7 Real Ways to Make Money Online in 2020. Read This List.

Making money online in 2020 is much easier today than it was a few years back, because the list of legitimate opportunities has grown and I will show you 7.

Here are the results I am getting from using one of the 7 methods (the last one):

7 Real Ways to Make Money Online in 2020

Now this is from one of the options, you can go with it, or one of the other 6 or even multiple ones. Either way, you have a lot of legitimate options to pick from that will suite your preference/s.

Here is a preview of the 7 ways to make money online in 2020:

  1. Tutor.com
  2. Textbroker.com
  3. Freelance writing
  4. Task Rabbit
  5. Udemy.
  6. Local marketing work.
  7. Running an online business blog.

A quick note before we get to the details of the 7 options:

While they’re all legitimate, every single choice here has it’s own set of requirements.

Some may involve you having to write well and possess basic English skills while others may involve that you are able to teach people basic subjects.

Others, like the one that personally makes me a full time income (It’s choice #1 out of this list) requires that you work hard and make an effort to succeed.

When it comes down to it, all these options require that you actually work with them. These are not get rich quick schemes. Legitimate opportunities require legitimate effort. 

And with that said, let’s do this:

How to make money online in 2020. The 7 options:

1) Tutor.com

If you’ve ever had awesome grades in school/college on popular subjects that many need help in, I’d strongly consider signing up with Tutor.com (that link points to their application page).

The reason why is because you can now earn money teaching people about popular subjects that they need help with and it’s ALL done online. When I hired tutors, I had to travel to get training, but here, you can connect with anyone who needs help, get paid legitimately for doing so and make good money.

This can help you pay for personal loans, debt, maybe even generate a decent income from home, you name it, and you can help people out with getting through tough subjects in school.

How much can you earn? The more popular the subject, the more people you can tutor and the more you can make, so I’d say $100’s and possibly more if you can fit in more people.

2) Textbroker.

This is an opportunity that has existed years before 2020. If you can write fast and well (no need to even have an English or writing degree), Textbroker.com is a site I’d strongly consider joining, where you’ll be paid to write 100’s and possibly 1,000’s of words for people who own websites and need to outsource their content management. 

With every single review I’ve read on Text Broker, they are ALL positive and the only “negative” is that you get paid a few $100 a month. Obviously, the more you can write, and the better/faster you are at it, the more you can earn.

I’ve recommended Textbroker several times throughout my site and it deserves a spot on this list to make money online in 2020 for SURE.

3) Freelance writing in general.

This is an industry that is booming and as far as I’ve seen is at it’s highest in 2020 (it will continue). All across the world, people are making websites and like with Textbroker, seeking to outsource. These people visit the following sites to get themselves good writers: 

  • UpWork.com (Hire or become a writer there, formerly known as oDesk.com).
  • Freelancer.com (Same idea as UpWork.com, it’s also one of the big sites for this).
  • iWriter.com (Currently they aren’t accepting new applications for writers, but I’d leave this on your list if you’re good and spots open up later).

Signing up with these particular sites and getting gigs is one of the best ways to build what can possibly be a FULL time income online, which is what potentially makes this choice a better option than Textbroker.com, but the other side is that it’s more difficult to land the big writing gigs.

Now if you are new and need help with getting gigs to this place, I’d recommend a learning program like My Freelance Paycheck that’ll have you learn from an expert how to get high paying offers from these sites.

4) Task Rabbit (online gigs, for offline work).

If you’re an old school person who is great at handyman services but not so good at modern day computer, “techy stuff” or even writing.

Well then, this is the option for you (TaskRabbit.com). I actually recommended it in a previous top 10 list I did here, but in 2020, I’d still recommend it. 

Say you’re a plumber, or an electrician, handyman, mover or you know how to assemble furniture. Well guess what?

In my millennial generation, this is a skill that is in great demand, so much so that we call up people to do this for us and it is through Task Rabbit that we find people for these gigs. 

Sign up there and you’ll be able to find local clients who need you to come to their house and fix/assemble their stuff. The prices (what you can earn from this gig) are negotiated and the payment is made through the Task Rabbit app.

If you live in a big city or more populated area, you are likely to get more gigs this way as more people = more opportunities for this stuff to be in demand.

5) Udemy.com.

This is another popular opportunity that I also included in my previous top 10 list of work from home companies. Udemy has actually grown a lot since I first wrote about it and reviewed it. 

This place has 100,000’s of people who are students and you can become one or (for the money making opportunity) create courses in just about any field (the more popular it is, the more you can earn), charge a price for enrollment, get students and get paid per enrollment.

