Is The Make Money Online Niche Really Too Competitive?

In my experience, there is no niche market that out there that has more people believing in that it’s too competitive/saturated than the make money online one. 

This is the type of niche where people ask the following questions:

Is the make money online too saturated and competitive? 

Well here is the answer:

make money online niche

First, let me say that I am succeeding in this specific niche market (and so are MANY others) and have been for years. This is 2019’s income report to prove it:

make money online niche income report

All of these numbers come from promoting a make money online program called Wealthy Affiliate.

As proof that I’m not the only one succeeding with promoting this program, here are other Wealthy Affiliate success stories.

Now this isn’t just because the program is a good deal, but because it provides a great program called the Affiliate Bootcamp which taught me and others how to succeed in this niche market.

The point is that with a good offer, good training and ambition, ANYONE can succeed in this specific niche, but beyond just explaining this, I want to get into details why the myth of saturation in this topic is not real.

With regards to this market, I have seen and gotten a plethora of questions from people thinking of entering this market and hesitating because of this belief.  There’s several things I respond with when I see these questions:

1) I tell them that any market can be entered into and with enough work, success is possible and that includes this one.

2) To prove that it can be done, I direct them to a training platform like Wealthy Affiliate which personally showed me how to do this. And in fact, the very site you are reading on right now is proof that this works because it is where I make most of my money within this topic.

The link above will show the income stats I have attained, despite entering this market “late” and having many competing websites to fight against.

3) I also direct them to this personal tutorial I wrote on niche saturation long ago. I highly recommend you read it too, as much of this article you’re reading right now talks about similar stuff, but it will be more towards the make money online topic. I have also added a full disclosure guide on affiliate marketing in general where I explain my overall success in affiliate marketing, much of which comes from the make money online niche.

So in short, while those 3 things are going to help you, I want you to still read this article for now, because I’m going to run you through why:

Despite it being competitive, it is not only possible to still make a website in this niche, but to also make it grow and become quite successful despite that. 

mmo niche

Here’s the 1st thing you need to understand:

The make money online niche isn’t as competitive as you think:

While it is totally true that there’s MILLIONS of blogs out there all focused on the same, make money online topic, and that it’s actually grown in the past few years, despite that…

MOST of these blogs/sites are NOT successful. The people working on them either:

  • Do not know how to make their rankings rise.
  • Do not work as hard on them as they should.
  • Or perhaps they are still new, just like you and haven’t gotten to the success point.

The problem is that when people start seeing these types of niche blogs for one or more searches they do, the conclusion they come to is that they are “everywhere” and that there’s no hope in squeezing your site through all this competition, but I know very well that most people just never get this far. It’s the same with the niche saturation myth in general.

Trust me, just because you found a few make money online blogs for searches you did does not mean those same blogs will appear for EVERY search you do. And in my experience, they don’t appear everywhere.

Even the most rarest of successful blogs and sites which do appear often still occupy just 1 position for 1 keyword, leaving many of the other options open for your site and blog to occupy.

The 2nd thing you need to understand is that the vigilant marketer is the one who succeeds:

The thing that makes the 1% or less of successful bloggers have their sites outrank the others is that they are vigilant. They blog more, they work harder and they know where to find content ideas to add to their make money online niche and that’s for SEO and doesn’t include the fact that the paid ad network world also offers it’s own massive opportunities to make money in the same niche.

While I personally try to live by this vigilance rule for my site personally, and I believe I do a lot of work, there’s many others out there who do 5, 10 or even more times the work I do (and here’s real success stories of people who succeed in the make money niche and many of these folks do better than me).

  • They write blogs multiple times a day.
  • They have social media presence.
  • They actively look up content ideas on various sites to continually grow their page.

And if you take all the people in this niche who try to do the same, I assure you, these people I just mentioned get more work done than 99% of the others and it’s why they are success stories.

If there’s anything I learned about succeeding in THIS specific niche, it’s that the person who blogs more actively, and blogs about specific things related to making money online is the one who will succeed and this works for any niche that is “too competitive” or “too saturated”.

