How to Make Money Online With Display Ads. $30k Case Study.

One way to make money from your website is to run display ads on it. It is a method which involves signing up with ad networks and allowing them to post their ads on your pages.

In doing that, your site gets paid for every click those ads get and/or for every visitor the site gets as a whole. In the process, you can potentially make a lot of money and in today’s case study, I’d like to show you how a friend of mine is doing just that with his site and it’s making him over $2,500+ every month and equating to over $30,000 a year in extra profits for his site. 

Here is proof that display ads can make your site a lot of money:how to make money online from display ads

This is something my buddy earns every single month so naturally, multiplied by 12 months, you can see how this adds up to $30,000 or more a YEAR. And he does also do affiliate marketing on this website, which adds I believe another 6 figures on top of that $30,000 he earns from display ads.

Now look, before I get to the details, let me just say that here is a link to the post where my friend, the owner of the site in today’s case study wrote about this, and the name of his website is called if you want to see more.

But just as important, if you’ve never heard of display ads, here are the details on how it’s all set up:

How display ads specifically are designed to make your website money:

1) You first need an actual page to host these things (obviously).

2) Then you need traffic to come to the page (this is the hardest part of the process). For display ads to make you good money, you need as much traffic as possible (more traffic means more display ad profits).

3) Then you need to actually sign up with a company that will check your page and decide if they will let you run their ads.

4) If you get approved, a code is given to you which you insert into your page’s code, thus allowing the ads to show live.

5) In terms of how you get paid for this, as I said before, you will either get money from each click the ads get from visitors or literally from every visitor your page gets and for profit potential, the latter method is what truly makes the insane money (like in my friend’s case).

The 3 reasons why most website owners never make good money from display ads:

At the very start of this article, I mentioned how most people never make a lot doing this, and here are the MAIN reasons why:

1) They don’t get enough traffic.

They don’t get a lot of traffic and they don’t understand that this is what it literally takes. They set up a page, sign up with an ad company and wonder why no money is being made. It’s literally because they have little to no traffic. By the way, if you currently find yourself in this situation, correct it by getting training on traffic here.

2) Difficultly in getting approved.

The companies that actually pay you the kind of money my friend is making from this venture have VERY high expectations and most of the time, you will not get approved to work with them.

These companies WANT to see that your site is actually worth approving and the main factor is again…traffic. These companies set big traffic quotas for a reason (one of them is Mediavine, which I will be talking about), they want their ads to be delivered to the most amount of people so they can also get paid.

If you run a page that gets very little traffic, forget about making money through this venture. But if you run one that does get a lot of it, not only will it be easier to get approved by these places, but you’ll also be getting offers from other companies (they’ll even beg you) to display their ads on your site.

3) 99.9% of people who are accepted into display ad networks get paid very little by them.

The most well known companies actually pay you very little for this, and thus you make little in return.

There are 2 main networks that people know about, go to and sign up with to allow them to get paid for running ads on their site: Google Adsense and Chikita

They are generally very easy to get approved with and because of the name recognition (Google), they are popular.

However, there are 2 issues:

  • One is that these places generally pay very little compared to the real deal places that pay my friend the kind of money he’s making.
  • The second is that they pay you for the clicks the ad gets, not the overall visitor count, so your profits end up tumbling if you think about it…

It is literally pennies in most instances. So even if you do get a lot of traffic, getting paid very little for that effort doesn’t really seem worth it, especially compared to what you could be making if you adjust things. For example:

If you get 10,000 visitors to your page in a week, and get paid an average of $0.05 per click, that means you will earn $500 a week. It may seem like a lot, but consider the alternative…

Suppose you were to get approved by a major ad network like Mediavine, which DOES pay for every single visit you get, not clicks and the average pay is $0.20 cents a visit. With the same 10,000 visitors a week, you’re looking at $2,000 in earnings, 4 times MORE.

Why wouldn’t you want that option?

And that is literally the opportunity with the strategy I am going to be talking about right now, and again, it is the same one my friend uses…

Want to make a full time income from running display ads on your site? Do this:

Understand that traffic is the KEY to this happening. Your initial goal should be to hit 900 or more visitors a day (I’ll explain in a moment why I used that number).

