How to Find Your Niche in Life And Make it Your Business.

Lately I have been on a posting spree, but much of that posting has been focused on helping people find their niche topics.

I’ve been providing tons of case studies, examples of which topics can make the most money and really trying to help people settle on a topic they like and can live of if they make a business through it. 

Today I want to address the BIG question on niches and finding the one in YOUR life. It is said that doing so can really be one of the best ways to achieve happiness in life, that to find something which you can profit off and love doing is the best way to secure a fulfilling life.

how to find your niche in business

And I honestly believe that is true from my own experiences, but with all the knowledge I have attained through doing business through the internet for so many years, I have seen how people can really take things they love, build websites of it and enjoy a life where that website makes them a full time income and more.

However, I have also seen many people who have tried heading in this direction but make the wrong turn in the niche choice because they didn’t choose the correct topic they really enjoyed or at least knew about.

In short, while I don’t claim to have the perfect answers for people who are seeking to find their niche, I will be sharing with you today the lessons I have learned in finding my OWN niche topics that helped me build businesses of them and how you can follow my tips to find your own. 

The 7 lessons of finding your niche in life and making some off it:

Follow these 7 lessons in the following order:

1) Start by creating a list of the following things:

A) Things you love in life and know a lot about (hobbies, activities, you’ve done, ect…).

You can really go crazy here and put down topics that aren’t even niches at all. Later on, you will be able to narrow it down if necessary.

For example: 

You may be a family person and love them. Perhaps you grew up in a good, loving family and know the keys to sustaining happiness and closeness to them. Perhaps your niche later on could be a training site on helping fix family relations. 

B) Things you don’t love in life but know about (maybe a bad experience/s that still gave you knowledge and helped you grow).


I had a period where I was balding and I decided to create a website where I document ways I’ve tried to regrow it. This is an example where something that is bad and gave me stress is something I can flip, turn into a business, possibly solve and help others solve too. 

Perhaps you were bullied in life and took up self defense classes, now you can build a website where you teach people to protect themselves. Again, out of a negative experience comes a positive outcome.

Just some things for you to ponder…

C) Things you’ve done in life such as hobbies or new activities you’ve explored. 


  • Say I tried online dating, and perhaps I gained some good experiences on it, so I made a page helping people succeed in it. It’s a growing market so there’s immense potential there.
  • I have turtles and researched how to take care of them and what to buy, perhaps I can make a page which helps turtle owners take care of theirs.

And on and on we go…

Note: With every new activity, topic, hobby you enter into, you gain knowledge and with that knowledge comes the ability to create a niche site of it.

You should go crazy with this list if you want, but prioritize the list by first focusing on A’s topics, then B’s, then C’s. There is a reason I’ve put them in this order, because ideally, you want to work on a site and love it. But if that isn’t your thing, then you have option’s B and C to fall back on.

2) Of the list created, put 2 scores on each topic you’ve made. 

The scores are as follows:

1-10 on the passion scale. You basically give a number to the said topic/s you’ve listed and the higher it is, the more passion you have for it. 

1-10 on the knowledge scale. If there’s anything I learned, it’s that love for something doesn’t necessarily translate into knowledge of that something, which is why I’ve kept these 2 things separate. In this case, even if it is a topic you don’t like, perhaps you’ve been involved in it so long that you know more about it than the ones you love.

Be honest, here and judge the scaling according to the knowledge you think you possess on the said topic. 

Now the goal with these scores is to see with which topic you have the biggest passion and knowledge for. It is that topic which I would recommend you pick your niche choice of.

3) Select only 1 topic (for now) and put the right kind of work to make it thrive.

The topic you choose is the one you need to be fully behind and be prepared to work hard on so understand that when you select whatever it is you selected, that you’re going to be working on it for a long time so really think about the passion and knowledge score you gave it and if you really are ready to commit that far into it.

If you have and are fully energized and read, the next stage is to begin building the business and while I can’t give you a blueprint for doing it in the offline world, I can absolutely give you one for making that topic you chose a successful online business.

For that, do the training in Wealthy Affiliate in accordance with the niche topic you chose. This is the best blueprint I have ever come across for creating a single and multiple successful online businesses. 

4) If your business begins to thrive, either.

A) Keep building it and/or.

B) Move into a new topic which also carries a high passion and knowledge score. And this is something you will probably start doing if option A starts to pick up (but make sure not to drop option A!). I have personally made a few niche sites from this. For example:

In life it is very common for people to move from one interest into another. Not everyone will have the same passion for their whole life and it’s normal for new experiences to change our minds about things. I, for example am always learning about new things (and frankly, we all are) and if I feel a new passion coming on for a new topic, I just may choose to build a site of it.

If that is the case for you, always remember that you will absolutely need your first choice to work at first, so that “winning formula” you created can be recreated by the secondary topic you choose. I wrote extensively about why this is absolutely important here.

5) Understand that the higher your passion and knowledge for the topic you chose.

The better the longevity of your interest for it will be and the better the odds that it will become profitable will be as well.

Here are 100 niche ideas you can use for reference and you may find that some of these interests may align with this tutorial I gave you.

Despite making more than a few niche sites in my years online, few have made me money due to the lack of interest and knowledge. For example, the hair site I mentioned above is still kind of in a hibernation period. The running in mud site too, but I have always remained consistent with this site on making money online and a few others that have always been able to keep my interest.

