarding vendor/customer problems. The other problem though is that many networks like this, JVZoo and others are so low quality but so common that people who visit these places just consider this practice to be the norm. 

      It’s because I have seen contrary places that offer excellent support and help to customers like Clickbank or Wealthy Affiliate that I know why these other places are bad and exactly why. 

      I hope that either they do improve and/or other places that are good become more popular and the norm for online marketing products, as it’ll really expose these places for how bad they currently are.


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