7 Legitimate Affiliate Marketing Programs Good For Beginners

If you’re a beginner to affiliate marketing and need training to learn this business, I’ve got 7 very legit programs training programs to share with you today that if you put effort into, will get you results.

What to know about these 7 legitimate affiliate marketing programs:

7 legit affiliate marketing programs

One of the programs on this list (the last one) has helped me generate six figures and operate an affiliate business from home, full time.

The list of the 7 legitimate affiliate marketing programs (great for beginners):

  1. Serious Bloggers Only.
  2. Income School.
  3. Five Figure Niche Site.
  4. Authority Site System.
  5. Affilorama.
  6. Niche60.
  7. Wealthy Affiliate.

My income results from using the last program on the list (Wealthy Affiliate):

top recommended affiliate marketing training program

Before I share more detailed info about Wealthy Affiliate and the other list of legit programs with you, allow me to mention something very important:

Let me just say that finding a legit affiliate marketing program these days is extremely difficult. If you’ve been through programs before, you obviously know this. Such is also the case for me. Let me share a quick story about my experience with this:

Since 2013, I’ve had this site up and have been exploring which ones work and which ones don’t. The 95% of systems I’ve found, don’t and that’s scary, considering that most people find these 95% of programs and this makes them fail.

The remaining 5% do, but many of these good places have also gone out of business, not because they were bad, but because they were overtaken by other sites, some good, some not so good.

Bonus: I’ve actually added an 8th affiliate training program to this list and it’s an awesome program for more 1 on 1 related coaching.

So again back to the main point:

I’d like to to give you 7 legitimate programs that are active and working today, that you can join and be confident in knowing that they’ll work for you. Of course, it needs to be mentioned that you have to work hard with whichever one you choose, because without that, you may as well just save your money and time and not get involved with it. 

Now I want to make it clear, we’re looking over specific places that teach affiliate marketing, not internet marketing in general because that can include things like drop shipping, setting up email lists, creating your own product, doing joint ventures, ect…

Those things are different. All I’m giving you here is 7 systems that teach specifically, affiliate marketing, aka a way to make money online promoting products, that’s it. 

Now I have to say the following about these 7 affiliate learning programs:

Here’s the list of the 7 legit affiliate marketing training programs (each explained):

Note: If there are other affiliate marketing programs that you believe are also legit and worth adding to this list, please let me know below.

1) Serious Bloggers Only.

Cost: $47 (when I joined it first).

Beginner Friendly? Yes.

How I rated it: This program received a 7 out of 10 stars from me (full review of Serious Bloggers Only).

Description of the system: This program was designed by a VERY successful blogger named Jon Morrow. Now Jon’s program doesn’t directly deal with affiliate marketing, as it’s meant to help you build a blog that gets a lot of visitors via guest blog posting (strategy explained in detail in link above), and when the site begins to see success, then the monetization part involves you selling your own services.

Now this is not affiliate marketing, but you can absolutely use this system to get your website up to a point where it’s flooded with a lot of great traffic and sell affiliate products instead of your own programs. Either way, Jon’s Serious Bloggers Only program can help you get there.

2) Income School.

income school legit affiliate program

Cost: For their Project 24 program, which is the main offer, it’s $447 for a 2 year membership.

Beginner friendly? Yes.

How I rated it: 7 out of 10 stars but it could just as easily have been 8 out of 10. 

Description of program: Income School is one of the best and most transparent programs I have come across that teaches beginners how to create niche websites and blogs. 

Their training is realistic and the creators run an awesome YouTube channel as well. This program will not only teach you affiliate marketing but it will also help the site you create through their training also monetize via things like display ads and other methods. Here is a full review of Income School.

3) Five Figure Niche Site.

five figure niche site screenshot

Cost: You pick one of three memberships, get charged for 10 months for whichever one you choose and the cost adds up to nearly $700 for the smallest, nearly $1,300 for the mid one and nearly $2,300 for the highest one.

Beginner friendly? Yes.

How I rated it: 6 out of 10 stars. Because the price is high, it was lowered to 6. The training however is far higher in quality.

Description of system: You learn to build an affiliate marketing website and sell Amazon products, legitimately. I like the program and here is the link to it, but it limits itself to how to promote for Amazon and the price is very high, so while it’s legit, it’s cost is a serious factor.

I have a full review of Five Figure Niche Site where you can see these pros and cons more descriptively. Also, it’s currently closed for new memberships, but the review I provide will help you understand it better.

