An Affiliate Marketing Success Story. Read This Case Study!

Today I want to share with you all an extremely successful affiliate marketing case study from someone I’ve been following for a long time on YouTube.

affiliate marketing case study

This person has a channel that I subscribed to pretty much when it first began and from that time to today, has grown to:

  • Over 80k subscribers.
  • Over a million views on the videos he makes.
  • Tons of affiliate commissions from the products he sells on the videos.
  • That exposure and growth has opened up more gigs for him (jobs and freelance gigs).

As a result this person has become independent and is a very popular name in an industry that is rapidly growing in popularity, and that is the drone industry. And also he started very early which makes this all even better for him.

I actually have my own drone affiliate site, and here’s how that went:

One of the reasons I subscribed and started following this person on YouTube (his name is Billy Kyle) was because I got into the drone industry myself and very early on, had a lot of questions and issues. This led me to research the topic on YouTube, and that ultimately led me to his channel (here is a link to Billy Kyle’s channel).

And by the way, if you’re into drones, I highly recommend that dude’s channel as it provides awesome insights on many topics related to this stuff. It’s helped me avoid a lot of mistakes and solve a lot of problems I used to have.

Because the content this person delivered was so great, I stuck around and kept watching his future videos (even re-watching some). This helped grow my experience with drones, so much so that I started my own affiliate drone site on it about a year ago.

This site also grew and did make numerous sales, but not so much that I could call it a massive success. In addition, because I was busy with other projects (and still am), I had to cut down on the drone site, even to a point where I just didn’t have time to focus on it as much.

The site is still around and still making money and I do still focus on it, but I just can’t put in as much time anymore, because my main blog, that makes the real money (how much does my website make?), needs my attention so my business can continue to help me work online full time…

In any case, the bottom line here is that the person I am mentioning in this case study is doing what I wanted to do and because he is doing it very successfully, is why I am talking about it here, and perhaps you can use this case study as an inspiration…

How Billy started and grew a full time affiliate business:

Firstly, this person began what would become his full time gig, on YouTube. And as far as I know, he doesn’t run a website, so all his affiliate work comes from YouTube and if you’re wondering about the possibilities, yes it is absolutely possible to do affiliate marketing without a website. That link provides my own case studies on doing so.

But in regards to Billy, he started by doing reviews on drones he owned and provided affiliate links for people to buy it (and it was always in the description box of each video he did). Here is an example:

youtube affiliate marketing case study

And by the way, I have no issues buying my stuff from these links.

From what I understand, the sales did come in (because the content was excellent) and this allowed him to further buy more drones, do more reviews on YouTube and keep growing his channel.

I stopped watching his new videos for awhile due to me focusing on my own projects, but a few months went by and I saw a notification of him doing a new review on a drone which costs about $7,000 and it’s also been a drone I wanted to get since I got into the business.

When I saw that he purchased this expensive drone, I knew he was doing very well (good for him!). While looking at his review of it, I also saw that he moved into his own place and started getting gigs like this:

He was getting requests to do projects for clients. This is common in the drone industry where people who own these things get hired to film weddings, real estate and other projects. This sometimes offers a great side/full time income for them.

Additionally, he also started an Instagram account that he steers into the YouTube channel. 

The massive increase he’s had in exposure also allowed him to get hired to write freelance articles on a popular drone blog.

And all of this had stemmed from the YouTube channel he started. It led to the affiliate marketing success he’s had and continues to have, and it led to more doors like the ones I just explained opening.

Overall, Billy has become one of the most popular reviewers in the drone industry.

What does Billy’s success story as an affiliate marketer teach us?

Well a couple of things:

  • Firstly, the affiliate business is a profitable one (having your own place and a $7,000 drone is no joke).
  • You can start it without a website (in his case, through YouTube and I’ve had my success there too).
  • The fact that he enjoys this hobby and has passion is what created the following he has today.
  • The success this person had led to other doors opening and leading to more income being made.

Can you replicate the affiliate success Billy has? Absolutely.

I don’t want people who read this blog to think they need to go out and start their own drone blog. If this is something you don’t really see yourself doing, don’t. Instead, start an affiliate marketing business in something that you are truly interested in.

Here’s how you can do this:

affiliate marketing success stories

In Billy’s case, the interest he has in this hobby and turning that into an affiliate marketing business is what helped him create it in the first place, so your first job is to find your own passion and make that your business.

