Will The Warrior Forum Really Help You Make Money Online?

warrior forum reviewA lot of questions surround the Warrior Forum and if it’s worth investing time, money and energy into.

This review will help provide a lot of clarity on this subject. I’ve personally been involved with this place and in my opinion, it’s only good for specific scenarios if you’re an online marketer looking to succeed. 

The Warrior Forum in a nutshell:

This is a very popular place for internet marketers (And I don’t recommended using it if you’re a beginner, start here instead.) to get together and share various things from information, to products, joint ventures, reviews, ect…

Even though it keeps switching up, there is a free way to join the website and post on the forum, but 100% access as well as privileges are given to those who sign up to their “War Room”, which at the time of this writing is $37.  Those who have special access to the forum may do things such as:

  • Sell their own products/affiliate products to the entire forum and earn money there.
  • Create social groups and potential joint ventures with other members.
  • Be able to put up blog posts on the forum and (I could be wrong on this) advertise their blog on the site.

There are more perks, but in a nutshell, the War Room privileges give those who understand how to utilize the Warrior Forum correctly an extra way to profit not just through the forum itself, but move their own online business further. 

Other than that, for the most part, the Warrior forum has massive potential for people to share ideas, ask questions and get advice from other marketers. But there is the other side of the coin which I’ll get to in a moment.

My experience with the Warrior Forum:

When I first began doing online marketing, I was recommended this place, which I registered to. At the time, my experience in internet marketing was pretty much 0 and my success was also non-existent. I had hoped to get some sense of direction since a common side effect of learning online marketing, especially in the beginning is: 

  • Information overload.
  • Lots of question.

I did get a lot of questions answered, but at the same time even more questions arose since most of the advice I had gotten wasn’t the same. Some people recommended one thing, others another, and so on, which is why I still do not recommend joining that place or utilizing it if you’re a beginner to online marketing. You will simply be as lost as I was. 

In addition to getting directions that led me nowhere, I had also put up a product there to sell. It was a weight loss guide I personally created after reading up a guide called the $7 secrets.

Things didn’t go well for me there (and in that case, it was my fault) and I regret putting up the product because the site is meant to promote internet marketing related products. I made 0 sales as result of this experiment, but it goes to show how my inexperience mixed with the Warrior Forum did not yield any progress. 

warrior forum alternative

What is good about the Warrior Forum?

The way I see it, unless you possess a lot of online marketing experience and perhaps a product you can sell there, this forum won’t do much for you.

One thing I personally utilize this place for is research. Whenever I see new products related to online marketing advertised, I usually look to see if the Warrior Forum has any posts/reviews on it. 

There I will be able to get inside information on the product. Odds are if there’s a new product to the internet marketing world, you’ll likely read about it on the Warrior Forum.

That place has 1,000’s of members if not more and almost always there is information on it, either from someone who has tried it, speculation & more. Sometimes the information is useful, but other times, it’s not always accurate or honest which brings me to my next point.

If you want to sell there, I do recommend an additional look alike network known as Warrior Plus.

What I don’t like about the Warrior Forum:

There are a lot of people there who promote products that are questionable to say the least. I’ve seen A LOT of members there basically write up sales page for products on how to make money online and show off profit reports which I believe are fake.

In fact I’ve seen products promoted there that I’ve personally rated VERY low. An example would be MOBE.

This kind of activity is pretty common there and all that’s really needed for it to happen is for someone to join the War Room, post a promotion for a product and there’s no real check as to whether or not it’s legitimate. 

Unfortunately this kind of activity has given the Warrior Forum a bad reputation and even though I understand that these products are being promoted by shady people, and don’t represent the forum itself, the fact that the forum owners aren’t doing much (at least to my knowledge) about this issue is something that will devalue the trust of members as well as those who are considering joining it.

This is why I stopped looking at advice there and just flat out stopped visiting the page unless I’m researching new programs.


  • There are a lot of experienced marketers there who provide excellent advice you could use in your online marketing endeavors. 
  • The Warrior Forum is a great place to research make money online (MMO) products (I also recommend MunchEye).
  • If you own an make money online product, you can promote it to the entire forum and potentially earn a lot.


  • Not recommended for beginner marketers. I do recommend Wealthy Affiliate for that.
  • There’s way too many opinions on what you should do to make money online, what you should buy, where to go, ect…
  • I say take the advice you see in the Warrior Forum with a grain of salt (There’s too many differing and inexperienced opinions). 
  • Many shady products and even scams are advertised there.

My final thoughts on the Warrior Forum:

There are many useful aspects to this place, but for many beginners to online marketing, it’s going to be difficult to accomplish anything major there.

There are certainly a lot of good members who you can take advice from, but like I said before, take it with a grain of salt because there’s too many people suggesting too many different things. This will simply confuse you, especially if you’re new! 

Like I said before, the only real thing I use this forum for is research. That is it. If I ever come out with a make money online product that I can sell, maybe I’ll consider that place, but until then, I don’t recommend it for anything other than research. 

For those who are new to online marketing, my best advice is to get proper guidance from a place like Wealthy Affiliate on what to do in order to succeed or a point A to Z road map basically. This will really answer most if not all of your questions. 

If you have a personal review you’d like to share about the Warrior Forum, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

8 thoughts on “Will The Warrior Forum Really Help You Make Money Online?”

  1. Thank you for informing us on this platform. With affiliate marketing being already too hard for beginners it seems like this forum is mostly for the experienced ones. 

    I wouldn’t want to be lost from my first day if I would start now. I think WA is amazing at providing beginners with an easy to follow guide through the training courses. They take you slowly and explain everything from the beginning something that is essential during your first steps. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

    • The problem is that too many beginners look at the Warrior Forum as an enclosed circle for learning ways to make money and the other issue is that too many bad programs and bad systems are peddled there, which creates a bad environment. 

      I absolutely do not recommend beginners listen to the advice within the Warrior Forum, because too many people there are looking to get beginners suckered into get rich quick schemes. WA is certainly a much better option like you mentioned.

  2. Thank You Vitality for the heads up. I was doing some research on Warrior Forum as I was thinking of joining them. I also did not get very good reviews. You are very correct when you say that people from Warrior Forum have been found to promote products with dubious quality and questionable credentials there. The Forum owners/admins do not do anything on this. 

    Gee Ess

    • Well the owners have incentive to get people to sign up to their “War room” membership to then sell the community products, so they are in a way reinforcing this system.

  3. I’ve been a member of Warriors Forum for a long time and I have been a member of War Room for quite a while. I keep coming back to their forum just to leave it a few weeks later.

    My biggest problem with WF is the huge amount of people who are very negative and who will jump on you telling you “this can’t be done” at every opportunity they get. Regardless if you are a beginner or advanced, you will often get an answer “this is a dumb question, just google it” – isn’t the point of a forum to help out and share and not call people dumb?

    I still visit WF because you do find some great posts in there but I am not an active member because of the statements above.

    • Funny you should mention that Alex. I usually find people are very vague about the things they explain there too. This is one of the reasons I said it’s easy for a beginner to get lost there.


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