Is OMG Machines a Scam? My Unique Review.

OMG (One man group) Machines is a program that teaches people ways to succeed in the world of online marketing. But is it a scam?omg machines review screenshot

For the most part, no, it is legit, but at the same time, some of it’s services back when I first reviewed it were VASTLY overpriced and I wouldn’t recommend getting them, not to mention the fact that there are in my opinion better alternatives to this program.

Update: OMG Machines has changed:

Since I first reviewed this program, it has changed substantially and I cannot give it an updated score yet, but I can tell you that the better alternative is likely still the one I originally recommended, Wealthy Affiliate:

omg machine alternative

Until the new updated review comes up, I will leave the old on up, so you can see what OMG Machines used to be and why I graded it at 40 out of 100 points.

OMG Machines explained in a nutshell:

You get SEO training to get websites ranked very high on Google as well as email marketing tutorials on collecting leads and selling them products. There is also a VERY expensive course called “No Holds Barred Project X” in which you get more training as well as access to webinars, support and coaching from successful internet marketers.

OMG Machines was created by Mike Long and Greg Morrison and the site has been going through changes. In 2014, if you try to sign up to their page (which is currently free), you’ll get access to a few tutorials, but mainly the promotion of their most expensive product Project X, which I already mentioned is extremely expensive ($4,999).

However, it is now 2019 and I’m not sure how the site/program has changed (if at all, so consider this review a bit outdated, but never the less, the other program I recommend above OMG Machine is still in my opinion 100% better and cheaper.

Other than that, the site did (and still does) have training on SEO and email marketing. Here’s a quick look at what you get:

The Training:

Pretty much the bulk of everything you learn from this program comes from mp3 files and ebooks. Within these areas, you learn a lot of information on SEO. Other than, there isn’t much support except a forum where views are mixed. But let’s get down to specifics:

1) The Commission Conspiracy (Part I):

This will cost you $45.You get:

A) A guide which explains how to experience successful SEO results via making Squidoo lenses, which are basically blogs available for free. You learn how to make them and sell Amazon products as an affiliate there.

Squidoo lenses do have a higher page rank than other websites which means whenever you make a new lens (blog), it will rank higher/faster on Google than other websites.

This is a great perk, but unfortunately Squidoo does have a lot of cons, most notably that they are VERY difficult to work with and can shut down your lens anytime they please whether or not you are violating their TOS. I’ve personally had major issues with them as have many.

New con: Squidoo is GONE.

B) You also get access to a program called Magic Submitter which is a program that you submit content to which it then takes and submits to various areas. The purpose of this is to give your website more link juice, also known as backlinks and higher/faster rankings in the SERPS. I am totally against this approach to SEO. 

Using tactics like these is likely to get your website/lens Google slapped because it is considered to be a form of black hat marketing (and it is). It is basically a way to try and cheat the search engines and get higher rankings artificially. Google has made some drastic changes to catch people who do this and they eventually catch everyone who does it. I would NOT recommend using Magic submitter.

C) A guide on utilizing YouTube to get a lot of traffic to your website. In my experience, it really comes down to just sharing your video and using proper keyword research really.

D) Mp3’s with Greg Morrison doing interviews with other marketers and them all sharing their knowledge on how to succeed online. 

2) The Commission Conspiracy (Part II):

This will cost you $99 and is an upsell of OMG Machines. You get:

A) A guide on how to build your own website (WordPress) and get it to rank high on Google. Some of the training comes down to using tactics in Part I, which as you already know can lead to bad results. Other than that, it’s general information such as adding content. My point is this stuff is more hyped and you’re better off taking the standard, honest path as it will yield better results in the long run.

Usually in order to build a website, you have to buy a domain name/hosting and set it up on your own. This can cost you anywhere from $10 for the domain and $1-$10 a month for hosting, not to mention a few hours of work on setting up the site (if you’re new). If this the case, then I recommend my approach to building websites and it does all of these things in a minute and for $0.

B) A guide on how to set up your WordPress website so that it’s optimized for search engines to spot it better. Even though this is important, speaking from personal experience, there are a number of ways to do this.

Usually WordPress sites get spotted by Google pretty quickly (within a day or two sometimes!), but the approach to building websites I explained above already has it optimized.  

