10 Legitimate Work From Home Sites That Can Make You Money!

It is generally very hard to find work from home companies that offer 2 things: Legitimacy and good pay.

Today I’ll give you 10 options have both those things. Back when I got involved with the internet marketing world, it was next to impossible to do this.

However because the internet grew so much in the last 2 decades and much of what we do in the offline world is now outsourced online (ordering food, deliveries, eBooks, ect…), many big and legitimate companies have sprouted and taken their business to the internet. This has proved to be a smart investment as they have grown and scaled.

But with this growth, these same companies now require more people to do work for them in order to run these online operations.

What does this mean?

It means that if you know the right places to visit and have the right skill set, you can get paid by these places and in this article, we are going to explore 10 different places that will pay you a GOOD buck to do honest work.

These 10 work from sites I’ll show you are legitimate, so let me show you what they are.

10 legitimate work at home companies

Quick note 1 about some of these work from home sites:

Depending on the site/s you’ll see below, some will require you have one type of skill set. In other words, not every single place on the list may suite you, but the good news is that it’s very diverse so odds are no matter what your skill set is, you’ll find at least one or more of the companies displayed below that’ll fit your needs.

Quick note 2: Very important for readers:

If you have ANY questions regarding these companies or are confused and maybe have a situation where you’re not sure if the following companies below suite you, please let me know.

Tell me about your occupation, what you’re seeking to do, what you’re good at, anything to help me, help you figure out a great way to work from home. I’ve been helping with this question for years so I know about this a lot.

Quick note 3: Which company I personally use out of these 10:

While the other 9 are completely legitimate, I use the last one, Wealthy Affiliate.

It is an awesome website where people build internet businesses. Owning your own site which gets daily customers and sales is a very freelance and convenient way to earn a living. 

I can travel and work from anywhere and my schedule ends up being very flexible. Not all of the companies below can do that, but for me personally, #1 is most suitable. If you’re the type who wants to make their own business, you’ll really want to check out #1:

10 work from home sites my top choice

But as promised, here are all 10, each holding their own prestige, but at the same time, all of them are legitimate. Let me know which one you like the most below!

10) Fiverr. 

fiverr work from home opportunity


A website that hires just about anyone who has ANY type of skill set related to online services: Content writing, SEO, website design, graphic design, giving out testimonials and much more.

How to know if Fiverr is for you:

If you have one or more of the skills I just mentioned, you can sign up with Fiverr and charge for what’s known as “gigs” which is another word they use for service/s. You can charge $5 or more per service and get paid through the site whenever a new clients hires you for a gig.

The appeal of Fiverr is that it is a very popular site where many business owners and website creators go to outsource certain type/s of work. How popular is this place? Check this out:

However, one thing I particularly do not like about this site is that I wasn’t kidding when I said they hire just about anybody to do work. This can often lead to poor, cheap quality services being done that can hurt the client’s business and it is one of the reasons I’ve personally never used it.

How Fiverr can help you work from home:

But if you can offer great quality work, you can utilize the popularity of this place to get yourself clients/leads and money rather quickly. Clients also review your services on this site so a better rating leads to more business for you.

Maybe you’re a talented graphic designer. Maybe you’re good at internet marketing, but just don’t do it on your own. Whatever the case is, if you’re good at it and Fiverr’s demand pool is perfect for it, you can make money through it.

There are people on Fiverr who make a good side income with getting gigs and the more positive reviews they for popular services and completions of them, the more gigs they’ll get in the process.

9) Amazon Mechanical Turk.


Mechanical Turk is a branch of the Amazon program itself where people go to outsource pretty much anything they need to be done, generally for websites. It is honestly something I only found out about last year but it is pretty popular:

working from home with amazon mechanical turk

How to know if it’s for you:

If you’re good at following directions someone gives you to do on a website, you should be fine for this.

How Amazon Mechanical Turk can help you work from home:

Usually the opportunity is that someone will go to that site and request that people working on Mechanical Turk will do a favor for their page by doing things like visiting it, leaving a comment, checking to see if something on the site works and so on. And this can all be done from home.

It is a pretty straight forward gig and there’s constantly new ones available for people to check out and make money off. Although the pay is quite small, the gigs are generally also very short, so you can:

Do a lot of them and make a decent amount overtime.

Usually gigs that are easy to do and pay little fill up fast, but new ones come up all the time so it’s important to keep an eye out for them and to choose the ones which pay a fair amount for doing a simple task.

This can for some people become a frustrating task at first, but people have been doing well on it. Maybe not full income well, but enough to make something.

8) Amazon Flex. 


Deliver orders for people who are members of Amazon prime, and do it fast. That’s what Amazon Flex is.

