What to Blog About to Make Money Online. Do These 2 Things!

What to blog about and writer’s block hits every single person and it’s worse for those trying to make money online. But, do these 2 things, and you’ll be cured, 100% guaranteed.

There have been 3 articles I’ve written so far on the topic on what to blog about to help people when they’ve run out of ideas, but this one, the 4th is more specifically aimed towards those whose writing efforts are made to try and make money online.

In my experience, if you follow the following 2 options I am about to show you, you will not only improve the chances to earn more money through your efforts, but you will also have a large number of ideas that will keep you busy writing for quite sometime, and by that I mean months and possibly even years. 

what to blog about to make money online

These are the 2 options in detail (And again, they work. Every. Time.):

1) Product reviews. I have seen time and time again that if you write about specific products that are in your niche topic, you will always get a buyer ready audience. I’ll give you examples shortly…

2) Topics about your niche that are generally problems. Every niche topic out there has an audience associated with it that has questions and problems about the niche. These are called hungry niche audiences.

If you know the topic well, and find the hungry audience, think about specific questions that audience may ask and write about the problem and solution to it on your blog.

You can also share personal experiences and case studies here as well if they are relevant to the topic.

Why these options will lead your blog to making more money:

Any type of blog that aims to monetize HAS to target a niche topic (a hungry one is even better) and if it does, the next most important thing is to make sure the blog is targeting relevant topics that deal with the niche.

By targeting those 2 types of options above, you are going to attract the type of audience seeking solutions to your page and that is the BEST type of audience you can attract, the reason being is that they will come to your page with a particular problem in their mind and in hopes that your content will solve it.

Think about this:

If a person lands on your site because they were looking up reviews of a particular product. What do you think they are seeking to find on your page?


  • They want to know if it works.
  • They want to know if it’s the best solution for them.
  • And if it’s worth buying.

And what about the other option? 

Well if a person lands on your site because they typed up a certain problem they’re having on Google and this brought up your page and they clicked on it, they will want to see right away if you have the solution.

The big picture:

In BOTH cases here, we are attracting an audience that is seeking a solution and those are the audiences that are MOST likely to buy stuff. And guess what? Audiences who are most ready to buy stuff are most often the ones who help a blogger bring in the most profit.

And I can speak about this because I’ve lived this in the sense that my most profitable experiences in making money online have occurred when this principal was correctly followed (see an example).

So naturally, these are the types of people you’d want to bring into your page as often as possible and by following the above options, you absolutely will bring them in.

 An example of how to apply both options to a specific niche:

Let’s take a simple, yet big niche topic: How to get six pack abs.

I think we can all agree, it’s popular. But how would we use the above 2 options for this niche topic? Well it’s simple:

Option 1: For product reviews…

We need to find products that help people get six pack abs. We’re talking supplements, fitness machines, fitness programs, diet regiments, and ANY sort of product that can help them get those abs. Seriously, look these things up and you’re bound to find a plethora of stuff to blog about (start a list to record the things you’ll find, you’ll need it).

I would personally head over to Amazon and by simply typing in six pack abs in the search, and I would get a list of tons of products to review. In this case, I would guess there’s at least several 100 different products I can review and that’s considering I do about an hour of research time. Imagine what hours of research would produce…

And each of them (the products I find) can be it’s own article that I can write about (do a review on).

By the way, six pack abs are an example of just one niche. I’ve got at least 100 more to share here.

Option 2: For the popular topics option…

It would benefit me most to personally have experienced what it’s like to get six pack abs. By possessing this knowledge, I would know about the common questions people ask about it and for EACH, I can also write an article.

Now if you have issues or lack of experience with this, another cool branch of this idea you can use is to look at popular blog sites and/or popular YouTube videos which cover the niche topic in question. 

These sources alone can give you plenty of content ideas to work with. BUT another cool thing I would recommend you utilize is the comments of these sources. 

Often times, you can find plenty of content ideas from questions people ask in the comments. 

Here’s an example on this:

Let’s say I am not too knowledgeable about getting those six pack abs, so I find a viral YouTube video that explains how to get them. Maybe in the comments section, someone asks how long it takes to get these. 

That question alone can help me come up with another blog post to write about:

And that’s just 1 example. And through it, I find a popular, profitable keyword that I can write a blog on.

Think about all the questions your niche audience asks or can ask and if you run out of ideas, find them on the big sources like YouTube and other big blog sites.

I can’t tell you just how many times I’ve gotten new ideas on what to write about thanks to comments I’ve gotten on my page/s. And that is in addition to also knowing about my topic as well.

Filtering out both options so you get the best ones to work with:

Let’s face it, if you use option 1 and find 100’s of products to review, you’re probably not going to get through all of them and for all you know, a bunch of them might be useless and things people aren’t even interested in. 

And for option 2, perhaps the topic you think is popular may not actually be popular enough for people to search on Google.

And with both options, we really want to take the most popular products we can find for our niche as well as the most popular topics to maximize our blogging efforts and get the most traffic out of this.

So how do we filter this stuff out? Simple: Do keyword research. 

For option 1, every product you find, run the name of it through a keyword tool like Jaaxy and see if it gets searches. If it does, review it. If it doesn’t, X it out and move onto the next one. Only review those that get searches. 

Note: Also make sure the keyword competition of the product is small! Here’s a tutorial on checking that.

Now for topics (option 2), it can get a little bit tricky because sometimes you can think up a topic that is popular, but when you run it through a keyword tool, you may find that it gets no searches. However, if you experiment with the wording of the topic, you will often find that if you rephrase it a different way, you will find that it gets searches.

So for option 2, don’t give up on a topic you think is popular because a keyword tool says it doesn’t get searches. Rewrite it in a different way and you may find it is popular. Here is an example:

Specific sites that’ll help you maximize the effect of both options: 

Option 1: For just about ANY niche site out there, there is no website better to find products on than Amazon. But what I want to share is a cool “trick” I learned to find the most popular products in your niche there. Use this strategy and you’ll cut down on research time substantially and review only the most popular products in your niche. 

Doing so will bring in the big traffic to your page and in turn bring in the most profits. 

Now the only kind of niche topic I’ve seen that doesn’t work well enough with Amazon is the actual make money online niche.

For that you will need different sites to gather ideas for what products to review. So here you go:

And speaking of these 4 sites, you can also use the last one, Clickbank for other niche topics.

And if you are in the make money online niche and want to know more details on the other options…

These last 3 sites in my opinion usually offer a lot of bad products, but they get attention, meaning they fit into both categories of what to blog about if you run a make money online site, so you can leverage them and write reviews, but promote better systems and I have done that with a promotion that isn’t part of those 4 sites: Wealthy Affiliate (And I made nearly $300k).

Option 2: For blogging ideas, we really have to go back to the following options:

Your own experience. From that you can gather topics that your niche audience asks. 

Other popular blogs/YouTube. Simply search up the niche topic/question on Google/YouTube, find a popular source and get content ideas from there.

Remember, the key is to find topics which are actual problems and questions people ask. Just like I said before about the product reviews bringing in more likely to buy audiences, when you target topics that are problems and provide solutions, you are also going to attract the same type of audience.

My final thoughts: 

I would recommend you re-read my big picture point I made above because that will ultimately explain the brilliance of these 2 options I listed in this article. They work and they will bring in the buyer traffic to your site. 

As long as you keep using these ideas and filtering them out the way I showed you, not only will you keep bringing in more of the RIGHT traffic to your site that will be ready to buy, but you will also keep increasing your site traffic and profits as long as you keep repeating this.

And finally, this option also gives you a lot of work to do. While this sounds bad to some, let me tell you that the more you blog about the right stuff, the better your site will perform on Google and get more traffic. 

Most bloggers can’t last more than a few weeks because they run out of ideas on what to write about. With this strategy, you will have months and years worth of GOOD work to use to your advantage and profit of. So the more work you have here, the better, believe me. 

More content brainstorming ideas you should check out:

So as I said, I have written previous articles on this stuff before, although this one was as I said, much more oriented to the crowd who wants to monetize of this…

Never the less, these additional articles will also give you plenty of additional ideas and I will be surprised if you still have issues on what to write after reading all of these resources:

1) You will most likely hit a point in your blogging efforts known as the “writer’s block”. This article will help you fix it. And again, refer to this article and use those 2 methods.

2) Like I have said, these 2 methods allowed me to make 1,000’s of articles, 900+ of which are on this site, and here is proof:

What you’ll find is that the more often you use these methods, the more and more ideas you’ll get and what you’ll also find is that you’ll probably even want to start new sites from this as well.

Traffic wise, there is honestly no limit to how much of it you can get using these 2 methods. So analyze your niche, use the 2 methods to find content ideas, create high quality content with every single one you find and you’re going to be amazed at how well your online business/site grows from this.

And by the way, if you’re into creating YouTube videos, guess what?

These 2 methods can also be used there too! I have a tutorial on this here.

3) If you’re interested in knowing the income reports I have from using these methods, I have a whole article here.

More help should you need it…

So I hope I made this article resourceful enough to help you figure out what to write on your blog/s, but if you have ANY issues you want to ask me about concerning your own site/s, please let me know below.

Remember, it is IMPERATIVE that your site be a NICHE site so before you ask, please make sure you have a niche topic covered on it so I can better help you out…

212 thoughts on “What to Blog About to Make Money Online. Do These 2 Things!”

