What is Product Launch Jacking? Can it Make Good Money?

what is product launch jackingWhile there are many different forms of making money, one common method that’s been very popular for several years has been product launch jacking.

What is Product Launch Jacking?

Simply put, it is the process of promoting a product which was just released onto a market. Although the term “launch jacking” sounds like stealing, it isn’t that at all. 

Have you ever done a search online for a specific product and ran into a whole bunch of positive reviews “swarming” the first few pages? If so, then odds are most of these sites are trying to take advantage of a product launch and are aiming to make money off it, sometimes shamelessly, sometimes ethically, and sometimes mixed.

They are simply capitalizing on the popularity of a new product. This happens in various different ways, but most of the time, here is what occurs:

1. Let’s say a new internet marketing product/program/service is about to released onto the market.

2. Prior to it’s release date, there is work done by it’s creator and advertisers to get as many possible affiliates to start promoting the program. They just want to have a successful release date and who can blame them?

3. The affiliates who wish to promote this product start to email their subscribers and put up sites/blog posts talking about the up-coming product. This creates anticipation and hype.

4. Typically, because the product is new, there is VERY little competition for the keywords meaning once the product becomes popular, people who in advance of it’s release made sites that appear on the first page, they’re going to get a lot of traffic and potentially a lot of sales.

Advantages of Product Launch Jacking:positive

1. Massive monetary potential: Usually products which are released onto the market have a lot of hype and popularity surrounding it. Properly preparing everything as an affiliate prior to a product’s launch can almost certainly ensure you get a lot of traffic and potentially a lot of money.

True story: One of my most popular projects online involved capitalizing on the popularity of a diet. It wasn’t product launch jacking to it’s fullest, because I only found out about the product a week after it’s launch, but it made me 6 figures over a period of over 2 years. I can personally attest to this stuff working. Full case study.

2. There are constantly new products coming out to apply the launch jacking formula to. This allows for the potential to make an endless wave of income.

Note: Are you in the make money online business and want to know how to use product launch jacking to your advantage? If so, then read this article about a popular site I use to leverage this method for this niche, consistently.


1. Not a long term business model. In my story above, in spite of the fact that I made a ton of money in the process, at first I though I could do this over and over. Just find hot products and repeat the same formula. This turned out to be a mistake as 9 out of 10 projects I would then try to apply the same method to ended up failing and this cost me money in the long run. 

You can’t just rely on hot products to come out over and over and expect to make a long term living. Not every launch jack is going to be successful.

Scratch that, MOST launch jacking projects aren’t going to be successful for you, at least not in my experience. There is no long term stability in this. Unless you’re looking for a quick buck (potentially), this is not a business model from which you could live off the rest of your life.

I know people who actively make money on their blogs by always doing this type of business, but I have once seen a site last on ONLY this approach to making money and I really believe eventually, the person who owns the site will need to start focusing their efforts on writing more evergreen topics.  

Long term business means you have an online business from which there is constant demand and not a period where a product is hot, then disappears of the face of the earth. And that’s exactly what happens with most new products on the market.

Learn how to make a long term living through internet marketing.

2. Tons of other competitors. There’s a lot of other people also doing launch jacking right beside you. When I had my successful project, I got VERY lucky because I spotted the diet program before most other competitors did. And because it wasn’t in the make money online niche (they swarm on every new product), I had some leeway to succeed before the competition caught up to me.

 3. There are also a lot of low quality websites sprouting with launch jacking as tons of affiliates are aiming to make money off it. It’s almost like a swarm of bees. Have you ever noticed when doing a search for a popular product how often you stumble onto sites which have very positive reviews?

Well this is launch jacking usually and the reason I say there is low quality with those sites is because the reviews you get there aren’t authentic. They just praise the product in order to make a buck of it. Now this isn’t necessarily a con of launch jacking itself, but rather something you will stumble onto if you try it. It’s basically another way of saying you’ll have competition and a lot of it.

4. It’s difficult to launch jack something you don’t understand. A lot of people who know nothing about the products they promote still do it because they want to make money. Can this work?

Sure, but more often than not, it won’t and that’s because lack of knowledge in what you’re promoting is simply going to come off as being low quality content. It’s better to understand what you’re talking about. Your visitors can/will be able to spot this quickly.

Should you try launch jacking?

I am certainly for it.

If you could make an extra buck or even large sums like I had in my example, why not do it? My only recommendation is NOT to depend on this model for long term earnings because you’ll likely find that simply doesn’t happen.

Ideally, what I would recommend is to create a niche website that has long term benefits (evergreen demand) in that the demand and popularity of it is constant. For example:

  • Make money online niches. That link will show you how to do product launch jacking for it.
  • Dog training.
  • Weight loss for specific groups (women, men, teenagers, pets?)
  • Relationships.
  • Ect…

These are all examples of subjects/niches will today are popular today and will be for a VERY long time. If you can make a website targeting one of these niches (or something else that’s popular), you can capitalize on the almost endless popularity that comes with it. 

As for launch jacking, you can absolutely apply that to your site.

How? Simple: Find hot products on the market related to your niche and promote them on your actual site.

This prevents you from having to make new websites each time a new product comes out. Plus because you have experience within your niche (hopefully) you will also have background experience with the product, thus making it easier to promote. 

Long story short: Focus on building a stable online business, then add the launch jacking when appropriate. 

Do you have any questions/personal stories on launch jacking? Let me know below!

Update: Want to see a way to do product launch jacking constantly?

If you are in the make money online niche, a great place to do product launch jacking from is Muncheye. It basically provides an evergreen list of new MMO programs and services people can review prior to their release. 

2 thoughts on “What is Product Launch Jacking? Can it Make Good Money?”

  1. Please tell me, how exactly do you get the money from launch jacking? I mean who pays you? Is it from the product sales or product owners? And what’s the guarantee you are gonna get paid even after ranking high.

    • Hi Vlad, you can make money from this method by promoting the product that is about to come out. Usually these products tend to be part of big affiliate networks which means you can sign up with them and promote it and these are the networks which pay you.

      As for guarantees, the only thing you’ll ever see is more traffic. To guarantee more sales, you need to have you website focus on things like relevancy.


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