Amazon prime is an added feature of Amazon where people who pay $99 a year or about $11/month can get free shipping off certain orders that go over a certain amount and/or special access to the site to watch videos and other things. It pays (well saves really) to be an Amazon Prime member if you’re on there often and order things often.

How to know if it’s for you:

If you have a car, are good at knowing your local area/s and can make quick deliveries, you can do this job and be part of one of the most known programs in the world, Amazon.

How Amazon Flex can help you work from home:

Now one of the cool things is that Prime members also get pretty quick deliveries and one of the ways they do is through people who work for Amazon Flex. You can get paid over $20/hour for some deliveries and this isn’t exactly a job you do from home, but it’s not traditional either.

7) Task Rabbit. 


Ever buy a piece of furniture and have problems assembling it? Ever try to go through expensive places that will do that for you, but they require that you either come over and/or pay a lot? And in another list of great work at home opportunities I did in 2019, Task Rabbit had to mentioned again!

Enter Task Rabbit, a place where people who are good at assembling/building furniture, fixing common home issues (handyman stuff) and more come over to your place and do the job for a negotiated price. 

How Task Rabbit can help you work from “home”:

If you’re not a tech person and are much better with your hands, this job can really work well for you. Just drive to the persons place nearby, complete the job and get paid through Task Rabbit. It’s still a fairly new site, but for the work done, you can get paid pretty well.

It’s not exactly a work from home job, but it is a great option on this list of sites.

Side note: A word about the one company I personally use and trust (Wealthy Affiliate):

6: eHow.com.

making money from home with ehow


It’s a site where you get paid to write how to articles.

I was actually once “approached” by someone from there who offered me a job to write for them.

I turned it down because at the time, I was (and still am) writing for my own online business so I couldn’t take the time away, but eHow.com is a big site and it’s still a great opportunity.

So if you enjoy writing, you can try this or the other sites on this list I’ll mention shortly.

How eHow.com can help you work from home:

If you have decent writing skills and know at least one subject for which a how to can be written up on, you can try to use this site to make extra money, and of course it can be from your home.

5 and 4: iWriter.com and Freelancer.com.


Similar to eHow.com, but here you can theoretically get paid more if you land a good client. Generally people who write well put up their resume on these 2 sites (there’s actually more than these 2, but they are the better ones) and get hired by website owners in need of someone to write content for them.

Now as a writer, it can be hard to land a gig because there’s SO MANY people looking to do this type of work, but if you write well and can land 1 client or more, you can make a decent supplementary income. Some people I’ve known have done this full time. Here’s tips on landing great paying clients if you’re into freelance writing.

How iWriter and Freelancer.com can help you work from home:

The work you do for these 2 sites can be from home. I think anyone who writes well or blogs can benefit from these 2 sites. People who go to college and are in need of extra money will also benefit from this type of online work. You will write an agreed upon article with an X amount of words on an X topic. If it’s accepted, you get paid what was agreed upon. Getting paid from $5-$100 per article is not uncommon if you’re good enough.

Update: I will also add another site that relates to iWriter and Freelancer and that is TextBroker. If you write well, you can get hired pretty quickly and make some decent side cash by becoming a writer there. 

3) Udemy.com


A fantastic site where if you possess ANY sort of knowledge in ANY field, you can create a “course” on it, charge for it and get people within the Udemy community to sign up for it. 

Now Udemy gets about 200,000 searches on Google monthly and it probably has that many members if not more. And people love to learn from this site so you can literally look up any topic and sign up for an corresponding courses offered for it.

Here is an example of an instructor on Udemy who made a course on MBA topics. At $15 per person, he signed up well over 80,000 people which by my math is over a million dollars made (minus fees, expenses by the Udemy site likely), but it’s still a crazy income:

how udemy helps you work from home

How Udemy can help you work from home:

If you have experience in a popular field and can create an organized, high quality course out of it, Udemy just may be the opportunity you seek to work from home full time with the amount of people it can get to sign up for that course.

2) Lynda.com:

lynda.com work from home opportunity


Similar to Udemy, but not as popular. Lynda.com offers similar opportunities as Udemy. More information on Lynda.com.

How Lynda.com can help you work from home:

Same one was with Udemy. There is also one called Skillshare, which is also legitimate and worth considering as well.

1) Wealthy Affiliate. 


My personal preference. It is an online business “university” that provides users with training on starting their own online business based on an interest or hobby they like.

Users learn to build their own websites, get traffic and build a fully run and full time business from home.

Note: And membership is free as well.

How Wealthy Affiliate can help you work from home:

This company doesn’t really give you a job, but it teaches you to create your own business and that becomes it’s own work at home opportunity, which I’ve personally used for years. Here is my personal Wealthy Affiliate review and here are success stories of Wealthy Affiliate members.