C) Videos on how Greg & Mike (basically case studies) get their website/s ranked on the #1 spot on Google. This is actually pretty good, but not every single approach works for every single website, so I wouldn’t consider their approach to be universally practical.

D) How to create a successful email marketing project. Basically email marketing is the process of collecting emails (leads), building a relationship with the leads and then selling products over and over to them. This guide shows you how to do this. 

But being the naysayer that I am, I can tell you from experience, email marketing is NOT something you should do until you learn how online marketing works and that means getting a website and attracting visitors to it. That will be the most important thing you need to do before you move onto email marketing.

3) Project X (No Holds Barred):

This is their most expensive up-sell which is currently being offered at $4,999, although split payments are available. This is the OMG Machines Project Xservice being pushed the most as of now on their website. 

You are basically given a lot of support and access to 1 on 1 coaching from Mike & Greg as well as access to webinars, other successful internet marketing and other “essential” tutorials to help you build a successful online business. 

I personally find this price ridiculously high. I would not recommend this sort of stuff to anyone. It is being marketed as a “get rich quick” approach to make you believe if you sign up, you’ll make all the money back within a month. They do this by putting up testimonials and screenshots of people who are seeing successful results from using their system. 

I say do not let this kind of stuff lure you into buying it!

In my experience a lot of these programs that talk big, deliver little. I haven’t tried Project X, but I have tried similar services from a program Mike Long was once associated with: Bring the Fresh. Let’s just say I wasted A LOT of money and saw no results, not to mention the fact that a lot of Bring the Fresh’s approaches to marketing are very similar to OMG Machines.

This doesn’t mean it’s “guilty by association”, but I’ve been around the block more than once and am on guard from now on. You should be too if you are considering buying this product or ANY other than promises fast results.


  • Some SEO training is good.
  • Does show some legitimate ways to earn the #1 spot on Google.
  • There are a lot of resources available as training.
  • You can promote OMG Machines as an affiliate and earn money in the process.


  • Some services extremely overpriced (Project X).
  • Lots of up-sells. I don’t like up-sells especially if they are sneaky.
  • Some methods of SEO recommended are outdated and bad for your website.
  • The system is designed to give you the impression that it’s a get rich quick approach. 

Final Rating: OMG Machines

3 stars

3 out of 10 stars. Some useful things, but overall not recommended. Overpriced services, outdated methods and not a lot of support (unless you pay A LOT). My better recommendation would be Wealthy Affiliate.

Final thoughts on OMG Machines:

From the very moment I landed on their website, I saw a lot of similarities in appearance with Bring The Fresh (BTF). As I mentioned before, Mike Long, one of the creators of OMG Machines, was once associated with BTF and it’s current owner Kelly Felix. 

When they separated, Mike went on to make OMG Machines and a lot of same strategies the system teaches as well as how it’s marketed to you is almost identical to BTF. And it’s because I had good/bad experiences with BTF that I was careful with OMG machines, though I had a feeling my overall review wouldn’t be overly positive.

While the overall program is not a scam and you get some good stuff, the problem is a few things: 

The get rich quick mentality. Any program which is marketed as a get rich quick approach is basically a sale’s pitch and many times it means the product itself is hyped. When it comes to online marketing, there is no get rich quick approach unless you set up the right foundations and that takes times, effort as well as honest, legitimate ways of doing so. One more reason I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as an alternative to OMG Machines.

The outdated methods of marketing. The content spinner, the backlinks, Squidoo. That’s 3 methods in OMG Machines that are risky to use in 2014. 

Lack of support. You get a forum, but you won’t always get a response, at least no the one you’re looking for. BTF had the same issue. You really only get support if you purchase…

The VERY expensive up-sells. I do NOT like up-sells, especially since products like OMG machines are marketed to have you believe you can make so much for paying so little, then when you pay up, you find out there’s even more “super secret” programs to make fast money. That’s disingenuous and I find it unethical. And the Project X upsell is just WAY too expensive. If you do try OMG Machines, I strongly advise against buying Project X. Don’t fall for fancy wording. 

If you truly want to experience success online, you need to stop looking for answers from products that promise fast results. Online marketing is like a business and that takes time to develop. What determines success is the will to succeed and proper guidance which shows you what to do. 

