What is an Evergreen Niche? See Examples And Profit Off Them!

If you have never heard of the term evergreen niche before, I will explain what it is very clearly. And as a bonus I’ll not only show you how to find them, but also give you a list of them.

what is an evergreen niche

Believe me, if you understand what this is and how to properly leverage it, you can profit off the MANY evergreen niches out there LONG term, even a LIFETIME and I’ll show you exactly how this can all be done.

I have found that while most people do not know what this term is, the people who “do” really don’t understand it deeply enough and thus cannot properly take the right actions to make money of them. 

So what is an evergreen niche? Let’s define it:

Basically it is a topic/subject that never actually gets old and is always being discussed by at least 1 group of people. Because there is never really a period where the topic gets less interesting or dies down means there’s always a way for regular an/or internet marketers to capitalize on the subject.

In other words, the subject is always going to be fresh. And for business, that means you can always keep profiting from it. I explain how evergreen niches have helped me make a good income from affiliate marketing here.

evergreen niche example

Here’s some examples (Over 100 actually!):

  • Knee problems, joint problems.
  • Anti aging solutions. 
  • Stopping diseases like heart disease, diabetes, ect…
  • Fat burning solutions (belly, thigh, waist, ect…).
  • Working from home (secondary income).
  • Dating help & advice.
  • Here’s 50 more.
  • And here are another 50, which actually connect with the 50 above, so it’s really 100! 

The above topics have that “evergreen” definition attached to them. Why?

Because they are problems that are common across the world and consistently happen (and will continue).

Note: Sometimes you can have weird niche topics be evergreen too. Here’s some examples.

Let’s take knee problems for instance:

New generations of people come along all the time who get it. People who get injured, people who are elderly, people who get that problem from over training, ect…

But regardless of the types of people who get it, it is a wide spread problem that has existed and will unfortunately continue to exist, but while this is a fact, it is also true that there are solutions to this problem and providing them to a wide audience who has them is a key component of a niche market that has the potential to make a lot money.

In fact, I tried to collect an email list based on exactly this topic and it here’s how it worked out. And it’s because of list building case studies like this, that I was able to figure out nearly 100% proven ways to build a profitable email list.

The rules to discovering if your niche market is “evergreen”:

Rule #1: If it deals with love (dating, relationships, ect…), if it deals with health (how to get rid of any health problems, quick health fixes, diets, ect…) and if it deals with anything related to making money, aka wealth, it is ALWAYS going to be evergreen.

Many of the topics I listed above apply to this rule.

Rule #2: Search for topics that pertain to a constant problem a group of people have and will have as I kind of pointed out in rule #1. Usually these have a variety of products constantly coming out and the more popular the topic and the bigger the demand for a solution, the more products you’ll have to promote.

Again, I draw your attention to several topics I listed above: Knee, joint problems. Anti aging solutions, ect…

Rule #3: Focus on the subject itself first hand when looking at if a subject is evergreen, and not necessarily a product within that subject. If you stumble onto a big product that sells, connect it to a niche audience that may benefit from it and that topic may actually turn out to be the evergreen one. 

Ex: You find that specific supplement that helps restore cartilage in knees and reduces knee pain. Promote that product, but be sure to keep the niche audience in mind when you create your website.

Many popular products “die out” as they become popular at one point and lose that popularity over time. If you focus on only promoting a product that is doomed to eventually run out of popularity, you will eventually lose money for it.

Think of diet products for example. There’s constantly new diets coming out and fizzling out. 

The basic point of rule #3 is: Products are not evergreen, niche audiences and their problems are. Therefore:

Are people with knee problems an evergreen niche? Yes.

Is a product that helps people reduce knee problems an evergreen niche? No.

10+ examples of topics that meet one or all 3 rules:

I write a lot of blog posts that specifically detail evergreen niches, so what I want to do is link to 3 of them specifically that are all in that category rather than write about them all over again:

1) Here is one with 10 niche markets.

2) I also made one that covers another 3 of these, but one where you can sell some very expensive things.

3) And here’s one I really liked, it may have been the first blog that covered these sorts of things and my intention at the time was just to help people understand that they can find plenty of topics to make money from if they just consider an important rule (#2 below) that I’ll talk about. Anyway, here is that blog post

Right here we have 16 different subjects (17 if you include my rule #3 example). Are there more? Absolutely!