  1. Excellent article! I love how you simplified blog content into two categories. This is perhaps the simplest way of explaining content writing that I have ever seen. And it is absolutely accurate. Simplifying the concept like this is probably very helpful for the beginner. Thank you so much for your amazing article.

  2. Thank you Vitaliy! I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for over 6 months now and am very concerned on my priorities on continuing this journey.

    Not ready to give up yet on my day job to do this full time. But your article has truly touched me in the realization that I’m not doing enough to reach out to the right audiences to continue forward or doing enough reviews that support those I need to help. I have lots of knowledge in my niche but focus on different angles and ideas to monetize it and I’m at a total loss.

    • Hi Eric, I’ve been in the same kind of situation with my sites when I was getting into this business so I know the doubt and worries you’re having. However:

      1) You already mentioned how you saw the issues your site has after reading my blog and already know what to fix on it.
      2) Your current work that you put into the site is NOT useless. You just need to readjust and start applying the 2 methods I mentioned into it.
      3) Relevant content for your niche through these 2 methods is what will drive the site to get laser targeted traffic and will help the site grow and profit.

      If you have any specific questions on the niche you’re having issues with creating content on, feel free to tell me it and I’d be happy to give you some content ideas.

  3. Hey Vitaliy,

    You’ve given me some great ideas for new articles I can write on my website (travels). I hadn’t considered reading the reviews from people who had traveled to the places I’m writing about or the experiences I’m offering. I’ll definitely be looking into that. 

    Also, problems related to traveling is an excellent idea! I would never have thought about that but it’s now on my to-do list.

    I have thought that maybe my blogs seemed a little bit static and don’t really have that personal touch, but I think by following your good advice above I’ll be able to inject a more personalized feel to them.

    Lovin’ your work man!


  4. Makes sense. While two options don’t seem like much, anyone who’s got some experience in this business
    knows that they work and will in general be the core essence of all your content. Basically generic stuff that people actually search about actively in the niche and reviews of products in the niche (What’s there besides those two anyway?).

    Anyway, thanks for giving us some optimistic energy and a confirmation that this internet business is indeed something very possible to maintain long term.

  5. Vitaliy, I need to come to your site more often. You have said this well and I get the message. IT’S ALL IN THE REVIEWS. Well, mostly. 

    This is a lot to take in so I’m going to have to come back and read it again.

    One thing that you mentioned though is making a list of products in the niche. I must have heard that in the WA training somewhere and then forgot about it until recently.

    I did that and I now have a list of about 50+ products to review on my website. No doubt that I will find more. And, I will be checking out Amazon product comments as well. I read them but I have never thought about how to use them in a post.

    Another thing I never gave any thought to was finding questions to answer from YouTube video comments. What a great idea!

    I know that there is more to learn from this post so I am going to be back. Never ends, does it? So much to learn.  

    Thanks again,


    • Not a problem Wayne! I’m glad you found over 50 products using this method, but don’t let the time you put into finding all of these things deter you from actually reviewing them on the site and growing the traffic. 

      I would focus most of the energy on writing the product reviews daily and saving one day for researching more products.

      Also do not neglect researching topics for your niche. Those are also very important and they help improve the authority of the site. 

  6. Thank you so much for explaining how Jaaxy works. I now understand how product reviews work, and how to pick a topic in my niche. I see now that I need to generally solve a problem. I see that I must attract an audience by using case studies that draw in people seeking solutions and that these are the people looking to purchase something in my niche. Again, thank you for your fantastic POST 

  7. Something that really stood out from your article is the part of checking out questions people ask. I have never thought of that, especially on youtube videos because that is where people ask the most unfiltered questions. This is good especially if your niche does not involve product reviews. The Jaxxy part is interesting, giving you a good option for getting topics that give you great traffic, I will definitely use it.

    • YouTube and video creation/consumption is growing Anita, you are far more likely to find good questions and content ideas from videos than you would from most blog and even forum sites. So while those other options still work, you are bound to find ideas faster on YouTube videos (Especially the comments section) by just looking up videos in your niche.

  8. Yeah I have seen the first two articles, and I would say they are awesome. Thank you for this, I have been hearing about Jaxxy but have never fully understood how it works.

    The importance of choosing the right relevant topic to blog about is really key here or find topics which are actual problems and questions people ask.

  9. Great post. I’m getting to this stage with my website. I have a lot of content already that certain people will be interested in but it’s not content that will convert. From reading this post I can see the direction I need to go in; solving problems and also finding products that will help solve those problems. You have indeed given me plenty to work with for years on end. do you have any ideas on optimal price points? I guess that might depend on the niche and target audience but is there a price point that gets easy sales for someone just starting out who needs the vote of confidence?

    • Hi Alison, well you are right when you say it depends on the niche as this does affect my answer to your question. My personal viewpoint on the prices of products you promote should ideally be something that is not a rip off. For this, I advise the person with the niche site know the pricing of products in their niche subject so they have an average amount to look at, then to promote a fair product that is of high quality within that range. 

  10. Hi Vitaliy,

    Really enjoyed your article. Very well written and informative. I have found that I get the most of out articles that talk about something I am interested in from an experts point of view initially. So if I wanted to get 6-pack abs I would simply research online “how to get 6 packs abs fast”. From there I would read from people who have actually accomplished it.

    My next step would be to look for reviews of how they did it and if so, what products did the use. So I would of course look for folks who have used the products and reviewed their effectiveness. You article makes complete sense! 

    Do you find that more people search for reviews or more of someone’s expert opinion?

    All the best,

    Mat A.

    • Hi Mat, great flow of how you find content and write it. As for the question on if people look more for people’s expert opinion or reviews, I’d say it depends.

      People who don’t have an authority to look at/for when it comes to a niche will likely turn to Google and look for sites with the content that answers their question. From there if they find a site with a person whose content resonates with them, they will likely look at their thoughts on other subjects moving forward. 

  11. Hello Vitaliy,

    I don’t know whether I should call this an addition to your two options or a suggestion which I’d like you to confirm if it’s great: Doing product comparisons.

    While product reviews may seem great, I found that many people get confused between two products. And helping them find the best one out there would come in handy for them as well as you. Do you agree?

    • Oh absolutely Dave! In fact, when you do product reviews, you are essentially comparing the product you are reviewing against the one you are promoting with the latter being the one you promote, thus it is best to pitch it in the form of a comparison. 

      This is exactly what I do on my articles which involve reviewing products and it indeed works very well!

  12. Thanks for these great tips on what to write about. After reading this, it does make complete sense as to why this method works so well.

    Also it explains why some people who have hundreds of posts written aren’t converting people into buyers. I’ll be sure to stick to this page and look back on it time and again to remind myself what to write and what not to write.


  13. Hello! Thank you very much for your article.

    I always try to address my blog posts to a certain problem my audience might have. Somehow, I still don’t understand keyword research completely. Sometimes, I’ll think I have a really good keyword that should drive a lot of traffic to my website, nevertheless, in the end it does not. Then, I also have keywords where I thought they are not very good (e.g. only 3-5 visitors per month) but they drive the most traffic.

    I still have to learn more about keywords! 🙂



    • Hi Mia, this kind of “phenomenon” happens and I’ve experienced it too. Sometimes you may get inaccurate info on keywords as they may be a new search happening so the keyword tools which collect the data don’t get it fast enough to show the true numbers. 

      But in any case, you should always aim to think of keywords from the point of view of the visitor who would type them and how they’d do it. Also do aim to never stop looking for keywords through the 2 methods I mentioned, they are the most narrow approach to finding the profitable ones. And perhaps if you need extra help with keywords, I have a feeling this tutorial may help you.

  14. I gained some great insight and ideas to help increase traffic for my blog with this article. Getting additional material from your comments was not something I had thought about.

    Do you purchase the items you are doing a review on? I guess you don’t have to but, to me, it might enrich the review if I can share my personal experience. Would love to get your insight.

    • It’s 50/50, sometimes I do purchase the product, and sometimes I don’t depending on it’s price and/or if it looks like a bad product. I’ve often said that knowing your niche also means knowing the products in it and being able to be a good judge at grading them, even without having to purchase them.

  15. I think you might have really hit the proverbial nail on the head here with your 2 blog topic choices.

    Product reviews, in my experience, work very well. they get traffic, plus people are generally further along in the buying cycle.

    Solving a problem builds trust, and people are often so grateful for a possible solution that they will make a purchase of a product to help resolve their problem.

    Great post.

  16. Hi Vitaliy,

    What an eye opening posting! I used to avoid writing on my blog anything to do with product reviews because I thought it was a hard thing to do, but you have made me see the deeper truth- that product reviews attract visitors who are seeking and hoping to have a solution in the content. So I’ll start trying to do more of them. I have a question, though, do I have to use every single product so as to write a credible review about it and my experience in using it?


    • It certainly benefits you if you have personal experience with the product as people love to read personal experiences, but ultimately, no, you don’t have to. If you know your niche well as well as it’s products, you will be able to see which products are good or not.

  17. Hey really good article and very informative. I always run into writers block when trying to figure out what to write. I have learned a lot and I do a lot of keyword research to make sure I have a chance to get good rankings with my keywords so it may take me a while to get a good article going! Keep up the good work!

    • Well if you have a lot of keywords saved up, then you already have a lot of content to write on each of them Justin and it’s really a matter of disciplining yourself to do it.

