How to Make a Money Blog Step by Step For Beginners.

Money blogs can make you a lot (I’ll show you), but the key to this actually happening rests in your knowledge on the subject and convincing people of that knowledge.

I possess one such blog that makes me good profits ($250,000+ since 2014 and growing every year) and while I will be sharing the details of it in this article, you should know that there’s several branches and niches of money topics that you can start your own page on.

Here’s how my money blog’s sales stats looked last year:

how to make a money blog

And by the way, for 2019, you can see stats here.

I will give you 5 that are the most popular in my experience and from there will help you create a personal page for yourself where you will be able to build a brand, a following, clients and even sell the products for similar professionals in the same fields as an affiliate marketer.

Let’s get down to the core. There’s 3 skills you need to build a money blog:

Before you even start a money blog, I promise you that if you do NOT possess ALL the 3 things I’m about to explain, you will not succeed…

Read any money page that pertains to topics like real estate, stock investing, business, whatever the case is, whoever is authoring it has to possess several key traits:

how to make a money blog

1) They MUST be an expert at a specific niche related to making money.

Whether it be things like real estate, stock market advice, financial advice, affiliate marketing, or something else, you first need to identify which type of money blog you wish to make by figuring out what niche within the money topic you know a lot about.

When it comes to finances, NO one (well most) will ever take advice from someone who theorizes on how to make money. They will only follow the advice of someone who has personally made it work. 

In fact no matter subject you choose to make a page on, if your goal is to make profits, you have to be an expert in it, period. 

2) You must show proof that you’re an expert in your niche (related to making money).

If I’m giving out real estate advice (how to invest in it for instance) and I’m writing about the 10 things I look for when choosing what to invest in as a real estate investor, I better make sure those 10 things cross off with what I am actually doing and I must also be able to produce proof, such as case studies of this.

People who see this, who may or not be experienced will quickly be able to see your credibility without you having to offer much additional proof. Show someone you’re making profits with the advice you offer and the sale is pretty much done at that point.

For example, with this money blog, people can easily see proof that I make it work, by either reading my about me page or things like where I learned to create this money blog from, which is Wealthy Affiliate. Numerous links are provided on this website that back up my expertise claims.

3) They must be able to relay/blog about their expertise/advice in layman’s terms.

The ability to simply explain something that is complex and profitable is a RARE skill and MOST people do not posses it.

Now I do possess that skill (and I’m still trying to get better at it), but the fact of the matter is, when it comes to relaying your skill, your knowledge, your proof that your advice works, you will be blogging about it.

And the best way to make sure your readers see that you are legit is by explaining your results, and then simply explaining how you reached them. This will make the connection easier and further on down the line, it will also make it easier to sell that reader your services. 

For example:

I have a case study about how a 1 page website earned me 6 figures and in that case study, I showed how I managed to do that, all while explaining the process in a simple way that people could understand and even replicate as well.

Another example is where I talk about my financial success with affiliate marketing and I go through every single lesson and results I learned from making money online through affiliate marketing. And again, all of it is written clearly.

Being able to relay your expertise and advice simply to people who don’t understand the subject is imperative because no one is going to invest or pay big money to you or anyone if they think there isn’t a good chance of a high ROI and they are already careful about how they spend their money.

Now that we have the 3 things you need to start a money blog, let me say this:

In a moment I will be showing you how important it is that your future blog possess these 3 traits by showing you how mine has them and how it’s led it to be very profitable and continuing to see growth…

Here’s how my blog profits in teaching people how to make money:

Now it’s your turn. To begin, once again, start with a proper niche choice.

A make money blog has to be specific (niche), what exactly are you going to be talking about? Here’s at least 5 choices in this subject you can consider (some are repeats from above):

  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Stock market advice (I’ve said numerous times how profitable this topic is).
  • Real estate investment advice.
  • Cryptocurrency investment advice (read about this niche idea here).
  • Actual blogging and profiting off it (helping people create their own ones and monetizing with them, it’s what I do).
  • Also, you may have a different niche topic, aside form making money and I’ve got over 50 different niches here.

ALL 5 of these topics carry the subject of making money and having knowledge in ANY one of these topics alone, mixed with the knowledge of how to write about properly earning through them can make you rich.

They are also niche specific which means if your site focuses on this topic, it’ll be easier for your work (content) to attract traffic from search engines (Confused on this? It is explained here on this article on laser targeted traffic) .

