Is Authority Hacker Trying to Scam You? My Review.

I found Authority Hacker to not be a scam, but a great website with awesome SEO tips. But in this review, let me explain what they’re trying to do.

Quick report on Authority Hacker:

authority hacker review

Creators: Authority Hacker by Gael Breton & Mark Webster. 

Price: Free site, but there is a program they pitch to you if you wish to create an affiliate site through them, but this is another review I’ll do later since it’s separate. 

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10 stars.

This site’s content and the knowledge it offers is great, and is totally NOT a scam.

It does provide good blogging tips for SEO as well as other marketing related topics, but ultimately, they are trying to get you to purchase their main program known as Authority Site System which is either $799 or $599.

Recommended site? Yes it’s good, but I still feel like my #1 recommendation offers more comprehensive tips on marketing and support…

authority hacker alternative

What is Authority Hacker?

It is a training site for SEO where you learn to build what is essentially authority websites using mainly white hat methods of SEO where the result is long term success. And this is something I do with my sites, which is why when I saw the tips provided on Authority Hacker’s page, I very quickly saw that this was a good site to get advice from, since it also fit the things I learned about SEO.

In addition to free tips through their blog and case studies offered to explain their way of doing SEO, the guys who made this site also provide a podcast series for their members/subscribers to check out to view what they are doing.

Ultimately, the goal of Authority Hacker is 2 things:

1) To offer great tips on building a niche website that acts as a long term business.

2) To get people to buy their main product called Authority Site System that I mentioned above, which basically acts as a step by step system to do the same things their free site teaches, but in a more actionable process. But once again, this is a program I’ll review separately in another article.  

Do I like Authority Hacker? The answer is yes.

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of good, high quality content this site provided. Seeing the word “hacker” initially made me think I’d be seeing tips and tools for black hat marketing but this was NOT the case.

The guys who made this site do have solid SEO practices in mind when building their websites and teaching their members the same approach to doing it. So I do recommend reading their content, especially if you’re an existing blogger:

They also offer a free webinar which I must say I got a lot of out of listening to and do recommend (here is a link).

Usually webinar programs provide extremely little value in terms of content and it’s just one hype build up after another before you’re eventually pitched the main product for a huge price. In this case, it was not so, and I’ll talk a bit more in-depth on that webinar when I do the review of Authority Site System. 

Overall, when I said they want you to have a long term site, I mean it.

The word “authority” is very indicative of that as they do indeed focus on building niche websites the correct way that aren’t get rich quick schemes (And also based on these methods), but are things you NEED to put a lot of work in. Authority sites are VERY hard to make, but if you can get one going for you, that is essentially a full time business that earns you good money for the long run. The hard part is getting that going.

Final Rating: Authority Hacker.

Green Flag

6 out of 10 stars. I said it before, and I’ll mention it once again: This site is NOT a scam.

Great tips can be found there for blogging, although the main “dish” is in their main product. You’ll get good info out of their blog and podcasts, but I do believe in order to get better extraction out of that free content, you need to be a more experienced marketer since these guys post content that’s tough to understand for beginners in my opinion.

What about that other recommendation? The one I consider better?

Ok so there’s very few programs and site out there which provide a high value education on internet marketing (here are 6 other legit and similar programs). Those that do are RARELY free. Luckily AH does provide both elements, but like I said, I feel the BULK of their true knowledge is within their main system that they pitch. 

The reason that I recommend my alternative product above theirs is because they offer more beginner friendly content for users, in much larger amounts and they also provide you with tools to use their system, such as free websites.

For example:

A person interested in making a successful website needs the following ingredients: A website, training and help from experienced people to make this all work. 

AH does provide training and some help from the experienced guys, but ultimately you do need to pay for the big program to get all of this. 

With my #1 recommendation you will get all 3 of these essential elements, and all for free to check out:

That first step in the niche/blogging world is very important to get right and when you have a comprehensive program start you off correctly, give you the necessary tools (free sites), training and help, the beginner is that much more likely to become a success story.

Now I won’t lie in saying everything is free with my #1 recommendation, there is an upgrade you CAN choose to purchase later on, but it is very cheap and the benefits you get out of that far exceed anything inside AH (Sorry, there’s just no comparison, my #1 recommendation offers a plethora more benefits).

But this is not a requirement, the point here is that you get WAY more, for free with the option I am suggesting and it is because there is so much more provided, in addition to step-by-step training that you are that much more likely to make this whole thing work.

And I also say this because I’m a successful niche site creator myself (my personal results with Wealthy Affiliate) and having gone through the issues most first timers face and knowing what caused it, I know what to do to prevent that from happening from other people who also enter this business. 

This is also the reason why I saw Authority Hacker for being one of the good sites out there. Believe me, if I hadn’t known about my #1 recommendation prior to finding this place, I’d recommend Authority Hacker to you (in fact, here is their site if you’re interested), but I just know the difference in value and the quantity of value offered in my top pick, which remains at the top by a long shot, even compared to the other good programs.

4 thoughts on “Is Authority Hacker Trying to Scam You? My Review.”

  1. You seem that you haven’t even purchased Authority Hacker course. You haven’t even mentioned its modules, components and strategies they teach. Their content is EXCELLENT, up to date and way above the competition. I won’t even publish an “affiliate link”.

    Why do you like to give bad reviews about products you never tried, just to plug in for Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Iliass, what are you talking about? I mainly PRAISED Authority Hacker as being a great program and the only “complaint” was their price. I went through their webinar and their training is similar to Wealthy Affiliate’s which basically confirms it’s legitimacy and why I said they are good.

      I don’t need to buy a program for such a high price that clearly shows me in it’s webinar how it works and Authority Hacker did that. They are good, if you have the money, invest in it. If you are a beginner, a safer bet would be Wealthy Affiliate, no bashing going on here.

  2. Hey Vitaliy,

    Sounds pretty decent but $599 seem awfully pricey, don’t think i have that much if I want to start my first site. Just wondering though, how long would it take for a new site to gain an authority level? I know that it needs to be established with good amount of high quality content, but still a bit blurry on that one…


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