  18. Thank you for your insightful blog post on creating the right type of content to monetize your blog. This is a real headache for newbies. Someone also told me to make up a profile of a member of your target group and then think of the questions they might ask Google. Have you tried that?

    • Well I’m not sure I completely understand the question Anita but it sounds like you just have to imagine yourself as the target audience and what they would think up. If that is the case, then yes it is a good idea. 

  19. Once I realized that reviews were a great way to break up my blog, I started alternating reviews with helpful tips and keyword optimized articles. It took me a long time to discover a product that sells. I really appreciated the method of checking the bestseller lists and writing reviews on those. It makes so much more sense than the shot in the dark approach I was taking! Thanks for the great information!

  20. Wow, Vitaliy, I learned something, we are always searching for unique keywords and I have usually scrolled right past the keywords that don’t make grammatical sense but you shared how to form them into questions and actually came up with a few searches! I will definitely remember that. Thank you.

  21. I know this about the solving problems thing but I always forget how important this simple little thing is. It’s so easy to get lost in so many other ‘ways’ of selling online or in any venue really. Thanks for the reminder! It’s going to save a LOT of time being more focused on the audience and solving their problems. Would you say that specific health-related problem solving is best? What do you think is the most popular problem people search for? For me its a toss up between money problems and health but there might be an even bigger one I haven’t thought of?

    • Hi Gord, I think you’re looking at it the wrong way. It’s not really a question of which problem is bigger or searched for more, it’s figuring out which specific one you know most about, then finding the niche audience to help out with the problem. 

      Health related problems can be a number of things: Heart disease, obesity, joint pains, ect… 

      If you know about one of these, make a niche site on that and help the audience that way. All of those topics get a lot of searches.

      For money problems, again, you’re looking at a topic that also has numerous branches: making money online, making money after retirement, entrepreneurial ideas, how to save money, ect…

  22. Thank you. You just gave me more ideas to write about. If you want to be a good blogger you must try to think as the audience. What will they really want to know when they visit my site?

    That way you know what exactly to write about. I like the fact that you mentioned a keyword tool in here as one can really not talk about blogging without using one.

    • One of the best ways to know your niche audience is to actually be part of it. This allows you to connect with them 🙂

  23. Thanks for the very informative article! I fall into the category of topics about my niche. I have an extensive background and experience in the niche; but I did not think about my personal experiences and actual case studies – I’ve just been sharing information. I appreciate you “kicking my brain” into a slightly different path. 🙂

    My biggest challenge (being a fairly new blogger) is to build up some speed! It feels like it often takes me way too long; but I guess that is just cured by practice, practice, practice!

    • Hi Leissa, practice indeed will speed up your blogging speed. But on the initial thing you mentioned about not sharing your personal experiences, that is actually one of the best ways to connect with the audience and I would absolutely recommend you start doing that on your blog. You will see a much better result in terms of the overall feedback from your visitors.

  24. Thanks for another absolutely brilliant article that I can use for creating more content for my blogs. Honestly I never really have too much trouble coming up with ideas for my content, however I always like learning ways to make sure that the content I am writing is what people are looking for, people that will buy. I love the suggestion of looking at the comments section, that is a sure way to figure out what people want to know. I need to go back to an article I read yesterday and read some of those comments, I was researching for an article for my brand new website that I launched about 2 weeks ago!

    • It’s awesome when people comment on your blogs Lynne, but it’s even more awesome when they give you even more ideas to work with from those comments. It further shows your audience that you listen to them and are willing to help them out further, which further builds trust and the business.

  25. Hi there,

    Thanks for that article, it is very informative and explores many parts unfortunately it does not include my niche since I have always believed in a news blog as my creation, so I want to ask, do you think that a news blog can work out and if it can, how much work should I put in every day?

    • It’s been awhile since I’ve talked to someone who mentioned doing a news type niche site Dave, but yes it is possible to succeed with it. The starting point on these topics though should still be a niche. What is your news site about? Is it about politics? Is it about the stock market? You have to pick out the specific topic and make sure it’s a popular one.

      Once you do that, I can tell you this much: You’re actually going to have a lot more ideas to blog with because in the news sphere, especially with a popular topic, there’s ALWAYS something to write about. Set up some Google alerts to help those ideas come in faster but make sure that when something new comes out regarding your niche topic, that you immediately blog about it. 

      Typically news topics are so quick when they come out that their keyword competition is very low and ranking under it and getting that initial surge of traffic is easy. I’ve seen this happen on my diet site when I reported on celebrity weight loss stories (That counts as news).

  26. Hi,

    Thanks for writing useful information about writing articles for 2 purposes. One is educating and another one is reviewing. My only question is what should be the ratio between those two options? Presently I am writing in the ratio 1:1. Moreover, I see the your permalink is very long like. Is this helpful for SEO?


    • Hi, first I’ll address the 2 topics. Whether you’re reviewing a product or doing an informational posts, BOTH are educating people in essence so one might say, they are both informational things. 

      However, regarding the permalink thing, it is ideal that your title match the permalink, for SEO purposes (meta info). However, for better looking rankings, it is better to have a shorter title, so in my case, the title for this article is a bit long. I have recently learned more about this and have been trying to cut down on it so when it ranks on Google, people can see the whole title and not a portion of it because it’s too long, so it’s something to consider.

  27. Thanks for these 2 strategies and the very helpful articles. I have been already using them for some time, but you have really given more details how to do it properly. Do you think we need a balance of those two kinds of posts, let’s say like 50/50, or it does not really matter.

    • I would say it doesn’t matter as I tend to improvise on my site, meaning whichever post ideas come first, whether they are product reviews or informational posts, I just write them out as they come.

  28. These are what I stick to as well. What I also do, is take the questions and problems that I myself have had in the topic and make them into blog posts. My own experience is my driving force sometimes. So that’s another way to come up with what to write about.

    • That’s good too and I would say in the initial stages of blog growth, those topics which you have had issues with make for great content ideas, then when you grow, if you get lost on where to get other ideas, then you can move into questions the niche audience has, whatever it takes to keep the content flowing.

  29. Hi, I like your article about reviews, I have three sites and one of them is as a blog but I have bought a lot of things on amazon that I will use as sub subjects in my blog. Were I live the power goes out often without notice and can be out for hours, so I bought a generator. I will discuss the power going out while reviewing the generator.


    • Interesting Leslie. I’d add 2 things to this:

      1) As long as the products you purchase pertain to the niche your website is focused on, definitely review them.

      2) I once had an idea to do a niche site on power generators. I believe I talk about it here. Check it out, it may help offer up some ideas.

  30. This all sounds very good. In fact, it sounds to good to be true. Being an authority seems like something that is difficult to become. There seem to be so many authorities online already. How do you find a niche that is not already covered? 

    My husband suggested that affiliate marketing would earn money, but do you need to buy the products to try them out before writing a review?

    • Hi Sheila, I think you’re trying to find some kind of untapped, none competitive niche to make money off. I can assure you that there is no such thing, you need to enter niche markets you like and establish yourself as the best authority within that. You will always have competition, but not everyone in every niche market is as much of an authority as they claim, in fact, I’d say a majority of people aren’t as knowledgeable on a niche as they say, so that is an opportunity for you to establish yourself in that industry as the minority of people who are.

  31. Hey Vitaliy! Thank you for the great article! I actually started a niche website 3 months ago. The niche is parenting, so I have a lot of opportunities to combine product offers inside my articles.

    I do not write an article around the product offer, though. I write about topics that “burn inside me”, and combine the products “by the way”. Maybe this is my mistake? Because I didn’t manage to generate any income yet… How long it takes usually to start generating income?



    • Hi Anna, I think your niche topic is a bit too broad. There’s different age groups when it comes to parenting (infants, children, teens, young adults, ect…), not to mention boys and girls. I think if you targeted a particular age group and narrowed it down to a particular gender, you would be able to find more low competition keywords and get ranked higher, faster. 

      In addition, your site is still only 3 months old. Now I don’t know how many articles you’ve written in that time or how long they are, and what types of keywords you’re chasing within your articles, but this data would greatly help me, help you understand why there’s no income yet. 

      My best guess at this time is that the site is new and that naturally means low traffic for now, the niche topic is broad and you aren’t reviewing any particular products, yet.

  32. Another great article Vitaliy! I’ve honestly learned a lot from your experience and this article once again manages to answer the age old question (for bloggers) on how to consistently find topics to write content about. The first option is definitely a good strategy for having plenty of things to write about because there is always gonna be a product to review for your niche out there. The second option is a good way to write too. Writing articles to help others out is definitely a necessary component for every blog on any niche and will most certainly help to build your audience in the long run. 

    Appreciate the advice,


    • No problem my friend. I think if anyone examines which websites they follow, bookmark and buy from, they will find that it’s the ones which offer these 2 components I talked about. Thus they are successful, and therefore we should mimic that on our blogs as well.

  33. This article has shed so much light on how to strive in the online business world, for all types of niches! I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me!

    Do you have any more ideas as to how I could find potential post ideas? Also, what would you recommend as the the best keyword search website?

    • The only website that gives you keyword searches is the Google one, otherwise, you need a tool, in that area, Jaaxy is best. 

      As for the initial question, honestly, you’ll have a plethora of ideas with just these 2 options Jordan. The only other thing I would add is possibly doing a daily blog of an experiment you’re running regarding your niche.

