5 Niche Ideas in 2020 Incredible Money Making Potential.

Every year, new niche ideas trend that you can build a site on. In 2020, I want to share at least 5 that I have noticed have great potential:

niche ideas 2020

Here are the 5 niche ideas I’m talking about:

  • Cryptocurrencies.
  • Drones.
  • Work from home.
  • Political blogs.
  • Starting an online business.

Now some of these are evergreen niches (can you guess which?) and there are a few things I want to share with you regarding the evergreen subjects before I get deeper into the 5 niche ideas I just mentioned.

First, I would ALWAYS suggest that if you seek to make a blog or a site, to target evergreen niches because regardless of the year, their popularity will ALWAYS remain high. 

Second, while these 5 ideas are great to work with, I would only recommend targeting them IF and only if you possess the knowledge, the passion and the ambition to grow them.

Otherwise, find an evergreen subject to build off and head in that direction and get training here to do all of this. That is the SAFER bet.

Let’s get into details on the 5 awesome niche ideas:

These 5 may very well also be just as popular and bigger in 2020, 2021 and up!

1) Cryptcurrencies.

Ever since bitcoin became a huge deal (the masses didn’t care about it until it hit $20k per coin on the market), the general market for similar currencies arose. Enter cryptocurrencies.

These things saw a HUGE boom in 2019, mainly correlating to the boom bitcoin experienced, then they dropped off, but now in 2020 are making a slow, steady incline back up and I do believe it will continue:

cryptocurrency trends

There’s many of them and I am by no means an expert, but I have people who I personally know that invest in them. They are basically digital currencies that are exchanged through the internet to pay for things we buy and as of now, bitcoin remains the most popular and “trusted”, even though it’s not accepted anywhere.

Now there are a lot of affiliate programs providing guidance, training on investing in these new, digital currencies, and there are also many scams out there seeking to capitalize on their popularity. 

The opportunity with this niche.

If you are an expert that is, is to create a blog talking about them and truly helping people figure out if it’s for them.

You don’t necessarily have to promote programs that sell these currencies, but you can do things like inform people as to the risks and rewards of cryptocurrencies (educate them if you are experienced enough) and possibly sell stocks, gold, silver and other more stable currencies you feel this is the safer bet. 

You can also sell your own consultations, or promote consulting sites/people for this subject as an affiliate marketing which show how to invest in crytocurrencies and again, if you know this information yourself, ditch the affiliate marketing idea and and just provide the consultations yourself for your own prices. It’ll work well either way.

2) Drones.

I said in earlier blogs that I actually own drones and do have a blog, which HAS monetized over the past year or more selling these things and their accessories (see the case study on drones). But in 2020, I do believe the drone industry will also see an increase.

The reason being is that I personally follow this topic and there are a couple of things to note that prove the incline in popularity:

  • More drones are being released.
  • More regulations are being put on hobbyists who use them.
  • There is more talk of these things in the news.
  • More people are releasing videos all across the internet showing themselves flying them.

This increase over the past few years shows me that drones are becoming more and more mainstream. And here’s another person who used the drone hobby to make it a full time business.

3) Working from home.

If you didn’t already guess it earlier, the work from home topic is an evergreen niche topic (one of the two on this list by the way) and I have a cool trending graph to show you. In this graph the main thing to note is how STABLE this industry has been.

It shows a high demand in popularity, and no real decline over the past 2 years. I assume it will only remain this way moving forward…

work from home niche

The opportunity with this topic is that if you personally know and profit from this topic (I certainly do, here are my stats), that you can make a blog and inform people about how to actually work from home.

I assure you, from my personal experience, this is a gigantic an profitable niche topic. Here are just some ideas that connect to the work at home industry you can make a blog from:

I personally have friends who actually run a work at home blog and profit in the $10k and above in earnings every single month because they are targeting this popular niche and correctly marketing it to the crowd that is in it.

4) Political blogs (and a warning about them).

The niche topic that is political blogs/videos and other related stuff has been mentioned on my site before, and I have to warn you, out of ALL the ideas I have ever had, this is the one which can carry the most negativity (yet still be profitable).

In my lifetime, I have never seen so much divisiveness and negativity as I have in the most recent years (and more years to come). But it doesn’t change the fact that it IS a niche opportunity and I have mentioned various people who have grown their sites, blogs and name brands piggybacking off the political environment in recent years, by commenting on the news reports.

In the U.S, there is going to be a new presidential election in 2020, and the year before is when all the parties start to announce candidates, and begin their marketing, that being marketing themselves and likely discrediting their opponents.

This will inevitably create a none stop run of news reports, blogs and more of people checking out what’s going on and I am certain to this day that anyone who begins a political site or video channel, provided they produce good content, can grow their brand and reach. 

However, as I have warned before, this is the one topic where you are likely to get A LOT of negative feedback, especially if you take one side, and the other sees it and starts hounding you with their opinions so you’re going to have to have a lot of resolve and thick skin to resist the inevitable negativity. 

How can someone make profits from this topic?