4) Authority Site System. 

authority site system review

Cost: $997 if you join the normal way, but I advise watching their webinar here. The last time I saw that webinar, they offered me a $200 discount. They may still have it.

Is Authority Site System good for beginners? Yes.

How I rated it: 7 out of 10 stars. The guys who made Authority Site System are awesome dudes who teach quality stuff.

Description of system: Another affiliate marketing training program where you learn to promote anything via a blog site & niche targeting methods. Here’s a link to their page.

I also wrote up a review if you’re not ready to join it so you can get more info. Here is a review of Authority Site System.

5) Affilorama.

affilorama training program

Cost: Initially free to join, but then can cost a few $100 depending on which training package you decide to try.

How I rated it: 6 out of 10 stars. While legit, the issue is that the training is cut into packages, I would have preferred it be included in one, priced package.

Description: This is one of the oldest programs that teaches the subject of promoting things online, totally legit and the guy who made it, Mark Ling has good info he teaches his students. I do promote Affilorama on my site, here’s the site and if you want a more thorough review, here is a very in-depth review of Affilorama.

6) Niche60.

niche 60 review

Cost: $99, one time.

How I rated it: 7 out of 10 stars

Description of system: The program was made by Michael Brown, a person who once designed one of the best affiliate marketing systems I’ve ever tried: Niche Blitzkrieg. I actually rated that one 8 out of 10 stars, but that was because it was a little bit cheaper than this new one. Unfortunately, that program died out and he moved into Niche60, but the guy is legit as is his training.

Basically, you get a 60 day course on the subject of affiliate marketing and setting up a business with it. It’s very comprehensive and very good quality training. You learn to promote anything you want. Here is the link to it.

7) Wealthy Affiliate (my top choice).

Cost: Free. But it does have a $49/month upgrade.

Is Wealthy Affiliate good for beginners? Yes.

How I rated it: 10 out of 10 stars.

The reason being is that even the free membership offers a lot (sites, training, support, ect…) and the $49/month offers crazy awesome value, including webinars, private coaching and a lot more.

Description: This is actually the system which initially taught me about niche sites and affiliate marketing and their training created a reference that I use to see if systems these days are legit or not so the other 6 above, I judge based on how good WA is.

I became a super affiliate for this program and I share some of my income reports from promoting them in this article about their Bootcamp Course which taught me to promote them and earn over $300,000.

Because it’s been so good for me and the results have been amazing, I’ve stayed with them for 11 years and counting. Overall, what you’re looking at is a COMPLETE course on affiliate marketing here, as well as unsurpassed training quality and support as well as tools INCLUDED with the membership to make the process of becoming successful much easier.

I offer people my free coaching within the site if they join Wealthy Affiliate here for free

Need to get a more in-depth review before you try it? No problem! Here is the full review of Wealthy Affiliate.

Does Wealthy Affiliate have success stories? Yep:

Here is a little preview of the results I’ve had through this platform: 


Now I recommend them as number 1 not just because of my personal success with it, but also because of it’s benefits and risk free approach to the subject of affiliate marketing (and my coaching you get INCLUDED as a member if you join).

It is indeed free to join, but not the type of free you see with other systems where they give you a little snippet, some hyped info, then hit you with big up-sells.

No, they give you incredible training and value for free, without a catch as well as sites to try this stuff on, so as I’ve said many times, there’s no risk in trying it.

Even though I recommend other good programs above, WA’s benefits in this regard make it stand out far above the other 6 programs I’ve recommended.

And again if you need a more thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate, that link will explain that entirely.

It talks about all of my experiences there and explains how the system works.

My final thoughts: 

You can’t go wrong with either of these 7 places. They are at the top tier of training in this whole subject by far and as long as you follow their stuff and work through the system, you will get results, 100% guaranteed. 

And once again, if you feel this list should be updated with another program you believe deserves a nod and/or you have experience with one of these 5 places I’ve listed here, do let me know. I’d love to know if you share my opinion on them and believe they are worth the recommendation.

42 thoughts on “7 Legitimate Affiliate Marketing Programs Good For Beginners”

  1. This is insightful and I must say its a lovely review. I am just getting to know about Niche 60 and Affilorama. I have an in-depth experience with all the other three websites and i must say your review about them is on point. But Wealthy Affiliate still remain the best of all. 

    Thanks for sharing this lovely review. Its well appreciated.

  2. Thank you for making this informative website. I have subscribed to Wealthy Affiliate. Although I haven’t used the other 4 products, so I can’t say yet if WA is the best. 