One can call this place an online college of sorts with it’s own online campus and teachers, but it’s more free market because tuition isn’t really what you’d think it is, it’s simply students figuring out what they want to learn about within Udemy, finding courses on it, paying for it and then that funds the professor.

Now I’d say this place is a great opportunity if…

You are great at certain school/college subjects and can organize a course (here’s the link to Udemy.com). You can literally create blogs as training tutorials for students and/or videos and teach them that way.

And people who possess experience in life can ALSO earn well here. I’ve seen teachers who create courses on dating, body language, making money online even, create viral courses on Udemy and get paid full time incomes because so many students enroll in these courses.


  • Not every course you create there may earn good money. It’s a risk.
  • You are marketing your course within an enclosed community and if you can learn to market outside of it, you can reach far more people and earn far more (this is where the #1 choice comes into the picture shortly).

6) Learning local marketing and getting leads to pay you.

One of the biggest booms in the internet world as of late has been local businesses advertising, online. But without experience in doing so, and with all the marketing opportunities out there, it’s really confusing for them.

Business owners don’t have time to study how to market on the internet and they end up spending more than they should if they try. 

So these people need help, they need the help of local marketers to outsource this work to and they are ready to pay a lot if you’re good enough to deliver. For this opportunity to work, you need the following things:

  • To study how to do local marketing.
  • Then you need to get the clients in your local area, offer online consultations and then get the client to sign up.

Once you get a good paying lead, that one person can themselves earn a lot. And there’s expensive, but legit programs offering training in this like Dan Henry’s Get Clients program or Sam Oven’s program, but my recommendation would be the #1 pick on this list, as it also teaches this, for less.

7) Creating an online business.

Since this is the choice I personally practice full time (the income reports above are from this) and it’s most familiar to me, this is what I listed as the number one choice to make money online in 2020.

Here is how it works:

There’s over 3 billion people who browse the internet (and growing).

Segments of these people seek advise and solutions to certain problems. For instance, MILLIONS of people seek advice on things like dating help.

If you can create a site or blog that targets these specific groups, you can get to them to visit your site. And from there, them money can roll in:

I’ll give you examples shortly, but understand that you can literally blog for a living in 2020. Just the fact that so much of today’s WORLD wide economy is online and the fact that so many people browse sites and buy from them (it’s not just Amazon, many people buy from individual sites and blogs) provides anyone with the opportunity to do it too. 

Here’s examples:

Let me give you some numbers…

Let’s take the dating expert guy with the site. He probably gets a few million hits to his site yearly, and charges $1,000 for coaching (per hour). Even getting 100 clients a YEAR would produce him a $100,000 and keep in mind, this man is literally (he’s actually making millions in reality since he gets far more than a 100 clients yearly)…

BLOGGING for a living and it’s working.

And as the years go by, this is something that many people do for a living, like me and like him. This is how the new world of making money online works in 2020. 

Do not underestimate this. You can do this too. Here’s how:


  • There’s truly an unlimited income potential from this opportunity (you’ve seen examples).
  • You have the opportunity to work for yourself and frankly, from anywhere in the world.
  • There’s a lot of freedom and ways to make money online through #1 itself.
  • When you learn online business, you can teach and provide services to businesses and people for money. This is where the #2 opportunity crosses with the #1 option.


  • It does take time for any online business to build up, as well as hard work.
  • You need good training to be sure you’re doing it right (solution coming up!).

For the cons, this is where I can offer you personal help (step-by-step):

That training program is your best tool for creating success and an income online through the first option. Here’s some (5) reasons why:

Need to know even more about Wealthy Affiliate? Click here for a deeper look into Wealthy Affiliate.

My final thoughts:

For me personally, out of this whole list, this last choice is my personal pick. Yours may also be the same one, or it could even be one of the others I provided, it’s about preference.

Since I prefer to work for myself and love the freedom of it, I prefer #1. If you’re someone who enjoys working for others, perhaps the other choices above are better suited for you.

32 thoughts on “7 Real Ways to Make Money Online in 2020. Read This List.”

  1. I have 6 college degrees and am a former Electronics Engineer as well as have a minor in English. I signed up for Upwork as a freelance writer, resume writer, proofreader, and content writer.  

    After 4 months of putting in bids, I received no positions because I didn’t have any employer reviews and referrals.  It’s almost impossible to get hired on Upwork with no employer recommendations, so if you are starting out, it’s almost impossible to get a job there.

    Sam Ovens courses are too expensive and most everyday people can’t afford his courses or programs.

    I purchase a lot of Udemy courses and you can buy any course imaginable on Udemy.  

    I have purchased about a dozen courses and they are great. They are cheap, usually between $9.99 to $11.99 for each course. Although I have never tried to create a course there.

