Is Affiliate Funnel Clones a Scam? Why I Didn’t Like it.

I purchased Affiliate Funnel Clones and I’ll be showing you what I saw inside that frankly made me NOT like or want to recommend this program.

Yet at the same time, with any program I am not a fan of, comes alternatives I show to people on what I do recommend and you will also get that in this review.

Quick Report on Affiliate Funnel Clones:

affiliate funnel clones review

Creator: Affiliate Funnel Clones by Alan Magliocca.

Price: Either $27 a month or $47 one time (the package I purchased). 3 up-sells follow the main purchase and they are: $37, $27 and one more for $27 a month or $147 a year.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars.

The members area offered me very little except “training” on how to promote JVZoo products via email marketing and I’ve seen this sort of training over and over again, there’s nothing special.

It’s not a scam, but the value is so little that there’s no reason to get this program in my opinion.

The only thing I saw was a place to make your own affiliate funnels, which are basically nice looking opt-in pages, but that’s nothing special there either in my opinion. The rest of the site is locked unless I get the up-sells.  

Recommended? No. 

affiliate funnel clones alternative

What is Affiliate Funnel Clones (AFC)?

There’s 3 parts to this program:

The first shows you how to make good looking opt-in pages, which honestly, is not a big deal and not worth the price I paid.

The second part gives you “training” which mostly shows you how to become an affiliate for JVZoo, promote it’s products including the actual AFC program. 

And finally, in the third, there’s traffic training which basically shows you 2 things:

1) They give you 5 sites, most of which are solo ad sites to advertise products on. So you can promote this program or another through these sources, but let me tell you…they are expensive. I actually wanted to try one of them for one of my sites, but the cheapest offer I found was for over $300. It’s not worth the cost.

But the idea is that by buying these solo ads, you can promote a specific product to the right audience and make good sales. 

2) The other is free training which talks about making YouTube video reviews and “launch jacking” as a way to find popular products to review and sell through videos and/or on your site. These methods work, but it’s not something I’d pay for.

I have an article on launch jacking here you can check out for free and YouTube advertising is pretty self explanatory, no need for a paid product to show you this stuff…

Note: The inside of the members area is known as “Affiliate Academics”, aka AA.

Let me explain why I am/was very disappointed in this program:

So the sales page of this program says it’ll show you how to combine promoting products and collecting email lists at the same time so the buyers can buy from you in the future. This is technically true once you’re inside the program, but the hype on the sales page in my opinion does NOT meet the things I saw in the members area.

If you guys only knew how many times I paid for a program that oversold it’s “amazing traffic, money making formula” only to see it turn out as a simple tutorial on how to become an affiliate for a company or how to make sales, stuff that I can find for free, it would be a lot…

And this is basically what this program turned out to be. It doesn’t really show me anything new about email marketing and when it comes to launch jacking, it’s always the same formula (and I put up a free tutorial above). 

So the only thing I found to be unique was the solo ad sites Alan, the creator of this program recommended, but this isn’t exactly information I want to pay to access, since these sites he recommends require you pay an additional, and FAR larger amount to test out. 

I’m a big skeptic of solo ads, and have avoided using them in place of more solid, workable traffic methods such as SEO and PPC (this has always worked), but this program kind of made me think the only thing worth trying were these solo ad recommendations since there was nothing else the program had to offer me that was unique.

Another big thing that disappointed me about Affiliate Funnel Clones:

So I have a hard enough time seeing value in this program and the solo ads that are recommend are also hard to trust and the reason being is that when I click on some of them, I notice the URL has Alan’s name in it or what looks like an affiliate link.

This makes me believe he is promoting some of them for monetary incentives (although I will admit that he gives you a tour video for the sites he recommends and shows you how to navigate them well).

And I did look on some of the sites where you have to pay for solo ads and they do indeed offer their own affiliate program. Indeed, some of them do offer their own incentive program.

So I really think that devalues Alan’s recommendation in these places as he is very possibly making money of me potentially trying these places out. I was skeptical already to use them, but with this added incentive from Alan to promote them, it makes me less likely to use them…

Final Rating: Affiliate Funnel Clones.

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. I really didn’t think there anything special about Alan’s program. The little value I saw I could explain to you guys for free and I provided a number of links in this review which will do that.

It’s not worth the $47 like I said. This was a disappointing experience. I will neither recommend nor promote this program. I will in fact try and get a refund…

My final thoughts:

Solo ads are expensive and it’s hard enough as it is to find a good one. I have yet to see them and I will admit, I didn’t try Alan’s recommendations due to their prices and the incentive I talked about him being an affiliate marketer for them.

Is there a chance that his recommendations work? Sure. I want to believe that.

But the problem is that even in that circumstance, why in the world am I paying $47 to get such limited training and external links to go buy solo ads? Why not just get them directly?

Even if Alan’s recommendations are good, it doesn’t justify getting his program unless you wish to promote it and like I said, that isn’t happening on me end.

Look, let me just finish this review of Affiliate Funnel Clones by saying that:

But even more importantly, an even bigger source or traffic for me is SEO where I pay nothing for it (this is where the biggest ROI potential is).

And with all the traffic I get to my site/s, I can choose how I want to do things for monetization. I can promote products, I can collect an email list, ect… but the point is that the traffic methods I use are either very cheap and/or free, so that option beats what AFC teaches.

And as for the training on launch jacking and making opt in pages, you don’t need this program to do this (unless again you want to promote it). But I prefer to promote high quality stuff and I don’t think this program is that…

Anyway, to make a final point, I really think JVZoo needs to step it up and start looking at programs like Affiliate Funnel Clones more strictly. I don’t see value in this stuff and I see too many programs like this one being advertised there. It’s not a good thing to have and I often find myself having to get a refund.

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