The Real Ways To Make Money Online. How It Really Works!

I’m going to show you the most practical and real ways to make money online, without scams, without any gimmicks.

the real ways to make money online explained

This is a legitimate, and straight forward approach that absolutely anyone can do and it’s also free if you follow the recommendations 🙂 

Too often the subject of making real money online is wrongly taught. A lot of people/companies who practice marketing online want you to believe this process is far too confusing to understand on your own and will offer you their services for a hefty price promising big. 

Unfortunately in my many years experience in this field, I’ve see that many times these same people/companies:

  • Do not know what they are doing.
  • Over complicate the process.
  • Charge you way to much for their services.

For example, if someone were to try and sell their online marketing “expertise” to you and show you this image (right), you’d probably take them up on their offer.

After all that picture makes internet marketing look way too complicated. But the truth is it isn’t! So whatever you’re been shown/told/sold, forget it all. Forget this image. It’s time to start anew and this time from the RIGHT point.

Watch this video first about making money online (if you haven’t already):

Part I: The summary of how making money online really works:

You make a website. This website focuses on 1 particular subject (niche) and promotes a product/products related to this subject.

Here’s a few examples: 

Diet website (subject) promotes diet books/videos/programs (products related to subject).

Dog training website (subject) promoting books on training dogs, dog training supplies, ect.. (products related to subject).

Fitness website (subject) promotes fitness products (dumbbells, kettlebells, ect…) as well as fitness DVDs & programs and other related supplies (products related to subject).

Basically niches is what we’re aiming for. Here are 100 niches that are great!

  • In order for your site to make any real money, you’ll need to get as many visitors as possible. The more visitors that come to your website, the more odds the things you’re promoting on the website will sell and make you money. 
  • Also you don’t need to own your own product to sell it. You can do what’s known as affiliate marketing and promote literally anything from other places and sell it on your site. If a sale is made from your site, you get a commission. This is what I do.
  • The most important thing to making this process work is to make website/s that help people. If you’re making a website on dieting, make sure what you recommend is something that helps people. Don’t spam product promotions. People don’t like this and it won’t help you succeed. Think people first and selling later. 
  • I can’t stress this enough. Do this well and you’ll be rewarded in many cases enough to supplement or even substitute your primary income, no joke. That in a nutshell is how making money online works! 

I’ve broken this whole process down into 5 steps:

real ways to make money online

1. Find & choose a niche (If you don’t know what this is, don’t worry, I’ll explain below).

2. Create a site on the niche you chose (I’ll show you paid and free ways to build a website).

3. Find keywords based on this niche.

4. Find a product/s related to your niche to promote it.

5. Get visitors (traffic) to your website. The 2 best ways of doing this.

If any part of the 5 step process doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry. It will all become clear because I’ll go in-depth into each step below. 

1) Find & choose a niche! 

A niche is a more descriptive part of a market. Here’s a few examples: 

  • Diet = Market
  • Diet pills for women = Niche
  • Weight loss = Market
  • Weight loss for people over 40 = Niche
  • Dog  = Market
  • How to train your dog = Niche

Always choose a niche if you want to succeed in this business, not a market. Why? Because niche subjects have a more defined audience and it’s easier to get your websites to get a lot of visitors. 

My recommendation: 


  • If you know pianos, you can make a website on piano lessons and tips. 
  • If you have expertise in cameras, you can make a website promoting cameras. 
  • If you have great knowledge in parenting, you can make a site that helps parents with their kids. 
  • If you have NO no expertise or don’t know what niche to choose, simply choose one you can relate to and study it, then make a website on it. I’ve had many sites on subjects I didn’t know much about until I did some simple research and boom, I had myself a successful niche 🙂
  • When I got into this business, I had experience in health & fitness so I had an easy time making a website on diets and health related matters. 

2) Create a website on the niche you chose.

If you’ve never made a website before, don’t freak out, it’s actually very easy and I’m going to show you free and paid ways (very cheap) to do it.

After you’ve chosen your niche, you need to make a website that centers around that niche.

So let’s take one of the examples above (weight loss for people over 40). Let’s make a website that sums up the subject of this website. How about…


The website name could actually be ANYTHING you want it to be. I just suggest titling it something that helps visitors quickly see what the site is about. Once you choose a name, register it so it becomes yours. Here’s how…

Paid ways: (I use this place). It costs about $10 a year to buy a .com website. No biggy!

Free ways:

Make a blog. Here’s a few places:,,

My recommendation: Make a free website here. It takes less than 30 seconds and it doesn’t cost anything. Plus you get all the benefits of having a personal site.

3) Find keywords based on this niche.