And you can use the 3 rules above to establish that. While I could keep giving you more and more examples, I think 16 is really more than enough to point out how they can be found.

Here’s one of the BIGGEST secrets to understanding this subject:

  • Generally, most of the subjects you ever find are always going to be evergreen. Go ahead, name a topic in the comments below and challenge me on that. Any topic that is common among groups of people is generally, always going to have new updates to it and that is always going to keep it fresh.
  • The ones which typically aren’t are specific products. In my experience, a product that is released onto the market eventually fizzles out because of an updated one being released or perhaps, something more advanced, cheaper and better comes out, making the old version unnecessary. 

For example: Again, I want to draw your attention to new diet ideas/fads. Some of them become extremely popular, but most of them eventually become forgotten about by the general audiences that are interested in them because something better/new comes out.

That is an example of a niche that like I just said, fizzles out, meaning if you were to try and promote an old diet or anything that I like to call a “dead product”, you would probably get no sales or very few visitors who knew about it.

However, some of these diets, when popular can truly be amazing opportunities to make money from and here’s a perfect example of this. 

Another example: Who still buys the ORIGINAL iPhone? Very few people, maybe people who are phone fanatics possibly, but generally, most people move onto the next model, meaning that if you were going to promote the first ever version of the iPhone, odds are you would probably not be in touch with the general niche audience interested in that phone because most if not all of them would want the most updated one. So, promote the updated one, not the old one. 

The main point I want to make clear here (again) is that…

Products come and go, but the topic is what really matters, for the evergreen niche, because as long as THAT is popular, products will always be released to meet the demand of the topic. 

Does this mean we shouldn’t ever focus on finding products?

No, you absolutely should be looking for popular products to sell and promote and here’s one tactic I use called the best seller list, but products rarely stay popular over the years. Promote the hot ones when they are hot and move into the new ones (and or promote old ones if they’re better) when they get released, just don’t depend on one hot product to constantly be fresh in popularity and make you money forever…

I made that tremendous mistake with this example and though it would work forever, then in less than 2 years, the hot product went from getting me over 5,000 visits a day to 0 and you can guess how my profits fell from that! At the time, I devoted an entire website to JUST promoting that and it was a gigantic mistake which cost me a long term business opportunity. 

Either way, when that happened, I had to move away from promoting it specifically and find an evergreen niche audience that may have benefited from it. 

When I did that, I started a new blog, targeting the topic I knew was fresh and would be fresh and that gave me a far wider focus on writing content that would always in one way or another attract my audience constantly vs having just a single focus before.

Targeting one of these niches = getting evergreen traffic.

Naturally if you pick an evergreen subject and blog about it on your site, you will be getting that type of audience to it and that means, there will always be an audience that will require your site’s content to help them out.

Now in order to keep maximizing this, you will need to blog as much you can. Here’s ideas for what to blog about, and it’ll basically help you keep producing the perfect content for that specific niche audience to keep finding it. 

The great news is that once your website begins seeing an influx of traffic for these topics, it can last for years, but it’s also important that you keep blogging about these subjects as they are always being updated and are in demand. You can be sure that there will be more competitors doing the same stuff to try and out rank you.

My final thoughts:

So let’s say, given all of this information, you go out and find the “perfect” niche that is evergreen. What would have to happen after?

How can you take that idea/market you find and make a business out of it? Glad you asked. Here’s a quick summary of what you can (and should) do from the moment you get/find the idea, all the way to making money with it:

I’ve created multiple niche sites from this very same formula you are reading about now. Here’s some of my personal examples:

I have one:

And more…

As you can see, out of that personal list, only 1 was mentioned above, the rest were completely new but it goes back to what I said about finding the evergreen topics. If you explore each of them, you’ll see that they are in fact that. I just also used the same 3 rules I explained above to discover if they were worth making a website/business on and I can tell you the answer is YES.

Now in my case, I’ve dedicated most of my time to the one on making money online since it provides me with the best results, but the other topics are there, waiting for me to build them up and profit of them, using the same formula you read above.

If you’re wondering how I know about this and monetizing on evergreen niches, my answer is that I’ve been taught to do this through an awesome program that helped me with it, and it’s free:

All this being said, I hope this tutorial on evergreen markets, examples of them, finding them and the other parts we covered in this article have better helped you understand it, including how to make money off this.

If you have an idea about one of these markets you want to run by me, I’d be happy to let you know if your idea has potential.

