Here’s a Low Competition Niche That Made me Over $1,000.

I’ve decided to start a little series of posts where I’ll show you specific niches that all have low competition with generally high search volumes of traffic.

Now I’m updating this article in 2020, but just so we all know what’s up:

  • Several years ago, I discovered this awesome low competition niche and wrote much of this article about it.
  • I then decided (because it’s so popular and profitable) to start my own niche website on it.
  • I will run you through all of the details of this awesome, low competition niche and explain how the site I made on it eventually earned me over $1,000.

Here is the awesome niche (with low competition) that I discovered:

niche with low competition


In the past, I’ve done very basic posts on the niche subject and even some case studies, but this particular article, I’m only going to focus on one (mud runs) and I’ll give you a blueprint of how to monetize it where everything is going to be very specific.

I’ve had so many niche ideas running through my head which can all make good money and while it’s normal to experience that when you’re an internet marketer, I am already busy with current sites so I can’t really take time of yet to work on them.

I can technically pay someone I know to do it, but I estimated that I would probably have to pay them at least $1,500 to write the necessary content to get ranked, and then it’ll be about a year before the site breaks even on that type of investment. It’s not an investment I’ve completely given up on and I really think I just might go ahead and work on this idea, but I’d rather share it with you first.

So what I’ll basically do in this post is this:

  • I’ll give you 1 great niche with low competition I’ve considered making a site on (mud runs).
  • I’ll give you keywords I’ve found that prove it’s very low competition.
  • I’ll explain how I’d use them and how I’d organize the site.
  • If you wish to use this idea and make a page on your own, do it.
  • In the future, if this post gets a lot of requests, I’ll keep doing these types of posts and revealing more niches.
  • As I said before, I’ll also help you find a perfect niche for you that has low competition that you can start an online business with.
  • I also decided to share even more niches with low competition for you to check out (see below for the link!).

The big niche with low competition is: Mud runs and supplies for it!

Ever heard of mud racing or mud running?

It’s a “sport” where people run through obstacle courses that stretch from several kilometers to even marathon long distances. Through these events, people run through very difficult challenges. I’ve done them a few times and after each one, I’ve always though about what I could have done better:

  • Maybe I could have trained better in one area vs another.
  • Maybe I could have had better sneakers or wore something that would make running and going through the obstacles easier.

Those kinds of things led me to find this niche. And it is gigantic…

If you’re a big enthusiast of these races, you need to make a niche site on this ASAP. Here are just some reasons why:

The niche is extremely popular. Here are the numbers to prove that:

The term mud racing gets about 500 searches a month. 

However, there are many different types of mud races, and they are very popular. For example:

The Spartan Race which is one of the MOST popular in the world gets OVER 50,000 searches a month and that’s just for the main keyword. Look it up on Jaaxy or any keyword tool and you’ll see.

Then there’s another popular one: Tough Mudder, over 40,000 searches monthly. 

Then we also have some that aren’t as popular as those, but they’re rising and there’s a whole bunch of others coming out every year. 

You’re looking at a niche that has a popularity of 100,000+ people/monthly.

Things you could sell in this low competition niche:

So let me say that since I do affiliate marketing, I am not really buying all of the potential things I could be selling. Instead, I’ll just be promoting many of the relevant items mud runners would love to own when they run these races.

Now I did say the niche was mud racing SUPPLIES, not the actual race, but given the different sorts of opportunities, you would have to be crazy NOT to chase some of the great keywords I found.

For example:

Spartan Race, while having a HUGE amount of traffic is very competitive. However, search terms such as:


Have SO little competition. And you’d get the same results if you took the other races and plugged in the accessories:


In fact, you can do a few different things:

You can create 1 single niche site on mud racing and discuss which supplies are best for which races. Think about it, gloves, sneakers, shirts, headbands, jackets, socks, workout routines to prepare to these events are all things you can find and sell.

I’d just go straight to Amazon and find all of them there. In fact, here’s what I did find:


And I did find the most popular ones using the Amazon best seller idea I shared awhile back. These shoes are expensive, but they are perfect for mud racing and they are perfect to recommend on your site.