Honestly, even if you are perfect for one or all of the opportunities above and/or you are experienced in a hobby/niche that many people are also interested in, I strongly recommend trying Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to make a business out of this interest. 

I’ve actually used that program to make a number of websites in various topics I have knowledge in. I can defiantly tell you this: If you know anything that is of value (perhaps you know how to get into shape or even something as unusual as being good at video games), you can absolutely do something with this knowledge and earn money from it from with the help and training you get from this program.

Say we take a few of the above examples and some others…

Perhaps you know a lot about web design. WA can teach you to find clients in your local area to do some good work for them and for good prices. 

Perhaps you are a good handyman. You can create a website where you also teach people to become handymen and sell them products without having to do the hard labor yourself.

Perhaps you are a dog owner and know how to take care of it well, so you can start a dog caring website and give other dog owners tips on keeping their pets healthy.

The point is, ANY sort of topic you have experience on can turn into an online business with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

And with the online business model they teach, your clients are in limitless amounts since you are marketing to the world, whereas if you were doing it through something like Udemy, you would be able to get clients, but in a more limited amount since it would be in an enclosed network. 

My final thoughts:

Most of these work at home companies and the people looking for them have the following that make both groups perfect for each other:

  • The work at home company needs to have honest work done to build their business.
  • The person looking to do an honest job needs to find an honest company.

Hence if you look at these 10 places, with the exception of #10 since you’ll build your own business here, you can really make some good money doing this.

286 thoughts on “10 Legitimate Work From Home Sites That Can Make You Money!”

  1. Vitaliy,

    I appreciate this website very much because of the honesty.

    Thanks for sharing this information. I’ve recently joined Wealthy Affiliate. And I wished I had found out about this company years ago when I had my own website. I sure could of used their training. It’s top notch.

    Looking forward to making things happen online with the help of WA.


    JR Wesley

  2. I too made the plunge into Wealthy Affiliate and have made great progress so far. I appreciate this article and showing that there are legitimate online opportunities out there. Even the ones that require driving for deliveries or telling people how-to-do something. I’ve used eHow and task rabbit a lot. 

    Never crossed my mind that you could work for these sites. The reason I got involved in Wealthy Affiliate is because I am a newbie to this thing called internet marketing. The training and support is great. Once again, great article and it enlightened my understanding of legitimate opportunities online.

  3. I wasn’t aware there were so many ways to earn money online. I knew about surveys but I’m not terribly interested in that.

    Do you know if the competition in Mechanical Turk is an issue? Can someone actually land enough tasks to earn enough to make it worth the trouble? I don’t want to waste a lot of time on the site battling for tasks just to land a few low paying gigs a day.


    • It’s not always easy to find the great gigs, but they legitimate and they do come up often there. I do hear you on time management though Steve. Perhaps the other options other than Mechanical Turk would be better suited for you.

  4. Nice article. It gave a good representation of what are really the most legitimate programs out there. I made a decent amount of money on Textbroker back when I was laid up and bored. However, it has a ceiling and I was still trading time for money. I prefer the programs that allow me to leverage my time for money. Great info. I will be checking back here a lot.

    • Yeah you’re not the first to tell me about Textbroker. It is good for addition income, but not really that good if you’re looking to go full time with it. You’d probably have to consider going freelance and getting a site owner to pay you directly for that and while it’s harder, if you can make this happen, it can provide substantial income.

  5. Having done a few ‘Gigs’ with Fiverr it’s actually a great site for people that have the skillset. Keeps you at an hourly rate though. Wealthy Affiliate however takes that ceiling away from your earning capacity. Amazon Flex has really good ratings if you have a car that you can assist with deliveries for amazon prime members and earn more than Uber. A nice well-composed list.

    • Interesting point on Uber and Amazon Flex Mark, I didn’t know you could make more with them, it just adds more to this list then 🙂

  6. I didn’t know about several work from home companies you mentioned. But I have tried few of them and I completely agree with the fact that Wealthy Affiliate can help people create an online business. I think it’s the only company that gives you that full perspective of online business. I decided to spend much more time focusing on my online business with WA. You are right to remember that creating a business requires a serious commitment to yourself. It doesn’t happen like that. If you had one advice about doing business with WA, what would it be?

  7. That’s a great list you’ve got there! I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for a year now and wasn’t aware of other online platforms of which one can make money from. Wealthy Affiliate has been coming through for me but since I have a car and are very much aware of places in my area I think amazon flex will be a next place for me to try.

