Authority Site System Review. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Authority Site System is one of the few online business/affiliate marketing programs I would recommend people get, but not before reading this review.

The reason why is because it has a pretty big price, which while recommended, there are alternatives that in my opinion would suite you better for the very same knowledge this program would give you.

Quick Report on Authority Site System:

authority site system review

Name: Authority Site System by Mark and Gael.

Price: $997 usually, but if you learn about it through a webinar, it is discounted to less. Last time I look at the price, it was $599, but it could be more now since the original price was $799 and has now risen to $997.

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10 stars.

A great, comprehensive system on building a real niche page that gets sales and traffic from search engines and makes you good money in the process. Though it’s hard to reach that type of level, this system will take you through each step in it’s 5 module course to help you get there. 

Recommended? Yes, it’s a good system, but the investment might be a bit much. This is why I will recommend a free alternative to this program, which I personally find more comprehensive (though both are good):

authority site system alternative

So what is Authority Site System? A review of the the actual program:

It is a 5 module course with well over 50 very high quality training videos on building up a niche site from nothing into a giant authority page by the end of the training, which gets lots of visitors and sales. Tools are also provided to help you make this all work such as templates, themes, keyword research tools, a private community on FB for support and more.

A lot of the tactics that are taught to get to the end point in this program (reaching success) involve niche marketing, a proper build up of content on the pages, getting backlinks from guest posting as well as getting them for free for high quality sources and eventually reaching a point where Google recognizes your niche page as an authority page worth ranking very high.

The basic question you may have is, does this system work? The answer is MOST definitely! 

Let me tell you why this system works:

As a niche marketer myself, as I was analyzing the actual system and training within this program, I was comparing it to my personal knowledge in the field and I have to say, the training correlates with about 80% of the same stuff I know and recommend. The other 20% are a little bit different, but the core is pretty much the same and that is why I know it does work.

Now despite not getting the system personally, I feel more than qualified to give this review and the reason why is because if you look at the webinar that pitches this system to people, it explains everything you’ll get from that program and I want to briefly talk about this right now. The webinar I saw for this program was one of the best and was not some sleazy scam pitch.

It is very important that if you wish to get the discounted version of this system, that you make sure to get it via the main website here that pitches this system and that is Authority Hacker, which I did a review on the other day. Their free training on that page pitches the webinar to you, through which you get that discount through a specific link. 

And the great news is that same webinar doesn’t just get you a discount for the system, it also gets you incredible value in terms of actually giving you great advice on SEO and creating good quality pages. I was actually shocked at the info I was seeing, and this is because I often see low quality webinars in my experience.

But in any case, if you wish to know what’s inside the Authority Site System, you can learn everything there is to know within the webinar (I recommend viewing it because it gives you a lot of cool, free ideas to explore even if you don’t buy the system). But to save you time, allow me to personally walk you through if (if you don’t have an hour and change to spare):

The training within Authority Site System explained:

As I said, there are 5 modules. Here is a summary of each:

Module 1:

Introduces you to basic internet marketing knowledge (over 10 videos), such as SEO, ways to make money online, that sort of thing. This establishes a good base to work from as you enter the next module which takes you officially starts the action plan…

Module 2:

Here you start the initial plan and first steps of building your niche page. You learn how to find a good, profitable niche and ideally one which fits your interest as well as then doing keyword research with it. There are also over 10 videos in this section…

Module 3: 

After the research and initial stuff is done, you are going to be getting into the process of building up the page, through content creation, installing the frame of the overall site through various tools. They also mention silo structure build up which means you’ll have a lot of content linking to one or more pages which promote products and boost up their ranking in Google. This is a popular strategy that does help people make sales. I actually use it on my pages very often.

Expect this part of the process to take a long time to work on, many months even. They even say that this training and the expectations are about a year, so do note this.

Module 4: 

This part is about making your site convert via having good sales funnels in place that make visitors buy and/or sign up to your email lists to then buy at a later time. 