      Example: If you’re running a blog on dropping belly fat, you can do a personal test on yourself and run a daily blog telling people how you’re doing on a specific workout routine/diet pill.

  34. Hey so I’ve been doing keyword research and such and creating a website and reviews, but I’m not sure I understand exactly how the keywords enter into the equation, like how to use them, do you know what I mean? I don’t understand if you are supposed to use them as a title or a website name or just a sentence or if you just target that keyword behind the scenes? Not sure if i phrased this in the right way, but if you could give me any info i would really appreciate it, thanks 🙂

    • It’s actually very simple:

      1. Create a website. 

      2. Find a keyword on a product that has low competition. Example: “so and so product review” gets a lot of searches and little competition. Perfect, use that.

      3. Head to your website, create a new post or page, make the title of your post/page that keyword with other stuff in it like “My experience with so and so product. A full review”. 

      4. Write in-depth about this product and link to it in the page/post.

      5. Repeat this approach with other products you find. In other words, make new pages/posts targeting new product keywords and basically repeat the whole process.

  35. I can see how these two options, both used on a website can be highly profitable. Product reviews are difficult to write if you do not buy the product, and also time consuming to make your in-depth research to really be able to promote something. I am relatively new to the business, but I find product reviews extremely difficult for my niche site.

    On the other hand, I have been amazed at how many searches, seen through a keyword tool, that many keywords get. And people are really looking for free information online, not just buy. At least that is my case. I strongly dislike when things are promoted to just make some money, although that is legit.

    Thanks for sharing this article. Sure explains many things,


    • What type of niche site do you have Oscar? I may be able to recommend certain products and types of reviews for you to do. I am guessing you have done very few of them or none at all which is why you say they are so difficult. 

      My recommendation for this problem is to understand your niche and the products inside it before you promote/review them. Your knowledge of the niche is essentially the key to making your informative articles and products reviews high quality. If you do not have this in your existing site, then perhaps a new niche website may be better to focus on.

  36. Before buying anything, even on Amazon, it is natural for everybody who is familiar with online shopping, to look at the reviews. And you are absolutely right to apply this to your research and reviews too! Not only will it help your review, but it will also help clients make the right decision by seeing those reviews. And if they are very good reviews (for a particular product) then the number of people actually buying the product from your website will increase. That’s amazing. It’s a win-win for everybody.

    • Excellent points! A lot of the search traffic that looks at specific products and reviews for them does so on Google, so establishing a high ranking product review for a big name product that gets many searches is almost a guarantee that it will make money.

  37. As always, another informative post. Thanks for giving me fresh ideas for growing my blog. I have used YouTube videos before, but not in this way – love it. I also realize I have not been adding any reviews on my site, which may explain why it’s not ranking well yet. Thanks for your insights and tips!

    • Lack of ranking may not necessarily be due to a lack of reviews, but due to a lack of overall content Tom. I would add more posts to the site in question and give it a few months to grow. I am certain it will rank better, especially if you will utilize these 2 options. 

      As for YouTube videos, absolutely make product reviews via this platform as well. I’ve done it and even went as far as directly linking from the video to an affiliate offer, and this has produced MANY sales for me. Here is an example. And honestly, I would even say that if you’re not too much of a writer and prefer video creation, this may be the way to go instead of the site. I just use both options. 

  38. I have never done product/service reviews and keep thinking about it as I buy from review sites myself so know they are effective. Interesting about looking at comments on viral YouTube videos for writing topics to help answer questions. I never thought about that. Have you personally found success applying these ideas?

    • Oh absolutely and not just YouTube videos, but also comments people leave on my site/s. The person who visits your niche site, and is interested in the niche may end up having a perspective on it that you didn’t, until they comment on a topic, mention that point which gives you a new idea to add to the page. I’ve had this happen numerous times. And this has also helped me find new products to review as well.

  39. Very good read. Very informative and reliable information. I just started my blog Wolfgins Marketing focused on affiliate marketing and the home business industry. You are giving good advice in saying do reviews on products relating to my niche. I agree 100% with the 2 options.

    I want to be able to find high ticket products in my niche to promote. Some that can pay a few thousand dollars in commissions. Do you have any resources for me?

    • My position on high ticket items is that if you’re promoting anything of the sort in the make money online industry (or home business), then you need to be very careful because while there are a lot of high ticket items in that field, most of them are scams with inflated information perceived as fair value. 

      There’s MLM programs out there that typically sell high ticket items but like I said, I’d be careful and honestly stay away from it. I wrote about high ticket items here and recommend taking a look. In my opinion (since I am in the same industry as you), it is better to promote cheap, yet high value products and services like Wealthy Affiliate and get a bigger volume of sales.

  40. Vitaliy, I really like the ideas on product reviews. It never really crossed my mind to use amazon for product reviews. I have been doing reviews as well but mostly in the bizopp niche. I really like the 2 options you outlined. This gives one plenty of ideas to blog about.

    • For the business opportunity niche, you’re better off finding stuff on places like Jzvoo and Muncheye.com as they are both sources for online business opportunities specifically. On Amazon, you may find business books from popular, successful businessmen and if there’s a lot people interested in those things on Amazon, I would write about it too.

  41. Another great article.

    I really like the prospect of monetizing a blog. It’s funny, as someone who’s been writing on the web since 2013, the thought of actually making money for doing what I do never actually crossed my mind.

    It wasn’t until I found WA that I decided I would throw my hat in the ring. I’ve been blogging on how to lose weight through mindfulness now for a couple of months but I’m honestly not even focusing on affiliate reviews yet.

    But this is a long-term goal for the next year! Thanks for sharing and as always, much blessings!


    • I actually have a weight loss blog myself Michael and if you’re looking to monetize yours, my advice would be the same as I gave on this article. Specifically, reviews on popular diets. Try this strategy, I use that strategy on that blog and it has helped me in getting a lot of traffic.

  42. These are some sweet tips! Keyword research is the most important part of running a successful site. I like the idea of checking out, for example, Youtube videos and look at the comments to get some fresh new ideas for new content. I’ve never looked at it this way and it will definitely help me out!

    • No problem! That is one of the more unusual yet underused ways of going about content creation, but it’s incredible for readers as it makes them feel like you’re addressing their specific questions.

  43. Great! I’m so glad you used the example about getting a six pack, because that is the niche I’m aiming towards! I just started a month ago, and I’m relatively new still. I haven’t made sales yet, but I want to know a one thing:

    How long did it take you to generate income when you started? I hope you can answer my question, thanks!

    • My situation was different and I’d say a few months, but that sales frequency snowballed as the business grew. My niche was very different than yours Marques, but I think if you read this article, you may get a more universal answer.

  44. Kudos to you for the wonderful job done here! Certainly, most people are not making money online due to factors like these. They didn’t learn what needs to be learnt first before venturing into the business. Eventually, most people opt out and think making money online is impossible or difficult.

    In the course of blogging, the topic or title of the blog which constitutes the blog niche is the most important thing to work on. 

    • I want to add to that point and say it’s the title of each blog post you write, that is a branch of the overall niche topic that is important, it’s not just 1 blog post, it’s as many as you can write and with these ideas, the possibilities are not limited.

  45. Hi Vitaliy!

    I just stumbled upon your blog post, and it’s really helpful! Thanks for your time writing this. I had a couple of questions though:

    1. Do you recommend using Amazon Affiliate links (in the reviews) in my blog posts over other affiliate links? 

    2. How can I write a negative review of a product and still make money? 

    Maybe you can make some blog posts about these topics :)) 

    Thanks for your time!

    • 1) Typically you should segment your blog posts and the affiliate links inside them. This means if you’re promoting a specific product from Amazon and you’re doing a review on it as well as promoting it, then only use that link on the page. It doesn’t make sense to use other affiliate links on the same page as it’ll confuse your reader/s. 

      2) Negative reviews should lead to positive alternatives and that’s where you should promote the products. So if I review something I didn’t like, naturally people will want to know about other options. Present that to them in the form of a link going to a positive product review and on that provide affiliate links to it.

  46. As you suggested, I went back and re-read the first two paragraphs and all you wrote just clicked with me. I also do product reviews, but my niche is very narrow. I read and review books with my recommendation and then I grab the Amazon Affiliate link to that if someone is convinced to read a book I liked, they can click on the link and I get a small commission.

    I usually read about a book a week, so I am blogging at least once a week.

    • Hi Debra, I have to ask, is there a particular niche (genre) of books you review? Because you didn’t really mention it, and that’s very important, because if you review books across different genres, then there really is no specified niche and that may hinder your ability to sell the book/s through Amazon.

  47. Re-writing the keywords during a keyword search is a great idea! Thanks so much for the tip. I have been attempting to use keywords in my articles, but I am not sure how many times I should use them. I heard that keyword stuffing is a bad idea. How often should you use your keywords to achieve the right balance? Thanks again for the tip and continually providing great ideas. I am now a regular visitor on your blog.

    • As long as your content is written and read naturally, there isn’t really a problem with using a keyword often Laura. However, my personal approach to this problem is to use the said keyword once every 100 words. This is actually the same idea I follow for affiliate links. 

  48. Thanks for the ideas. I’ve just started my website and have indeed been struggling to come up with things to write about, and that’s been causing me to procrastinate! I’ll probably start with brainstorming on “problems”, before moving on to reviews. Between the two, which is your preference, or which did you start with when you just started out?