Keywords are basically anything you type into Google. Here’s a full tutorial on it. You’re going to have to find keywords (I recommend for starters 5-10) that are all related to your website. Let’s take one of the above niche examples:

“How to train your dog”. Think about this for a second: What would people who were interested in this subject type into Google? Here’s a few ideas that come to mind:

  • How to teach your dog to sit. 
  • How to get your dog to stop barking. 
  • How to teach a puppy tricks. 

Bam we’ve got 3 keyword ideas! And this came right of the top of my head. This is something that’s REALLY easy to do. All you have to do is think what people would type into Google if they were looking for information on the niche. That’s it! There’s literally an unlimited amount of keywords you could discover this way!

My recommendation: Read this tutorial on keywords. It’ll help make this process VERY simple, I promise 🙂

4) Find a product/s related to your niche to promote it.

real ways 2

It’s time to find products to put on your website to sell. We’ll need to make sure the product/s we choose are directly related to the site’s niche (subject).


Another example: Piano lessons website promoting piano lessons books, DVDs or even your own guide (If you posses expertise in this field).

Where to find products to promote:

  • This place has a lot of products which pay you up to 80% commissions! I’ve made $500k with them (proof).
  • (You can literally find anything to promote here). Google “Amazon associates” to enter their affiliate program.
  • very similar to Clickbank.
  • which is sort of like Clickbank

What you’ll need to do is sign up to one of these websites above (could be all of them too!) and search out products

My recommendation: Start with Amazon associates.

It’s very easy to use. What will happen is that you can do a search for a product you want to sell on your website and it’ll give it to you. Then next to the picture it’ll say  “Get link” and will provide you with your very own affiliate link. Here’s more info on Amazon Associates.

Save that affliate link! If you’re promoting multiple products, save all your affiliate links. Put this link in your website and if someone buys through that link, you’ll get a commission! This is where the money part comes into play!

Here are many success stories of people who succeeded with Amazon associates.

5) Get visitors (traffic) to your website. The 2 best ways of doing this.

In order to make ANY money from your website, you’ll need to get people to visit it! This is what we call “traffic”. The more traffic you get to your website, the more money you can make. But how do we do this? Here’s 3 ways:

Method 1: The natural method (SEO):

Remember that keyword list I asked you to hold onto? Well it’s time to use it! Here’s how:

We’ll be making separate pages on our websites targeting each of the keywords. Making pages on websites literally takes 2 clicks to do. It’s simple. The hard part of writing about your keyword. Always make sure your pages have at least 400 words on them and specifically talk about the subject of the keyword.


Keyword: How to teach your dog to sit:

Write about ways to teach dogs this trick. Then provide an affliate link to a book on training dogs!

Keyword: How to get your dog to stop barking:

Write about ways to teach dogs to stop barking. Link them to an affiliate product. Could be a dog training book. Could be a special leash and something that helps dogs stop barking (without hurting them!).

Keyword: How to teach a puppy tricks:

ppc vs seo

Write about a few tricks owners could teach puppies then link them to a book on learning dog tricks. Notice the picture I put up. This is a book on Amazon you could promote which fits in PERFECTLY with this subject. Easy money!

The more keywords and pages you write/add to your website, the more traffic your website will get. This process can take weeks/months, but in the end it will only get bigger and bigger. How fast you see results depends on:

The kinds of keywords you’re targeting: Only target low competition keywords. Full tutorial on finding low competition keywords

The quality of the content you’re writing about. Better quality content ranks better/faster. Learn how to write quality content. This will pay you back a 100 fold in the end and help your website rank higher on search engines such as Google.

Sites that rank high on Google and Bing get more traffic. This whole process of making content and trying to rank high on Google is called “SEO” which means Search-Engine-Optimization. Confusing term I know, but all it means is doing things to make your website rank high, that’s it 🙂

Extra tip: Make Youtube videos that have the keyword in the title! This greatly helps your site’s visitor count improve!

Method 2: Paid way (Pay-Per-Click aka PPC):

Pay per click is a way of putting up ads and advertising your site. Each time someone clicks on the ad, you pay a certain amount. If you can make a profit, then PPC is EXCELLENT! If you cannot, the PPC can end up costing you a lot!

You can advertise your website through Google and places like Bing. I recommend starting with Bing as it’s easier to use and A LOT more flexible. Here you can make “ads” and link them to your website.

The beauty of pay per click is that you can quickly get a lot of traffic to your website and potentially make a lot of money! I personally have used this method to make 6 figures. Here is a case study on this!

My recommendation: If you want to do this, use this pay per click guide I personally made for it. 