High traffic numbers are the golden key to getting your page approved with the REAL DEAL companies that pay you big money for ads. This is the #1 thing they look for when you approach them.

Now here is the reason I said 900 visits a day:

Great companies like Mediavine or the next tier one called that pay you a lot for ads and literally every visitor that hits your site have a 25k visitor quota that you need to be getting from organic searches alone, every single month to get approval from them. Dividing that up, the daily visitor count should be at least over 900.

So if traffic is the golden key, how do you get high numbers of it to your page?

The strategies I am about to explain pertain to ONLY getting broad traffic to your page.

As an internet marketer, I was trained to make money from my sites by getting laser targeted traffic, but the issue in THIS case is that there’s less numbers in laser targeted traffic (with higher quality traffic comes smaller numbers of it) and way more in broad traffic and since we are aiming to monetize off ads on the page, then the goal should be quantity numbers of traffic…

Note: Just so you know, you can actually make more money from laser targeted traffic because you can sell them expensive things and get more sales, but that doesn’t involve running ads, so it’s a different business model, and here’s an example of how running that model on my page has done for me:

But in the case of this article, again, we’re ONLY looking for big traffic numbers and not really minding the quality of it, so with that context set, let me explain it like this…

Here’s 7 ways to get massive traffic to your site and get approved by display ad networks:

In order to pull this off, you will need to actively blog on your page.

This blogging is what will generate organic visitors and the more of it you do, the bigger the numbers of traffic will be. Again, for traffic generation (the right way of doing it), the top program which teaches you this is called Wealthy Affiliate, and it’s free to try their starter training.

In the following strategies, you can isolate and only focus on one if you like or even mix them together, so here they are:

Firstly, target a very popular, evergreen topic.

Evergreen topics are subjects that people actively look up on search engines and social media. When you think about getting the most traffic to your site, a smart strategy is to start with looking up subjects that MASSES of people look into.

Here’s at least 8 things to target and each of them has massive branches of opportunities:

  • Dieting trends (popular diets ALWAYS come out).
  • Popular trends in various subjects (Use Google trends to find them).
  • Best selling products in any market (Amazon Best Seller’s list is a great example).
  • Political news (especially these days…).
  • Using Google Alerts to find popular trending topics and ranking for those topics quickly.
  • Popular hobbies.
  • Big problem niches (hair loss for example).
  • Popular product reviews (this is one of the ways review sites make money by the way).

Picking out at least one of these topics, blogging about them and in the title of the blog post targeting that topic in keyword form (for instance, reviewing the latest political topics) is a great way to get that article picked up by search engines and getting them to drive traffic to your page.

And doing this more and more often will only increase the traffic numbers, to a point where you can meet the quota legit ad companies like Mediavine have set to be able to run their ads on your site and make good money from it.

This is how that same friend I mentioned earlier is doing it. The reason why I am not doing it yet is because my traffic is more laser targeted, and I monetize in different ways as I mentioned earlier, but this option my friend has managed to break through into and show me how to do as well is something YOU can do with your website.

Need help in doing this? I’ve got you covered there:

Monetizing a website through ads can be done very profitably through the method I mentioned here and while I did show you the basic steps and ideas to use, I would advise (once again) that you get training on traffic generation and once again, the best recommendation for this is with this free to try program Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the best. It eache

Additionally the training you get there (and implement) is designed to help your page monetize in more than just this way and you’ll see this as you learn from it.

11 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online With Display Ads. $30k Case Study.”

  1. Hi Louis, as far as I know, Mediavine is not picky on what types of sites it allows ads to be placed on, but it does want to know that the organic visits you get are legit, so if that is there, that is a sign that your site is high in value, and it can be one they would consider letting you put their ads on.

    Now in regards to your question on a sports site, it is pretty broad, but honestly, for display ad purposes, it would be fine. The only thing I would recommend is to pick a certain sport to cover, and then cover the history of it, current events, and especially during peak seasons as each one has those (Superbowl, playoffs, World Series, ect…). 

