5 Hungry Niche Markets Sure to Make You Money. See The List

I have created lists of niche markets before, but since there are so many out there, every year (or maybe even more often) I decided to start writing a fresh new post on them. 

This time, we will focus on the hungry ones as well as which of them in 2020 are the best to make money with.

5 hungry niche markets list

The more I learn about this topic, the more I see just how many different options there are as well as how much potential money can be made through marketing to people correctly. Nothing to this day in my opinion beats a hungry audience. 

But what do I mean by hungry? How does it it relate to the topic? Allow me to elaborate:

What is a hungry niche?

It is a specific crowd of people who have a problem which they need immediate help and solutions with.

They literally CRAVE an answer as they need that as soon as possible, and they’re ready to pay for it if necessary. This is key to understanding the “hungry” part of this whole thing.

And in some cases, the market can be such that people are STARVING for answers. Those are the ones you really need to look for as well and some on this list do indeed fit that category. You can also label these audiences, laser targeted traffic & niches. Additionally, many hungry niches are also evergreen niches as well.

By targeting this particular crowd and offering them solutions, you are more likely to make more sales and this mainly because they are in a hurry for an answer. That basically already does all the selling for you. In the examples below, you will understand more so why. I also explain this concept here, where I literally say that if you want to see success online, to target the hungry niche crowds.

Normal niche markets still are GREAT for making income through, but the hungry ones are generally those which will be more successful in the short and long run, depending on the seriousness of the problem they are having as well as the solution you’re offering, but as we go through each one below, you will understand exactly what I’m talking about right now.

So let’s get this list going! 

Hungry Niche 1: Hair loss for women.

As tough as hair loss can be for men, it is generally A LOT more serious for women and it’s the sort of topic where if there’s a little bit of hair loss happening, then there’s generally an immediate search on Google or at a local store for hair products to solve this issue. 

I hope any women reading this could comment on this topic below and let me know more about this topic from their point of view, but based on the research I’ve done, this is a huge topic. Even doing a LITTLE bit of keyword research shows the tip of the iceberg potential this niche market has.

I only looked up one keyword, but even that was enough to tell me, this is a market where having a top ranked site on Google or advertising it on search engines is going to get you 100,000’s of visits monthly with relative ease:

hungry niche market example

A plan of action:

  • Are you a woman who has had this issue?
  • Are you someone (man or woman) who understands how to deal with hair loss issues?
  • Do you know a lot about this topic?

If there are at least 2 out of the 3 questions that have a yes answer for you, then you have a big business opportunity on your hands with immense profit potential. You can and should start a blog site on this specific topic and get going.

I’ve often considered compiling an email list for this particular demographic with this issue to sell them an affiliate product for good money, but what’s personally stopping me is offering that great, good priced solution. If you have it, then you already have the answer to help these women with this problem.

Hungry Niche 2: Diets for brides. 

As a wedding is coming up, the bride to be (and groom) as well as many of the people going to the wedding want to look their best. And believe me, during this period, a lot of them look up ways to drop pounds and they are pretty specific about their searches. Thanks to great keyword tools like Jaaxy, we know the numbers behind this niche:

Now the numbers may seem low just based on this one screenshot, but understand a few things:

1) Having a website for this market rank on the first page of Google means you will rank for pretty much ALL of those terms, including the related ones on the right hand side you see, which means those numbers add up. That’s several 100 visits a month right there.

2) Furthermore, there’s a bunch of other terms I didn’t look up but relate to this one, which would also add to the traffic, probably a few more 100 a month.

3) If you make a blog type website, you will not just be writing about this topic, you will be writing about other hot diets on the market because that same crowd is going to be looking at them on Google, believe me and if your site ranks for those diet plans and a someone who is getting married clicks on it and sees that your site is focused on helping people lose weight for a wedding, they’re going to feel like they landed in the right spot.

And in terms of traffic, the sky is the limit there. I know many diet plans which get 1,000’s of searches monthly, some even 10,000’s so adding that to your site targeting this topic is really going to make traffic skyrocket for you.

Hungry Niche 3: Getting rid of belly fat (specifically).

This type of niche market isn’t exactly starving, but it is still a hungry one. The market for getting rid of fat on the stomach is huge, evergreen and it will always sell well if you market your site/sales funnel intelligently.

I’m actually running an experiment like this on an existing weight loss page I have and will keep you guys posted in the future on how it goes. I am currently building an email list for this type of crowd and seeing what results I get, but anyway…

You have a market here with millions of people worldwide seeking solutions to this problem. Belly fat is a huge issue considering the rising rates of obesity and overweight stats.