OMG Machines is in my opinion not the proper guidance you need to succeed and in truth there are very few places you can count on. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few I recommend (and these 6 other legit affiliate training programs too).

If you have a personal review on OMG Machines you’d like to share, please leave your comment below!

49 thoughts on “Is OMG Machines a Scam? My Unique Review.”

  1. They are the worst guru marketers out there. Their websites look like they are from 1999, they have almost zero training material, just a lot of videos that really don’t teach you anything. This is a joke.

  2. Really was on the fence in getting into OMG program this week since they are doing a pitch that they opened the session (after it had closed in Jan.) only because Tai Lopez told him too. I just have a couple of questions, is it really possible to make up to what he claims he’s making which is 1M a month, by simply being an affiliate?

    How does being an affiliate really work. Their program basically teaches you how to create websites and how to be number 1 in Google searches, right? Because that’s all I got from his speech. Honestly I considered it because Tai Lopez recommended him and said there were no complaints. I guess I believed Tai since he does say some good mentoring stuff. Also, how in depth does WA go in regards to marketing and advertising techniques? Do they teach everything OMG is advertising? Thank you very much for this article, honestly made me think twice before investing money in OMG program.

    • Hi Luis, your comment is the third regarding OMG Machines and Tai Lopez and you can read what I’ve said regarding them below. As for being an affiliate, if you’re good, you can really be successful with it to even high income levels. To understand the process, please see my page on Wealthy Affiliate.

      From what I know of OMG Machines, yes you do learn how to rank high, but they always make it sound in my opinion like they have some sort of code or secret that no one else is using and it’s just not the case because from I know about the rules of getting ranked high (and I do it a lot) I can tell you that WA teaches all of that and more. I really believe they have FAR more information to teach not just on that topic, but many others that OMG Machines will not.

      • Thank you for your quick reply. There was one question I was curious about. Are all those people he claims making 5-6 figures a month real. Is it really possible to make 5-6 or even 7 figures a month. I mean specially in just a couple of months? because obviously That’s a pitch but is it a realistic expectation over time? Thank you.

        • I don’t think it is Luis, not that quick. Everything that leads to a big result like that is going to take you a long time. You need to stop looking at making the millions quickly and start thinking about what it takes to reach that level. It doesn’t take a few hours of work, it doesn’t take a couple of “secret” tips, it takes HARD work and thinking about your customer, not the money. That’s why you need Wealthy Affiliate way more than this program in my opinion.

  3. I saw a replay of a talk Mike Long gave at one of Tai Lopez’s events at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. During the Q&A, someone asked about WA. Mike about gave himself whiplash turning to the next question, saying it would be a “disaster” for him to comment on another program.

    I think they’re (“they” being Tai and OMG) targeting 15 year old guys who are impressed by “Lambos” and “Bugattis” and think they’ll be happy with the sort of women who are impressed by such glitter. The hype is designed to appeal to ignorant adolescents with visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads.

    • I didn’t know he and Tai were working together! But a lot of successful marketing comes from targeting the types of people you talked about and unfortunately it always works.

      But about him straying away from commenting on Wealthy Affiliate, I’m sure he knows about that program, but he’s a smart guy and when you’re on stage talking about your personal product, even mentioning another one is enough to possibly lose leads so it can be a disaster, but when you’re talking about the quality of his product vs WA, WA is way better in my opinion.

      • I worked for Tai and worked that conference with him and Mike Long in LA. Mike’s program is an okay program and I agree with the post, as for Tai – hes a little scammer looking to piggy back off people like Mike Long. He makes all of his money through affiliate programs such as OMG and the new Sam ovens program focused on consulting. It’s a just a big game of who can teach anything, putting it online, and selling the ever loving amount out of it by driving as much traffic as possible – therefore the driving traffic part is huge, which is why Mike makes so much money.

  4. Hi Vitaliy what is your opinion about Tai Lopez. There are some thing that I really like from him, but there are other I don’t like as showing everything it has cars. houses, but he give so much valuable free information.

    • I’ve never reviewed his 67 step program but I’ve seen his videos. I agree with you that all that showing off about cars and his achievements is a little annoying for me.