    • Either is fine. I find that when I write too many informative articles, it gets boring and I want to switch it up to product reviews, and if I do that too much, that gets boring and I end up switching back. 

  49. I definitely prefer to write about problems for now. Product reviews just seem like I would be really biased in the favor of the product I’m reviewing because I want people to click on it. I like to just answer questions and then if there are any companies related to my blog I’ll add their links somewhere.

    Is this a good idea?

    • Yes this can work fine Abe, but you should not look at product reviews this way. You can and should be promoting something that makes your niche audience happy. And you should also review bad products to tell people what they should stay away from. People in every niche also have problems with picking out a product/s that will help them, be the person who helps them figure out what works.

  50. Awesome post and great ideas! I’ve actually been using both of these methods on my site and it’s good to see someone successful who is also using these techniques. I’ve been working on my site for a few weeks now and getting slightly discouraged by my lack of results, its nice that you show actual results on your site and I’m encouraged by your success.

    • It’s normal not to see big SEO results within a few weeks, even if you have a ton of content. But the existing work you put up will actually play a huge role in your SEO ranking moving forward, especially as your website ages past 3-4 months. Don’t get discouraged, if you’re already doing the things I suggested, you’ll see the results.

  51. Keywords definitely drive all my blogs, especially since I’m in the early stages. Sometimes it’s hard though when you want to target low-hanging fruit keywords but still want the information to be useful and relevant. Finding a topic to write about can be hard but gets easier as you do it more. I like that tip on finding topic ideas in the comments though. Never thought to do that!

    • Yeah I get a lot of positive feedback from content creators regarding comments quite often Charlie, hoping it’ll be useful for you as well 🙂

  52. These are great tips and ideas especially when you run out of ideas. I like the suggestion to merge the best of both.

    It didn’t occur to me to use Amazon as a source for product review ideas. This is perfect because images and all of the detail product information is at your fingertips. (Until now I have been using it to post related products to my posts).

    You’ve given me several ways to come up with content so that can get more traffic to my site.

    • Hi Lorrie, from what I know about images, if you are not promoting the Amazon product, you may have issues using the image on your site. If however, you are promoting it, then it should be fine.

  53. These are good tips which I will definitely be sure to keep in mind if I ever run out of ideas. I currently have one site which is about video games and for the most part, I am able to come up with specific games/products to review, however, sometimes I will browse through Amazon as well as watching some videos here and there if I can’t make up my mind.

    I also am interested in starting up a second site which promotes making money online in general. One thing I initially had on my mind though is coming up with topics to write about whether it would be product reviews, advice, or about problems others face in general.

    After reading this though, I feel much more confident in starting up that next site and always having something to write about.

    My question is, now that I have been working on my first site for a few months, would you recommend I start working on another site as well? Should I maybe wait after my site reaches the 1 year mark or when it starts getting some sales going?

  54. I like the two options you discussed about developing ideas to write about for a blog website. I guess if you want to make money with your blog you should search for products to review. Especially products that can solve our readers problems. I also never considered using a keyword tool to see how much search traffic individual products receive. What would you consider too low for a search result for a product you want to review?

    • I don’t have a specific criteria for that Edgar, you will find that any product that gets searches in general is worth reviewing. It may not get a lot of visitors, but reviewing it will add content to your site and help it grow, and when you do review the more popular products, the other reviews you made which may not be so successful will actually act as a bedrock to push the site higher in rankings, making the more competitive products you review have a higher chance of ranking better and getting you big traffic, so review any product that is related to your niche.

  55. I started out doing product reviews for items I had purchased on Amazon, and have just recently started incorporating them into my blog. Thanks for a very informative post that provides great info. I would never have thought to check comments on You Tube or even other blogs. Thanks for the tips!

    • No problem Jennifer, as long as your product reviews are pertinent to your site’s niche, you will be able to produce excellent content from this. A product review is best when you use the said item/product personally, as people love to hear personal stories on what the person giving the review experienced. 

  56. I have started doing product reviews on my blog and it is a great way to supplement my income. There a lots of great tips on here, most of these I have used and there have been great for my website but theres one or two things that I forgot to implement so thanks for the tips.

    • I’m glad you are seeing income come in from doing product reviews, but don’t forget to mix in the other type of content I was talking about, it’ll help your site grow further as an authority for both readers and Google.

  57. I love this post. I love it for a couple of reasons: 1) You give the answers right up front, making it easier for me, and your other readers, to get the gist of your article and WANT to know more; 2) You give great examples with images. What I found myself agreeing with especially was your emphasis toward writing a post for EACH common question. I’ve seen posts that give all the data in one giant post, but it’s too much to follow. Thank you!

    • No problem Randene, it is beneficial to break up topics into separate posts because as you said, it’s easier to read and for SEO, it’s a perfect opportunity to expand your content and individually target more keywords.

  58. I’m so glad I have come across your post here today! Today I have been rattling my brain about traffic and low competition keywords and have been getting to my wits end! I had never thought about getting ideas from the comments on youtube and other blogs. I will definitely be giving that a go!

    Thanks for such an informative article!


  59. Hello,

    Having a niche audience, and then targeting that niche audience is HUGE in creating a blog that will convert for you. You’ve broken it down easily for new folks to understand by showing them examples. I totally agree that reviews are the best way to go when it comes to drawing in your audience, and you’ve explained it well.

    People are looking for help, and as long as you can provide the help they are looking for, you’ll have a successful site. Does someone else have any other methods that they felt worked better than reviews? I have yet to find someone who disagrees that reviews are the best method.

    • Reviews aren’t the only “best” method Brooke, that’s why I said there’s also informative posts that need to be considered. You have to understand that in most niche markets, you have 2 things present: A problem and people looking for products to solve the problem, hence why the 2 methods address that.

      You can’t really look at this and say there’s 1 best thing to focus on, a niche site has to be flexible and focus on a wide range of topics WITHIN the niche itself to create an overall, flexible solution for the audience.

  60. I really like your examples of finding information on topics you might not be to familiar with.You give a lot of helpful ideas and resources to find a problem then offer a solution. The two options really seem like the way to go when looking for a high success rate for traffic generated. The lay out is simple yet gets its point across, great read.

    • Thanks Mack, it is definitely a simple formula, but the difficulty will always be writing about these things, at least when people know what type of stuff to write (these 2 things), it’ll make sure they get better results through their efforts. 

  61. This was a helpful post! I hadn’t thought of going to youtube to check comments to get content ideas. I like that! Also, I like your idea of switching the keyword around in a search tool. So many times I think I have a great keyword and then I look and no one has searched for it. I will have to keep tweaking things. Thanks for these ideas!

    • Yes it’s true, do NOT give up on a keyword if it doesn’t show promising numbers, change it around, phrase it differently and see if the results returned have something. 

      You can even Google the keyword if need be and see how the top search results phrase it, then use that as an idea to rephrase your searches. 

  62. Love your idea about topics in my niche that are generally problems. That is brilliant because it never occurred to me that people will come to my site with a problem. I always assume they are looking for all the fluff but not a real dilemma that they face. I see how that strategy will help to attract an audience really interested in my niche and in a solution. Great stuff!

    • Hi Amy, this is absolutely not true. All you have to do is know something about keyword research to see that at least 50% of the things people type in search engines are questions, which naturally indicate they have problems and need answers. Even when it comes to product reviews, people look them up on Google because the problem they have is that they want to know more about it, another thing to really consider and why product reviews are so powerful.

  63. I like this post. It was simple, yet informative and as a blogger, it’s something that I can make use of.

    I had already thought of product reviews, but blogging about problems and their solutions is a great idea. I’ve heard that before but the way you worded it made it really sink in this time.

    • You have to freely give people solutions to problems if they’re going to trust you, if you make nothing but product reviews, you lack authenticity, this is why a person who delivers high quality information that helps people without a catch gets their respect and ultimately them trusting you enough to buy your recommendations. 

  64. Excellent stuff about coming up with ideas for post content. It kinda hit me like a brick because I already do this with other parts of my life. I’ve always found more information from the comments of articles and YouTube videos than from the original content itself. This made me put the two together.

    I like the conversational style of your writing too, very engaging. The point was made clear immediately. I’m looking forward to using this to get my new sites ranking faster (my sites are only a few weeks old at the moment). 

    I haven’t applied to Amazon for an affiliate account yet, since I haven’t ranked high enough yet. In your opinion, what would be a safe time and circumstances in place to be sure you get approved and keep an Amazon Affiliate account?

    • Hi Jay, once you begin to get traffic, then apply, but you are doing the right thing in not rushing to make an affiliate account while your site is still growing. Also you did say you have a few sites. If you can focus equally on all of them and post content several times a week or at best daily, then keep working on them. If not, make one site the main focus so it grows the fastest, then put whatever effort remains in the others. 

  65. This topic has given me info that so many people find Amazon as the number one site for getting products to promote/review, but what I want to ask is that, after Amazon what do you think are the best 3 next to it, so that anyone who is interested to have second, third and fourth alternative/s can benefit.

    • There’s honestly so many affiliate sites out there and it’s hard for me to say which exact 3 are after Amazon. It is dependent on the type of niche site you have and if you can find an affiliate program that contains the products/services you can relevantly promote. In my case, I find that Clickbank, Wealthy Affiliate and Amazon in general are the only 3 I need. 

