8 Examples of How to Make Money as an Amazon Affiliate.

Today I want to show you how to make money as an Amazon affiliate by showing 8 amazing examples, some from myself and from others who do it actively.

Here are my recent Amazon sales stats from 2 a near month period:

how to make money as an amazon affiliate

When I first created this article, I originally shared only 3 ideas, but have since grown that list to 8. The first 3 ideas on how to make money as an Amazon Affiliate included doing the following things:

  • Selling fish oils to anyone who would benefit from them.
  • Selling knee supplements (such as fish oils) to people who would benefit from using them.
  • Selling hair supplements (And I run a small website that does this).

And I’ll also be showing you 5 additional ideas, ALL of which are literally making money from Amazon. Although selling on this network hasn’t really been my main source of income for the years I’ve been in this business (in fact, I don’t really make much with it), I have been dabbling a bit with it or the past few months and in my not so involved efforts, found some great niches and case examples of how anyone can make make great money as an Amazon Affiliate.

So while my efforts were minimal with Amazon, there were and are other networks I use and more importantly, the same methods I used to make a majority of my money with the other places, they still work just as well on Amazon so if you, the viewer, can take what you read here seriously and do something with it, you may set yourself for a full time business making money with Amazon, as an affiliate marketer.

Now keep in mind, we are talking about being an affiliate, NOT a vendor. 

A short, but hilarious story:

Let me take you through a brief history I’ve had with this company. Originally when I became an affiliate for it, my goal was to sell products related to Mp3’s and electronics.

At the time, my lack of experience with internet marketing had me making the mistake of choosing to get involved with selling what I though would make me the most money, yet when I chose the Mp3 device niche, I had NO experience with it. So my soon to be failed niche project was off to a horrendous start. 

That project didn’t last very long and for awhile, I didn’t promote anything from Amazon, until an interesting opportunity arose where I made a website to show off to a client that we both sort of forgot about, until I saw that I was still paying for it’s hosting and decided to go back and revive it, by placing affiliate links for Amazon products on it.

Since that happened, the site has made close to a $100 (over a span of several years haha!), while getting several dozen visitors a day and collecting an email list. Here it is.

It still continues to make pennies to this day, but while I was involved with it, forgot about it, got involved again and then left it alone once more, it still was doing pretty well and if I had actually sat down and focused on it, I am sure it’s potential would have been at least 100 times greater. 

Then I also expanded my list of Amazon promotions to weight loss books and products:

  • I began promoting books related to weight loss.
  • I sold some fitness equipment.
  • I also sold health supplements.

But again, in these examples, I always focused on selling things which would pay me more, things usually from Clickbank or from another affiliate program. I guess it’s Amazon’s 4% commission rate which never really incentivized me to go full force with it.

However, the more and more I do affiliate marketing, the more I see the need and potential of being involved with Amazon and how really anyone can make a full time niche business out of it. 

But why should you listen to someone whose made so little on Amazon?

As I’ve admitted already, my profits with Amazon aren’t that high, but that’s for that program.

If you know me at least a little bit, then you know I work online 100% of the time and have set up several successful niche projects. Look at my case studies for proof if you need it. In fact:

In the case of Amazon, all you need to do is repeat the SAME formula I use for the other niche businesses, but just apply Amazon to the equation and you can make this work very well.

To help you with this, I’ll give you 3 niche examples and exactly how you should set them up. Ideally you SHOULD read the article I put up on how to make a niche business because in a way, this article is going to explain almost the same thing. 

If you decide to read it first before going further with THIS article, then you may notice my approach does not mimic a typical e-commerce website. I focus on niche and content creation and then selling products through that. I am not a fan of setting up some kind of store, although you CAN do this. But I personally find conversions are better when people find the right article on your site that leads them into the RIGHT product they want. That’s one of the foundations.  

The 8 examples explained:

Ok so before I give you the 5 options, know that they worked subjectively, meaning that the ideas from which I made money with Amazon, as did the other person from one of the examples did so because we liked our topics.. If you don’t have a passion for these following topics I’ll be listing, pick another one. In addition to the 5 I’ll point to, I’ll also add another 100 just to help you brainstorm!

This is what you do: Your job is to apply the training and strategies from this article, but just insert these niche examples instead. So while in that article, I used dog training as the niche, just change the topic and repeat the same strategies. Remember, USE that article. It is CRITICAL for you to understand this tutorial.