    But so far, WA is wonderful with the huge knowledge they share and the great community. I just love working on my website everyday because of the tools that make it so much easier to build my website and I can see great promise of success with it in the future.

  3. Thank you for an informative article.  The main two I have heard of on your list are Wealthy Affiliate and Authority Site System.  

    I love WA as it is so well priced compared to many others, and you get such an abundance of information and training. Have you had personal experience with any of these. Are there any you would recommend joining that offer some unique content that is not taught within WA?

    • If you have the money, then the other 4 programs are good too David, but I’ve always said that a majority if not everything you need for success in inside Wealthy Affiliate.

  4. Thanks Vitaliy for your unbiased review. I have looked to affiliate marketing because I need to have a home based job. I have found lots of different sites offering to make me rich quick but I have found that there is no such thing. I have found that what I really need is an education so that I can build my skills and then build my own business. Wealthy Affiliate offers this at a bargain price.

  5. Hi thanks for the article. There are so many courses and programs available online that it’s difficult to know where to start. I’ve found, like you have, that most of the stuff available online, either doesn’t work or is some kind of scam leaving me feeling burnt out about it or unsure about online business. It is good to see that some of the options available here are legitimate and people can actually succeed with the right support.

    • Yeah you’re right Russell, because there’s so many chances of hitting the bad programs out there, it can easily frustrate the buyer and make them depressed about online business as a whole. But luckily people who read this article now have a chance to find truly good options.

  6. Vitaliy,

    In today’s world value matters to everyone; although the other platforms may teach affiliate marketing their costs do not include much except the training if I read this correctly. I feel anyone would make the best choice by going with Wealthy Affiliates not only for the training but everything else that is included with the membership at the low price.


    • I agree Susan, although the other programs do include coaching and support with the training, you still do get all of that with WA for the lowest price out of the 5.

  7. Hi Vitaliy,

    Thanks for sharing these programs that really work. I started with Wealthy Affiliate thanks to a great review from another member.

    I have seen number 5 that you mentioned, if I am right, but I never really looked at it in depth, because Wealthy Affiliate really offers awesome training and a low cost, compared to what your proof shows. Your proof means a lot because it tells me that it works.

    If I had not been in Wealthy Affiliate, I am not sure if I would believe the proof first hand because I am always skeptical when numbers show up. There are so many scams out there that one has to be careful. Thankfully, now that I am in it, and have seen the training and met many successful online marketers, I do know that this is definitely possible.

    Thanks for bringing to awareness more great programs.


    • Hi Oscar, not to bring about any doubt to myself, you’re right to be skeptical because income claims and reports are often made up. I am happy to report though that in my case, they are completely legitimate, and it’s great to see you like Wealthy Affiliate too 🙂

      • Thank you! I am happy to see that Wealthy Affiliate works! It takes time, especially if you have no experience, but I am slowly getting it, and I know that my business will soon start to gain traction.


        • The more you do of what Wealthy Affiliate teaches, the less time it takes to see the results from it Oscar, you will also experience this as you keep growing your business.

  8. Very nice. I have to admit that I am not familiar with a wide array of affiliate marketing systems. I do have an MBA and an ounce of common sense so I am not easily fooled, but I really appreciate the way you laid this review out. It seems foolish to invest $2,000+ in something you have no idea about, where zero $ seems to make some sense. I appreciate your insight here, very helpful in my decision-making process. Thank you.

    • No problem Skip. There are very few free programs like Wealthy Affiliate which are of quality and likewise, there’s also very few high ticket items that are also of good value, but these choices, here are good. I would however start with Wealthy Affiliate.

  9. With so many programs out there it has become so confusing to people as to which one is the best and there are those that are scams that only want your hard earned money.

    It is so good to see that you have made the search easy for people who want to become a part of the online business world. This type of work is good but like you said, in the beginning, it requires a lot of work to become successful.

    • Yeah it doesn’t matter which of these 5 programs people choose (or if it’s another legit one), they’ll still have to work hard through it. Well said Norman.

  10. I haven’t tried any affiliate marketing program except Wealthy Affiliate and upgraded to premium only 3 days of joining. WA has everything in it, trainings, live webinars, a supportive community 24/7, site support and a lot more.

    Definitely, Wealthy Affiliate is the best out there. I’m here to stay. Everyday is a learning experience. Thanks for sharing the other sites.


  11. I basically just stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate a few years ago, and only since then have I found out about all the other programs that are out there. Some of these other programs you review look interesting, and definitely like things I would have tried out at the beginning of my work-from-home research. But so many things keep me at WA now, including the price, and the hosting package.