      You may find that others better suite you. You should also consider that YOU can be your own affiliate and make your own product.

  66. There is a ton of useful info on here. It definitely is possible to make money online but keyword searches and product reviews are key. I’m in the budget travel niche and its difficult to find products to review since I mostly review places and discount sites but I am always on the lookout for travel and time saving products. Its easier to sell a product than a vacation.

    • Try to do posts on saving money in different, popular tourist spots, then link those to travel sites you’re affiliated with. 

  67. I feel better now after I read your article. Very helpful and informative post. Finding content ideas by reading other people comments is a great strategy. I have already done this and came up with some other keyword ideas. I am into a clothing niche and I think the best thing to do here is the option 2, right?

    • When it comes to this type of niche, for the most part, yes, you’d want to do product reviews, but I would try and inform people on the clothing line or type of clothing if you can. For example, if my niche was on winter clothing, I would try and write about which clothing is best to keep you warm, which one is best for cold weather and survival, ect…

  68. Your post is very informative and helpful, thank you for sharing it. The tips on how to actually research first before writing content is fantastic information.

    I currently operate a blog where I am trying to find more ideas to write about my content with, and it seems there is only so many ways one can write about my selected topic.

    These tips will help guide me in finding others article topics to consider, but do you happen to have any suggestions for product reviews when one is trying to promote one select product, and not multiple products?

    • You should ideally review as many products as possible Maria, but recommend only one or a few. In pretty much any niche market, the usual rule on products is that certain ones are much better than most and if you find that one or few that’s good, review the rest, which are worse, but recommend the better one. This will help bring more content to your site, more buyer friendly traffic and a happier customer because they’ll be buying a better product that will make them happy. 

  69. Great ideas, Vitaliy!

    I find, in the “make money online” niche, I am always checking for new digital products at affiliate marketplaces, like Clickbank or JVZoo. They are always coming out with new products, and there’s never a shortage of products to write about.

    I find reviews tend to be my best converters. I think the reason is, as you indicated, people researching reviews are already pretty far along in the decision phase and are pretty close to being ready to buy.

    I’ll also include solutions to problems that I myself have had and had to research. I figure if I have had the problem, others may have had it too.

    • Without a doubt Andy, and you are right about product reviews generally being the best converters. However, do note that with the sites you mentioned where you get your product ideas from, it is important to not depend too much on them. 

      Most of the products which come out on those sites and in any niche market die out rather quickly, so you should mix in the content you write with more than just those products you find there. Informative posts like I mentioned tend to get a much more “evergreen” demand and will really be the more stable traffic bringer to your site over the long run. 

      So TOPICS for example on making money online will likely get searches for years and decades, while new products released to the market may only have a few months of popularity and searches on Google.

  70. I like your two option approach and I can do both of them. I have some concern about the product review for myself. I don’t always have personal experience with everything I want to review and that holds me back from reviewing it.

    Is it possible to do a review on a product by researching what others say about it even though I’ve not actually used the product? Or do I need to actually purchase every product I review so I can have legitimate claim to having experience with my recommendations?

    • This is a very ethical question Teresa and I do get this asked a lot, however, in my view, the answer is no and the reason is, when you KNOW your niche, you will always know the products in it quite well without having to buy them all.

      Let’s say you are into a niche involving tech and can judge very well, based on parameters whether a product is good or not. Why would you want to then buy everything in the niche? It certainly makes sense to be completely authentic, but ultimately, if your experience can judge the tech and parameters well enough, then you can use that knowledge to write a good review and recommend the product (or not).

      There are MANY products I buy in the make money online niche, but very often, when I see the product is priced extremely high and I see in the sales letter what I will get and be taught, MOST of the time, I already know what’s in it, if it’s good and worth the price and if not, I go further and read as MANY unbiased reviews as I can to create a good review myself. 

  71. How long would it take me to make money if I do product reviews? It seems that it would take sometime before my review would get ranked and by the time it ranks, people are now on another thing. This gets me confused and somehow overwhelmed. Can you please help me with this matter? Thanks!

    • Hi, you’re partially right, but let me clarify:

      There are many products that are popular and will be popular for months and years to come. However, it is also true that many do lose popularity and get less searches so you may often not get there in time with your rankings to profit off them.

      However, there are 2 solutions to this:

      1) Make your niche site an authority site. By doing so, you will rank faster for your product reviews, often in days and that can help you get commissions very quickly.

      2) You may want to consider doing ads for the product reviews you put out. This will help you get initial traffic in less than 24 hours to the review itself. But it does cost money so be careful. Here is a good guide on ads and how to save money on it, while potentially making a lot of sales.

  72. I am so glad that this site popped up for me to comment on. Thank you for building this site. Your site got me excited and more motivated. Anyways, I really liked how you offered 2 options. 

    I did have a question, are you able to jump back and forth from option 1 and option 2 strategies within your niche of writing an article or do you have to stick to 1 option at a time? I was just curious because it would be neat to change between both options. 

    • You can mix up the options and what I mean by that is, let’s say you’re writing an informative post on your niche topic, perhaps you can link that to a product review that relates to the informative post. 

      For example, let’s say I’m writing an article on how to get rid of headaches naturally. In that article, in addition to writing about options people can use for free, I can link them to a product review I wrote or even directly to a product page which sells something to help their headaches go away. By doing this, I provided an informative post and have given them options.

      Also, I mix my content up between product reviews and informative posts in general, meaning sometimes I’ll write up articles that specifically deal with a general problem in my niche topic and sometimes I’ll write about a specific product within my niche that people are looking for information on. 

      But in every single article I write, there is always a link pointing either to another informative article and/or to a product review from which I sell something that will help them.

  73. I have been writing mainly reviews on my site and I found this to be very helpful. One thing I would always do is decide what to review within my niche without doing keyword research prior which I think will definitely change soon. I can also see why sticking with popular products and topics can help much more with getting more traffic.

    My question is, do you think that my audience might just get sick of seeing reviews after a while and do you think I should maybe try changing it up every now and then while still staying relevant to the niche?

    • Yeah, that’s why there’s the other option Arie which are the informative posts which aim to help people out and not sell them anything. It is true that if you do nothing but write product reviews, people may not trust you and will find it boring.

      I personally don’t like to see websites which ONLY have product reviews, because I don’t know the history or reputation of the person writing about them. How do I know they’re legit and not just selling me bad things? 

      That’s why you need to offer informative posts, to build your reputation with the reader. For example, on my site, I put up a TON of product reviews, but I also make sure to inform people on general topics pertaining to online business, with case studies, addressing common questions on how to succeed in the business, ect…

      People who read those informative posts and see I’m legit will more likely take my product reviews more seriously then. That’s something very crucial to understand.

  74. Great ideas here! Sometimes I start to get stuck trying to think of topics, but it’s usually because I’m thinking too broad instead of narrowing in on a question about a specific subject. I like your idea about looking at comments and seeing what other people have asked. I know there are answered questions on Amazon products that I have used to learn more about the product and it has been a good resource as well.

    • That Amazon thing you mentioned is a great way to become knowledgeable about a product you may not necessarily own or perhaps not know as much about as others and it’s also a great way to enhance your own personal review of it, definitely be sure to use it Kelli!

  75. Hi,

    I myself am working on a niche site in Yoga and up till now I have been only writing and struggling to write about Yoga Poses and all. From reading your article I noticed that I can write about reviews on Yoga products too and make a good content.Thanks for the helpful blog.

    • Yes you should do that. Yoga is an interesting topic actually. You may want to consider doing videos to illustrate the forms and poses people make. This will only help your site Amit.

  76. Well making money online that is guaranteed to work is something that everybody needs really and just like you say its got to be a true niche that you’re building off to get the right start, then you have to make those competitive keyword related posts, which stack up and accumulate over time, meaning that the more quality content you create, on top of doing consistent website updates, then over time your SEO will be much improved and your website will really start becoming a big online authority, consistently getting ranked.

    Thanks for this important post on whats needed to genuinely make more money!

    • No problem Marley, your explanation on authority blogs is spot on, particularly in the points you made about accumulating more and more content overtime and keeping it relevant to the niche’s audience.

  77. Hi Vitaly

    Thanks a lot for your eye opening article. Personally, I have benefited by learning that I can easily overcome my “writer’s block” in product reviews by just not only offering a review about a certain product, but also writing from a solution point of view. This will help me attract the RIGHT kind of traffic- the buying traffic. Thanks for all this!

  78. Writing out reviews for products is definitely the way to go, it amazes me the traffic you get from reviews alone. Most of the time people are looking up products that might help a problem that they might have, but before buying want to make sure they are making the right decision. Thanks for sharing about the 2 options to help find content to write.

    • That is exactly the right mindset of the marketer looking to capture the customer’s interest and get the sale Nate, I have no doubt you’re doing this correctly on your blog/s 🙂

  79. These are awesome ideas of how to come up with content when you have writer’s block (something I struggle with a lot! LOL).

    Thanks for the strategy about keywords too! It seems like it could be very handy for ideas and SEO! Are there other programs like Jaaxy that show you the same results?

    I appreciate your input and review!

    • No problem, I’ve run into a lot of people with that problem and I guarantee you this will almost cure that problem 🙂

  80. I am so glad I read this, as I am trying to decide on the keyword and niche topics to write on my site. I am glad I was right in assuming that product reviews are also good ways to bring in potential clients. I think it is amazing just how many people go to the internet to find information about products, makes it hard to avoid the opportunity.