  8. Thanks for another informative and well- written article. I appreciate your straightforward and honest approach to working from home. Most of the sites I’ve come across in the past seemed to be either scams or required a large amount of money to sign up. These are excellent suggestions.

    I actually just posted a gig on Fiverr yesterday and I’m looking forward to making a little money with them in the near future! Amazon Mechanical Turk is new to me, I’ll definitely be checking them out soon.

    As part of the Wealthy Affiliate community, I must concur, they are the absolute best site out there if a person wants to learn how to make money online while actually earning money through affiliate marketing.

    • It’s way more than affiliate marketing Tish, people learn how to run a business anyway they like (consulting, helping other businesses via commissions, and other stuff). Basically they get the tools to build the site and get the traffic, then they have various options to make money off that, all of which WA provides in terms of options.

  9. What an awesome list! I have spent many hours searching online for work from home opportunities that were legitimate. I have never came across any of these, so I guess my research was not as extensive as I thought.

    Which makes reading this article not only educational, but it has taught me that I need to do my homework a little better. This is truly a dream review for anyone trying to find honest work to do from home. It is very informative and to the point, without all the smoke and mirrors you get from so many other people. 

    I do have one question to ask, you mention price in only one in this list, and of course that would be the free training and other benefits with Wealthy Affiliate, which is fantastic. However, are we to assume there is a fee for all the other opportunities? 

    I ask this because in my research, well not so great research, I found that there was a fee associated with just about every work from home opportunity. I would be interested to know if this is also true not only for those you have listed, but other opportunities as well. I guess the simple question would be is charging a fee, the norm?

    • All of the opportunities I listed here are free to start with. They would charge you a fee if you made something from them, sort of like a service or tax fee. As for WA, it is a free membership website, but there is an upgrade to $49/month IF you wish to try that, but it is not mandated. 

  10. I see in one comment an opportunity called Textbroker which I may check into since I like to write. I am with Wealthy Affiliate already. I wish I found it 7 years ago. I had to learn many things about internet marketing through trial and error and so many “here today” “gone tomorrow” marketing companies. Thanks for your informative post.

    • Yes, I did check it out after seeing the same comment Delois and it is a good company, so much so that I did include it in the above list of 10 places (so technically, it’s 11 now). 

      Your time frame of finding WA after 7 years is even bigger than mine, I found them about 2-3 years after getting into internet marketing and like you, I also had major issues with bad companies. It’s a pleasure to see you in WA!

  11. Fiverr has ever been a wonderful money making platform and a very large marketplace in the online market. I have once used Fiverr a few years ago, but didn’t continue due to traffic issues. Traffic was my challenge when I was trying to make money from Fiverr, but with the training I have received from Wealthy Affiliate, I have figured things out properly. So, I think it’s the right time now to continue using the platform again.

    • Hi Israel, I am curious as to how exactly you used Fiverr for traffic because generally, aside from the many good services offered there and you as the individual making money there, buying traffic from that place is not something I’d recommend.

  12. That’s a great list of online options for people with an assortment of skills. I personally have never heard of Amazon Flex. That’s pretty cool and makes sense as to how you get your deliveries faster. I live in an area where there are a few Amazon head offices so that might be an option for me if I need to make some extra cash. Does it pay similar to the fees you would get as an UberEats driver, do you know?

    • I’m sure there’s similar compensation similarities between both companies Nicki, but for specific numbers, you’d have to register and/or look on both sites to compare this.

  13. Great list, as always.

    I’ve been making money online for the past year with a website called Textbroker, which is similar to iWriter and freelancer but is a far more humble paying site. The reality is I make an extra $250 a month writing articles for clients, but I genuinely enjoy it. It’s also given me a foot in the door for a full-time copywriting career whenever I truly decide to commit to the field.

    I’d love to try something like Amazon Flex one day, however. I like the idea of just driving around and delivering stuff, which to me is a cake walk of a job. I’m just curious how much it pays and how frequent the job requests are.

    As always, blessing and much love!


    • Hi Michael, awesome mention of Textbroker! I will do a review on that program now and possibly add it to this list or future lists of legitimate programs. If you enjoy it this much, consider asking existing clients to recommend your work to their friends so you can increase your work load and possibly get paid more per job, I’ve done articles on helping both freelance writers and businesses find freelance writers in the past and it can be a HUGE gig if you just get the right client/s that are willing to trust and pay you well for it.

  14. Hi Vitaliy,

    Thanks for your post on this. To add some extra info for people reading this post, I’ve had some experience with Fiverr as someone requesting work. It seems like a pretty straight forward site to get set up in and I was overall pleased with the work that one of the author’s provided. Definitely worth giving a go if you’re interested in learning a broad range of topics and have good writing skills.