The 3rd thing is where we get into the positive reality of things:

The internet and it’s user base is growing far more rapidly than you can imagine (see the stats and future of affiliate marketing here), and this creates a plethora of new markets and demands that internet marketers have yet to fill.

  • Consider how eCommerce sites have gotten.
  • Consider how many people order online today than they did yesterday.
  • Consider how many people rely on the internet to handle their activities today and before.

All these places/sites/parameters show consistent growth. In the make money online niche, this is no different:

There’s constantly NEW products/programs coming out. This means there’s constantly NEW keywords with little competition popping up, and that CONSTANTLY keeps giving you more ways to blog more, grow more and become an authority with your site.

The 4th thing is specifics. Here’s how I overcome my competition:

The first thing is that the demand to get more content out of my site is of the highest priority. Any site that is going to “crush” it’s competition in Google and other search engines needs to have fresh content produced, as often as possible (here’s a guide on what to blog about in your niche).

Now specifically I need to make sure that the content I put out is highly specific to making money online. So this makes me look for 3 things when it comes to content ideas:

1) Doing product reviews. For this I typically find them on the following sites:

make money online niche

Muncheye is a great site that offers me a plethora of new product review ideas. Many top MMO bloggers use this site as well to constantly keep reviewing new MMO products.

JVZoo is also a popular one where many new programs are constantly being released. And most of them are easy to review.

Warrior Special Plus also has similar opportunities as JVZoo.

And one I forgot to mention above is Clickbank. That one also has it’s share of MMO products that become popular and are worth using for product reviews. I’ve done a handful of product reviews on this site for programs from Clickbank and they still provide my blog with traffic that is laser targeted.

2) Writing about topics that deal with making money online, so for example, this topic I’m writing about is considered to be that.

3) Each content idea I find needs to absolutely target some sort of keyword that gets searches and has low competition, ALWAYS.

By consistently producing content whilst sticking to these 2 key things, I was able to make my site not just grow but outrank many competitors (most in fact). Now it is true that I don’t hold the top rankings for every single article I write, but the authority my site has gained over the years I’ve been following this outline has grown consistently and thus I was able to get a lot of high rankings and a lot of traffic, which flows in daily.

Also worth noting is the fact that the more I follow this, the more ideas and work I put into my site which by the way the competition does not. And this is how overtime I overcome them.

The 5th thing is there’s people who should get involved with niches other than this one.

Too often people who know nothing about the MMO niche, think it’s easy to get involved with it and typically make one of the mistakes above. I always tell people to chase a passion for a niche, and MORE often than not, it is not the MMO one. For me it is because I have so much experience with it, but for you it may be different.

Look, you don’t need to ONLY get into this specific topic to make money. There’s a plethora of others to choose from and you if you find a topic you truly like, your odds of success in making that a successful online business skyrocket.

So don’t choose the MMO topic if you don’t like it or know anything about it.

My final thoughts:

So overall, when it comes down to it, the 4th part of this whole article is where I take all the action necessary to make my niche site outrank it’s competitors in the make money online niche. The first 3 things are more of the right mindset I’ve developed to keep myself pushing forward when I feel there’s “too much competition” and let me tell you, this way of thinking mixed with the action in the 4th part has made me overcome many tough niche markets, not just the make money online one.

Competition has always existed and you can bet that when I made my site, there was a lot of it, yet I stepped into it, followed the training in my #1 recommended program and here I am today. Following this same guideline, you can also do the same, and not just with this niche, but ANY.

One more thought process (paid traffic to conquer this niche).

Another awesome way I get around the competition, especially for cases where it’s truly a problem is by doing paid ads through Bing and soon Facebook. 

These networks and places have tons of MMO audiences interested in this field you can reach and intelligently target with ads, so they can come to your site. A double digit chunk of my MMO profits have actually come from this and I intend to double that in 2019.

To learn about the various ways you can use paid ads intelligently to reach the MMO market and pay very little, the same Wealthy Affiliate program I recommended will help you with this as well! 

In fact, once again, I have to say that Wealthy Affiliate is itself an MMO product I’ve been marketing in this niche for years and here are my results promoting Wealthy Affiliate with it, many of which came from using the above networks where I compared it to other programs in the MMO market.

