Is Auto Home Profits a Scam? Full Review From The Inside.

There are many things I found out about Auto Home Profits that I didn’t exactly like and in this review I’ll be talking about all of them. I will not recommend this program, but I’ll show you a legitimate one instead as well.

Quick Report on Auto Home Profits:

is auto home profits a scam

Name: Auto Home Profits by Shelly Davis and she probably isn’t real because I see her picture across many low quality/scam programs.

In other words, it’s a reused picture used to name who knows how many people. and I think most of them are fake.

Price: $97.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars.

There are far more bad things than good to say about this program. I purchased it and I will give you an inside look to prove my points.

auto home profits alternative

Auto Home Profits in a nutshell:

It is a program that tries to teach you to make money from home, but the process by which it does this is extremely low quality in my opinion & experience with this type of business. The training there is both outdated and questionable at times and that is what most of the program is like.

There were very rare instances of training advice that I agreed with, but the problem overall is when you mix so much bad, outdated stuff with even a little good stuff, you still get a low quality product in the end and that is what in my opinion Auto Home Profits is.

What kind of training does Auto Home Profits provide?

Well there’s 3 sections to the program (3 phases). I’m going to quickly dissect them all so you get a good understanding of what’s inside:

Of the 3 sections, the first phase is consistent of 3 steps (You can see that in the screenshot above) and it is also explained in the following menus above: #1 business model & #1 missing ingredient. 

So in phase 1, you have 3 steps to supposed success. Here they are:

Step 1: Call a coach. They give you a number, but let me tell you, I NEVER call those. All they usually end up doing is trying to sell me things. 

Step 2: They have you register with 3 affiliate programs:

I can tell you that the latter 2 have good opportunities, but Clickbetter generally has very low quality products and it is no surprise that Auto Home Profits itself is a part of the Clickbetter program.

In any case, those 3 programs give people the ability to promote products on their websites and make sales for each person who buys it. 

Step 3: They recommend a program called “Click Drop”. It is a site where you BUY traffic from people in the form of Solo Ads

Generally, I am against this type of advice because solo ads require money be paid and usually you don’t know what kind of traffic you’re getting despite them saying you will get targeted, quality traffic. I am not a fan of this type of stuff and do know that you WILL have to pay to try this. 

Their whole thing with these 3 steps is that you send traffic that you buy from Click Drop to your affiliate links from one of those 3 programs in step 2 and if someone buys, you get a commission.

Personally in addition to my advice against buying this stuff, it is also rarely the case that you can make sales by sending traffic DIRECTLY to an affiliate offer.

The bottom line about the 3 steps:

What I’m trying to say is that in my experience, this strategy has a high cost of entry and a low probability of success.

But the training doesn’t end there, if you do all this, it’s onto phase 2, aka the second section of the training.

This section is represented in the menu item “Advance steps”. There 3 lessons there:

  • Lesson 1 has you making a free blog site.
  • Lesson 2 has you signing up to make an email list.
  • Lesson 3 has you registering with a program to help you track sales and cloak your affiliate links.

The verdict on phase 2: Very “across the board” information that is more complicated than simple. 

Phase 3: The final training. Lots of videos, but old, outdated and useless information in too many places.

The final phase of this program has 5 training sections:

1) You get video training on WordPress. And I have to say it’s horrendous.

They have several videos on you making an actual template/theme. Who does this nowadays!?

You DO NOT need to make anything like this, you can get free templates/themes at ease from many different areas, including Wealthy Affiliate which provides people with a free site where you can choose templates.

Overall this section has too much unnecessary and complicated information in my opinion. This would totally mess up anyone who is a beginner to making websites in my opinion!

2) Website traffic. You get different training methods on mainly outdated and dead end strategies to get visitors to your site including article marketing, backlinking, joining forums and other things which are more of a waste of time in my experience than anything else.

3) Facebook training videos. I’m going to omit my review of this one because Facebook isn’t my most experienced area of marketing but I would not be surprised if it was as bad as the other sections I saw…

4) Ebay Profit maker. Honestly, it’s just simple stuff on setting up auctions and other basics of eBay. And guess what? This stuff can found on YouTube in free content if you wish…

5) Affiliate marketing videos. Oh boy, the mother of all outdated stuff is in this section. Where do I start in explaining why this is outdated…

Well a majority of the training shows you how to find products on Clickbank (which by the way is YEARS old) and then they show you ways to find keywords to market products (also outdated stuff) and finally they give you advice on using Google Adwords to market an affiliate product (it’s an advertising network of Google), which, you guessed it…is also outdated.

For the Google Ads thing, if you honestly try what they suggest here, I guarantee you 99.9% that it will not work because Google Adwords has strict policies that will not allow whatever you make from this to show up on their network. It is simply another dead end…

And that concludes the training you get inside this program…

Final Rating: Auto Home Profits.

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. When I said there was very little good about this program, I was actually being optimistic. It wasn’t until I started writing this review that I realized how awful this program actually is. A big, fat NO.

My final thoughts:

One final thing I didn’t mention was the deceptive way this program was being shown to me. I briefly said in the beginning of this review about how the person Shelly Davis isn’t real. I’m sure there’s tons of Shelly Davis’s out there, but in my opinion no actual, physical person associated with Auto Home Profits.

Programs like these like to have imaginary characters like her pose as people who were once poor until they found their golden goose with said program to make you think you are on the right track. But I see these programs so often and I have never come across one where the person advertised as the “success story” like Shelly here is actually real.