    I’d never heard of Amazon Turk before so will take a look into that. Can also vouch for WA being a great platform as I’m learning my skills there to create my own business.



  15. Hey Vitaliy, what a cool article, I have been doing heaps of stuff on the web the last few years and quite a bit with amazon as both buyer and seller but had never heard of their turk site! I tried a couple of the writing sites and did a course for Udemy but never had much luck with them, probably also didn’t know as much back when I tried



    • I will admit, I also knew a lot about Amazon and it’s affiliate program but not a single thing about the mechanical turk site until I saw someone review it on their blog! And being that Amazon has grown so much lately, they have continued to expand their services, into that one, their affiliate program, the delivery program and now I believe they are also providing hosting/website services for customers, something worth checking out!

  16. It’s so tough to find the true work from home sources. There’s just too many that are scams or that you have to work endless hour with little to no pay. The Amazon Mechanical Turk is one I will be trying out. I would also try Amazon Flex, since it seems like you can make your own hours and work when needed. Thank you for breaking these down and doing the research for us!

      • One thing no one seems to have addressed here is the fact that you have to factor in taxes. As far as I understand, you’re O.K. until you earn $300.00.

        After that you pay regular taxes, in addition to self employment taxes – the part your employer would usually cover. This adds up.

        I worked on Fiverr for about 2 years. It was a really good experience, but the 20% commission plus the taxes finally did me in. They, Fiverr, have changed their format now so you can charge more for the gigs you offer which may help the situation, but I quit because even though I was charging decent prices, I just wasn’t clearing enough.

        I may go back and try it again, though as more of a hobby than an actual money maker. It was fun and if you get good reviews, there’s no problem getting clients.

        • Well taxes are a whole other issues to consider and one that requires it’s own article because first the person has to be successful with one or more of the options I listed and second, the topic of taxes varies entirely on the location the person is in.

          Yes any amount made through these ventures will be taxes, but one tip I give people is to speak to an accountant should their venture in the online world become successful and let the account decide on a money saving strategy they should take, whether it be to open up a corporation or file the taxes in a format that saves them money.

          Yes if you do not have a particular plan or corporation set up, then being taxed plainly without having any write offs will be a MAJOR issue. As soon as I started doing well in the online world, I consulted with an accountant, opened up a corporation and was able to legally write off many expenses, thus saving me A LOT.

  17. Aside from Wealthy Affiliate, I have not worked for any of these other online jobs, however, I do like the idea of working from home and being able to choose your own hours which is why I started building a business through WA.

    I at one point, tried to get a freelance writing job with iWriter, if I remember correctly, mainly because I wanted to get away from my current job, however, I couldn’t find any good positions so I figured I would just focus more on writing for my own site for now.

    I have heard of Amazon Mechanical Turk but I never knew much about it initially prior to reading this. If I were to pick one of these jobs to tryout, I might be interested in trying AMT since I have experience with websites now.

    In terms of other online jobs, I do know of one other company called Cactus Communications which is for proofreading articles.

    I tried getting a job there but I was not accepted which I am kind of glad I didn’t now because I would have been working more hours there and I would have less time with WA.

    My question is, have you ever tried any of these online sites for supplemental income as you were building your WA business? If so, which ones have you tried and what is your experience with them?

    • I went into WA before I knew about most of these sites and many of them actually started after WA was around, so by the time they were up and running, I already had a good business going so I didn’t need to worry about it, however, with the knowledge I had attained by that time, I already knew how to succeed in most of the choices above.

      I think with the knowledge you have on blogging right now, i would look at iWriter again, not AMT, being that you can now bring the people hiring more value as a writer/marketer. 

  18. I have a question concerning Iwriter. Do you think it is wise to use their services as an affiliate to create content on a website? Or do you think one while sets himself for failure in doing so? Have you used them? What type of instruction would I have to give them to make the content suitable for affiliate marketing?

    I know it may sound like I’m searching for an easy way to update a blog but I’m actually trying to see if I can get a helping hand to double my efforts at writing content. Is this a good idea? I would love to hear your opinion on that. Thanks.

    • Hi Michael, I understand your point because I find myself in that situation quite often. Currently I have 1 writer that I pay to write content on other experimental websites I’m running, as for iWriter itself, I have not used them because at the time I already was fine with either working on my own or having the same writer I now use. 

      The thing is, you can teach ANY decent writer how to create content that is affiliate marketing friendly, but the key is to actually TEACH them this. Any person who has decent writing skills can adapt their writing style to fit what you seek on your page/s so if you want them to review products, give them information on the product, let them know what you want to see and then see what type of work they provide.