One thing I will add is that if you do see money coming into a site, that your interest in it will rise even if your personal interest in it will fall (money can do that…).

My final thoughts:

Now I want to add some more ideas for you to add to your list and think about and see if you possess knowledge and more for it.

Here is a tutorial where you’ll find 10 niche markets which can help you brainstorm niche ideas better and possibly use for your own own lists. 

Worried that you don’t know enough about the topic you chose? Well then you may be underestimating what you really know about it (read why you may be an expert at a niche and not know it) and if not, you can always study up on it through Google.

Is my topic of choice profitable enough? Odds are it is if you narrow it down enough and do the right research for it. I’ve also basically debunked the whole idea of saturated niche markets here.

Those 3 tutorials on their own should really help filter out the likely doubts you may have since they were the type of doubts I personally had as I was learning this…

But either way if you follow the 5 steps and really put in the work through the training manual I recommended to you through Wealthy Affiliate, I have no doubt you will find your niche in life and build something out of it you can truly be proud of!

12 thoughts on “How to Find Your Niche in Life And Make it Your Business.”

  1. You have a great site.

    It’s great to see you explaining niches and how to narrow them down – this, for me, is a very daunting process!

    You have achieved simplicity in helping us find “the” niche with easy to follow instructions.

    You have obviously taken a lot of time and thought explaining the procedure so well done!

    Thanks for the information!

    • Not a problem Kate, niche hunting can indeed be VERY daunting and it has taken me a lot of years to really filter out the problems people face with this so come up with the idea you see here.

  2. This is a great website. It kept me intrigued all the way through. Being a newbie to the internet marketing world, I am going to utilize the steps mentioned when choosing my niche. I would def recommend this site to any other newbie interested in getting involved with internet marketing. Great Information!

  3. After reading your take on finding a niche, the point that came across to me was taking something that maybe was a negative issue within your life and turning it around to something positive in helping others.

    I have known people who rack their brains trying to find something they are passion about, you have just placed in on a new level for me. So thank you.


    • Happy to help Kelly! There’s lots of problems people go through in life that when, they, themselves solve or at least find some sort of solution to, you can bet that they can truly help others who also have it.

      For example, typically health problems fall into this meaning that if someone suffers from a common ailment manages to help themselves, it is the PERFECT opportunity for them to set up a niche site to help the same niche audience with the same problem solve it.

  4. Choosing the right niche is indeed a crucial step and it is always confusing. I can tell that because I’ve gone through that phase. As a result, I’ve tried and failed in niches I’ve zero knowledge or interest in.

    Your method of finding the niche is awesome! Wish I had access to this article when I started out.

    To add my two cents to this, never choose a niche solely because its profitable and never be afraid to enter the niche that you’re passionate about even if it’s full of competition.

    Looking forward for more awesome posts like this.


    Mithra 🙂

    • Thanks Mithra! I agree with both your points, especially one the second one. The fear of competition stops people before they even start.

  5. Hello!
    I’ve spent some time and read through your entire post, as this is a topic I tend to struggle with. I found your approach very well laid out and easy to follow, and I found that using your steps helped me visualize exactly what my niche(s) should be! Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this approach, I urge anyone struggling with a niche to try this step out! You won’t regret it :).


  6. It seems that you summarized pretty well one of the most difficult decisions to make when you’re interested in starting a blog. This one was responsible of a few headaches for me in the past… So, congratulations! Very well explained 🙂

    Regarding the scales, and from my humble point of view, the passion regarding something is all that matters. If you’re passionate enough, the knowledge will come naturally (but obviously the best case scenario is a combination of both). What do you think?

    Have a nice day Vitaliy 🙂

    • Of course you should ideally have both Ferran but I rarely run into people who do, so I decided to base my personal niche choices on 2 factors, instead of just 1, being passion.

  7. I love your tips. Also, the ways to discover your niche was awesome. Although, I’ve found a few niches for starters, I love your exercise of dividing the two colums of topics (1-10) for your passion and knowledge and deciding based on what works best. You are “on point” because I agree, it’s extrememly possible to find passions that we are not that knowledgeable about…Or the other way around. I think that’s sort of happening to me now to be honest. I’m going to actually practice this excercise you’ve given.

    You’ve really explained and set it all out there, leaving no excuses for not finding what should work, when it comes to choosing a good niche.

    A couple of questions though, what do you recommend to do when a niche is chosen that a person is passionate and knows a lot about…but, over a period of time, they’ve run out of things to chat about? What are some things to do, to get the (niche) fire kindling again? Just wondered, and thanks a ton for your value, loved it!

    • Hi Bev, eventually the knowledge you initially have on a niche topic will burn out like you said, however, depending on the initial knowledge you possess entering into it, that itself may already equal to tons of content ideas right there, which can possibly equate to 100’s of high quality articles, videos and more.

      But even if you have all that, the site works for years and then the ideas fizzle out, what always works for me is to discover what’s new in the niche. This can be: new products, news on the topic which updates what you/we thought about it, new things which evolve your knowledge on the matter and with each new thing, you will always have a new blogging idea to add to your website. Take weight loss for example, this is a perfect niche topic where there is constant evolution, new theories, products and things coming out.


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