  5. Hey Vitaly, I’d really like to know how you got this particular link back to this article. I won’t post the link here, but pretty cool. How’d you do that?

      • The link on this page to your OMG review. I see the other link is to your buddies page (Scott Newkirk). Both links have OMG in the links. I’d really like to know this. You claim ‘backlinking’ is black hat, unless ‘inner links’ like from your own Youtube channel, social media sites your own, and “relevant”. This site is in no way relevant, and this is the typical black hat technique.

        • I have no idea how that works Chris. I have seen my links show up on random websites I have absolutely no affiliation with, but there is no purposeful backlinking going on here. I just write my content, interlink it with other pages on my website and sooner or later there will be people who will share that, even on irrelevant websites. I see this happen pretty often.

          I don’t know if the situation with Scott is similar or the same, but I don’t really know him personally. I’ve just seen him around.

  6. I take information from everywhere and use what works for me. The biggest complaint I have about many of these programs are the structure. They aren’t setup in a format of 1st do this, now do that, etc. Another thing is that you have to understand all information is FREE. By joining one of these places, you are simply paying for someone to have compiled it all so you don’t have to search as hard, especially if you have no clue what to search for. Fur example, if you don’t know what a PBN is, why would you search for it?

    All in all, it’s all about how much you feel that type of rehashed collection of information is worth to you.

    • You make some excellent points Ron and I agree with you in general. I’ve often said the same things about these programs, but there add on bonuses to certain programs which do make them worth buying. For example, if I can really connect with someone who knows what they’re doing, I’d be willing to pay for that as long as it’s not too expensive. That sort of stuff you’ll be able to find Wealthy Affiliate (lots of free information too).

      But you’re right, if you look enough, you will be able to find all that information for free. The problem is figuring out, what out of all that information is actually the right thing to do and that’s when you have to filter out all the bad things. I argue that all the time you may have to spend doing that isn’t worth it. Just find one thing or program you trust and stick to it if it’s not expensive.

  7. It’s funny how I google omg machine and this site is in the top 10 in the serps.. Guess the Seo they are using isn’t the best.

  8. I was wondering if you was a premium member to WA, or did you start out with the free material. Right now until June 2 they will let you join for only 19.00 for the first month.

    • Hi Stephan, when I joined, there was only a $30/month option. This free feature has only recently been added and the $19 is a discount for premium, which is optional, but I also saw your other question about whether or not you should try it and I say that if you enjoy WA and want to explore it further as well as expand your knowledge of online business, it’s a very good resource!

  9. Well, Here’s the thing. I have access to the site (through a buddy)
    What I can say is most of the content provided is via Video not MP3

    The CONS:
    Mike Long is VERY hypey ! The Assimilation webinars go on for 1-3 hrs with very little content.
    You may get 1-2 nuggets out of 3 hrs but only if you pay close attention.
    Mike Long gets very excited however stating how OMG “Is a City on the Hill” …wait “Give me a Hashtag# This is awesome” constantly throughout ever damn webinar- Sounds like a hype fest.
    The site is poorly setup & hard to navigate & find what you need..
    There are NO simple checklist/Step by Step in most of the site.
    There is NO refund for this course- In my experience that SCREAMS stay the hell away.

    I only wanted to see Liz H techniques to make 500k a year- after going through everything-
    They still never clarify what the heck she did & what they do cover has nothing to do with what she is REALLY doing. ( she uses Webcast/Youtube Live) and most likely YT Ads. from what she has discussed in other platforms.

    Positives: There is good SEO stuff in there (but 7k worth-I don’t think so)
    and they do have some great coaches other than Mike.

    IMO your better off using Anthony (Tony) Hayes- Commando SoftwareS & his tactics & save yourself a Crap-Ton of Money & study time

    • Excellent insight Dave! I remember how often Mike Long and Kelly Felix (back in Bring The Fresh) used to do these same things. You are correct in that there is much more hype and praise than there is content. This is how they always did it and it always felt like everything was just one sales pitch leading into another.

      Most of the real information and benefits were in the more expensive features. I’ll check out Commando Software’s as you recommended.