      But before any of this can be done, you must also be at least DECENT at affiliate marketing and know how to write good sales funnels and great content, because if you don’t, how can you expect your writer to get it? 

  19. This is an interesting and helpful article, i have never used any of your recommendations yet except for Wealthy Affiliate, which i have been a member of for the last 4 months. I agree with your points, it is a very good program and the courses are very well explained, and to top it off the other members are very helpful if you ever need any help.

    • Hi Lee, I’d say just about everyone who explores Wealthy Affiliate will also agree with what you said and more, and the other choices on this article’s list are also great.

  20. I think that working remotely is an opportunity that this current generation greatly benefits from in many ways, either as a business looking for a vendor via the internet or as a someone looking for work online.

    As a fellow WA-er, I can personally vouch for WA and what one can gain from being a member and learning what internet marketing is all about. I started my mental health recovery blog from the skills I picked up at WA! I highly encourage anyone and everyone to check out WA and what it can offer. 

  21. I had no idea about most of these companies but this post taught me everything I need to know about them.

    I love how you showed a variety of ways to make money that will work for people with loads of different skill sets. Most of the other posts that I’ve found similar to this didn’t do that.

    Have you ever created a Udemy course and if so how hard was it to do?

    • I’ve actually written an article previously on creating successful Udemy courses, but personally have not done one, and my MAIN reason was that people who know how to create successful websites can make far more from them and be more free than if they make a course on Udemy which has been my personal experience, and why I have recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

  22. Very helpful list. I’ve ordered courses from Udemy and I love it. It’s easy to order products and feels legit. If you can make a course this site is a good choice. I’ve ordered from Fiverr and that is a seamless experience as well. I actually just launched my first “gig” with them today. It was easy to set up, so we’ll see how it goes. I’ve never heard of iWriter so I may have to check them out as well. Thanks for the great post!

    • Making courses on Udemy isn’t difficult as their platform makes it pretty easy for just about anyone to make a course. Now if it’s a good/popular course is another question, but nonetheless, there is opportunity with this, as well as the other choices. Wishing you good luck on your first gig Fiverr.

      I would consider offering “gigs” in the most in demand areas on that site, as they would likely give you the most opportunities to reach a large audience, although at the same time, cross reference it with the best service you can offer with whichever gig is most relevant to it.

  23. Very interesting post. I have not heard of many of the at home companies you listed, but it was fun to check them out. Wealthy Affiliate was definitely the most appealing to me out of the list. I recently joined Wealthy Affiliate and am having a blast. The training there is incredible. Always something new to learn and the income potential is promising.

    • The income “potential” there is very realistic if you act on the training there Desiree, I know this from my own experience.

  24. Pretty good list. Some of the I have heard of like Task Rabbit and Udemy. Amazon Mechanical Turk is a new one and so is Amazon Flex.

    People who are delivery drivers anyway would like the Amazon Flex program I think. They would just do what they are already doing and make some cash while they’re at it.

    I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the best option for me too. It doesn’t even feel like a job most of the time. I promote topics from a niche I actually enjoy writing about. That doesn’t sound like work. Does it?

    You did a really good job hunting down these other work from home gigs that most people can find at least one that would work. Good job!

    • Interesting point about the delivery drivers utilizing Amazon Flex. I suppose if their current company isn’t paying enough or offering enough benefits, this can certainly act as a good supplement. 

  25. What an excellent post on working from home ten legitimate ways. I read through each one and found it very interesting and insightful. I had some work done by Fiverr it was okay but I think I have developed the skill to do it myself, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

    All very tempting offers to work from home. I agree Wealthy affiliate is by far the best way to work from home and earn a great income.

    • That’s one of the biggest points of WA Richard, in that the freelance skills they teach you really can help “transcend” the need to use the other programs on the list and build your own business, but if not, it can absolutely help you make more WITH the companies above. 

  26. Awesome review. I used some of those freelance websites before and they are actually trusted sites. Another site I personally use that works like Freelancer is Trabajofreelance.

    The site is in Spanish though. Might help as suggestion for someone which prefer Spanish references among your readers. It accepts PayPal as well.

    • Good mention Claudia! I’m sure there’s Spanish speaking people out there who would prefer and be more comfortable in doing this same type of freelance work, but through their native language to make it easier.

  27. Your post is full of useful information. I have heard of some of these but haven’t tried it. I never knew how ehow works until I read your blog. It’s great to know that there are variety of ways to make money online but Wealthy Affiliate is my number one choice.
    The time and energy one can spend on iwriter can be spent learning to write for one’s site. Useful for some people who do not want to venture.
    Thanks for the post.

    • Well I think everyone wants to venture, but when it comes to this topic, there unfortunately aren’t many options out there that people can really make money out of. These 10 however are good.