Though there are people who seek general weight loss solutions, there is a sub category (aka the niche audience) who specifically seeks the belly fat solution and that is the market we’re targeting in this example:

Again, we have an example where a simple keyword search shows us just how much potential there is in this market. The general term “burn belly fat” already gets well over 3k searches monthly, and a simple add on of “how to” before that makes it over 7,000 searches.

Add to it topics like exercises that burn fat, foods that do that, diet plans that do that and again, we have a niche market with 100,000’s of HUNGRY people with a problem. 

If you’re the type of person whose into personal training, have experience with this topic from the point of view that you had a belly but got rid of it, then you’ve got another clear winner here. 

The kinds of products and plans you can market to this crowd are quite vast and there will definitely not be a shortage of what you can promote as an affiliate marketer to them.

Hungry Niche 4: Getting rid of love handles.

Love handles are the type of fat located on the waist of a person. Now you may be thinking, what’s the difference between burning fat on the belly and love handles. Wouldn’t this qualify as the same niche? 

The answer is yes, but not exactly at the same time. Let’s put it this way:

A person who seeks to lose belly fat and lands on a site covering losing love handles will not feel like they’re EXACTLY where they need to be to find that solution.

But if a person who seeks to lose love handles lands on the same site, then they WILL feel like they are EXACTLY where they need to be.

People do make connections between niche markets all the time, but the more precise you are in this stage of marketing, the better it’ll be. It’s sort of like the difference in how many points you get on a dart board if you get close to the bulls eye vs the actual bulls eye:

While you can cover both topics on a SINGLE niche website (say burning fat in general), you can and SHOULD attract the specific sub niche crowd (belly fat is one and love handles is the other) to it’s own sales funnel because it will affect sales positively if you do. For example:

If I have a single site covering fat loss, I can have sub sections on love handles, belly fat (and one more we’ll be covering in a moment as the last hungry niche). This will basically funnel my specific niche crowd into the right corresponding places depending on WHICH particular area of fat loss solutions they seek. 

Hungry Niche 5: Getting rid of cellulite. 

Here’s another example of a sub niche topic. Cellulite is the fat located on legs/behind and it is a problem many people have and WANT solutions to. But targeting this topic ALONE is still a HUGE market:

And once again, I have to point out that this is just a single keyword search I did and having nearly 8k searches on this one query I did is enough to tell me that this is a huge market.

Believe me, people while making connections as I said before still differentiate the different sections of a main niche topic. In this case, they differentiate cellulite from love handles and belly fat. 

My final thoughts:

So there you have it, 5 more topics I added to the existing lists I’ve done. Here are 10 other niche markets I documented before. 

Here’s another 3 high ticket niches I think you’ll like. 

I want to point out that those lists still work just fine today even though they were written at least a year or more ago. As I said, there are many out there and I’ll cover them from time to time. But at least now you have 5 HUNGRY ones you can market to. 

If you have a particular niche you are interested in which ISN’T mentioned on this list, do let me know below and we’ll figure out if it’s a hungry one. Here’s 50 more amazing niches.

Furthermore, if you decided to start a blog/website on them and need guidance on going from the niche selection to having it make bank, then this is what I recommend:

There are plenty of ways to make GREAT money off a niche topic, but essentially, a program with all in one training to help you through the process is what will determine how successful and far you go with it and Wealthy Affiliate is that program.

Thanks for reading this list!

54 thoughts on “5 Hungry Niche Markets Sure to Make You Money. See The List”

  1. Wow, I found this post very useful. I’ve been focusing on the ‘outdoor gear’ and ‘book review’ niches for the better part of a year now, but I’ve been considering launching a third site devoted to a different niche.

    While these five niches aren’t of specific interest to me (I think it’s imperative to be passionate about your niche area), I think this is a great compilation of hungry niches that those just getting into niche blogging (or those looking for a new niche) could greatly benefit from.

    Thanks for putting this together!

    • Hi Tucker, thanks. I don’t know what the situation is regarding your existing 2 sites, but if you’re already very busy on one or the other (I’d stick with outdoor gear personally) site, I would not get involved in making a third site, unless you can get legitimate freelance writers to handle the content production on the other sites you have.

  2. Very good list! While I may not be in any of these niches myself, they would be of great benefit to those who wish to get into them. I will be reading the other links on your page as well for further lists. Do you think the metaphysical is a hungry niche? I am working on that as a secondary niche site.

    • Its a very broad topic. I would break down the topic of the metaphysical into as many branches that you can think of that break it down, then pick one of them, they are bound to be hungry niches. For example:

      A site on topics regarding the afterlife.