Here’s an article for you to read regarding how to do that.

Next, the goal would be for you to take that passion you discover and to follow the next steps to start doing something this person did, and turning it into an online business.

Fortunately, if you’re in this spot right now and wondering where to go next, I’ve got exactly what you need, a program called Wealthy Affiliate, that’ll help you replicate in the same manner what Billy did. They’ll start you off on blogging and help you improve your business through YouTube. 

A bunch of the training they have on this stuff is free to check out and try, learn more about Wealthy Affiliate here and check out the other success stories of people like Billy who also chased their own passion and turned that into their own gigs, including myself.

Update: Want to see more affiliate success stories?

Not a problem! Here are 10 from people who are Amazon affiliates.

That link shows the different kinds of topics people can create affiliate businesses from and while that article shows 10, I can tell you that there are at least 50 affiliate marketing niches (and far more) niche topics you could make your own business with.

The above link will give you some great ideas to become you own success story with and you’re welcome to ask me questions on this too.

20 thoughts on “An Affiliate Marketing Success Story. Read This Case Study!”

  1. Thanks for sharing Billy Kyle’s affiliate marketing story and yours as well. This just goes to show that success is possible for anyone who has the desire and motivation. 

    I have been reading a lot of success stories in affiliate marketing and they accomplished this either through blogging and/or starting a Youtube channel. I would really love to be able to share my success story one day but I am still struggling to make it. I do not know what I am doing wrong. I joined a training platform for affiliate marketers but I am not doing very well. 

    What would be your best advice to somebody who is new to affiliate marketing? And how much work should one put in daily to become successful? 

    • Honestly follow the same path Billy did in that he went with a topic he loved which is drones. You should pick a topic you like as your first springboard into the affiliate marketing world and use Wealthy Affiliate to make it become a business.

  2. What a great story. Congrats to Billy!

    Just as you followed Billy, I have started following you Vitaliy and watching your success. Also a big congrats to you my virtual friend 🙂

    I love watching and reading about anyone who makes a success of this online thing.

    I would like to ask what are your views on staying focused and committed to one business. I see so many new products and ways of making money everyday. Do you recommend sticking with one or chopping and changing to join new trends?



    • Hi Ian, when you’re new, it’s best to stick to one niche idea and if it’s chosen correctly (this will help), you can find a lot of products to review on the one niche site you build. You can also do other things like create YouTube videos like Billy is doing to grow that one site. 

      If the site does do well and earns money, you can outsource things like content product to writers and focus on another site, but it’s always best to start and stick to one, gain the experience and success from it, so the second site (and however many follow) you build will grow faster. 

  3. This is a great inspirational story. I’m so glad I read it. I’m starting my own affiliate business as well. I’m in the beginning stages and go through periods of excitement and doubt. Reading through this gave me ideas and helped give me more motivation. 

    I’m learning that its definitely a patience game. How long did it take you to get your first sale? Thanks so much!

    • I had a lot of failed projects for a few years and when I finally found a way of making money online which worked (article marketing), it took me a few weeks to see that first sale, but article marketing is not a good strategy anymore. 

      Since you are doing affiliate marketing, I would recommend you follow the very same training in Wealthy Affiliate, that I followed after article marketing began to die down for me. Their strategy has allowed me to run this affiliate marketing website for years and continue to grow it. Don’t worry about the time it takes, worry about the effort.

  4. Hey Vitaliy,

    Amazing story! It proves that affiliate marketing works if done properly. Drones are a very big niche these days and I can see why this guy’s strategy works. First and foremost though you have to provide value. 

    This guy does, by posting reviews and Q&As;. It’s also obvious that this guy loves what he does, he loves drones, and also loves buying and testing them. That is why this guy does such an excellent job. 

    What I like is that he doesn’t force anything. He’s himself, doing what he likes…

    Thanks for the inspiration. Keep up the good work!


    • Yes I think anyone who operates like Billy does can truly enjoy the business they build and that feeling you get from watching his videos and seeing the passion he has for drones, really makes you trust him more when he recommends something. FYI, I had written a guide to help people find their most passionate niche choices here, it should help a lot of people create something similar to what Billy did.

  5. I personally know a couple of people who have worked almost exclusively with YouTube for growing their business using a channel, ads, and a niche that had a high level of interest and a growing audience (as drones are).