  28. Wow Vitaliy,

    I really love this list you have came up with. I did not know you could make money setting up courses on Udemy. I also use Wealthy Affiliate and write blogs. I am making quite a bit of money with it. The training they give you is outstanding. I also enjoy the community they have, where everyone is willing to help you if you should run into a problem. I have not tried any of the other ways to make money you have on here, but some of them may be a good fit for me, but I would not stop Wealthy Affiliate for any of them. Thank you for making this site, I will share with some of my friends because some of them would like the Amazon delivery.

    • Well Udemy has to give it’s instructors an incentive to create good courses, and monetary incentive is certainly the best there is so as a writer/educator in any field, you can REALLY benefit well from this. Glad you’re really enjoying WA 🙂

  29. Hey, i have applied for mechanical turk but have not yet been approved, maybe they have limited number of entries, but I will wait and see. I am a big fan of online courses and have completed few on Udemy myself, maybe I will give it a try as a android instructor.

    I personally love Wealthy Affiliate and find that blogging gives a person more freedom and more opportunities to earn, if a person sticks with it long enough. Thank you for this info, it is helpful.

    • No problem, there is certainly a demand for someone who knows how to make apps and use android devices Sanket, I’m sure a course like that on Udemy, or on a personal site will attract a lot of visitors.

  30. HI, Vitaliy. Thank you for the post. It looks like you did some research in finding the businesses that you listed. I, like you, am already in Wealthy Affiliate, so I don’t really have time to get involved in the other opportunities, although they do look interesting. I think that Udemy is the one that interests me the most of them all. I would probably quickly run out of course ideas though.

    Do you think that Wealthy Affiliate offers more opportunity for the average person than the other businesses that you list?

    • Potentially yes Grant and I say that as someone who has experienced that potential. Udemy in many ways fits in with the same type potential as WA, but I would say people who have studied inside WA will likely be more successful in Udemy, although I really believe WA is the more/most open ended opportunity.

  31. Great list of online companies to work for. I am fairly familiar with most of these but the one that I really took notice to was task rabbit. I thought that was a pretty cool concept, this is really for someone that has zero interest in doing any type of sales whether online or off. 

    All you really need to do is be somewhat handy and that is pretty cool. I would have to agree though that Wealthy Affiliate is truly the best one on this list! I have been using them for a year now and have loved every minute of it. It is amazing how much I have learned and how much more confident I am as in internet marketer now just a year later.

    • Hi Nate, to quickly comment on what you said about Task Rabbit, I think in today’s world, when people depend more on technology than ever before, many of them, including my generation have forgotten how to use our hands to build things, and this gap has created a necessity for people who truly can work with their hands to serve those who can’t (or are too lazy). This makes someone who can build things well also someone who will truly succeed with Task Rabbit.

  32. Hi Vitaliy, this is an interesting list of online options. I was exposed to Upwork sometime ago as a way to make additional income online but the random nature of the projects coming my way was an issue. Then, I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate. I am still very new to WA but I agree with you that it is highly recommended – a honest, down-to-earth way of learning and earning online.

    Your website and results are a strong motivation!

    • Thank you Jude, Upwork can throw out a lot of work and possibilities, but it is best to pick out the work you would be best suited for in order to give the person ordering the work good quality results, so they can keep using you for future work.

  33. This is a great list. I personally have used Fiverr and I have really enjoyed working with that platform. If used properly you can make a good chunk of extra change through them. Wealthy Affiliate is also a great platform and there are countless people making full time incomes working with that platform.

    I’m curious to see if you had have success working on Amazon Turk yourself. I have had a hard time making money on the site that is worth the time investment.

    • It is tedious to work with mechanical turk but there are people making extra money through it. I did briefly try it out at the time I was already running a business so my time there was limited and my main recommendation for that program came about from another friend of mine who did work with it extensively and did vouch for it.

  34. Hi,

    Very interesting post on the different sites out there to start a home based business. I wish I found out about this years ago. I just joined WA about a month ago and so far I am impressed and I can see that there is a lot of income potential. Some of the other sites look good too. I’m going to stick with and put my time in with WA for now if it doesn’t work out then I’ll look into the other sites you mentioned. Thanks for posting the information.

    • Hi Franca, I’d like to clarify that not all the choices on this list are meant to start a business with, some of them will have you working for companies such as Task Rabbit or Amazon Flex. Good to hear you’re focusing on WA!

  35. You have given some great examples of making money. I did think about Fiverr and I know I can write better than a lot of people already doing it. I am not sure about how to much to charge and $5 is just a base price. Is the price based on the number of words required? Now I am with Wealthy Affiliate and don’t need to look any further. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to set themselves up in an online business. Thanks for the great info in this post.

