A Muncheye Review And How to Make Money With it.

People who are in the internet marketing niche often struggle because there are a lot of competing websites to outrank. But one strategy I always recommend they use (which I also use) is Muncheye.

In this article, I will show you how using this website personally helped me generate multiple six figure income numbers ($200k) over a few years (and how it still continues doing that for me).

In addition, you’re also going to see the exact strategy I employed to get those results. Lets get started…

Here’s how I use(d) Muncheye to make my income numbers ($200k+):

make money with muncheye image

Want to know more about MunchEye? No problem!

Here’s a written review of Muncheye and how to make money with it:

So this site is basically a place where people go to find products to review in the make money online niche. There’s 2 groups of people who mainly benefit from this website:

First we have the vendors (product creators).

People who create internet marketing products (vendors) typically do it in the following ways:

They make it and list it on JVZoo, Clickbank, Warrior Plus as well as other places, or they create their own individual website and affiliate program with it. However, before they even launch it, they list it on Muncheye.com giving affiliates time to see it and possibly choose to promote it early on.

As an incentive, they offer “early bird” sales and even free access to these products to potential affiliate marketers. Why? Because they want affiliates to come over and promote their program. Very often, these vendors will also try to compile an email list of affiliates before the launch and they’ll also do that through Muncheye.com. 

The more exposure and popularity they gain before the launch, the more affiliates they can have promoting them and by the time the product officially launches on the market, they’ll have potentially countless affiliates out there working hard to make the vendor sales.

Then we have the affiliates (people who promote the products, like myself).

You probably already figured out how to use Muncheye as an affiliate but if not, it’s OK as I will explain that.

Basically, because this site gives you a free preview of upcoming products in the internet marketing world, and you can choose to promote them before the competition gets a look at these products or even starts promoting them, themselves.

By getting that early look, you can set up a blog post, a review of the product before the competition and get high rankings on Google even before the product officially launches. Naturally many products that launch will start to get searches on Google from regular people and your review will be at the top by the time that happens.

This is the exact formula that is known as product launch jacking and it’s been popular for many years. If you’re an affiliate and you hear about a product, then hop on Google and see a ton of reviews even when the product is still new, and are scratching your head wondering how they all those other affiliates find out about it before you did, the answer is: They used Muncheye.com.

In fact, a lot of the money I have made from affiliate marketing for a program called Wealthy Affiliate has been done thanks to Muncheye’s list of products it constantly provided me with. I reviewed many of them and in most cases told people to join Wealthy Affiliate.

This resulted in many sales and money made for the promotion (See how much I made promoting Wealthy Affiliate).

It’s a good formula but it doesn’t always work:

Since there are A LOT of products listed on the MunchEye site constantly, what usually happens is that most of them will not get the type of attention after they launch. It may often be the case that even if you find a product early on, review it, and get that review ranked on page 1 of Google, that when it launches, it won’t get a lot of traffic or searches.

This is usually because of a few things:

  • The name of the product sucks. Therefore it’s easy to forget the name.
  • The marketing of the vendor sucks. Perhaps they aren’t well known.
  • It’s just hard to predict how a product will do when it launches. You have no info other than the product name and it’s creator.
  • Perhaps the compensation the vendor offers their affiliates is pretty bad. Therefore no affiliate will want to promote it.

This means that when you start using Muncheye, that you will need to be picky about which products you decide to review, because you don’t want to needlessly review programs that won’t get you any searches or sales…

make money with muncheye image

5 tips on how to pick the right products to promote on Munch eye:

This strategy typically works for me, but it’s not a 100% guaranteed:

1) Look at BIG launches first, and regular releases second. 

Munch eye typically segments the products that are about to be released into 2 parts: Regular releases and big launches. Big launches typically mean the vendor invested a lot of money into the program and is well known. All launches just shows every single product that’s listed on the Munch eye site. 

Those are usually the ones which get more attention and searches come product launch time. Here’s an example:

what is munch eye

2) Find products which sound good.

Let me show you an example. In the following screenshot I narrowed down the field of products into the ones which sound best. I am doing this because once it starts getting marketed, a product which sounds good typically resonates with it’s customer base better than those which are hard to remember.

