Internet Income Pillars Review. A True Opportunity?

Internet Income Pillars isn’t a program I rated high due to the review you’re about to read on it, so be aware of that. 

Quick Report: Internet Income Pillars.

internet income pillars review

Creator: Internet Income Pillars by Michelle Johnson or Stacy Stevens.

Price: Small time charge of a few dollars for a trial to the site, then almost a $100 to remain.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars.

I’ll teach you what this program is supposed to teach you, but for free in this article.

Recommended? Nope. But…

Internet Income Pillars in a nutshell:

This is one of those old school, low quality programs (possibly even scams) which charge you a small fee to try out their system, then use your credit card info to charge you on the back end if you don’t cancel.

The info you learn inside this program basically pertains to drop shipping, the “art” of buying wholesale products and selling them, in this case on eBay (although you can do it on a personal website and/or Amazon too).

The amount of projected money they say you can make which is over $200 a day is really a made up number since this business technically has no limits to how much you can earn, so it’s hard to make a prediction on sales estimates because it depends on how well you work in the business of drop shipping, what you sell, what you profit margin is and what it adds up to at the end of the day, so again I believe that $200 figure is made up.

There are a lot of “Pillar” type systems out there. Which one is right for you?

Even though I am reviewing Internet Income Pillars, if you do a search for it on Google, you’ll find many systems, tutorials and topics on this, most of which are completely unrelated to this program, so please do not mistake my review of this program for the other places you find that have the word pillar in them.

I also want to clarify that the word itself in general is another way of saying business ideas that basically make money, which you can depend on. 

It can involve business investments, stock market things, websites that bring in money or something different, but in the end, it’s an investment into a type of business or market that makes you money which you can rely on.

Personally, my “pillar” is knowing how to make profitable websites:

But in the case of our review, we’re looking at a version of making income from the internet through drop shipping.

Now I did say I’ll teach you about it, and what you need to know is written here on the topic. I will say that while I am involved in making money online, it is not through drop shipping and my main reason as to why is because I don’t like the tedious nature of it as well as how deceptive it can get.

The concept of drop shipping is legitimate, but I’ve had bad experiences with it on the seller side, that I’ve come to distrust it.

Don’t get me wrong though, you can make good money on it, but there is an aspect of it that I’m not a fan of and that is the idea that you pretend to own a product, find a seller and then if they buy it, you have to go and buy the product yourself from the whole seller and that whole seller will probably make you buy the product/s in bulk, so you will have to find multiple sellers to make a profit and so on.

Drop shipping is good, but it is not easy and there are risky elements in it, among many other issues which inevitably turn me away from it.

Stay away from places that offer trial kits and easy money:

Going back to the original review, I was talking about the Internet Income Pillars program.

One thing I advise people avoid, especially nowadays is any program like this because of it’s easy money promises, the free kits which actually act more like fishing rods to get you to buy their system and their back end costs which are usually not mentioned until you buy the kit.

Furthermore, it is undeniably true that you can find info on things like drop shipping rather easily (Google, YouTube). Perhaps one can make the case that “kits” like this one were necessary 15 years ago when finding good information on Google and YouTube was hard, but believe me, it isn’t today. I would even argue the content you find on Google and YouTube regarding this topic is much more valuable. Actually, I’d guarantee it.

Final Rating: Internet Income Pillars.

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. While I have my own opinions on drop shipping, I will say that it can be used legitimately, but even then, this program isn’t the place I’d recommend to find it.

My final thoughts: My personal tutorial on making your own pillar/s:

As I’ve said, I have my own set up in the form of profit generating websites and it this has been my go to approach to making money online for years.

The way I generate profits on my sites is through affiliate marketing which I happen to think is better than drop shipping because it takes a lot of potential problems like negotiating with whole sellers and buying the item yourself unnecessary. I just send people to the product page and that’s really my main goal (and to make them buy it).

Now while affiliate marketing is awesome, it takes work to get good results, but make no mistake, so does drop shipping and in any legitimate industry, a portion of potential success comes from the person whose working to achieve it and how much work they actually invest into it.

If you are interested in making your own financial pillars to rely on, I strongly believe, speaking from personal experience that affiliate marketing and creating profitable websites is where you should invest your time in. 

One more thing…

I also recommend affiliate marketing for generating money because the up front cost is almost NULL. With many of these other opportunities, they usually require a large investment, including drop shipping, so with something like affiliate marketing, to just steer people into product pages and promote products for FREE is a huge benefit none of these other opportunities possess.

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