  2. I’ve always wondered what level of traffic one should get before putting ads on the website. Finally someone mentioned a number. Looks like I am still for from 900 visitors per day so running ads may not be a good idea for now. Going slightly off the topic here, does the same rule apply for PPC? Do you also need a certain amount of organic traffic for that? If so, what number are we looking at?  

    Thanks for sharing as always, Vitaliy.

    • Hi Cathy, with PPC traffic, it is the complete opposite. You do not need to wait for any organic traffic to start doing PPC. People who understand this subject and do both SEO and PPC, do not wait for SEO rankings to pick up, they simply post the right article, then head over to a PPC network like Bing and start sending traffic to the article (it does not affect SEO rankings).

      So let me give you an example, suppose I have a website and wrote a review for a product. Once I publish it, I will NOT wait for it to improve in organic rankings, I’ll head over to Bing as soon as it’s published, set an ad, keywords with the name of the product in the ad, and then see if it gets traffic and this is a great way to monetize quickly. 

      Wealthy Affiliate has a whole section on PPC ads in their bootcamp training, but you can apply it to ANY subject. I’ve collected email lists quickly and made quick sales this way.

  3. Thanks for explaining how to get ads on your website because it’s something I’ve been thinking about for my own site. The thing is, as you said, Google is not going to pay much. I would rather wait until I have enough traffic to get into a bigger ad network, but my traffic is more targeted like yours, so I may be waiting a while. 

    In a way, I don’t really like ads because they slow down websites and they’re pretty annoying. But dang, $2,000 a month just passively? That’s pretty nice!

    • If you can earn a lot through display ads and earn $2k or more a month, then there’s no reason to not upgrade your existing hosting Christina. There’s dedicated servers which cost $100-$200 a month which would truly help the site run well with a lot of visits and ads on it, and it’s an investment I’d put in if the site grows to that point.

      Now even though your site’s traffic is targeted, you can broaden out the topics to things that are similar enough and to use those topics to attract more traffic to your site. It would dilute your conversion rate if you’re doing affiliate marketing, but it would increase the overall traffic to make you eligible to run these display ads.

  4. Hi Vitaliy,

    Thanks for a super-interesting read. I guess the most crucial part of it is getting the traffic. I focus on content articles and have not yet written any product reviews (simply because I dislike writing about something that I have not tested myself). I still struggle to channel traffic to my site. Do you think starting doing product reviews will make much of a difference?

    Thanks again for a informative article! 


    • Hi there Arie, product reviews generally carry 2 things:

      Low competition keywords for the product name itself. 

      Higher conversions if you’re promoting them or promoting something else. Most of my sales come from product reviews, but this is for affiliate marketing, not ad listing on your site.

      If you are willing to test a product out, then yeah, write the review and get that extra traffic. Writing more often is better than not writing rarely and you need to grow your traffic to be eligible to run ads from the high paying companies.

      Usually for people who are seeking to go this route, you should read my article on what to blog about here, it’ll help you write more content and get more visitors to later on become eligible.

  5. The major thing in ads network is the traffic. Once one can get the traffic, then the money will come in place. I would appreciate more training on the traffic (organic) because it is cost effective. Or does paid traffic work well with ads network too? I would like to know more please.

    • Hi Vanny, I can give you a quick breakdown of how to get more organic traffic to your page and it comes down to targeting big keywords but with long tails, that make them have less competition. There is excellent training on this stuff within Wealthy Affiliate you should check out.

      Regarding paid ads, most networks will not allow you to use paid means to get traffic to your site and to click on the ads to earn revenue. Plus in many cases, that would be counter productive.

  6. Hi, I connected up with Google ads, but I was rejected. I just didn’t have enough traffic yet. Honestly, I was not even sure what was required. I was just following instructions. Now I am working at getting my traffic numbers up and writing my blogs. I am glad to hear about Mediavine. When I have enough traffic, I will certainly give it a try. Thanks for the information.

    • JJ hi, there’s a difference between Google Ads and Google Adsense which is where I think you applied and got rejected with. Google Ads is a different service where you pay to run ads, and in Adsense, it’s the other way around, but I would not stress about getting disapproved, it’s actually a good thing because they wouldn’t pay you much compared to Mediavine.


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