My Online Dream Biz Review. Is it Really a Scam?

This review of My Online Dream Biz is going to be unusual, because I couldn’t actually get access to the program. But there were scam signs I spotted.

These signs and a bunch of other things made me decide to avoid the program. Now I’ll share with you what I did discover about the program and let you decide. 

Quick Report on My Online Dream Biz:

Creator: My Online Dream Biz by Jason Moore.
my online dream biz review

Price: It’s actually $99 after a fake $400 credit, it’s a common tactic used by typically shady programs. And I very much believe there are bigger upsells once you’re past the $99 purchase.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars.

I really don’t want to do this review, but with everything I’ve read and seen on this program, there’s no good reason to give it a higher score.

One thing I can say with 100% certainty is that the other program I will recommend in this review will be a million times better, safer and cheaper to get…

my online dream biz alternative

Why do I not want to do this review of My Online Dream Biz?

The biggest issue is that the site for My Online Dream Biz itself is not active and it’s very possible the program isn’t either. So the truth is that I haven’t actually been able to see, buy or test this program out.

And I very much dislike doing reviews based on speculation…

But there’s still a lot of people looking for information on this program, so I decided to write this article to try and explain what I did find out about this program and at the same time, to show you that in spite of it no longer being available, that the other option I am suggesting you try is actually going to be a much better choice, EVEN if My Online Dream Biz was still active.

As of now, the most accurate info I can find on My Online Dream Biz is the following things:

When it comes to My Online Dream Biz:

There’s A LOT of websites and blogs “bashing it” and I mean basically saying it’s a scam. However, I don’t always treat these sources as legitimate and that’s because many of them pitch them own programs instead (which I honestly do too on my site), but the problem is, their alternatives aren’t always that great either. They can even be worse sometimes.

I am talking about these blogs right now because in this program’s case, since there is no official site up anymore, the only way I can get some info on the program is by Googling it and seeing what other sites are saying, so that was my only reliance in this case. But like I said, every review I saw was bashing it…

For example, I’ve seen at least 2 reviews criticizing My Online Dream Biz, but recommending a similarly expensive program in it’s stead, saying that it was the legitimate option. Well it just so happens that I reviewed that alternative option (It’s called AWOL Academy) and I didn’t like it. I actually gave good reasons for my points there.

And as another example, I’ve seen other blogs also criticize My Online Dream Biz and recommend the same program I am going to recommend to you guys here, named Wealthy Affiliate. But the problem with those blogs is that they gave the impression they purchased the program and/or knew something about it. Just read them closely and you’ll see that it’s not the case.

So even if their recommendation is good, the review itself is bad…

Now even if every single blog I’ve encountered is saying the same thing, it’s still not enough for me and if I can do my own, independent research on it by actually seeing the site and/or buying the program, believe me, I’d do that. 

But unfortunately, I cannot with this program since as I said, it’s not active anymore. Believe me, I tried my best to find the official site on Google, but no matter how many searches I do, no matter how many pages of results I browse, there’s no active page anymore. Even the official URL is down:

Now a good response from you readers of this article may be…

Well how do I know your alternative is good and not just another scam that you say other bloggers are promoting?

So those are my answers and if you have followup questions on that, let me know below.

Now I also want to add that I am not some regular “dude” with a blog:

I am actually a full time earning dude with a blog (and it’s this blog that’s earning me that). I have seen the same types of sales pages My Online Dream Biz shows many times, on many other programs and 9 out of 10 times, when I see these things and look for certain clues on what’s actually inside, I’m usually right.

When people look at sales pages such as the one My Online Dream Biz shows (and admitted I’ve only seen screenshots, not the actual sales page, so I am basing it on that), they may have questions and/or beliefs that it’ll work. While many of them see that, I look for clues as to what is actually going on.

  • I understood right away about that $400 bogus money claim you’d get.
  • I understood there was a lot of fake elements of the program. 
  • I understood right away that there was a get rich quick element being pushed.
  • And based on these 3 clues alone, that was enough for my red flag to get activated.

It’s based on my experience in knowing what to look for in these programs that I have been able to provide accurate reviews over the years. I am not always right, but like I said, 9 out of 10 times I am.

The final, important points I want to make:

While I’m sorry I can’t give you an accurate, inside look into My Online Dream Biz, I want to make these last few things very clear and that it’s actually good news:

1) The program is no up anymore, so there’s really no point in looking for it. If it comes up again, I’ll update this page.

2) The program I am recommending is as I explained without risk.

3) Because I know my stuff on this subject, I am confident in my recommended progra,. Wealthy Affiliate and I am also very confident that you will be happy with it.

4) And finally, I think it’s good that this program, which had so much criticism isn’t up anymore. At least now people are more open to joining something else and in this case, that something else is a way better, safer program that works.

My Online Dream Biz


My Online Dream Biz program Score



  • None.


  • Very poorly done website.
  • There's actors, and a lot of other red flags.

4 thoughts on “My Online Dream Biz Review. Is it Really a Scam?”

  1. Hey there Vitaly,

    I have seen many people promoting this program on social and decided I should take a look at it and see what it sells. From what I see, this is a scam at its best. Fake discounts, hired actor, get rich quick promises, could it get any worse?

    I am heading to the social media platforms where I got the promotions to get at those guys who are encouraging folks to join. Thanks for clear and well detailed information.

    • No problem! I wish I had at least seen the promotional page for this program, I would have been able to call it a scam then.

  2. This review is different compared to the others for sure. Thank you for being upfront about not being able to do a complete review on this program due to it not being available anymore. And I totally agree with you, that since there is no website of it anymore, that nobody will be able to find it and nobody will be able to get “scammed” by it, if it is really a scam. Since it was getting a lot of bad reviews though and the owners of the program didn’t try to clear their name, then I think it was probably a scam. They probably closed the program because too many people had found out it was not worth it and the owners weren’t making money. Just an opinion.

    • This is very possible. Most of the time many programs and their sites these days stop showing up because the URL is taken down for complaints and not necessarily because the business falls apart and has to shut down. Many websites can be kept active for really cheap prices. The lack of a site showing up here is not a good sign either way (for them that is), but in hindsight this article can help people find a good option like Wealthy Affiliate.


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