    Obviously, there are some intangibles in play, but it sounds like this person has checked all the blocks plus likely is a personable character that plays well in front of a camera. He likely also has the right equipment, lighting, etc. as needed (or he obtained this over time).

    It is nice to hear that success is available to the ‘Everyman’ as long as they have the right training and can avoid some of the pitfalls that are out there (shiny objects) plus a solid work ethic and focus. The nice thing about online marketing is that there is a path for every person and unlimited niches to pursue. 

    YouTube is one good way. It can be easier to rank your content high within their search engine, plus the fact that Google owns YouTube helps, and the two together are so powerful in the search engine arena make this the case. I would recommend tapping into that power for almost any type of marketing angle you may select for online business.

    You can gain a following, get good engagement, establish authority, and grow your credibility as this person has using YouTube. 

    Would you recommend focusing on YouTube only versus creating a blog site filled with content that links to a YouTube channel? 

    • I personally suggest a site and in combination with that, also building a YouTube channel. So in Billy’s case, I think he could do so much better if he set up a personal blog and talked about the same drone subjects there. And of course, sharing his videos on the blog, would only grow his subscriber base on YouTube too.

  6. Good evening,

    From the looks of it, I can see you both are doing pretty well on your passion. What encouraged you to do drones? What would you recommend for starters?

    I agree WA is a great website. I’m just starting and I can already see it going a long way with consistency and hard work. Because of people like you, many more will succeed in doing what they like and enjoy their life.

    I wish you the best.

    Eric K.

    • Thanks Eric, I think like most people, we all go through different interests and hobbies in life. What got me into drones was a YouTube video I saw of someone flying it and that basically started me down that road. I have less interest in this hobby now, which is why my site began stagnating but that’s alright, because I do not regret owning them and I still use them to this day, and Billy’s channel is one of the places I still follow and watch for info on this.

  7. Good day, Vitaliy. This IS an inspiring post, a great example of what can happen when someone takes their passion to the next level. I also believe that was a little insight behind his success as well as he could see that drones were going to be a big thing in the not too distant future and thus, took advantage of that when he started his channel.

    I also think you are right about him not having a proper website. It would be scary, if it was me, to think I could lose everything I worked so hard for just because YouTube changed the rules. Much better to have a website and post video reviews in it as well. It would be a kind of back up in case the aforementioned issue arose.

    I was just wondering…as a follower of his, have you ever talked about him building his own website?

    Thanks again, this is inspiring me to double down and make a better effort with my own site.


    • That’s a good question Wayne. I never actually asked him this. He writes for a popular drone blog called DroneDJ, and gets paid there too, but you raised the point I was making about him not having a website and were more blunt about it. 

      YouTube doesn’t only change rules, but it also can suspend or block accounts and videos quite easily these days and many former success stories from YouTube have had to change up their businesses due to this over the years.

      However, being that I went through these things with Google and it’s update for a long time, I can tell you that it’s something you can adjust to. I’m honestly not going to be reaching out to the guy unless I get to know him better and get more back n forth responses from him, and then it may be likely that I’ll throw the website idea out, but for now, the dude seems to be doing pretty well for himself with this business and I believe it is well deserved, he produces exceptional content in a topic I love.

  8. What an inspiring story. The fact of the matter is that your chances of success are extremely high when you do what gives you joy. You do it effortlessly and people will love the way you do it and as such success is certain. 

    Wealthy Affiliate, is the only place you are allowed to join for free, get trained for free and allowed to make money while learning for free! It may look too good to be true but believe me I have been there and I am here months after, happy and fulfilled!

    • I will admit this much, Billy’s success does teach us the wisdom in passionately creating content in a market where people spend money, like the drone one, but I will also say that Wealthy Affiliate will teach anyone how to find their unique passion and also do the same.

  9. Great example of taking a hobby and creating an income with it. With the proper training in website building and affiliate marketing, anyone could replicate his success with a hobby of their own. While I’m not much into drones, I do own a couple of websites, and Wealthy Affiliate is the exact platform I used for training and continue to use for resources, hosting, networking and expanding by business. It’s an excellent platform with the best business community that I’ve encountered personally.

    • Hi Cris, in this case, the person has made a chunk of their success come from YouTube and the business is profiting without a website. However, that also carries risks since it is being done a platform he doesn’t own, so if anything happened and the videos were shut down, it could lead to the loss of business. This is why a website would be a safer add on to keep the business going, there’s more control and insurance basically.


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