    • Hi Margaret, I would not use Fiverr to write articles. If you write well enough as it is, $5 is too low to charge. I’m glad you’re with WA, but also consider Freelancer and the other sites I pointed to in the article. You can easily charge over $50 and get paid quite well, though WA will in my opinion offer the most potential.

  36. Wow, Vitaliy, what a great post! I too have never heard of Amazon Turk, but I’m sure going to check it out now that you’ve brought it to my attention. I’ve really enjoyed this post and you’ve taught me a lot about what’s good and what’s bad out there on the online sector! Thanks for your research and considered opinion. It’s a post that is invaluable to people who want to make a career online but are afraid of getting their fingers burnt! Thanks once again!

  37. Hi Vitaliy,

    Thanks for this great article. I have never heard of Amazon Mechanical Turk. Strange name, but I like the nature of the work, Amazon Flex seems too “on-call” for my liking. I also haven’t heard of iWriter before. I like the sound of this one. I think I will go over and check it out. Thank you for writing such a wonderful article. I leaned a lot from this information.

    • No problem, pick out the program which would best fall in line with your abilities. If you can work well with your hands, Task Rabbit would be fine, if you can drive well and deliver things on time, then Amazon Flex would be good. I think you see what I mean here.

  38. Great article. I never heard of Amazon Turk before but I like the concept. About Udemy, I bought courses there before. I never thought about actually making one and it sounds great. I have some experience in wellness and writing, So I may give a shot to Udemy. Do you prefer iWriter or Freelancer?

  39. Hey Vitaliy, this is awesome post ! There’s a few that I’ve heard before but the rest of them I’ve never heard of. I do agree with you that honest jobs require an honest company, and I always do some research before I join any kind of so called gurus memberships, some of the key points for me are:

    1. How long have they been in the industry.

    2. Whats the catch ,including the cost (hidden upselling etc).

    3. Reliablility and consistency.

    Thanks again for this…as this info has broadened my knowledge about making money online :)!

    • Hi Elbert, the 3 points you made about filtering out a company are great, but they are more related to programs that teach people how to make money from a business. These companies are all legitimate and offer a platform where based on your existing skill set, you can earn money from it. It’s basically another term for freelance work.

  40. Hi Vitaliy,

    I always enjoy reading your articles. I have friends who have been scammed and I just passed this on to them because It’s going to help them. It’s nice to see you have taken the time to do the research. One of my friends who just read this is quite excited on the Amazon Flex and she really knows the city locations very well. Thanks and I can’t wait to read your next article.

  41. Even though I’m currently a member of Wealthy Affiliate I had to bookmark this page because you have some really good and maybe more importantly very diverse options for working at home. Wealthy Affiliate still seems like the best option but there are definitely a few other to check out. Really good post keep the content coming

  42. What an inspiration! I have been in search of online businesses for many years and have paid lots of “Fees” on systems and schemes promising tones of money. Alas I have lost more than I care to recall. It is really great to see that there are some legit sites out there.

    I must agree with your no 1 choice. They give you more than you pay for, 2 sites and training for free. What’s more, at the end of 30 days, your free gift does not miraculously disappear, it is yours for life.

    Great article and I am keen to try some of the sites you mentioned. Some of them I have never heard of before.

    • Every one of these sites will become more and more popular, but I’d rather people know about these options sooner due to all the scams out there, which you mentioned falling for before Bryan.

  43. Hi Vitaliy,

    This is a great site and has really helped me work out the best opportunities available for working from home. I have come across many scams over the last few months and years, but Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal and very impressive, especially considering the amount of support, training and advice they offer. I am only just starting out at the minute, but I’ve learned a lot and I’m enjoying putting my own website together.

    I haven’t heard of Amazon Mechanical Turk but will definitely look at giving that a try. I have used Fiverr and People Per Hour in the past, but like others, found the level of competition meant that I was working below my desired hourly rate. Thanks for the encouragement about trying to offer quality content though. 

    One UK based site which you may be interested in is Profit Accumulator. It is a site that looks to turn the tables on bookmakers…basically you sign up to the site and bet against yourself using the sports betting exchanges using reduced liability. They have videos that explain the process and it is guaranteed. You will make some money and it is definitely worth looking into. All the best!

    • Hi Oliver, you mentioned 2 programs that I have never heard of before and I will take a look, but the one you mentioned about betting is something I would honestly not include in this or a future list. It seems to be gambling related with a hedge aspect, and while it may absolutely be legitimate, I want to let people know about more traditional opportunities. Maybe if in the future I do a list on betting sites, I will certainly consider this one, but the concept is interesting!


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