My final recommendation & the best way to get started:

One thing I often see from people who read about this stuff is 2 things:

1. An overwhelming amount of ideas and excitement about trying this.

2. A lot of information overload and even confusion. That’s completely normal 🙂

If you’re considering giving this stuff a shot, don’t just rely on this tutorial. Get proper guidance to help guarantee you get it right. I want to help you out with this. There is a place I recommend above all else that teaches you how to create successful and profitable websites from A-Z and is free to join. Here is that place, Wealthy Affiliate. I’m personally a member of this organization and have been for many years.

They teach you honest and real ways to make money online, using many of the same tips I just showed you, but they walk you through each little step to really simplify the whole process and help you succeed. They also provide you with 24-7 support in case you need any help 🙂

Making real money online is something that ANYONE can do. You can make an unlimited amount with this business. All that is needed is proper guidance! Wealthy Affiliate is the only place where you’ll get it.

If you have any questions/comments, feel free to leave them below. I’d be more than happy to help you out 🙂

Update: More updated guides to making money online:

Here is one which is shorter, but clearly explains how the process works and helps you get started yourself with it.

I also give a full detailed explanation of my $1 million dollar affiliate marketing earnings here using this same method I talked about above.

Beware, that last article is long, but it is filled with incredible information you will be able to use to succeed yourself!

26 thoughts on “The Real Ways To Make Money Online. How It Really Works!”

  1. Great post! I have been working on a website for the past couple of months and you’ve definitely cleared some things up. Keep up the good work!

  2. Very well said. You covered everything we need to understand how to earn from a niche website. I have one but it is not yet totally complete, I’m still under construction of my niche site and honestly, I enjoy creating a post for it maybe because it’s my passion.

    Thank you for sharing ways on driving traffic to a website. I needed that to learn and apply to my websites for more traffic and conversion.

  3. Great post!

    Your 5 step process is very useful and breaking it down further in to what is a market and what is a niche gave me extra clarity.

    I have attempted setting up businesses online in the past and have come across so many resources that make it look so complicated.

    What do you feel is the best type of product to sell online, for example, digital or physical products? Do you have a relevant post or article on this I may find useful?

    • Hi Marin, I rarely think about whether a product I am selling is physical or digital. My concern is which product, in whatever form can deliver my niche audience the best solution to their problem.

      If it’s a digital product, I’ll promote that, if it’s a physical product, then I’ll promote that in it’s stead. It’s also a matter of how much commission is offered as well as how easy it is to sell the item/s through the affiliate program offering it.

      Basically, the main point is to look at how it serves the niche audience, then look at the other factors.

  4. You sure explain the process well and I like your birds eye view. The examples sure help to clear things up and the video is a nice touch.

    I’ve been working on a niche for some time but am realizing there are sites with more experience and staff than I could ever compete with in this life time.

    Feeling like it’s time to choose a niche that hasn’t been covered so much or perhaps narrow my focus.

    Thanks for the insight.

    • You will likely never find a popular niche that doesn’t have competition Steven, you can’t look for that unicorn, you have to enter the business with the knowledge you like and love about a niche topic and let that lead your business.

      Competition can be beaten (like this), especially through the internet, don’t let it stop you.

  5. I like the way you break up the meaning between ‘market’ and a ‘niche’. Thank you for pointing this out to me. I got a lot from this blog.

  6. Hello to start on the free 2 websites to begin with i noticed the hosting is free but what about domain names are they free with hosting?

  7. Hi Vitality
    I have been interested in the online work since an old coworker mentioned it. I work extremely long hours in a stressful position with a salaried-exempt pay structure. So there is no opportunity to increase my weekly income there.

    The information you have provided has been extremely helpful and detailed, despite the fact that you are obviously an affiliate for WA.

    The one question I still have though is concerning “drop shipping”. The coworker I mentioned above said something about boxes coming to his house to be labeled and shipped back out. I have also heard it mentioned while researching the affiliate marketing. So, is that also part of this whole process or is that something totally different?

    I appreciate your feedback. Thanks.


    • Hi Rebecca, drop shipping is just another way to make an extra income from home. I don’t personally like it, because you do have to be tedious about it, but it can be used with an online business. I have written about drop shipping before here. 🙂

  8. Hi Vitaliy,

    I deeply appreciate your time and effort in having this blog up and running. Your blog has helped me to understand internet marketing better than most of the information on the internet.

    Thank you for your honesty and I wish you all the best!


  9. It sounds like a really good way tomake odds and ends and i believe i have an excellent idea but my question is how are profits collected like how are you paid out?

    • You register with programs that pay you to sell their products Keeda. Clickbank, Amazon, Sharesale, Linkshare are all networks that allow you to sell products. You do have to get approved by many of them first but if you do, you can sell anything they have, then using the formula shown in the above post, you can make money selling products from those networks and they will send you checks.