Module 5:

Here you get into some white hat backlinking methods to boost the site upwards in the rankings. 

So overall…

I have to honestly say this training is VERY solid. Bravo to the guys who made it, this is a workable program you can rely on.

Final Rating: Authority Site System.

Green Flag

7 out of 10 stars. While I do recommend a cheaper alternative, I won’t say that getting into this program is a bad idea, quite the opposite. This is a good investment. And here is the link to it again. 

I also want to point out that you can also get a list of other programs that are like Authority Site System.

In addition to that, there’s also another option called Income School, in which you’d probably learn similar things on authority blogging techniques, but for a lower price.

However, despite all of these options, I still honestly believe in WA being at the top for this particular goal (I’ll explain)…

My final thoughts: And experienced marketer’s point of view on the training:

As a person who follows a similar structure in his own pages, as I said before, I agree with and practice 80% of the stuff taught in this training, and I can tell you it WORKS, as pages such as this one which implemented these tactics receive a lot of traffic and sales. The other remaining percent aren’t so much things I “disagree” with, it’s just different things I personally practice which I didn’t see mentioned in the program.

But my knowledge and experience in doing this stuff successfully didn’t come from Authority Site System, it came from a different program called Wealthy Affiliate and I have to say in most cases, the training there mimics the one you see in Gael and Mark’s program, but I do recommend Wealthy Affiliate’s training instead.

5 reasons why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate above the other program:

These reasons are huge:

Reason 1: No $599 investment needed.

There’s a free membership to try with my alternative whose training provides the same level of quality as the first 2 modules of the Authority Site System. You learn about niches and learn about keyword research, which you’d have to pay money for in the other program.

Reason 2: Comprehensive, large community available (2 million+).

While Gael and Mark’s program does provide a private FB group to communicate with, WA provides it’s own live chat system as well as a private messaging group within the program to get help from. There’s more members there with a lot of experience to help people out.

Reason 3: Free tools are provided with your free training.

There’s a couple of things here which make the membership of WA more appealing: free pages, free tools and plugins, and a community to help. These are important tools which again you’d need to pay for to get with the other program.

Reason 4: More training provided, for free.

Lots more in fact. From what I gathered, Gael and Mark’s program itself provides close over 50 videos of training on the whole program. If you add Authority Hacker, the program made by the same guys, let’s say it’s even more value.

But even when you combine those 2 things together, there’s still WAY more in WA provided for resources and training. I do have to mention that there is a paid upgrade with my alternative you can get, but there’s no obligation.

Reason 5: More comprehensive video and content training.

If you though Authority Site System had a lot of content to teach, wait until you see what’s inside WA, there’s just way more and we also have webinars that provide the same level of quality training if not more than the webinar I talked so positively about that was pitching the Authority Site System. 

And again, I don’t want you to think that you’re getting a completely different system here, the training is VERY similar in both programs, but the risk is less and the training is more with WA, that is the bottom line I am trying to relay. 

Overall, my review of Gael and Mark’s system to making successful online businesses is VERY positive and as I said in my overall rating above, it’s a good investment, but there alternatives and I would say that WA is the best one. And I say this with 100% confidence as someone who has used that system to make a full time income. 

2 thoughts on “Authority Site System Review. Here’s What You Need to Know.”

  1. Hi Vitaliy,

    I can understand why Authority Site System has some value as a training. However, most beginners and people who just want to learn more about online marketing cannot afford that offer.

    Thanks for recommending Wealthy Affiliate as an alternative. I always prefer programs with a free trial or membership. You can check what is inside before deciding to get started.

    • Great point Ilias, there is indeed a segment of people looking to make money online who are not ready to get that deep into the business and/or spend this kind of money either, and this is where the free membership of WA is perfect for those groups. And I would even argue their paid membership, which is significantly cheaper than Authority Site System is also better because it just has more good training to offer. 


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