    • Yes indeed- it was the long rambling interviews almost devoid of usable content that got to me as well! As you said, there is some very good SEO stuff in there, but nothing unique and nothing that can’t be purchased or otherwise acquired for a lot less than seven thousand dollars! But it IS a great community of people and they do have some serious success stories, so it’s not a scam – it’s just not for everyone!

    • Dave, thanks for the clear review! I wonder how it appears that so many of their members are making ridiculous amounts but I guess its from the good seo stuff? thx again

      • Kevin, it’s funny you mention the word “appears” because that’s what I think is happening here. Most of the stuff is marketing, not reality. OMG Machines MIGHT have had the results they claimed a few years back when Squidoo was still operating and backlinking worked, but now these openings are being sealed!

        Like Bring The Fresh from where Mike Long came from, they were always good at saying how no matter what the SEO situation, they are doing very well. It’s just words. I would love to see proof and if they actually show it, I’d even more so LOVE to see how their sites held up in the rankings, because most of them will not if they use backlinking.

    • Yeah some of the webinars are very long that’s why I don’t jump on live webinars too much anymore, don’t have time for it when they go 3 hours.

      BUT….. BIG BUT!!! The little tiny bits of information given…if you believe it or not…the stuff you wouldn’t think is that important, really comes down to be pretty darn important…and if you didn’t go through it. You wouldn’t know.

      Sometimes that little nugget of information makes or breaks the title “Expert SEO”. SO…just don’t get on the live webinars if that’s a problem you know?

      I feel and hear you though. So I’m not disagreeing with that. But…OMG has made me a 1%er online when it comes to SEO. Not even remotely kidding either. I can rank anything that’s not branded or backed by a multi million dollar business, and even then, I could give them a run for their money (only being one person!).

      I’m more boss then any big firm SEO agencies and I could have a shoot out with any of these wannabes and win. I don’t care who they are! Thanks to who? That’s right. OMG!

  10. Hi there,

    Thanks so much for this information, I nearly got sucked into the omg machine but luckily I am always smart enough to do some research before hand and that’s how I came across your review. I am an honest hard working guy from the uk and I have a couple of questions please.
    I am wanting to generate an online income to replace my current job, the main reason is so I can concentrate on my other plans to, being able to have the time to do so. I currently earn £900 ($1300) a week through my job, but of course it takes up so much of my time. I want to know realistically, how long it would take me to get to a point where I’m making that online in an honest way? Also, if I were to quit my job so that all my time could be invested in doing this, how long do you feel it would take then?
    Many thanks


    • Hey Paul, I get this question pretty often and here is the answer I always give:

      If you can devote a few hours a week to doing this consistently, you should be able to see good results by month 6.

      As for the second option on quitting the job and doing this full time, it may take around the same time.

      I would NEVER suggest that you quit your job and do this. The best thing you can do is continue your job, do this online marketing thing on the side, get it to replace your current income and then decide on where to move forward with this.

      It takes time to understand this business, work in it, but you will get better and faster as you progress. Start with Wealthy Affiliate and then take it from there.

        • Yes sir 🙂 The truth is I help everyone, including those who I don’t refer, but going through me makes it much easier for us to connect if you need help and it’s still free either way.

          • Can we arrange a Skype call or anything like that at some point or is email usually sufficient enough to get the help that’s needed?


          • Trust me, the communication within WA will be more than enough. I always stay in touch with everyone and you’ll always get a prompt response.

      • Hello. Thank you so much for the review. I am sure you get this question a lot. I have done some researching but have been unable to find a good answer. When you say

        If you can devote a few hours a week to doing this consistently, you should be able to see good results by month 6.”

        What does that look like. Is it getting clients such as (local brick and mortar businesses) and consulting/working to get them better SEO and charging them 1 time or ongoing payments? Could you please explain the business model for m? I am excited and looking forward to joining WA.

        Thank you for your time and expertise.

        • Hi Nathan, getting clients can be one of the ways certainly. The 6 month thing I was eluding to was in association with SEO. I always elude to people going in that direction because from having success with SEO, everything else pretty much gets easier with online business, including clients, regular leads and sales. A site which always gets traffic for free is risk free to you and there’s always a new wave of visitors coming every day which means there’s always an opportunity.