      A site talking about if ghosts are real.

      A site talking about the law of attraction.

      A site discussing quantum physics. 

      A site on chakras/energy/vibes. 

      These are all things relating to the metaphysical, but each is distinct as you can see.

  3. Thanks a lot! I’ve been searching for a niche for my second site and I couldn’t find one. I’m glad you gave examples of how to find new niches. I’m not sure if I’ll choose one of them because I don’t know a lot about any of these.

    Is it okay to start and learn along the way or would it be better to choose something else I know already enough about it?

    • I’d probably start with something you know a lot about Jenny, it’ll make the progress go faster in this. You mentioned starting a second niche site, what was your first though? And what second option did you choose? I ask because I can help you figure out if they will be profitable and if not to help you narrow them down so they will be.

  4. I notice how your niches are geared mostly towards women. Beauty and appearance is such a highly competitive niche, but it is competitive because people are constantly searching for it. The Jaxxy keyword tool is great to find those keywords that others haven’t used much. There is always room in any niche for someone to write and have success on in attracting visitors. Thank you for the information

    • No problem Gary, but I just want to comment that in these niches, many of them are also just as applicable to men as well. When you set up the site and it targets the hungry niche, it won’t matter if it’s a man or woman who visits the site, what will matter is that they both have the same problem they need to solve and your site is going to answer that.

  5. There are many products that support these type of niches and people are prepared to spend money which I think makes it a profitable pathway. Anything from e books to courses, supplements and programs, dieting advice and fitness would work well as tools to use to generate revenue. Would you start of with a targeted sub niche and expand as your website grows since they are very competitive?

    • As long as it’s a profitable niche market, no matter how competitive it is, if I know I can generate a lot of content on a site I develop around it, I will do it. Although the option you mention works too Vaughn, a lot of people start in smaller, micro type niches, and then what that site grows, they add more content by expanding the topic to more broader niches. For example: A women’s hair growth page can expand into a general hair loss page eventually.

  6. This is seriously wonderful information. I have been trying to get into affiliate marketing with no real clue on what I am doing. This information gives me something I can start with and I like how detailed you are with explaining what to do. Burning belly fat seems like one of the best options at all times because people will always want to lose weight. Thank you.

  7. Hey Vitaliy,

    Great article for searches on niches that are extremely popular. The belly fat one is huge and people are looking for answers to that and fast. I’m personally always looking for the best ways to get rid of the belly fat.

    But your point about giving people what they are looking for is what it’s all about. It begins with a niche that is very well known and the answers are in the keyword search figures. What would you suggest as far as a plan to getting traffic?

    • Once you have the big niche chosen Rob, you will have an easy time finding keywords for it that get high traffic. Once you do, figure out the ones which have low competition and start your content production, targeting those keywords. In addition, I’d consider doing product reviews for the most popular items in the niche market you can find.

      Since you used the belly fat example, I’d probably go to Amazon, see the hottest products for fat burning that sell well, then see their keyword figures and if they are large, to write a review on them.

      This would really bring in good traffic to your site.

  8. There definitely seems to be a big market for all those niches you have uncovered within this post. As a woman, yes I can tell you that woman tend to jump more on how to solve something in relation to their own bodies, compared to men, especially within the aesthetics department. Hair loss is in relation to one’s age, and makes us look older. But we all want to look younger! I definitely think that there is big potential in this market.

    • Very true Reyhana and what you said also raises some other hungry niche ideas such as anti aging tips for women. I’m sure this would sell well 🙂

  9. Hi Vitaliy,

    What a great article but more than that what a great site, you put things into perspective and make it easy to understand not only that you help buy giving key niches to help people get started. That to me is just fantastic thanks for the info and for being good enough to share with every one what to get started with.


  10. I used to have love handles and getting rid of them is such a pain. So a couple of years ago I learned everything about them and I can build a website around this topic. 

    I just wonder something. Do you think how many articles should I write to make connections between the niche markets? Since I don’t want to write about the love handles all the time.

    • Hi Furkan, great question! You could and should write about everything related to this topic, you can review exercises that get rid of love handles, machines for it, supplements for fat burning, those sorts of things. I have an article on this stuff here, but there are SO many things you can write for this.

  11. Very interesting article! I can certainly speak to your #5 – I am a woman with hair loss issues, and I struggled for a long time looking everywhere for something to help! In my case, it turned out to be a vitamin deficiency, so I take certain supplements for that. There are so many false products out there for hair loss, so if someone has that perfect product and success with it, I’m sure it would be a great niche for them!