Also, I want to quickly mention that even if a niche is NOT evergreen, it can still make money. For example:

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  1. Great post, thank you.

    I have not heard the term ‘evergreen niche’ before so was very interested to know what it is. I was not disappointed. The term was explained very well with examples to aid the understanding. I found it very informative.

    I also hadn’t heard of Google Trends so was delighted to find another useful tool. 

    I read some of the comments and struck gold again by following a link to another of your posts, learning exactly why a laser targeted niche was the best way to go. Loved it, such a wealth of useful information.

    • Thank you Linda! I’m always happy to share my online business lessons on this site for free and appreciate you reading the other posts I provided.

  2. I agree that evergreen products are great for promoting.

    You put some very important points about evergreen niches into a spotlight in this post and I highly appreciate it 
    as I’m planning to utilize some of the concepts for my own niche websites. 

    I especially enjoy how you explaining evergreen niche concept using the iPhone as an example.

    I’ll definitely follow the tips in your post!

  3. Thank you for explaining the concept of the evergreen niche. I have never really heard the term used, but your article really explains it really clearly. I would love to hear how you keep up with the emerging and new product trends for your evergreen niche. Thank you for sharing you knowledge and experiences.

    • It depends on which particular topic my site covers. Generally most of the time, I have specific forums, Amazon and Google trends show me which things are popular in my niches. For one of my main sites, which is this one, I use sites like the ones discussed here to find trending products and topics.

  4. Excellent viewpoint regarding the evergreen niches, And it was very informative to point out niches that will fade out of popularity and you’ll be left with 0 hits. The diet one you mentioned is a good one but I also think something like the latest clothing fad would be another. Things like the diet or clothing fads fall out of favor so quickly. 

    • Sure these things can count but if you were looking for evergreen versions of those topics, then something like losing belly fat (a hungry niche) or winter clothing would be considered evergreen Derek.

  5. This is great! I knew that something like this existed but I never knew they were called evergreen niches. It makes sense that some topics would be timeless, like knee pain (unfortunately) but this is a great way to make sure that your posts will be relevant for many years to come, possibly even being relevant after your lifetime! That is quite a far reaching impact!

    I will definitely be focusing on health, wealth or love, I think having one site in each niche would be a good strategy.

    Thanks for the info!

    • Hi Renton, you got my main point about the evergreen topics, but the options you mentioned are extremely broad. 

      You NEED to narrow down one of the 3 main broad topics you listed on wealth, health and love before you start a site on it and when you do, I would absolutely NOT recommend you make 3 different sites in these 3 different fields, you simply won’t have time for it. Pick one.

  6. I have been contemplating on starting a blog over the past few months but I just couldn’t come up with the perfect niche. Your post has really given me a great insight and clue to to the best niches around and I think I will be rooting for the health niche. People always have health challenges and I hope my posts will really be helpful in meeting their needs. 

    • It’s a good research point Clement, but I would not stick to that topic, it’s too broad. Read this article and specify the actual niche more clearly, then pick it out based on that, it will be a FAR better direction to go into.

  7. Someone told me about how to write a evergreen blog post but I never thought about a site on an evergreen niche, but your article is full of great information and makes sense to me.

    Thanks so much for sharing this valuable information, it’s always good to learn from people who already did it and are willing to share their steps to make it happen.

    • There’s nothing wrong with evergreen posts Alejandra, topics on how to stop certain ailments, diseases, problems will always be evergreen, but they also typically carry a lot of competition from other websites, so what is better to do is create a whole niche site based on the topic and to let the overall site rise in authority, then that same evergreen article you originally wrote may in fact be ranked on the first page as a result.

  8. I like the term “evergreen niche” and think that your explanation was clear. My wife and I researched internet marketing a long time before settling on Wealthy Affiliate. Of course just finding a great platform was just the beginning. Our niche searches have been sort of a shotgun and we needed more detailed instructions on identifying the right fit for our interest. Thanks for adding this review and we wish you all the success you can stand!


    • I appreciate that Jim and it is interesting to use the shotgun analogy to niche selection (all spread around basically). I have always told people not to do that sort of thing, but to aim at a particular one that they love and know a lot of things about. I would not even worry about it being evergreen just yet, write out a list of niches you know well, that your wife knows well, then cross reference your lists to see which one you two will settle on, then see if its evergreen.