Side note: What happens if your niche isn’t about a specific make money subject?

What if you entered this article wanting to make a blog, but just want it to make profits and not necessarily be about a specific topic pertaining to it? What if you wanted to make, say a gardening site and want that to profit?

No problem, check this program out called Wealthy Affiliate, join it and they’ll help train you to profit with it (or ANY niche subject you choose).

Next: Create the money blog (it will be blank at first).

Think of any site you make as a blank book and the more you fill it up with knowledge on the niche choice you selected, the more credible it’ll be. 

Next, share your knowledge on making money by creating content on it:

Each blog post you create will represent a new page you add in the book, with the book being your actual online business. Starting this from a blank slate is actually quite simple, and if you need help, check out the Wealthy Affiliate program I just suggested above as they’ll get you going with a free one.

Let’s take an example from one of the 5 options above: Real estate investment.

Here are just 5 ideas on what you could write (giving you at least 5 pages worth of content):

  • Write about your experience with real estate and a summary of your success in investing in it.
  • Write a case study about how you made a lot of money investing in a property.
  • Write a case study about how you lost money in an investment and the lesson you took from it.
  • Write about a happy client you helped pick out a good property that they made great money from.
  • Share your personal, 5, 10, 20 or however many tips on investing in real estate.

Each of these posts will already give you enough space to share the 3 traits we covered above and prove to readers that you are a legitimate person they can ask advice from. Later on, this advice can be something you charge for (where you’ll be making the dough from!).

I consistently update my page with these sorts of posts (expect mine deals more so with profiting off websites in general), but in doing this, I consistently reinforce my readers with proof that I am someone they can come to.

And frankly, no matter what niche subject you pick, following this same idea is a must do. Overtime, doing this consistently, you will notice a fan base build up. The better your content will be, the bigger that base will get. 

Finally, we reach the monetization part (making money off your money blog):

Every bit of credibility you build up invests into your readers into taking action through you. You are building trust with your knowledge and sharing your expertise.

A person who consistently reads a blog from a real estate site showcasing how the author is making good money with their approach to it is very likely to eventually take the plunge, contact the owner of the page and ask for their services.

The more of these readers you get to your page, the more of these sorts of requests you’ll see and overtime, with the proper services, charges and business plan in place, such a model can lead to some really good profits being made.

In my particular case, I simply take people who wish to make profitable sites and refer them to a program that teaches this, for a commission.

Now before that even happens, I run the same people through the sales funnel of proving that this all works by showcasing my own results (aka the 3 traits) and I already explained how this business model has profited my personal website.

This is how you do it too.

My final thoughts:

Having SO many years of experience doing this, this is the business model I would recommend you follow in order to create your very own money blog, whether in the 5 particular niches I listed or in ANY field. It can be done and most importantly, this is the program that’ll help you with this.

I would like to end by saying that if there’s anyone who reads this post that has questions on their own blogging ideas, to please not be shy and to ask below.

4 thoughts on “How to Make a Money Blog Step by Step For Beginners.”

  1. Hi Vitaliy, I quite agree that to be successful online you must possess the 3 qualities you mentioned. 

    Personally, I try to read a lot and research topics I write about in order to improve my knowledge on the subject matter. However, when it comes to proof, I really don’t have much to show as a beginner blogger. 

    So, my question is: If I am in the make money online niche as a newbie and haven’t earned a dime yet, does that mean I cannot promote any MMO program? Is it acceptable to use someone else’s case study as “proof” that a system I am promoting works?

    • Hi, this is a GREAT question and it shows you have ethics man, I respect that. When you are a beginner, it is important to explain this in order to be honest with your readers.

      However, the way you make sales that way (and yes you can sell MMO products if you’re a newbie) is to showcase other success stories, mention how they made it and explain how you are doing this too, to show that the formula is what works. This provides the proof and it’s totally fine to use screenshots of other success stories to make sales. 

      As you get better, more experienced and successful, you will be able to change up your promotion and provide your own proof as the evidence the system is actually working.

  2. I love blogging but it doesn’t love me in return. I get envious whenever I come across bloggers who made it big online like you. The 3rd skill you mentioned is what I think has made me short in my blogging activities. I must have laid out more cold, hard facts than being able to elaborate on complicated aspects of the business. Thank you for this realization, Vitaliy!


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