          So if your site centers on helping businesses with SEO, through doing your own SEO and attracting these types of clients, then yes, you can sell them those services. Now I actually wrote about the different types of things you can charge for here. This is not something I’d jump into right away, start with your own site first, then look into that opportunity when you’re ready.

  11. I tried Project X over a year ago, and after two months or so I stopped payment (I was on the extended payment plan). Let me say first that Mike and Greg are very accommodating, professional and pleasant to deal with. The reason I stopped was that there was no discernible structure in the material provided, some of which was very good, and some of which was rather dull – e.g. long rambling interviews with various SEO practitioners. Also, much of the course is predicated on the use of PBNs, and I decided that this was not for me – why? Because running PBN networks is a huge amount of work that eats up time, money and effort. I have since found other ways to achieve what I need with less cost and effort. I also found the structured material I needed (with excellent support and online community) at Andrew Hansen’s Rankings Institute – which I highly recommend (no link here – I am not an affiliate). All in all, The Rankings Institute is far and away the best source of tuition I have found for web marketing – focused on affiliates.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with OMG Machines Kieth. I agree with what you say about their being no discernible structure and it seems to be Mike’s style. I felt the same way in BTF (which Mike was part of). Also PBN’s aren’t exactly an SEO’ers saving grace anymore.

      I’ve only heard of Forever Affiliate by Andrew Hansen, but since you mentioned this new program, I’ll check it out soon and do a review on it as well. Thanks again.

  12. I am a member of OMG Project X. Actually it is a great training program. Its overpriced for a reason, you get lifetime access to every training they have, plus more training is always added. It is overwhelming at times, but like I said you will have lifetime access to all the training and exclusive secret trainings not for the public. I have contacted people in the group who did made thousands of dollars in few short weeks. Mike Long did one on one coaching with one of my mentors and helped him make $40,000 in a week. But making money like that you will have to make a big investment. OMG Project X became one of the best investments I ever made online…….

    • I can understand why you feel this way Ricardo, but honestly, what you’re getting here is a bad deal. I do know Mike Long is a good guy and markets well, but if you only knew of the other programs out there that do MUCH more and for A LOT lower of a price than OMG Machines, I know you’d think differently.

      Take for instance Wealthy Affiliate, the only real program I truly stand behind 100%.

      One on coaching there comes free with their premium membership ($47) month and this is isn’t from some regular joe’s. This is from millionaire marketers.

      Lifetime access to incredible and updated training. OMG Machines still sticks to many black hat ways of doing things and this is going to come crashing down sooner or later.

      And the story you mentioned about your mentor is something I very often hear from people (This guy I know made so and so) but the problem is that even if it’s true, how did it help you? It may have only been a marketing ploy to get you think you can do this as well and I really feel that your odds are going to be much higher if you try WA rather than OMG Machines.

      I’m not selling you WA, I’m recommending it. They have a free membership which I’d really recommend you check out. If you have any questions, get in touch with me here (or there).

  13. Hi Vitaliy,

    Thank you for your unbiased review about OMG. I was on the 1st of 3 webinars last night and I got the same impression. While on the webinar, I was opening other windows to see what other people were saying so I already knew what and how much they were pitching before the webinar ended.

    I too thought it was Waaaay overpriced. The 2-hour webinar ended up being close to 3 hours with the 1st hour spent on interviews with people who have supposedly made a killing in a short space of time (some in as little as 10 days).

    Would I drop $5,000 to replicate it? No. Not trying to be a kill-joy but there are no guarantees that everyone will have the same results and I am sure their disclaimer states this. I did walk away with useful information, representing about 30 minutes worth of the 3 hour webinar. Ok, I give it 40, tops.

    I have every intention of attending the remaining 2 webinars but I have no intention of parting with my hard earned money. This is by far one of the most expensive programs I’ve ever seen. Judging by the number of people who tried to get in (4,000+ with only 1,000 seats), people were pumped up way before they got there.

    • Thank you for sharing this! I’m glad you were doing research prior to attending the seminar and being very rational about the program. Too often people don’t think like this and it leads them to making the wrong financial decisions.

      If you’ve already signed up to the other 2 seminars, I would expect them to likely sugar coat the product even further so be careful. Again thank you for sharing this information. I would also recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate, as it is really the only place I recommend for learning IM, and it doesn’t cost $1,000’s like this place.