    • Sounds like this may be the perfect niche for you Leah. You had a problem, it’s linked to a problem many women have and it’s a hungry niche. Why not make a blog out of this? 🙂

  12. This was a really good article with good niche ideas. I had a hard time picking a niche for one of my websites. I ended up picking poker as my niche but its hard to come up with good keywords so all I can do reviews on products. I am still working with it and i have a second website which is my make money niche!

    • Poker is a tough one, if you’re a great player, you may want to explore the possibility of doing streaming videos on you playing the game and explaining your thought process as a way of teaching people the game and then leading them to your site.

      As for the make money topic, is it making money online? That would be the better choice Justin.

  13. Hi Vitaliy,

    Thanks for sharing this post. I’ve not heard of the term hungry niche to describe a popular one but it definitely describes the concept well! The QSR (competition) stats you’re showing there are quite high on some of those categories. How do you know that you would mange on the top 10 list for Google rankings? Also am I right in assuming you’d need to be fairly passionate about these topics to make a decent website?



    • Hi James, every niche topic has keywords and topics which have a lot of competition, but a well developed authority site that targets that niche can absolutely rank on the first page for numerous keywords and get a lot of traffic. 

      Also you have to take into consideration the plethora of product reviews and topics each of these niches have which don’t have a lot of competition and those are terms which are easy to rank high for. And also, there’s paid ads. I even tested this out with a page which was targeting keywords for the belly fat topic. I was getting nearly a 100 clicks a day for a few dollars. Lots of potential there too!

      And finally, of course you need to be passionate about it. It’s what will drive the person to create the kind of content in the right amount to become an authority with Google and other search engines, as well as the audiences visiting the site 🙂

  14. Hair loss for women is an interesting niche, and not one I would have ever thought of. It certainly has some search traffic with very little competition, and women will spend money on this sort of stuff, just like they do with anything to do with beauty and their appearance.

    Actually, all the niches you mention here look pretty good as far as traffic potential and sales are concerned. Which one do you believe has the most potential?

    • The answer is whichever one you know most about and are willing to work hard to develop Darren. And it could be a niche that wasn’t even on this list. It all comes down to your own personal passion for it. 

  15. Thanks so much for you info on these niche markets. I think its important to pick a niche like one of these to make sure you can maintain a constant flow of reviews and make a number of decent sales. I personally think the ‘getting rid of belly fat’ would be an excellent one considering the number of people looking for an answer in this niche.

    • It’s an enormous niche topic JD! I actually regret going with a weight loss site years ago, as making a fat loss site in this topic would have given me much more success, a long time ago! But back then, I didn’t understand hungry niches unfortunately.

  16. Thank you Vitaliy, I’m relatively new in the online marketing world and your post was very helpful to me. It makes sense that going after an already hungry market is certainly easier than trying to create an interest in something that just isn’t all that sought after. It’s like starting 2 steps ahead instead of 3 steps back. For me, ranking in Google is the tough part. Once you’ve picked your niche, what’s the most important element of getting ranked so you can get traffic?

    • Hi Brad, there’s 2 elements actually: The first is finding keywords and the second is creating content based on the first element. This is what creates the rankings and generates traffic.

  17. Hey Vitaliy, I really loved reading your post. My personal opinion on niches is that it isn’t so much about how much competition you have, its more about your market position. Like your unique value proposition. 

    The best example for that is Gretta Rose van Riel. She opened up a watch company called the fifth watches in a saturated market with strong competition like Rolex, Breitling and so on, but her UVP is so strong that it became a million dollar business.

    I really don’t want to say that knowing how much competition you have isn’t important, but knowing what your competition is up to is also a really BIG part of niche research.

    Still awesome post 🙂 Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Excellent examples and points Aaron. Looking at your competition from a standpoint of how you can capitalize on their negatives rather than fear them and let that fear deter you from starting a competing business is why there’s always an opportunity present for anyone to become successful in any niche market. 

  18. I didnt realize that hair loss for women was such a huge opportunity. Makes me wonder why so many women out there have not seen this niche yet? I am actually surprised that the burn belly fat fast is still a hungry niche market. I thought that market got saturated a long time ago.

    • Hi Jessie, no market ever gets saturated, there’s always new people coming into it. And with regards to the hair loss for women topic, they don’t look at it as a niche, business people do. The women in that market JUST want to solve that problem, period.