I calculated commissions you’d get from selling them and you can make anywhere from $3-$12+ for each one you sell. 

And that’s just ONE accessory. Each of those sneakers is it’s very own low competition keyword meaning you can do reviews on each of them. That’s 1 article each. There’s at least a dozen articles you can write on these accessories.

Multiple the potential with every other accessory that is related to this niche and you have well over several hundred articles you can write. 

Now besides products, you can also review the actual races.

There’s terms there that are also very low competition: Strategies to finish the race, workouts to prepare for it, maybe you can personally participate and share a video or do a review post on it. I’m not going to dive into every possible thing you can do because I just don’t have time, BUT you can do it if you’re seriously considering this niche. Here’s just some keywords and ideas you can use:


Plus, what about selling GoPro cameras?

How are they relevant to this niche? Well think about all the people who wear those cameras when they run. Don’t you think there’s also people in this niche who look for the best cameras to use for these races? There are!


And those cameras cost a few $100, which means high commissions. You may want to consider buying one of them, using them, then uploading a video to YouTube sharing how good it is!

You may also notice that when doing that search, I also was given even MORE ideas for more keywords I could write. I must have found over 200 keywords doing this. 90% of them are VERY, VERY low competition.

My final thoughts:

I am not very interested in the mud racing niche, but if you are, you’d have to seriously be deranged not to make a niche site on this. I would not be surprised if a site like this that FULLY takes advantage of all these keywords and more can make six figures every single year. Yes, six…figures.

Update: I started this exact niche site. How did it do?

I started the mud running page and it did indeed grow and makes sales (About $1,000 as of 2020). But I wasn’t as dedicated to building the page as I wanted to be, because I had more important ones like this making me the serious money.

But as for the mud running site, it’s on the back burner for now (it’s still working by the way) but it mostly makes me money through Amazon affiliate sales and Google Adsense. It’s not much but it’s also a site I am not dismissing, I’m just trying to find more time to work on it and grow it.

Either way, you can see from that case study that this giant niche with little competition CAN make money.

What about that part about helping you find your own niche with low competition?

So there are 3 resources I have to help you with this. Here’s the first and most important niche article.

And the second is more of an additional help where you can get training to take that choice and turn it into a business. Wealthy Affiliate is the program that’ll help you do it.

And the third is a list of 100 low competition niches I wrote up recently that will certainly help you get started!

21 thoughts on “Here’s a Low Competition Niche That Made me Over $1,000.”

  1. Probably one of the most useful articles I have come across. I have always had trouble finding a profitable niche but this helped a lot! Do you collect a list of possible good niches and eventually get into as many as you can? With the world expanding so much it’s hard to keep up with all these people starting new niches.

    • Yes and no Jake. I like to explore different niche ideas, usually those which I imagine being interested in, but ultimately, it is not a good idea to build many niche sites on your own, stick to only 1. 

  2. This is awesomely amazing to me Vitaliy and I’ve enjoyed reading your post. When I was reading this, I kept on asking myself, why would this writer give such information instead of grabbing this opportunity and building a website on “mud racing” it seems that the ground is very fertile there.

    I just wish I had an interest in this field and I wouldn’t hesitate to “steal” your idea. Lol! I wonder if you also do the same on music which is my passion. Your concept of choosing a niche is so clear and I like that.

    Thank you for writing such a great article.

    Best wishes


    • Hi Paul, you’re certainly welcome to try this niche idea out. I already have and made a website which currently has about 52 articles. I did make a few sales on this and about 5% of the posts I have rank on page 1, which brings in several 100 visitors monthly. It’s certainly not a lot, but I was right about the opportunity this niche brings, I’m just letting you know the current progress I’ve made from implementing this idea.

  3. GREAT information on using niches and finding good niche keywords. Is there a particular website you use to find niches? I didn’t see it anywhere, but I could have missed it for sure. I use Jaaxy currently, and I do like them. But I am always looking for other ways that could work better for me.

