Is Success With Anthony a Scam? Read This.

success with anthony reviewA lot of people want to know if Success with Anthony is a scam or not.

Though you can technically make money with it, the price which you’ll have to pay and the hoops you’ll have to go through make the product NOT worth buying and I’m going to explain exactly why.

Success with Anthony in a nutshell:

For the most part this is a program which funnels you through a series of upsells and promises of free bonuses which will require you to either pay up front for certain offers (not really free after all!) and enter your personal information after which you will receive calls offering you other up-sells for $100’s and even $1,000’s.

And that I do NOT like.

success with anthony alternative

More details below.

There is some training offered at Success with Anthony which comes down to basically SEO, Email marketing & Social network marketing. The training on these aspects of online marketing is broken down into videos/pdf booklets.

From what I’ve heard, the training is not very newbie friendly and if/when you do have questions which I promise will happen with beginners, you are able to open up a support ticket, which does get answered eventually, but 1 answer will lead to 2 more questions, 2 answers will lead to 4 more questions and so on. Many times this process is going to lead to a HUGE delay in progress time.

The only real “positive” aspect of Success with Anthony is basically the training where there is decent information provided. This makes up a small portion of the program with the major remaining part being up-sells (additional offers once you buy). I usually don’t like any program that has them, but with Success with Anthony, it’s taken to a whole other level and I don’t mean that in a good way.

Breaking down upsells within Success With Anthony:

The best way of explain the whole picture is to begin from the main webpage of this product. Upon visiting it and watching the video, you are offered Anthony Morrison’s “magic formula” for a certain price.

If however, you click the back button or try to close your screen, you’ll What happens when you try to leave Anthony's siteget a popup and a new window in which you will be given a discounted offer for his program.

Many companies do this to try and change the minds of visitors, which does work sometimes, but most of the time, this will only happen once. In this case however, this is going to happen nearly 10 times.

Take a look at the picture on the right. This is what you’ll see each time you try to click the back and stay on page button.

I’ve never seen ANY program do this to such an extent and this shows indications of low quality, spam like products in my opinion. I often see fake work at home sites do this stuff too (guess what they promote?).

Furthermore, as you progress through these up-sells, some of them will be offered for free, which usually reels people in. This is a form of funneling.

For example, one of the offers through this funnel system is the ability to have 5 free websites built for you. Most people would be very interested in trying that, but when you sign up, you realize that free really isn’t free. Here’s why:

1) You have to buy your own domain name and hosting. Luckily Anthony has provided all the training and linking for you to do this. But guess what?

2) These links are affiliate links, meaning when you sign up through them, Anthony is going to get a portion of what you’ll pay for the website. Nothing wrong with that type of promoting, but there’s better deals for all of this, including very cheap and even free ways to do it through my suggested program, this one.

Next, some of the offers you buy/sign up to will require you enter personal information about yourself including your phone number.  It may not seem like a big deal, but this number will have salesmen calling you up rather often trying to convince you to buy special programs, packages, seminars and basically other “make money online opportunities”.

As I said earlier, the prices of these offers will range from $100’s to $1,000’s. From what I’ve read, the salesmen can also be very good at convincing you to join and have you believe if you sign up, you’ll be very successful. My advice if you ever get stuck in this situation is to treat these calls like you would any other advertising calls (hang up!).

I could keep going further, but the most important thing I want to get across is that in my opinion Success with Anthony is really more of a bridge to up-sells than anything successful which is why I’m NOT going to rate this product very high.


  • You can technically make money with this program.
  • Some good training.


  • A lot of shady advertising.
  • Some of the free offers aren’t really free.
  • Sneaky up-sells.
  • You get signed up to receive sale’s calls without your consent.
  • This product was banned from Clickbank, likely for having too many customer complaints.
  • Very little support.
  • Some of the training is overpriced and can be substituted elsewhere, for less and even free. Perfect example.

Final Rating: Success with Anthony

2 stars

Red Flag

2 out of 10 stars. A lot of disingenuous marketing methods. Shady products/offers. I do NOT recommend this product. A good alternative program to this would be Wealthy Affiliate, which is actually my top choice.

My final thoughts on Success with Anthony:

Even when I rate products very low, I always try to write about them in a constructive unbiased way. With this product that was VERY difficult to do. A lot of the methods Anthony uses to get you to buy his program as well as all the sales calls you’ll have to endure is just down right unethical, disingenuous and frankly pisses me off.

There isn’t any redeeming quality I can personally find with this product so rather than going into a long rant, I am going to try to keep this short:

The decision is ultimately yours, but I do NOT recommend this product. I’ve been in the business of online marketing for many years and products like these raise red flags for me. After doing a ton of research on it, it turned out much of what I suspected was true.

The sale’s calls was what really enraged me. This type of program and the way it’s marketed preys on unsuspecting and inexperienced users to the world of internet marketing.

I’ve been there before and it isn’t pretty. The best advice I can give you, if you wish to get somewhere in this industry is take the proper approach. There’s unfortunately very few sources of information/training nowadays that are legitimate and will show you the proper ways to succeed online, but Wealthy Affiliate is the one I recommend above all.

You already know what I think of Success with Anthony, but now I’d like to hear from you! If you’ve tried Success with Anthony and would like to share your personal opinion/thoughts on it, please leave your comment below!

Update: More Anthony Morrison program reviews.

While Success With Anthony was the first program I ever reviewed by Anthony Morrison, it wasn’t the last. Here are a few others I stumbled onto throughout the years:

Neither of these programs were also good in my opinion and this is sadly something I’ve consistently seen with Mr.Morrison’s programs. I still maintain my top recommendation though.

Success With Anthony


Success With Anthony score



  • I cannot think of a pro.


  • I think this program is low quality and outdated in many ways.

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  1. One of the biggest problem with make money online products like Anthony’s is the over exaggerated irrelevant claims. Sure, they are able to do that but how about the beginners? The newcomers are always those who are yet to be taken advantage of especially the sales calls that they will receive.

    Anyways, thank for this review. I’m going to check out your #1 recommendation!

  2. Hi, all I can honestly say is WOW, you’ve put together an awesome site and the review is right on. I love the way you lead us to the best online internet marketing company; Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve joined WA, and I’m here to stay. Keep up the good work.


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