    • Hi Danny, for the freelance sites, you need to space out and try to post your writing gigs on other sites. You also need to lower the bid for your work, even to a point where you will have to work more and get paid less (in the beginning). The reason you will want to do this is to get at least a few clients to sign up with you, and post positive reviews, then up the bids so you can attract others who will see those reviews and feel safer hiring you.

      Do not neglect Textbroker by the way, as most people can get gigs there. You may even land a few clients that will hire you for future projects and even post their reviews with you on the other freelance sites.

      This is a good strategy I’d pursue. In the beginning, most people need to work up a reputation to get noticed and hired by clients, this is normal for every industry, including the freelance one.

  2. Your article really making me think. There is so much opportunity out there right now that it almost seems impossible to not be able to make some money, 

    I actually am a blogger, but I’m ALWAYS looking for new opportunities to expand. I really love the idea of going to local businesses and helping them get online. I notice that a lot of businesses that I look up that are near me don’t have an online presence. You’re really making me think about this…

    I also really like Udemy! That seems like it could be a lot of fun. Then again, the risk you mentioned – maybe not making much money – makes me wonder if it’s worth the work?

    • Christina hi, I would say a blog has way more earning potential and freedom than making a course/s on Udemy and I would stick to that route. 

      Regarding helping businesses, let your blog and it’s success act as a resume for the businesses you’ll approach. Tell them about your blog, how you know about getting ranked and even take on a free client to show that you get people results. 

      You can truly earn some big cash, every month even from a single client doing this. You said so yourself that you see a lot of businesses have little to no online presence and it’s a great way to work in an angle where you contact them or even walk into the said business and just ask them why they don’t have a website and segway that into saying who you are. It’s actually a legit strategy a personal friend of mine uses and it’s worked to land him some local clients.

      Finally, regarding blogging and local services, I would recommend looking into the Wealthy Affiliate’s local marketing webinars hosted by a local marketing expert. He actually teaches in bullet points the types of services and things you need to do to help businesses gain in the rankings and some of them involve stuff you wouldn’t do on a regular blog.

  3. Hi Vitaliy,

    A nice article with some items that I have never heard of like, Task Rabbit, Textbroker and Tutor.com.

    There are so many fake opportunities out there that a lot of people are too scared to try which is quite sad. Many people could really do well online and it is nice to get some pointers on some legitimate opportunities.

    Thanks for a very informative article.

    • No problem Bryan! I will certainly be adding more to the list of opportunities as I become more knowledgeable on which opportunities can be trusted, but these 7 are all great in their own way.

  4. What a great list Vitaly. I wish I read something like this years ago when I was starting out.

    No 1 on your list should be everyone’s ultimate goal. I believe that if you going to build a serious business, you need to own it and with a blog you do. 

    I have an idea of how people can you the other options. I have worked with a couple of people who were desperately short on cash. To generate immediate cash they did some freelancing. This not only improved their financial situation but gave them cash to start their online business

    Thanks again for helping with this list.



    • Hi Ian, freelancing gigs are always a major opportunity but the people seeking to make money from them need to actually possess the skill in demand, like writing great content or offering website design services that are in demand. 

      Many people treat freelance gigs like cheap ways to make good money and it’s really not the case. This is why so few of them actually land the gig. In any option to make great money through this list, you NEED to be good at something offline, to offer it online. 

  5. Udemy is my second home because that’s where I learn about new topics on a daily basis. I have also created a series of courses and made cool cash on that platform. This is the only platform I have tried out of the listed websites in this article. Thanks for sharing.

    • What kind of courses did you create Ola and if you wouldn’t mind sharing, was the income from these courses created good?

  6. Vitaliy

    I have been looking to do something online, but had no clue where to start. Becoming a tutor would work since I have have gone through schooling to become an engineer, but it doesn’t seem like I can make enough to replace my income. 

    Udemy would work but it seems like it would be tough to get in.

    That brings me to Wealthy Affiliate. I have always been intrigued by blogging, but my science background means my writing is lacking. Are there many more success stories like yours or are you an outlier?



    • Nate hi, let me just say that based on how you framed your comment, I honestly see NO issues with you attempting to write and blog, I think you do it very well.

      Regarding engineering, is this something you are passionate about? You can create a course on Udemy that targets people interested in engineering and help students become their own engineers.

      You can also try Wealthy Affiliate and let them help you find a niche you’re interested in. You may actually find that you have hobbies and passions you didn’t consider can make you an income, that really can once you look into it. 

      And finally, I am by no means an outlier, there’s PLENTY of success stories within Wealthy Affiliate (see them here) of people who have made their own niche passions into online businesses, across many different fields and topics. 

  7. A nice list Vitaliy!

    There are a few options here that I haven’t heard of before such as Textbroker, Tutor.com and Text Rabbit, and also one I haven’t really considered is freelance writing, which could be a good source of additional income.