So overall, that, mixed with the proven and horrendous training I explained above that you get from there, there is literally no reason I can suggest that you get this program. Stay away from it. Stay FAR away from it.

And on a final note, I am very glad to be done with this review. It hurt my head going through this program.

14 thoughts on “Is Auto Home Profits a Scam? Full Review From The Inside.”

  1. Bravo for your effort in exposing another rip off scheme. The sad thing is that many of the persons who are suckered into these scams can ill afford to lose the $97.00 that it costs to join up. Your post makes it ever more clear that you have to do your research before you pay a cent to take up any money making scheme on the internet. I am certainly going to take a look at the promo of “Auto home profits” as looking at as much of these scams as possible may uncover common threads that give valuable clues to their methods.

    • Yes many of these places market the same way so if you did look at the sales page, you could memorize the wording they use to spot other potential scams Everton.

  2. I don’t know the number so I’m just going to throw something out there. Maybe 1 in 1000 opportunities are actually real. It seems every darn thing a person looks at is just not what a person should get involved with.

    So many people try and copy the few sites and opportunities that are great. Well its just not working. I know without a doubt I have spent thousands on scam programs or opportunities.

    I wish we had people around like you when I was getting scammed. Well at least you are here now and making others aware of whats great and whats not.

    Great job and thank you.

    • Thanks Dale and sorry to hear about your negative experiences as well. I will say that no matter what the rare number really is (good programs against bad), that you have at least 1 obvious choice of a GOOD program available: Wealthy Affiliate. I can promise you, that one works very well.

  3. Hello!

    What a great review of a not so great program! There’s SOOO many of these “scam” products out there that it makes it difficult for a normal human to find a decent product to utilize.

    You’ve done a really great job of outlining all the red flags of this program, and I have a way better understanding as a consumer what I should avoid when looking at products. What sites like these don’t understand, is that you have to keep all of your information as updated as possible. Things change quickly on the internet, and its not just about creating a “how to” website and then leaving it forever. You have to constantly update and follow through!

    Thanks for the read!


    • The problem is, they don’t care about updating, they just care about recycling the same idea and making the most sales, so they keep pushing an outdated program (if it’s even good!) through the same sales letter. They don’t need to update it to sell the product, they just need to use the same sales pitch to get the person to buy and they are good at that unfortunately. 

      Like I said, this program, aka the legitimate one is updated and they never use the shady tactics I despise in programs like Auto Home Profits.

  4. Oh man! Thanks for the thorough review!

    Saved me from another online scam 🙁

    It was really helpful to be able to see what is inside the members area. What I find challenging with these programs is that you just don’t know what you are getting once you hand over your money. They are just so secretive about it…and probably for good reason too.

    • The only good reason they are hiding this is because the information is most of the time…bad. I have always said that a company which hides behind it’s marketing hype is not a good company. You need to let people know what’s inside so they feel comfortable. That’s why a company like Wealthy Affiliate is good and Auto Home Profits or whatever’s the real name is not.

      Honestly, it’s only the marketing that sells these bad programs, because if people really knew what was inside (and that’s why I explained what was inside), they would never buy this!

  5. Oh no! Not another blatant scam. I am so tired of this. Just last week I almost got caught in a scam with a program called Work at Home Institute. It was just like this one, a bunch of useless and outdated material. Anyways, sorry for the rant, and thank you for the review.

  6. Good to know this kind of information. I’ll stay clear.

    You make your points clearly. I particularly appreciate the way you use sub-headings to focus on particular areas. I am very leery about calling a coach. I have had a number of occasions where I have spoken to marketing people and they are very expensive without guarantees. So I’m glad you focused on the steps that Auto Home Profits wants you to take and focused on the issues that may arise.

    • Yeah most of them aren’t really coaches in my experiences, they are just sales people throwing out the same lines. There are actual coaches out there who know this stuff and probably charge a lot, but trust me, those coaches will have a reputation before you even speak to them.

      In other words, you’ll actually know who they are before you see/talk to them vs speaking to someone who claims to be a coach who you’ve never heard of.

  7. You said you purchased Auto Home Profits, was that before you found Wealthy Affiliate? Is there a refund policy for the $97? Where do they get a coach from? Do the coaches have any experience or credentials? I’ve heard of Clickbank and JvZoo but never heard of Clickbetter is that only offered through Auto Home Profits? How much does “Click Drop” cost? You said all the training was outdated on Auto Home Profits do people still sign up for it? Auto Home Profits sounds like a scam after reading your article thanks for the heads up!

    • Well Larry, that’s certainly a lot of questions so I’ll do my best to answer them:

      1) I found Auto Home Profits after Wealthy Affiliate (WA), that’s how I judged the training to be bad because in WA, it’s amazing so I can then distinguish it vs other programs.

      2) Yes they always claim you can get a refund, but I’m probably going to end up disputing it.

      3) Usually coaches in these types of programs aren’t really coaches, but more so sales people looking to sell you programs for high prices. They can get them from various different agencies/areas. Usually if there is an actual coach, they will identify themselves by name and show their credentials in how well they know their business. You get none of that information in Auto Home Profits, just talks of a coach, but who it is, is unknown.

      4) No, you can sign up with Clickbank and the other programs without Auto Home Profits in the mix.

      5) Click drop is a place where people come to sell their email lists through solo ads. They charge per click so it varies on the person.

      6) Yes people still sign up with Auto Home Profits. The thing is, they don’t know it’s outdated, but I do, so that’s why I informed everyone here.


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