Think about it, a product which sounds good makes selling it easier. The customer, even when they know nothing about it will gravitate towards it better if it sounds like it’s easier to understand:

Now in this list, I highlighted the big launches in red and all launches in orange. As an affiliate marketer, I’d probably prioritize reviewing the ones in red first, followed by those in orange, but either way, just this list alone gives me 10 products to review.

3) Find products which have a popular internet marketing name behind them.

I left this for the last because most affiliate marketers just don’t know who the celebs are in the internet marketing world, in which case, rely more on advice #2, but in any case, if you know popular names in the market, look for them as well as the good sounding products.

Popular internet marketers typically have better PR going on and that lets their product launches be more successful. For example in the above list, the names which stand out to me personally are: Jeff Walker, Shane Paxton, Stefan Ciancio and Joshua Zamora. 

I wouldn’t worry too much about this tip, but it’s basically just extra “insurance” in helping you pick out a product that can potentially be a huge hit. 

If you’re new to popular internet marketing icons, I would recommend reading this list of famous internet marketers I set up.  

4) When you pick a product out, review it. Keep it simple & honest.

Let’s say out of the above list, I chose “PLR Jackpot”. I would write a post on my site that be titled “PLR JackPot Review. Is it Good?” and just go from there. I’d repeat that for every other product I review, but keep the titles unique each time you do it, otherwise, it’ll get boring for your reader.

5) You don’t have to promote every single product.

Since in my experience, most internet marketing products suck, it’s usually not a good policy, as an affiliate to promote everything you find. What I typically do is piggyback off the product that is about to be launched, look at it as carefully as I can and determine a few things:

A) If it’s good, I WILL promote it.

B) If it’s average or bad, I’ll still review it, but recommend my personal choice for BEST internet marketing system, which is Wealthy Affiliate’s system.

Now if you didn’t already know…

Wealthy Affiliate offers it’s own training to promote it called Affiliate Bootcamp:

muncheye 4

Anyway, besides this program that helped me get these results with MunchEye…

What happens in these cases is that I leverage the popularity of the product I’m reviewing so when traffic comes to my site from the review I wrote and sees that Wealthy Affiliate is better, they’ll join that and I will still earn money from this.

Some may say this is a bad way of doing business, but I would argue differently.

I am looking for the BEST product to satisfy the customer, not the vendor. If the vendor can’t release a good product on the market to help the people he/she is selling to make money online, then why would I want to do that? The customer would just waste money and not succeed. 

You also should note that there is no filter for the products being put up on MunchEye.

It’s not like the moderators of that site examine if it’s good, bad or a scam, you need to make that decision as an affiliate and on my end, since I have experience, I know how distinguish the quality of the products I aim to review. And it is very likely many products you find on this site will be bad or even a scam, so be careful.

Note: If you are someone who uses this site and are good at picking out products that get good stats, let me know your personal tips.

Quick note: Common ways people misspell Muncheye:

Here are the most common I see:

  • Mucheye or Much Eye.

  • Munch Eye (with a space).

Just wanted to write this up in case you were wondering. The most common way this term is written is “Muncheye” with no spaces.

My final thoughts:

Now that you know what Munch Eye is and how to use it, if you are truly an affiliate who knows how to blog and rank their reviews, feel free to use these strategies I listed.

If you are an affiliate or even a vendor who has trouble succeeding in the affiliate marketing realm or internet marketing in general, I would hold off just for a little bit on using this site and I would focus instead on getting good affiliate marketing/vendor training before you re-engage in this strategy.

Use Wealthy Affiliate and it’s training to help you become a successful affiliate, like I did.

They’ll show you how to target keywords, find the products to promote, rank high and make the sales correctly:

muncheye 5

Thanks for reading my article on Munch Eye. If you have any further questions on how to use this site, let me know 🙂



Muncheye Score



  • Muncheye is an awesome site to find make money online promotions on.
  • It is also a great site to leverage MMO products to review and promote off.
  • You can also list an MMO product you create on Muncheye to get affiliates promoting it.


  • A lot of products you'll find on Muncheye are not high quality.

12 thoughts on “A Muncheye Review And How to Make Money With it.”

  1. Hi Vitaliy, this is great info that I didn’t know about until I read your article. I think it’s good info for anybody in the affiliate marketing business world. I will check out the website of Muncheye and it was a great read about piggybacking, also a term I was not familiar with. Thanks for writing an article about this, I learned something new again.