      • Thank you… I definitely will. As for “Anonymous”, you call someone a liar, you say you believe in “the product” (OMG),yet you are not bold enough to identify yourself. You are a coward.. Your words were intended to be inflammatory but they really have no weight. You just come across as a jealous, bitter person. So what if Vitaliy is marketing the WA product? What does it really matter as long as the product is a good one – and by the way, it is up to us to do our due diligence if we want to unveil what we’re really getting ourselves into, whether it is OMG or WA. I rest my case.

  14. I wonder if these OMG Machine guys are just a bunch of scammers
    who RailRoad you and offer you info you can find online for free ?
    I really wonder

    • Well I’m sure they do offer you great info, but yes you can get that kind of info elsewhere and for free. The only issue with the alternate methods is not all of them are correct or updated. One of the reasons I recommend this place above all.

  15. Hi Vitaliy, great post!
    I have been thinking about joining OMG and was almost tempted to depart with my hard earned cash… thank god i came across your post. I’m still a bit confused if im honest because usually (and specially now days) a 5K program will not “wash” with the public if it didn’t work. And by that i mean that you will see the opposition taking their rage online. I know i would if i paid so much money and all i got was a blub of information. So im just really on the fence here failing to understand whats going on.

    We all know the basics of SEO (the right and wrong ways) but it is that extra tweaks/secrets of understnading the Google line of thought that will get you to #1 and fast (even for a short terms) and i guess that is what people are after, hell, i know im.

    You mentioned:
    “Videos on how Greg & Mike (basically case studies) get their website/s ranked on the #1 spot on Google. This is actually pretty good”

    Could you share some light? I couldn’t find anywhere anyone talking about the methods of the guys above, i would love to hear about a few of those that works.


    • Hey Niel, I appreciate your comment and have to be honest, I completely understand where you’re coming from. I actually did (and still do to some extent) believe that if a product costs a lot of money, it must mean that it’s legit.

      However, through my many experiences, one of which was with Mike Long’s former partner and BTF owner, Kelly Felix, who also uses similar marketing tactics, I got a glimpse into how not true this conventional wisdom really is! Just because they say how awesome their sites are and what they’ll show you doesn’t mean that it will also translate into success to everyone who uses it. For all we know, they may just be using this as a sales pitch to get you in!

      In addition to that, I’ve also reviewed tons of programs which charge you way over $5,000 just for “secret training” you “can’t get anywhere else” only to find that most if not all of it can be found elsewhere for free.

      As much as people would be pissed of about these things not working, I find that many of them don’t actually believe they’ve been scammed by some of the other expensive companies I’ve rated here. I’m sure if you look hard enough, you’ll find plenty of reviews where people tell you what really happened.

      We as internet marketers always want to find that “loophole” in the system. Unfortunately in most cases, these loopholes eventually come back to haunt us. I learned this the hard way through the BTF (Bring the Fresh) program. I recommend checking out my post on that program because I fell for that temptation and it ended up costing me a lot. A hard but important lesson.

      The truth is in online marketing there is no “secret”. The best way to succeed is to pick a niche, make a website focused on it and write content focused on that. The content should be aimed to help people, not “play” search engines. Depending on how well you do that will determine how fast you get to the #1 spot. But even then, sustainability is what you should be looking for. Reaching the #1 spot doesn’t mean you’ll stay there unless you keep doing what works and I just basically summarized what needs to be done for that.

      That is really all there is to it. Obviously there’s other minor and important details, but that is the most important aspect of SEO. I would recommend checking out my #1 recommendation as it is to date the only place which teaches the most up to date and legitimate ways to succeed online, not just in the SEO realm.

      Hope this helps 🙂


  16. You’re a liar! Your just marketing for WA. There is nothing honest about what you are saying. A lot of people already reached the 5 figures per month level on the first month. I know someone who made more than $100,000 with them. Stop lying to people,loser!!

    • So you’re going to pose as someone anonymous, provide a non-legitimate email, call me names and state things without any proof and tell me I’m the one whose lying? Come on man… I’m open to a debate, but if you’re going to try and make your points like this, I will not approve your comment/s in the future.


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