    • I think the last time I looked, it was getting close to 3 billion people Joe. How many of those would be interested in your niche and the products in it? In many niche cases and the products in them, you’re looking at millions of potential “clients”.

  81. Great advice! Totally accurate. I’m in my first couple of weeks blogging and it’s so true. The more work the better! I’ve gotten stumped a couple of times. Just writers block. These questions will definitely help. Also, Jaaxy is an awesome tool! I’ve just gotten in to using it and wow!! Thanks so much for your awesome article!!’



    • Yeah your problems with writer’s block will definitely ease a lot if you take the 2 tips I mentioned Helen!

  82. Wow! I’m impressed by these two options that you have explained in this article. I’m realizing the power we have in Jaaxy as well as getting new ideas from comments. Sometimes I come to a dead end in my writing career and I run dry of materials and now you have rejuvenated me on how to get ideas.

    I wonder what would be wrong with my blogs because in my keyword search it shows good keywords with low competition and available traffic but when it comes to practicality, I don’t get any traffic at all. Again why does it take too long for my pages to appear on page 1 of Google?

    • Well, considering you really are targeting low competition keywords, usually lack of page 1 rankings then is due to the overall authority of the site and it’s age not being that high. Typically this can easily be corrected with just adding more and more content using the same strategy.

      I actually talk about page 1 rankings here and I think this would REALLY help you in your efforts to reach them too with your site.

  83. This is great advice and you’ve made it really simple to follow for anyone to improve traffic to their site. I really like the problem scenario you point out. I have used this a number of times for my dog niche, and it tends to be health problems that a lot of dog owners are looking to solve. Reading your article has been like a refresher training for me, and reminded me of what it’s good to focus on with my blogging.

    • Glad it helped Mara, and I am glad you are focusing on the health of a dog as your niche and not just dogs, as that would be too broad of a topic. Keep focusing the topic on the health and utilize the 2 tips I talked about, I am sure your site will flourish and make a lot of profits this way.

  84. Great article Vitaliy, even though i was aware of some of the things you mentioned, you did mention some new cool ways of finding new content ideas like looking through comments. And your illustration was cool, actually taking a subject and showing exactly how to get new content ideas from it.

    • No problem Dela! I’m glad to know the comment idea in particular was helpful to you. You will find that people who leave questions on videos and on blog posts/forums are really the ones worth paying attention to, especially in your niche, they can potentially be speaking about a problem/issue that is widespread within the niche and totally worth investigating and potentially writing a post on.

  85. I have a website but am super lazy to write reviews. After reading this article you got me motivated to actually start writing reviews on my site. The fact that you take your advice makes me trust you even more, keywords are quite important and we often leave them out. From reading your blog post I learned a number of things which I’m dying to try out all thanks to you.

    • No problem! While you will find a lot of keywords in any niche you’re in, try to find the ones which are relevant to the 2 recommendations I gave (product reviews and popular topics on the niche). This will ensure you are attracting the buyer audience from Google.

  86. I have an online business on scuba diving and I use the Product reviews and have topics like how to equalize your ears when underwater due to pressure and so it’s very much related to my niche. I also incorporate stories of my experiences because I know I’m not the only one that has or had dive issues.

    You’re right when you say people land on your page because they have an issue they want an answer on. You brought up some great points to help me along. Thanks! Great example and I’m learning a lot more reading your article.

    • Hi Monica, it sounds like you’re implementing both options on your niche site perfectly. Keep this up and your page will become an authority in it’s niche in no time!

  87. Great site. On my site, I am reviewing movie soundtracks, so I know I have option 1 down of reviews. I didn’t think until I read your site that I could also help with problems. The site is very thorough and easy to understand. Thank you for helping think and find new keywords.

    • No problem Andrew, personally, I think it would be hard to find content ideas of movie soundtracks, but now that I think about it, it is a very popular niche. I remember Googling a lot of soundtracks I would hear in movies in hopes of putting them on my phone.

      You should also look at potential copyright options available and if possible start putting the soundtracks on a YouTube channel. This can increase your traffic potential and authority. Of course, first look at if you may violate any copyright in doing so and if not, go ahead with this.

  88. Hi Vitaliy,

    I just started writing reviews and I was wandering how to come up with other ideas. I liked your suggestion to look at what your niche audience is asking, and search that into Amazon for products that will help those people. I am having a hard time building authority with my website. How do you build authority in Google and get ranked higher up?

    Warm Regards, Jess

    • Hi Jessica, authority in Google is typically built overtime with a lot of content that can and should be niche based. I looked over your site and I can’t really identify what the niche topic is, can you clarify this? It’s not like this is bad, it will just be necessary to narrow it down and your existing content is already going to work well for your growth in authority.

      Other than that, how long have you been writing on this site for?

  89. Just found this blog, reading through it.

    I have a quick question about product reviews. I’ve seen sites/blogs review hundreds of products. My question is: Do they really check out the products, do they really use them? Or just read up on other people’s reviews and *spin* their own?

    I don’t know if that is illegal or not, it does sound unethical though, isn’t it?

    • I doubt most of the product review sites actually review ALL of their products. This isn’t necessarily illegal, as you are entitled to your opinion, but it can absolutely be unethical if a person is trying to for example negatively review a product he or she knows nothing about with the purpose of promoting their own.

      To be honest, I don’t buy all of the products I review. Is that unethical? Well you’d have to look at my product reviews to tell. I certainly get accused of that from time to time, but I will say this:

      1) Whenever I know little to nothing about the product, I will buy it to see it. I have spent as much as $100+ on individual products, especially when it comes to things like make money online products.

      2) Being that I know a lot about my topics, when I see a program pitch things I know for a fact will not work, there is no reason for me to buy it to prove it, I simply say it like it is, that I don’t recommend the product for so and so reasons.

      Sometimes you can absolutely make an accurate assessment without buying a product. This comes from years of experience on my end.

      3) I do my very best to never talk bad about a product, even one I disagree with and you’ll rarely see me call products out as scams.

      Also, when I decide on whether or not I should buy a product, if I see the sales page looks like a scam, I know in advance I’ll probably have a hard time getting a refund and I’ve had this happen over the years and have had to request new credit cards. It’s a pain, but I’ve almost always turned out to be right when I see that a site isn’t good.

      And finally, in my case, when it comes to things like internet marketing, I know for a fact one type of strategy works so I center my reviews around comparing the things other products teach me about vs what I already know that works and every time so far, the thing that’s worked for me has ALWAYS been the better option to choose, which is why I always tell people that Wealthy Affiliate is a better choice, even against the BEST products I’ve tried, because they teach what works for me better than anyone and it also applies to the general public who tries their strategies.

      So I know I kind of went off the topic on your question, but I wanted to point out that in certain cases, not buying a product makes sense if you know enough about the industry to which the product belongs to to make a decision on it.

      But that’s my personal approach. Back to the main point: Yeah there’s tons of people out there who make bogus reviews. I’ll be writing an article about how to spot if a review site is good or not shortly.

  90. I recently started as a blogger and affiliate marketer. As I just began my website, I have not run into the issue of nothing to write about, yet…

    I do like the big picture! We do this because we want to make money doing and talking about things we love. And also help people. So we need our website traffic to be buyers!

    These are some very helpful tools! I like the use of comments on other pages to find a popular topic. How have these techniques impacted you and your websites?

    • Well they’ve given me constant, new content ideas to work with Zack and that’s really how the website lives on basically. But on the topic of you not running into content writing issues, you were right when you said “yet”.

      Most content writers usually run out of ideas a little bit later on. In my case, I started running into problems about 20 articles in and that’s actually not bad. But the reason I reached 600+ articles and still write is because I use these 2 tips over and over again.

  91. As someone who just recently took up blogging and affiliate marketing, I was able to really appreciate this article. I have been working on building a blog around products for dreads and this article has given me a good start on how I’m going to go about getting the website up and making money. Keep up the good work.

  92. You wrote a very clear and concise article here Vitaliy. I personally would go with product reviews as you are already targeting people in your niche that have the intent of buying. When you target general topics in your niche, its a less specialized type of content creation but it could definitely work.

    • There needs to be a balance Yunier. I have never seen a website which only does product reviews become successful. In my personal experience a site which does something like this lacks trustworthiness.

      When you comment on popular topics, you essentially show people that you are willing to provide free information without a catch and that captures their attention and trust, vs if you’re just doing nothing but promoting products.

  93. I found your post very informative especially because topic exhaustion is something I always feared happening. I knew of some tips to keep getting ideas, but going into the comment section of websites and youtube is genius! It really is no limit to the amount of content we can create. Thanks for sharing that information!

    • I am glad it’s helped you Leda! If you think about it, SO many people who read content or watch it often end up reading comments as well, and/or commenting themselves. If the topic is popular, chances are there are similar thoughts/worries and concerns that people will mention there and that can lead you to find some great new stuff to write on 🙂

  94. It can certainly be tough to figure out what to write about, even in your own niche. I’ve found that Jaaxy is a great tool for finding those keywords and expressions for generating ideas, as well.

    My niche is martial arts, so it’s easy to find all kinds of Amazon products (my favorite since you get commissions on everything someone buys while at Amazon). I’ve tried the make money niche, and it’s just too saturated for me.