Well if you take a particular stance in politics, that being you associate with one particular party or party ideology, you can sell accessories for it (shirts, cups, those sorts of things). You can also try to get enough traffic to the political page to run ads on it from places like Mediavine

5) Starting an online business in general.

It is part of the work at home topic, but it is also it’s own separate branch of that topic and it is the second on this list that is evergreen. Many people are looking to start online businesses and in my experience, there is proportionally more and more people looking into this topic every year.

Not only that, but there are people with real, physical businesses that have no idea how to create websites or market the business online, a major hole in their potential success. This also raises the opportunity for things like consulting those sorts of people and helping them grow (see my review of Get Clients).

In my particular case, I actually help narrow down their niche market and then help them grow and online business. If this is something you think you can do as well, I’d recommend reading my personal online business report on online businesses and how to create them.

niche ideas and how to get started

My final thoughts: 

Let me conclude by saying that again, even though these 5 ideas are good, I would only recommend going for the evergreen ones, and not just the two on this list of 5, but also the ones I linked to in the beginning of this article.

Creating a niche site on an evergreen topic will always be the stable way to make money for you, rather than focusing on trends that are unstable, which can boom for a short period and fall in the next. 

Update: Want to see even more awesome niche ideas?

Check out this list of over 50 niches.

I also have a secondary site where I go into great detail on at least 10 amazing niches in 2020 to keep an eye out for!

8 thoughts on “5 Niche Ideas in 2020 Incredible Money Making Potential.”

  1. I have heard a lot about cryptocurrency and that honest money can be made from it. This really made me develop interest to go into it but believe me I got nothing from it from the times I tried maybe because I do not have extensive understanding about how it works. Seeing these niches, I really need to pick one out of these and work on it. Which one will you recommend for me to go into?

    • Hi Lok, it honestly doesn’t sound like you have any passion for any of these 5 niches. The problem I think is that you’re overlooking the passion side and focused on the profit side, when you should be looking at it backwards.

      If you have no interest or true passion for these 5 choices, do not pick any of them, go with something based on this. That’s how I would suggest you do this.

  2. I did some research on drones recently and found the trend to be quite interesting. It’s a popular product among hobbyists and video makers and many major makers are starting to launch their own affiliate programs either in-house (has higher commissions) or through marketplaces like Amazon. 

    A subniche that can be added to drones is actually action cameras like GoPro, which also happen to have their own affiliate program through Conversant. As people strive to make better videos, combining both of these products can be a lucrative business idea for enthusiasts. I don’t know if it’s going to be evergreen, but if you study the trend on YouTube, I think the popularity is going to last for a while. 

    • Great points Cathy! And you actually taught me something new about Conversant. I had no idea about this affiliate program and mainly promoted drones through another company and Amazon in general, where all those things are available to sell, including Gopro products. 

      Now as for the topic of IF drones are an evergreen niche, I think it’s too early to tell, but we can both agree that this is a big market and it’s growing. I can certainly make that point since I’ve been involved in it for years and I can definitely say it’s gotten bigger. 

  3. Hi, I’ve wanted to make money from cryptocurrencies but I don’t feel like I know enough about it in order to make a business out of it. And the same an be said for drones even though I can absolutely see the potential there. 

    I feel like I need to be more of an expert to get into either of these two niches. I think working from home is going to continue to grow and become an important source of supplementary income for many people (and in many cases will become the primary source of income). Thanks for the tip on your review of Get Clients, I’m heading over there now.

    • Melissa hi, you are taking a careful approach on niches, which is good, but you need to be careful in that you don’t second guess yourself too much and not get involved in a niche site where you’re more than capable of writing a lot of content.

      I sometimes run into people who aren’t sure if they are experienced enough to start blogs on certain topics and my suggestion is that if you posses SOME knowledge on it, love it and can write at least 20 different articles on it, then it is a great start.

      I wasn’t an expert on blogging and making money online when I started this blog, but I did have enough starting knowledge to start the blog and through the work I put in, grow my experience and that carried my blog over to what it is today. That helped me become a true expert and if you feel you can do this too, then you can certainly make a site on cryptocurrencies. 

  4. I absolutely love your idea for a political blog and to be honest, it will be my next niche. I’m politically Libertarian and am absolutely in love with the Ron Paul Liberty Report, Ron Paul Institute, Lew Rockwell, and Mises. I’ve long since pondered on creating a political blog and considering the fact I’m an author whose works of fiction contains hardcore Libertarian/Anarchocapitalist elements, this one is an easy route. 

    Thank you so much for giving me another avenue in which to work. 

    • Todd hi, just by reading your comment, I can actually FEEL the passion you have for this topic and that is a STRONG indication that perhaps this niche topic can and should be your choice to go with.

      One of the other reasons I can tell this is because I know about all the things you said regarding Ron Paul and the other organizations and topics. This is because I was actually a strong supporter of his back in 2007 and 2012. 

      I tend to also be more libertarian leaning, so a lot of your statements resonated with me. I can already tell you that this strong passion you have can and probably will carry over with your future readers. 

      The thing to do from here is to apply the WA courses and put this into your future niche blog. I am looking forward to hearing an update on how all of this goes.


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