    • Most websites which teach about niches typically do not recommend the right approach in finding them. They usually give you a list and tell you that the choices there are profitable, yet if the person who looks at that list isn’t interested in any of the topics, they substantially reduce their chance of making money off it, which is why I don’t really listen to the advice of those sites and people anymore. 

      The only people who taught me to do it the right way were from Wealthy Affiliate. Other than that, experience in niche marketing is what led me to actually find future niches, and all it really takes is an understanding of what it is and brainstorming through your own imagination.

  4. Wow Vitaliy, this is really awesome, the fact that you are giving this kind of information away to help people build up their own online businesses for free is phenomenal.

    But with regards to niches, and keywords for a website, i have never thought of Tough Mudder supplies, but now after reading this article, i can really see that there is some major potential here, so I’m going to have a serious thought about this, so thanks for sharing!

    • Yeah man, it’s big and I am actually quite invested in it now (see here)! I don’t mind giving this information away, niche ideas aren’t like product ideas, it’s not like someone can come around and steal your idea away here, I can certainly have other people try to start this, but in the end, the thing which will make the site work or not is it’s content and if the better person can deliver it, that site will be better.

  5. I would have never thought about mud racing supplies. What a great niche with little competition. This article just gave me a million ideas on niches I can help people with. They best thing is it truly is providing a service many would appreciate. Sometimes it is so hard to think outside the box, but you make thinking outside the box (with research) a piece of cake.

    • You’ll start to think this way too Leroy as you get more experience. I constantly have new niche ideas running inside my head. Here’s a recent write up on 10 niches I came up in less than 30 minutes and it didn’t take long to explore them either!

  6. I love these case studies on under-served markets. It reminds me that there really is more opportunity out there than there is time to take advantage of all of them.

    My biggest challenge is finding these markets or just coming up with ideas. What are your best resources for finding trends in online searches?

    • Well originally, it was Google Trends, then I got more specific with Amazon’s best Seller’s list. But honestly, when you have more experience with niches and how they work, your mind can brainstorm ideas and then use the other 2 sources I just mentioned (or a keyword tool) to confirm if it’s popular.

      In THIS case, with this niche topic, it was indeed something I though about after experiencing it and just wondering how many other people were interested too.

  7. You’re not wrong…this is really big right now in my home country of Australia. If I were there and had some firsthand knowledge of what goes down at these races, I’d want to be all over it too.

    Great idea, did it come from Google trends or a forum or somewhere?

    I am also wondering how to get work writing articles for a niche site…and not through fiver or similar. My articles are worth more than that.

    I often see people offering $10 for articles here in Asia but again that’s a pittance and I don’t want to bother with it. Can you suggest alternatives?

    • Well you can go around the popular freelance sites out there (not Fiverr) and see if anyone takes your services, but be prepared to provide sample work to show you’re worth the price Alison. Try to also implement things like these I talked about in regards to this subject.

  8. Great article/case study/suggestion or whatever you meant this to be. I just loved how you put it simple on how to develop a whole business model around a keyword/niche.

    Now, what caught my attention there is when you say you calculate at $1,500 the cost of outsourcing a new website. I have considered that myself. Can you tell me – maybe write another article.. 😉 – how you came to those figures and what that would include?


    • Well aside from the building of the website and buying the domain name which I can do and set up in minutes Eduardo, the hard part is writing. I estimated that number because I have an article writer who charges me $20-$30 an article and I figure in most niches, a huge crossing point into good rankings is over 50 articles, so I multiplied that cost by the number of articles I’d need and came to that number.

  9. Hi there,

    Awesome niche site idea, sparked my interest and I certainly can see that niche with few hundred posts really converting well.

    I for one, am certainly looking forward to seeing more posts like this, however would you mind explaining in a little more detail how you came up with this idea and the research behind it before you decided this is a viable niche idea?

    • Hi Derek, I was just brainstorming hobbies and this one came up, which led to a though about how interesting it would be to make a niche site out of it.


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