  2. Hey this was a really interesting article, I have never heard of that site or internet marketers doing that. I think I am going to have to give it a shot and check it out because I do need a lot more review articles. My question is would I be able to check out the program or learn about it so I could give an actual review? That would really be my only concern.

    • Hi Justin, that depends on the vendor. Some of them who post their upcoming launch on Muncheye, do add a special page which tells potential affiliate prospects about their program, and basically gives them info to work with and use before hand to promote. 

  3. Thank for your great review, I’ve never heard of Muncheye. I see you do a lot of reviews, about what percentage of them did you find on Muncheye?

    Also when starting doing reviews, is it better to focus on big known products/services that are high up on Google Trends and then come back to smaller startups like Muncheye? I guess what I’m asking is where is the best place to start out in finding products/services to review when you’re starting out? Thanks for your insights and I look forward to your advice.

    • I don’t have a percentage on the amount of product reviews I do that come from Muncheye John, but it’s actually not that many. You see the thing is, Muncheye is great for preparing your page for future reviews, but when I go to my site and I think to myself, which product should I review, the first thing I’ll do is I’ll go through a few filters:

      I’ll check out places like JVZoo, Warrior Special Plus, other make money online sites and forums on that topic to see what they are reviewing or what’s trending, then I’ll cross reference that by looking up how many people look up the programs I find on those sites, through Jaaxy, my personal keyword tool.

      I will always look for the programs which get the highest amount of search traffic, because that is where my efforts will likely pay me back the most, BUT that is also dependent on the competition of that program. So I guess, my point is that, yeah I will look for the most popular programs to review, but it is also dependent on the competition that program has (with other blogs reviewing it). 

      I don’t look at Google trends when it comes to make money online programs, as it simply doesn’t show me the right information. The sites I listed above do. With Google trends, I’ll look up topics relating to other blogs I own, such as weight loss, then that site becomes useful to use.

  4. Never heard of Munch Eye before and didn’t know such a thing existed. It seems incredibly useful in finding more affiliate program websites early. My first thought is that it’s like Google Alerts for products but for affiliate programs which is pretty nifty. 

    I’ve always wondered how people got hip to things and ranked with their content before they launched. It seems highly competitive and a good way to stay on top BUT only if you are hip to the warning signs and the helpful tips you so clearly outlined. It seems lucrative if you are get good at blocking out the scams and finding the “green flags”, not just the red flags.

    I also had no idea there were “celebrities” for the internet marketing world. Good to know. I know it’s not a main strategy, but, if I were to get into this after learning the basics, would you find it helpful that I pay attention to some of the quasi-celebrities of that world as another way to find and promote better affiliate programs since everyone is going to be jumping on the big celebs? Maybe that’s sort of the idea of what you were getting at when you said piggybacking. 

    To reaffirm one of your points…I found quickly with my own niche, negative icons, that I had to get creative at making not just unique titles for product reviews, but also unique perspectives. Subtlety is mastery and if I can make the post about solving a problem rather selling something strongly…I think that’s a more effective way to engage readers.


    • Francesco, great points all around man! Regarding your question on internet marketing celebrities, I have a post about 10 big ones here. I follow a few of them and have looked into most of their systems. In my honest opinion, I believe Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate has the best one for MOST people who need a stable online business.

      The price of his program is unmatched. Check out that article, look at the celebrities I listed and make your own decision, but like I said, Kyle to me (Who I ranked #1 there) is my pick.

  5. Vitaliy,

    You are amazing, this is valuable information to anyone in the affiliate marketing niche. I did not know such a place existed, thank you for making me aware. Your expertise with this type of research shows you have high moral standards which most internet marketers today do not even care about. Helping people is my main goal as I move forward with my affiliate marketing niche; so thank you for making me aware of this MunchEye.


  6. Hi Vitaliy,

    I’m a newbie to internet marketing and I’ve never heard of MunchEye before visiting your site. It sounds very interesting and useful. 

    How much time as a newbie should I spend pursuing ideas for marketing on a site like MunchEye as opposed to developing my niche site? I understand I could find a product here that may fit my niche but do you think It’s worth the time at this point? If not, when would be a good time to start thinking about using MunchEye?

    Thanks for your input.

    • Hi David, i wouldn’t worry about marketing on Muncheye, not until you have your own internet marketing products ready to go. In the meantime, I’d grow your own blog/online business and if it deals with internet marketing, to use Muncheye in the ways I described using it above.


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