  19. Hi, Vitaliy, you’re probably right that the interest in these topics is great, you’ve actually been exploring it and having evidence of it. But I would say that these themes are evergreen, i.e. always current. After all, women have always struggled with beauty and weight gain problems, as well as the quality of maintaining hair. Anyway, anyone who chooses these topics will not make a mistake. He will just have to throw himself to work and do it well. Best Regards.

    • Hi Dragi, you have to isolate particular issues, not just for women but men too, this is how you find niche. Yes it is true that for women, there are multiple problems they go through in life revolving around the topics you mentioned, but if you’re going to make a website that is set to succeed, it is better to target a particular problem they have and one which they are absolutely set on fixing as soon as possible. Hair loss is certainly one of them and I would argue, near the top of problems that need fixing.

  20. Very hungry niches indeed! I didn’t realize that getting rid of cellulite and love handles had such potential.

    I think if you start one of these and begin to dominate, it will be so easy to branch out and incorporate burning belly fat and general all round health into your business. This is the beauty of niche marketing – the potential to expand! 

    Thanks for the informative post.

    • Yes, cross promoting in the general fat burning niche can be done, but people should start with the specific aspect of it first. And this applies to other niche markets.

  21. Gosh. These are really hungry niches. The search volume for some of the keywords is extremely high. I was slightly worried about getting into niches like these. Sometimes, I tend to prefer safer niches. Wouldn’t there be too many competitors? What’s your best advice for a new site to stand out from the crowd?

  22. Thanks for the guide with these niches. You have obviously put some time into searching them and while they are not all such obvious niches, they are surely ones that if you have the problem, you are really serious about getting help, e.g. the ladies losing hair and the world’s belly fat epidemic.

    These are some great ideas and although I may not touch on them they have given me many more ideas.

    Thanks mate

    • Thank you Paul. You are indeed correct, the bigger the problem, the more ready the person (as well as the niche audience) is ready to pay for a solution. It is very important though that the solution you provide is an honest one.

  23. These are really great niches to look into. I especially like the hair loss one, because it has huge potential for traffic. Not that I know anything about hair loss, but it’s always possible to learn about a specific niche.

    Do you have any advice how to find profitable niches? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and I just fail to generate any new ideas for a niche.

    • Cross reference your personal interests with hungry niches like the ones I listed here. Generally the niche with the biggest problem will have the best correspondence to profit potential. 

  24. Hi Vitaliy. I have read through your article and wow! The first niche that you mentioned is one of my personal physical issues. I lost the hair of my head at the squint of an eye. And yet it never dawned on me that it could be a niche because there are many women who are losing their hair even more rapidly. Do you agree that this niche requires some level of solution to the problem?


    • Hi Dorcas, not just some, but a complete solution, otherwise the person who is writing up the site shouldn’t even be pitching a solution, they would then just be lying to their audience. The better of a solution you have for your niche, the more likely that they’ll buy it from you AND keep coming back to you for more solutions in the future.

  25. Wow, Vitaliy, what an exciting post. You really got my juices flowing, as someone who writes about health, and uses Jaaxy, it’s so interesting how you’ve combined your expertise to create a really great read, and a good business proposition. I could write about all of those hungry topics easily! thanks!

  26. I think the hair loss problem for women is more common that we think. Last year I heard my mom talking to my oldest sister and my sister was having one bad day because of this issue.

    The little information or help she could find about how to solve this problem was bigger and bigger everyday, so you got my attention on this topic, and I’m sure many women would love to know more about solutions on this problem.

    I’m personally dealing with some problems about how to get rid of some weight and no matter how many websites talk about this issue, I’m always looking to read more information that helps me to get better and healthy solutions for this topic. I think as you mentioned here, there’s a lot to write on and many solutions to work on to help people with this topic. 

    I’m thinking now if I should start a website about how I’m going to work on getting healthier and in shape. I haven’t started yet as I thought it was already saturated. Thanks for writing a good article to help us find a good niche to start working from home.

    • If you’re going to start a weight loss blog, focus on one of the 3 niches I mentioned on this list that relate to it, and/or you could just start a fat loss blog and link it to your personal struggle to lose weight, this would be a better solution.

  27. I never considered hair loss for women before, but that’s not really an area that I have issues with. I would have thought the niche for belly fat would be saturated by now. I was surprised to see that it is not. I can also see a lot of men searching for how to lose those love handles.

    A niche for losing weight before a wedding is genius. I don’t know that I would have thought of that one. You’ve given some great ideas here and it’s certainly food for thought!

    • Hi Anita, highly competitive markets like burning belly fat are over saturated with affiliates and their websites, but this is not an issue because there’s always ways to beat them. See what I mean here.


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