  9. Great post. I have never heard of an evergreen niche until reading your post. It makes sense that there are certain niches that will never get old. I see how health niches would definitely be considered evergreen niches. People will always have health problems that they want more information for.

    I’m glad I ran across your website because I’m planning on building a website soon. I will definitely be looking for an evergreen niche and using your rules to build a business from it.

    Thank you for the help.


    • Hi Weston, if it helps, I’d like to add more to your comment on the health point you mentioned. If you decide to make your site in something related to health problems, target a particular problem (possibly an epidemic illness) as that one will be the evergreen one.

  10. HI Vitaly, Really cool post here and very informative. I own a blog myself I never thought about the point if I’m blogging in an evergreen niche. But I found out that I am thanks to you which is a relief somehow. I mean when I would have made a blog and build it up for two years It would be super annoying if it wasn’t evergreen.

    • I hear you on that and I run into a lot of people who start affiliate marketing after already having an existing blog and sometimes it is necessary to start fresh with a new one, but in your case, I’m glad you have been going in that direction even though didn’t know it until now 🙂

  11. I’ve heard the term evergreen a few times andI thought it meant something else, so like a real fool, I just ignored it. But now that I know, I feel I will be much better off for it. I’m just getting started blogging, and I’ve been making some real mistakes.

    Rule #3 of the rules to discovering if your niche is evergreen really made a lot of sense, I have to learn to think more like that, I can see why you have had so much success. I also learned a lot from that Case Study 3 you linked to, I’m really impressed. Thanks for the info, I’m sure I will use it for years to come.

    • No problem James! For many marketers these types of lessons come overtime and I have to say, today I understand the very same topics I’m talking about on a much deeper level than before, so I guess it’s just a natural progression of experience for people. Don’t be down on yourself for making mistakes on your website/s, it’s happened to just about everyone, think of this progression as another step to your success because that failure is not going to repeat if you make the right choices moving forward 🙂

  12. Really great article! It really helped clear up what an evergreen niche is for me. I was having trouble understanding examples of something that would not be evergreen. So according to this article, something like health would be evergreen but perhaps specific exercise programs like the P90x would not.

    Very helpful and really helps to reinforce why we need to keep looking at what is out there.

  13. It seems like a lot of information products could be great for discovering and tapping into an evergreen niche, which isn’t something I have thought of before! Is it possible to find an evergreen niche with particular products too, like if my wife is interested in selling crochet patterns online or if I want to sell sports equipment to schools?

    • Every single product out there is at it’s core a sub topic of a bigger niche and one that is possibly evergreen, so yes, you can many times discover something evergreen through it, you just have to go backwards in the sense that you first take the product, then you have to find out who benefits from it (It could be single or multiple niche audiences) and then see if any of those niche/s are evergreen.

  14. I never thought of how products will come and go in terms of being popular but the people that buy them will always be there.

    I have a niche website that is about veganism. How to go vegan, problems, advantages, tips, etc… I think that this is an evergreen niche but I can’t seem to find that many good affiliate products. I’ve done reviews on blenders, supplements and food steamers but other than that I don’t really know what to promote?

    Any tips?

    • Hi Jacob, veganism is indeed an evergreen niche, what you should be doing is promoting books (recipes and books on veganism), as well as targeting the weight loss market. Here are some ideas you can start using. 

      Right now, based on what you said you’ve been promoting, that stuff is simply NOT relevant enough to a vegan friendly audience, so it’s logical to see why the site isn’t converting. It could be that and/or perhaps the site is still too new and not ranking well yet. 

  15. Before reading this post, I have never heard of an evergreen niche. I like the concept and thinking behind it but I do have one question. How do you recognize if the niche you are looking at pursuing is just a fad or an evergreen niche? I feel like sometimes I see a growing industry with a clearly defined niche, but it’s hard to know if it will last or just fade away as soon as I decide to enter it.

    • Good question, the general rule is that products are typically in the realm of fads, which the topic for which the product pertains to is the evergreen niche.

      For example, let’s take one of the examples above: Laptops.

      If a new model comes out and many tech people like it, it’ll be popular for some time, but will eventually stop selling when a better model comes about. But the people who still like laptops will always be interested in this topic so if you target the topic and withing your site also target the same popular products, you’ll have a site that will not die out because it’s only focused on one popular product that is eventually going to fizzle out.

      Have a look at this article as a perfect example of how to keep your niche site evergreen.