  10. Would you recommend any MLSP providers, or in your opinion should one stay clear of MLSP entirely? BTW, who are you?
    Thanks for the candid advice and for the info on this page! M

    • Is that the “My lead systems pro”? If that’s the case, then I say steer clear! It’s a lead generation funnel for MLM’s which I can’t stand personally. I find them all to be pyramid schemes and any place which focuses on lead generation is useless mostly because the traffic isn’t really targeted and you’re likely to get a lot of backlash from leads if you try to sell to them. So my answer is no lol.

      As for myself, I’ve been in the business of online marketing for over 8 years. I have a whole about me page if you’re interested 🙂

      • I appreciate your information. However, it’s so so so sad to hear you have been marketing this long and have said such sad things about lead generation and MLMs to that guy “Miles” I think his name was at the top of your comment list.

        What do you think you do when people come to your site to search for something they are interested in. They become a lead. LG systems teach you to do the exact same thing. In fact LG systems go beyond that. They show you how to build a list and maintain communication with your leads, which you say nothing about. LG systems give newbies a chance to learn how to do everything you just wrote about in much less time.

        As far as MLMs — well I wont even go down that road yet. Just know when you say, “all to be pyramid schemes” shows your inexperience and ignorance to the marketing communities that support over a billion dollar a year industry. Yes some are not good, but please don’t discredit them by saying “all.”

        • I’ve never said they are all pyramid schemes Ross, but you can’t factor sales activity as being the only proof of legitimacy. Lots of MLM’s make a lot of money through a fraudulent business model. I have tried MLMs before and I feel there is MUCH more opportunity in affiliate marketing as it isn’t as binding and the profit margins are much bigger.

          As for lead generation systems, it doesn’t really matter if what those other companies you mentioned teach what I just showed, faster. The problem is that the time it takes to gain rankings and start getting good traffic is going to occur no matter which program you deal with and unless you do paid advertising, you’re not going to get quick results or unless you do black hat marketing.

          I’ve also purchased and explored many lead generation programs. Most of them teach you how to get the lead, but aside from that, keeping them is a whole other story. They give you free followup emails to send out and that’s it. Building something long term is a whole other story that is going to have to come from experience.

          What I show people here is the most straight forward way to do things. What they decide to use it for whether it be MLM, lead generation of any kind of any sort of affiliate marketing is totally up to them. This is where it all starts.

        • Ross, I don’t think that you are taking into consideration the fact that Vitaliy is trying to help people who generally have no previous knowledge of how to build a profitable business online and most certainly don’t know anything about MLM’s or MLSP’s. (Which by the way sound much more complicated then the simple instructions he has laid out in this tutorial) When he was asked if he suggests using this method he says to “Steer clear” and gives his advice (ADVICE THAT IS FREE, MIND YOU!!) that I’m sure he believes to be the least complicated for someone trying to break into Online Marketing with no prior knowledge or know how. My point is why would you come here and try to introduce over complicated and confusing ideas when he specifically says he will show us “PRACTICAL, EASY and SIMPLE ways to make money”. He is literally saving people hundreds of dollars and at the same time teaching them how to potentially make hundreds of dollars and doing this FOR FREE and you think it’s alright to criticize and undermine his advice? Shame on you! Vitality I for one think you should be commended for what you’re doing and would like to SINCERELY thank you for saving me from “The Michelle Robinson Scam” also for inspiring and teaching me to build my own online business!
          P.S. Sorry about the extremely long rant, but I hate when people feel the need to over complicate something that should be a simple process.

          • I appreciate it Leighann and don’t worry about ranting. I welcome different opinions and Ross is well entitled to his and I do respect it. It’s OK if people question the stuff I teach. I encourage everyone to do this always. I don’t see it as undermining, just friendly debate. As long as we can all have a healthy conversation without name calling or degrading, we should encourage it 🙂

  11. I think for a lot of people the scariest part of starting a niche website is choosing the NICHE. It can feel like the end of the world if you don’t get the perfect niche to fit your personality, but then folks stress about whether one can make money or not.

    My advice is to choose the thing that comes to you first. Build a site. Work on it. If it doesn’t work. Do something different. It took me about 3-5 totally lame sites before I found a niche that made money, and since then, I’ve been in at least 5 more!

    • I think niche choosing issues are certainly one of the major issues, but I also think people are too wound up looking to get rich quick and this adds to it. In my experience, you are absolutely right when you say just choose something, and try it and if it doesn’t work, move onto the next thing. Even your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, ect… attempts fail, you’ll gain more experience in the process and will be that much closer to succeeding. Thanks for your comment Nathaniel!

  12. Wow what a complete guide you have here! People pay 100s to learn just a fraction of what you have to teach here. This is REAL internet marketing that gets results based on how hard you work and how long you keep at it. Great stuff!

    • Thanks Chip. People deserve to know how this stuff really works. And there is nothing more real about making money than using this method.


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