Example 1:


Fish oils. Health improvement is a major niche topic and within it, you’ll often find that fish oils come up. Set up a niche website where you review different types of fish oil supplements.

The way I’d structure it is this:

Choose the niche topic (that’s done).

Find keywords for as MANY different fish oil supplements as you can. Use the keyword tutorial for help.

Write a separate article for EACH supplement and review it. Ideally you will WANT to buy at least 1 bottle and try it on yourself before you recommend it to others. 

If you have at least ONE supplement you enjoyed, make that your main promotion on your website.

In other words, don’t just link every supplement you review to Amazon. If it’s bad or average, link it to your article where you promote the main fish oil and then from there link to Amazon. That way you get more happy customers.

If you see that your sales are rising, you can go further with this and create ads on Bing for each of your product reviews for extra traffic and sales.

And from there, continue. The more sales this makes, the more you can continue to sell, review and promote. This alone can become a full time business.

Example 2:


Knee pain. While the first topic dealt with the products you’re going to sell directly, this niche is based on a specific health problem people have so the product/s will be different (somewhat). 

Again if I were structuring this niche, I’d already have the topic down. Then I’d get into the keyword hunting. Things involving how to relieve knee pain and supplements that help reduce the pain are all HOT keywords. And again, if you personally suffer from this problem, but know of ways to help yourself, you are setting yourself up for the perfect opportunity to help others with this problem as well while making money.

Review products that help get rid of this problem (and if they don’t, link it to the products that do). 

Example 3:


Hair loss reduction/curing. Another hot evergreen topic for which there are just SO many different products to review. In this example, do yourself a favor and head over to Amazon and type in hair loss. See all the products that will pop up. 

Guess what you can do with all those products? Review them! Review as many of them as you can and believe me, this is not a topic that will ever stop producing new things so you’ll always have a consistent demand to review more things.

Note: Do the SAME thing for the other niches. Type those topics into Amazon! Do it for any niche you can think of.

Every single product you find has great odds that someone, somewhere is looking for them online, possibly even Google. That’s where they’ll find you if you follow my approach and maybe 1 review won’t bring in a lot of visitors, but overtime, 10, 100, 1,000 reviews will bring in so many visitors and sales that you’ll be able to make an income from home the likes of which most people can only yearn for. 

Now for the other 5 updated examples (which do make money):

amazon affiliate success help

Now I have separate blog posts on each of the above examples, so let me share them with you now in case you wish to see details on how they made/make money:

This is the link for the blog post on the drone site.

For information on the sporting equipment site, here it is, it’s called mud running.

For this site which I said sells an entrepreneur eBook (from Amazon), it’s called 10 Pillars of Wealth and here is where I sell it.

Now for the next case study, I talk about another person who does affiliate marketing and makes great money selling drones too, a lot of which are from Amazon.

And finally, for details on the YouTube video which sells the backpack from Amazon, that link will take show you it.

 I just bought a backpack and had a friend record me on a mountain reviewing it. Then I put up the video on YouTube and put up a link to the Amazon page where people could get it and it made sales.

And finally, there are many Amazon success stories out there, which I share in that link. I also explain each story carefully, so you can understand how they succeeded. 

Don’t limit yourself, go beyond Amazon:

If there is some kind of product outside of the Amazon realm that pays more and helps your niche audience, don’t hesitate to promote that in addition to what you’re already selling with Amazon.

Remember, the niche examples I gave you work, but if you don’t love these topics, I can honestly tell you to forget about trying them because you’re going to hate it. Pick a topic you like! Here’s at least 100 more niche ideas for you!

While most niches and products you find on Amazon will probably not pay too much, especially now that Amazon cut affiliate commissions in 2020, remember, with enough visitors to the site and enough demand, that quickly adds up and while you can always choose topics which have expensive products (guitars for example) to sell, only choose those if you love it and it makes sense for you promote that to your niche audience. 

Don’t just sell something because it’s expensive and can make you money. Sell something because it helps people!

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  1. Great examples Vitaliy!
    I haven’t made millions with Amazon either but I really enjoy the large selection of products they have.

    Although I have some niche sites that only promote amazon products, I often end up using amazon affiliate links in other places. When I am recommending a book to someone, or a piece of equipment… I even made money from Amazon referring people to a free trial of Audible. So yeah, Amazon is totally worth looking into as an affiliate platform 🙂

    • I can’t even list just how many products within each niche are available to review and sell Alex, but just imagine what reviewing each of those things can lead to in terms of content!


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