    • That’s at least 2 reasons I’m still there Shannah, but they keep adding more reasons to stay. I’ve got details on those perks here, but I am 100% confident no program, not even the other 4 on this list have the same list of perks that WA has, for the price it’s currently at.

  12. Great write up! I would also recommend Wealthy Affiliate as well. I went from having zero knowledge about marketing to being able to leave my full time job to pursue working from home full time. The 10/10 that Vitaliy gives is 100% legit. Everything you could ever want or need to know about how this stuff works is inside the site.

    Not only that, but your questions are answered so fast it will make your head spin. Going through the live training modules is when I really had my light bulb moment though. Jay is a wizard at teaching you how to actually help people with problems, not sell to them. I could go on but you get the idea. It should be a no brainer to go with WA especially given how great the price is. Highly recommended!

    • Hi Stu, thanks for the additional recommendation. I just want to let people know about Jay in case they have questions. In Wealthy Affiliate, one of it’s most popular and experienced experts is named Jay. He does weekly webinars and helps out the folks in the community. More info on him is here. His live classes are indeed awesome.

  13. Thanks for sharing all of these, I never knew about any of these except for Wealthy Affiliate! I do think WA is very good. As a personal member, I can testify that the platform makes it so much easier to do affiliate marketing. The training is also great for keeping you on track. The community, arguably, is the best thing. Great place to share with other people and learn together, glad you shared WA here on your blog!

  14. I am new to Wealthy Affiliate but they are the best so far. I have tried just about everyone out there and luckily I only lost $47.00. I tried their trial periods, and then I received the refunds. I am glad I did this because I did learn a lot about Affiliate Marketing, but more than once I was told that Wealthy Affiliate was the best company out there. I am so glad I came to this program and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

    • A lot of people run through a series of programs before they find WA Lois and unfortunately many lose money before that happens. I’m glad you were able to find Wealthy Affiliate without losing too much money on other programs!

  15. Vitaliy,

    Yet another excellent post…I totally agree with you about the value given in Wealthy Affiliate. Training, support and value all under one roof. They are unsurpassed competition-wise.

    I have also noticed that what I learn from WA training actually sticks in my mind. Affiliate marketing is meant to be fun and not a chore so, though you have to put the work in – it will mount up in dividends.

    Thank you for sharing!

  16. That sounds awesome. I wish I had time to test all those programs to see how they work, but the cost is too high. That’s why I like Wealthy Affiliate because the cost is too low either monthly or annually and the benefits are just amazing.

    I’m glad that you have gone ahead to post your success story as a Wealthy Affiliate member and this gives enough proof that it really works. I’m still building my business and am looking forward to posting my success story soon.

    Much blessings,


  17. Thank you for posting this! I had always wondered if there are other good Affiliate Marketing programs out there that has some great training. While the ones you listed do sound good, overall I’d still be reluctant to join them just because of the cost. 

    The cost of Five Figure Niche Site are really up there and so it sounds like the training is superb which is what I would hope for that much money. I’ve recently gotten into something else called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and I haven’t gotten through all the training yet, but what it does teach so far is pretty good. Of course nothing can beat Wealthy Affiliate though. Do you know of anyone who’s been successful with those other Affiliate Marketing programs?

    • Hi Brian, every single one of those programs has success stories whose income reports you can find if you Google the name of the program. Since I haven’t dived as deeply into the other 4 programs like WA, I can’t give you a specific number there. But when it comes to WA, I can definitely show you some real success stories (here). There’s a lot of people doing well with this program (as well as the others).

  18. That’s a great and well analyzed review on the best platforms to choose and get engaged with. I have heard of this Affilorama once and it’s testimonies before I got introduced to Wealthy Affiliate by a friend. I have been with them for a while and I can testify: They are the best of their kind and a platform one can count on.

  19. I am also a member of WA. I’m a newbie but I plan to stay. Whenever I see an article claiming to list the best affiliate networks, I have to read. I like to see if there is anything new to pop up that could be compared to Wealthy Affiliate. I don’t at any time plan to leave WA but just like to scope out what other people are having their success with. Thank you for the reviews as well!

  20. Hey that’s great info Vitaliy. Thanks for sharing! I’m trying to learn as much as possible, so I can get my business going. I agree wealthy affiliate is an awesome program. It’s been a great help so far. The community is very supportive and the training is easy to follow. I appreciate the info. Keep it coming.

    • Hi Clay, I’d honestly say that if you’re already in WA, you need not worry about the other programs, it has it all.


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