    I do like the idea of building an online business though and believe that this would be the best option for most people.

    I’ve been building my own online business for a while now, and as you say it takes time to gain traction and get momentum, but if you are willing to stick at it, I think it’s so worth it!

    Judging from your income proof, I would say that it certainly works if you are prepared to follow the steps and stay the course!

    Some great options, thanks 🙂


  8. Hello Vitaliy; thanks for your helpful article. I looked at six of the seven legitimate work from home programs you have listed in the section I know that they are right and those who are willing to work can make a living from any one of these opportunities. 

    However, number seven, your number one choice will always be my choice. It comes with a high-quality type of training that keep refreshing my desire to stick to Wealthy Affiliate no matter what!


    • Hi Dorcas, WA is indeed the evergreen program that always provides new and updated ways to make money online. This is why they’ve been around since 2005 and have only gotten better.

  9. I prefer your last option. It is easier to scale up and create a larger income. The others are work from home, which is fine if the objective is to earn a paycheck. These are just jobs performed in a different location. But the upside is limited unless, as you say, you can develop a course and market it outside of Udemy. 

  10. I’m happy I’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate but before I did I was part of oDesk, Freelancer, Clixsense and the likes. I spent a lot of time on this programs and my reward was minimal for the effort invested. Everyday, I’m thankful for Kyle and Carson for helping me earn online. Soon I’ll grow my blog and be like you!

  11. Thanks for that great list. I for one have being hunting an online means to make money but have always fallen prety to fake gurus who make empty promises. 

    It was when I decided to look for solutions that I came across one site and the content was worth reading. This content was written by a lady and I can’t remember her name or website thought but she gave a good explanation on how WA works and it’s benefits. 

    I tried taking surveys but this was really time consuming. One thing I didn’t know was the fact that I can tutor online for money and you didn’t just give a good explanation about that, but you also made some recommendations as well. 

    Thanks for this wonderful write up.

  12. Before joining Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve dabbled into many freelance sites like, Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, Crowdsurf and Squadhelp. I still work on some of these platforms and it’s a good way to earn some money. If you want to really earn a lot online, you’d have to put in time and be dedicated. 

  13. Ok, I do have an online blog so I have #1 covered. I am really interested in the Tutoring and Textbroker sites. These seem like a genuine way to make money, and I do consider my self knowledgeable enough to be a tutor and to write.  

    Is there also a way to write assignments for others? I feel I could do that very easily as well. Please let me know and thank you for this great review!

    • Check out the tutor site and if you get people to ask for your help, odds are they will need it for existing assignments they have, so you would be helping them complete this.

  14. Wow Vitaliy, you are doing great with online marketing. I found your site as I was searching for ways to increase my business with online marketing. I have a small retail shop in a small town that I opened last fall. People seem to really like it and about 3/4 of my business is repeat business. It has been fun. YET…. 

    It is amazing how close my daily sales revenue is to yours. The main reason that I know that I was looking at your numbers and not mine is because my sales are zero on the two days each week that my shop is closed. 

    My sales are used to cover the shop’s rent, utilities, insurance and the cost of replacing my inventory. If I don’t buy new inventory, I won’t have anything to sell.    

    I am curious, what kind of ongoing expenses are you incurring with your online marketing business? On the surface, it sounds like your business is more profitable than mine.   

    • Hi Sondra, there’s certainly a lot more profit within an online business because there’s ways to run it such that they are very low. I can’t really breakdown all the expenses I have, but even when I put them together, overall, I spend very little so the profit margin is pretty high. Here’s some examples:

      Domain and hosting. I get hosting free and for my domain, I pay about $15 a year.

      I use a keyword tool that I pay about $150 a year for. 

      I am part of Wealthy Affiliate for which I pay $300 a year for. They give me free hosting and training.

      Most of my major expenses come from running ads on Bing and I pay about a few $1,000 a year for that.

  15. This is very useful information. I also am a success testimony for your number 1 recommended platform. I had to work very hard but the payoff was well worth it. Scam sites are still popping up online but it doesn’t take very long for them to be exposed. People are fed up with being ripped off and are fighting back. 

    Best Regards, 


  16. Thank you for coming up with such a wonderful list, I always find posts that teach people how to make money online helpful. I have heard about Udemy a couple of times but I have yet to check it out. I will check out Textbroker since it requires just basic writing skills. Thank you for this article once again. 

    • Textbroker is good, but you will have to submit your writing to them and get approved before you can start Clement. It’s more than just having basic writing skills, you also need to be accepted not just by Textbroker, but people who hire you within that network, they need to approve the work you give them too.


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