And I clearly entered it when the field was competitive and I am able to do it. And their training taught me how and showed me that the field is truly not as competitive as it’s made out to be!

12 thoughts on “Is The Make Money Online Niche Really Too Competitive?”

  1. Some great content within this article I am just starting seriously with affiliate marketing after years of dabbling, I have found Wealthy Affiliate to be the best training platform on the internet. I am truly inspired by what you have achieved and look forward to following in your footsteps. I have bookmarked your site for frequent visits. Thanks again 🙂

    • You are welcome Martin, I also had a few years where I was back n forth with my success in this stuff, but then I was able to commit to working at this business and became a super affiliate, for Wealthy Affiliate 🙂

  2. Hi Vitaliy,

    Thanks for writing a very important article about the competition of money making through niche sites. I have learned some real knowledge and got a few ideas from your experiences. 

    I have already joined in the Wealthy Affiliate program and I believe this is the best platform to learn from. I have a little bit of a concern about niche sites. 

    Would you share some experience about niche site establishment process? How many articles will be ideal for within a month to see ranking improvement?

    • I’d say 10-30 would fine. The Wealthy Affiliate training will help uncover awesome ideas to blog about to make sure you get closer to the 30 quota though, but I have an article that’ll also assist you there, here it is

  3. Thank you for writing this. It is actually inspiring. I recently made a website, it’s my first, and I wonder if I’m doing things right to outrank others with the same niche site. Now I know that it is important to write quality content and publish it as much as you can. But what would you say on how many blogs you should post per week? Is there such thing as too many posts in a day? And how long should the blog should be?

    • Hi Shelly, for this market, daily posting is what I’d recommend and if you can do it more than this, than you’re in an even better spot, although long term, you will want to try and keep a good pace with it. I also wrote about blog post length here and the general rule is, over 1,500 words is awesome.

  4. Hi Vitaliy this article came at the right time for me to read. Because even though I already knew the answer, sometimes, like recently, doubts creep in. As you stated however, yes MMO niche is competitive but it can be done and done well especially with awesome platforms like Wealthy Affiliate. 

    This was a reminder for myself to keep with my MMO niche so I thank you for the gentle nudge. Wish I was one of your referrals that you always share this awesome stuff with. 

    • Cathy hi, while I certainly show my referrals more immediate attention, everything I blog about on my site is public, and you are welcome to ask me any questions, whether it’s here or inside Wealthy Affiliate, where I am just as active helping people daily.

  5. Love this article man. I’m a copywriter/digital marketing strategist for a marketing agency and I wanted to start a blog in the MMO space but I was concerned about competition bc there are already so many established blogs and youtube channels on the topic.

    But you relieved my concerns! As long as you stay in the pocket, continue to publish content, find emerging keyword opportunities, develop your own voice, etc…you can compete over the long-run!


    • Hi Tim, you are very welcome! I assure you that 99% of people in this market do not work as hard as they need to in order to hit the top spots and get the most traffic and sales, and that is actually one of the biggest reasons why you can absolutely become a success in it.

      I also recommend checking out my stats for a MMO program I’ve been promoting for years and how well it’s earned me despite the “competition” in the MMO niche.

  6. Hey Vitaliy. When I first started, I really could not believe the number of blogs talking about making money online. It was daunting and very tempting to look for something else to write about but since I have been the victim of scams and wanted to help others avoid them as much as possible, I still chose to go this way.

    Thank you for the encouraging words because you have cleared the doubts that I had about the MMO niche and now I can charge on full-steam and keep writing on my MMO blog. I wanted to see the stats under your third point but there does not seem to be a link.

    Also I wanted to see from where you got ideas to keep your MMO blog running under your fourth point but that seems to be missing as well. Please let me know when you update so I can go through this valuable information.

    Thanks a ton! You are helpful, as always!

    • Yeah sorry about those missing links, I updated the link to my stats (it’s here too). As for the sources I use, I also added in an image for that, hope this helps and thank you for letting me know!


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