    I’m finding it much easier to write about something I’m truly passionate about! That really does make a difference. Passion leads to trust, and it’s trust that leads to sales!

    • I couldn’t agree more, especially with the last 2 sentences Steve. It happens to be that I too am into martial arts and will eventually make a niche site out of that topic as well. In addition to Amazon products, you may want to consider doing YouTube videos of you showing moves and linking them to your site, this will really help boost that trust.

  95. The website gives great info about how to bring more traffic to my website, and I already know this by being a WA member. My question is, since Amazon rejected me as an affiliate over some technicality regarding my phone number even though my country is listed in Amazon, how do I get to do sport supplements reviews since I have a ton of personal experience with lots of them?

    Where do I go to become supplement products reviewer?

    • Hi Milan, I would not give up on Amazon, you can resubmit your application I believe even if they disapprove you, here’s some things you can try.

      Regarding a plan B affiliate program, look up popular supplement companies like GNC. There’s a few other big ones, including one Joe Rogan always endorses. It’s a supplement call “On it”, but I think it’s part of a bigger company that sells sports supplements. See if they have an affiliate program.

  96. Thanks for the great article. It is the good reminder of topics about niches that are problems and people searching for the solution.

    Actually, you gave me another idea for my next posts. And you are right that by simply rewriting the keyword phrase can help a lot. I recently found an online tool Question Samurai and recommend to check it out.

  97. I’ve been really struggling lately to get ideas what to write about in my niche.

    Product reviews & general problems in niche..

    I like that.. no chit-chat, you’re taking things right to the point.

    I’ve also run into that exact trouble, where you come up with a topic but there’s almost no traffic under that particular keyword.

    In addition, there are still very bad options, even when you try & re-phrase the whole thing.

    What should I do then? The product might be all quality & highly relevant to my niche, but underrated.

    Oddly, even more so..within my niche, it’s even happening with Amazon best seller products. No kidding.

    You see that #1 best seller tag in Amazon, you type in product name into keyword tool & there’s almost no traffic. What’s up?

    So, should I just write a product review on that one anyway & start sharing it on social networks to make it work?

    And perhaps boosting it by using internal-linking from other post(s) on my site that has a lot more traffic coming to it?

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one.

    • Hi Henry, sometimes there are niche products which are on the best seller list, but because the category under which it’s a best seller is SO defined, you may often encounter that issue where it’s a “best seller”, yet has little or no search traffic.

      Sometimes products like that can actually end up landing on the best seller list after making just a few sales.

      Now here’s a couple of things I’d suggest:

      1) Do not neglect products that are best sellers, yet have no search traffic. Keep them around as a plan B option for writing a product review when you run out of other ideas.

      2) Consider the fact that sometimes there are products which have low sales, are best sellers, have little search traffic, BUT they can also be all of these because they are still NEW to the market and need time to sell more and have more updated stats. Sometimes you may find that a new product sells VERY well, but keyword tools will not show this popularity in search traffic under only a few months later when they’re more updated.

      I’ve had situations in which I reviewed products that were newly released, the keyword tool I used showed NO traffic, and when it became popular, the search traffic numbers jumped to over 2,000 searches a month I believe (here’s the article on that). That’s why I said in point 1, to keep them around as a plan B.

      3) Now it can very well be that the products you find may never become popular, and while they should be monitored for how well they do in the future, one thing you can do is look at the same best seller category it’s under, then move up the category, to a more general product and cross reference those best sellers with whether or not they are getting searches on Google.

      Let me know if you want me to explain to this further, but basically what I mean is, search for more broad products that are also best sellers, but pertinent to your niche, the higher up you go, the more likely they’ll be popular enough that they are also getting a lot of searches on Google.

      4) If you still have issues after following all these 3 steps, perhaps your niche is such that it’s hard to find profit in it, OR perhaps you’re just not looking at this the right way. Perhaps if you gave me your niche topic, I would be able to help you find products to review.

      5) Regarding social networks and interlinking your posts, yes to both things!


  98. Thank you for this post. You’ve really helped me to bring my goals back into focus.

    Yes, I’m writing to make money. Sometimes I really struggle to choose a topic.

    1. Product reviews.

    2. Solutions to common problems.

    Kinda “Duh!” facepalm time!

    I needed this inspiration though.

    I am already cruising social groups within my niche online. I get lots of insights about what people’s concerns are and the problems they’re trying to solve.

    As you pointed out, I will never run out of material if I focus on these things, and I should be able to generate lots of traffic.

    • Sounds like you’ve got the right plan to work with Elizabeth, the only thing I’d add is to always make sure you find a keyword/s out of this. For product reviews, this is easy, but when you browse forums, social circles and any place that gives you an idea about what to blog about, make sure you first figure out if there’s a keyword which gets searched by many people pertaining to the problem/concern they have, and use that keyword in your title, it’ll be the BEST way to get that traffic.

  99. Hi Vitaliy,

    I feel that I really benefited from reading this article. You provide a large amount of information with solutions to common problems faced by bloggers. The tactic you have come up with of using the comments in YouTube videos for blog ideas is genius! I have saved your article and will be coming back to it very often whenever I feel like I’ve hit a wall. Thank for sharing this valuable information with us. I highly appreciate it.


  100. Interesting and honest post – great to get some insights behind the company. I’ve definetely learnt a lot, and I am happy that you weren’t trying to sell us into some MLM program! Doing product reviews is defintely something that sounds interesting, I guess it’d be worth a try for sure!

    • Why wouldn’t it be Tom? Like I said, people looking at products are the most likely to actually buy something, therefore showing them the product and something better basically takes high probability buyers and potentially gives you those commissions.

  101. Wow, this is great info I will put into practice literally right away. It makes complete sense and I see how there are many thousands of individuals who at some point have asked and looked up these specific questions as raised at various times throughout the term of the specific niche they are involved in. Thanks for the truly valuable content here.

  102. Very good article with heaps of options shared. I like the fact that you shared about how can you find idea to write about one niche that you’ve decided with. This could help keep the website rolling with useful and relevant content for the audiences. The part where it explains filtering options so that you get the best out of it is well written and helpful.

    • Absolutely, this will totally keep new and relevant content flowing across the site and for a long time to come and that itself almost guarantees good growth of the website as well as profits.

  103. These ideas for money making articles are great. I also like to make articles that will answer questions for people, but won’t necessarily make me any money. Even though it’s not directly making me money, it could potentially rank really well, thus helping my overall website. I find this just as valuable for myself, because I’m building towards having an authority site!.

    Anyway, thank you for the information here. Very enlightening.

    • Hi Jackson, informative posts CAN make you money and if nothing else, they will raise your trust with audiences. It is important to diversify your content beyond just product reviews because people need to know you’re more than just a product reviewer who may potentially just be looking to make money.

      You need to give them that proof and credibility that you know what you’re talking about and informative posts where you help people do just that.

  104. Thank you for this blog post. It helped me a lot because I have just started this whole internet marketing thing and it is good to read such an informative post about product reviews. I have just started writing my posts. I would like to ask you about how many products should I review for a topic on a website? 2-3 or even more?

    • More, far more, as many as possible Albert. I’ve reviewed over a 100 and I plan to keep moving forward. More product reviews = more content and that = better rankings and better traffic, so the more you make, the better, plus don’t neglect the informative posts too 🙂

  105. Hello Vitaliy,

    Your post has been of great interest for me who is somebody new on this world of the internet marketing.

    It has given me excellent and inspiring ideas to generate content for my website, and something very important, it tells about the advantages of making reviews of good products. I will check your strategy from Amazon, it sounds really interesting, thanks!

    I have a question: Do these recommendations work in the same way for the “pages” I create or only apply for the “posts”?

    Greetings from Venezuela!


    • Hi Franklin, pages and posts are exactly the same thing, but are still segmented differently by you WordPress site. I stick to mainly making posts personally, but it ultimately makes little difference where you choose to write your content, in the end, it’s still content.

  106. Hey Vitaliy,

    Great follow-up information from our discussion in the comments of your other article.

    You keep saying that content creation is important if we want to build authority in Google and get ranked higher up. Based on the information that you provided in this post, it opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that are out there – 1) in terms of the way/options to blog about in order to see increasing success; 2) as well as where to look for the additional content ideas.

    Frankly, I never really considered writing reviews – for some reason, when I think of the term “review” it brings an image of a boring, low-quality, stuffed-up article that no one reads about. Maybe it comes from my past experiences with online searches. But I will definitely consider this option and I will see how it works out.

    The second option, however, is closer to my heart. I love helping people and it makes sense for me to write about stuff that people want to fix – whatever niche that is. In fact, just a couple of days ago I wrote an article on a question that most beginners ask about. (In fact, that was the question I MYSELF asked at the beginning of my online journey). So personal experience definitely helps in the creation of blog content.

    One last thing. It never crossed my mind for checking YouTube comments to see what questions people ask about and use that to my own advantage. Thanks for this great tip!

    I will see you around,


    • Happy to help Zarina! Reviews are a lot more profitable than you can imagine. Believe me, for many products out there, there is always a new audience/s being formed that is interested in it and they DO look up reviews about these products to learn more before they buy. Some of my most profitable projects came about from doing product reviews.

      Check out this one, that was a case study in which a diet product was getting 100,000 clicks for me every month for the product name and people looking for a review for it. So believe me, there is incredible potential, not to mention the fact that some of the BEST conversions & sales come from the product review crowd.

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