My Millionaire Mentor Review. How I Proved It’s a Scam.

Folks, I’m not joking. I really did buy into My Millionaire Mentor, knowing full well it was likely going to be a scam program and my goal was to actually prove it (which I will in this review).

Quick Report on My Millionaire Mentor:my millionaire mentor review

Creator: Well I don’t know but it doesn’t matter and I’ll explain why.

Price: $97. Oh boy and then comes the fun part!

Access to an application followed by a series of steps leading me down a familiar scam I’ve exposed SO many times. 

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10 stars.

This is a scam because it’s just another MTTB “back door” sales funnel and you’re about to see why that’s even worse.

My Millionaire Mentor in a nutshell:

Many times already I have exposed a program known as MTTB. It is a (in my opinion) a pyramid scheme whose promoters (affiliates) have recently gone through some really shady approaches to keep promoting it, one of which is done within My Millionaire Mentor in my opinion.

Here’s what they do:

They set up a website and a fake program name that promises riches. Then they just have you pay whatever they’re charging (in this case $97) to access MTTB through them.

Then if someone goes through that funnel and pays into the MTTB system, namely on it’s costly upsells of $2,000, the promoter gets a big commission. And the $2,000 up-sell is just the start because MTTB leads into MOBE which has even more expensive up-sells. 

And guess what?

That is exactly what “My Millionaire Mentor” is. It is nothing more than a redirect into MTTB. And above all else, here’s the more important thing in this review:

my millionaire mentor alternative

I’ll provided a link above to explain the shut down that occurred with the FTC. But for the continuation of this review, let’s momentarily forget the name of this program, and just associate it with MTTB because that’s where it’s being led to.

Now I don’t know if the creator of MTTB is telling his affiliates to do this, nor am I going to speculate on this, but this isn’t the first time I’ve run into a site like this.

The last time I crossed this same exact scam funnel was when I reviewed Countdown to Profits and guess what?

Same. Exact. Formula.

There is no product, it is just a redirect back into the main program.

The formula being run here is what I call the “back door method” which I defined very specifically in my review of Countdown to Profits, but shortly put, it’s just a way to mask a controversial/scam program by promoting IT through another program that’s posing as a legitimate one, but it’s fake.

People enter the fake program, but in reality, they are just funneled into the main scam program.

Make sense? If not, here’s a brief overview:

  • Let’s say there’s a site called site A. Site A is a known scam.
  • Site B is made to lead people into Site A.
  • People join Site B thinking they are joining B, but they are just joining Site A and are getting scammed.

Why? Why do they go through all this trouble?

Because MTTB will (well would since it’s shut down now) pay people A LOT to promote it, it’s as simple as that. Forget ethics, forget decency, money is the only thing that’s driving people to make fake redirect programs like My Millionaire Mentor. 

Now one thing that is true (subjectively speaking…) is that you technically do get access to a program that does have you learning from an actual millionaire, named Matt Lloyd on how to make money with his program, MTTB, but…

There are 4 things I want you to know:

1) Just because the name is relevant to the program being promoted doesn’t make it a legitimate program. Ex: Countdown to Profits also used the same formula. It doesn’t matter. In my honest opinion, I advise against this program.

2) Normally, if you join MTTB DIRECTLY, it’s $49 the last time I looked, and I paid $97 here to access it through the fake site (My Millionaire Mentor). In other words, I overpaid and got scammed.

That’s OK though. But here is proof I paid + what I saw post purchase:

my millionaire mentor purchase proof

So if there’s any question that this leads to MTTB, these screenshots above should squelch that skepticism. And again, SO many programs like My Millionaire Mentor did this (I say did because again, MTTB is down and so is MOBE, because of the FTC).

3) MTTB itself is a highly questionable program (some say it’s a pyramid scheme and I agree) even if I try to look at it as optimistically as possible. I cannot think of anyway to justify buying nor recommending it to anyone, and I don’t care how much it would pay me per sale. There are so many other, good and ethical ways to do business online and in my opinion, this is NOT one of them.

4) Obviously, you already know where I’m going with this review, but if you’re wondering about legit programs that you can look into instead, let me help you there…

When I said I went far to prove it, I meant it, here’s what went down:

  • I saw the My Millionaire Mentor program advertised after I was reading a blog, on my phone. After clicking and seeing the program, I knew I had to expose this.
  • But the problem was, I couldn’t look up the site on my laptop, I had to buy the program through my phone.
  • Even on the checkout page, I already saw the MTTB logo (see the “before purchase” image above), but I knew I had to fully prove it before jumping to conclusions. I despise making quick judgement of programs no matter how sketchy they are. 
  • And after the purchase, well, I had my proof (see “After purchase” image). And yes this was all done through my phone. 
  • Now I’m going to have to grab a refund ASAP. Losing $97 isn’t worth it for this…

All of this took quite some time and all while I could have technically already done this review without it, but folks, there is a strong principal I follow about programs and that I have to have no doubt it is a scam before I call it out and I urge everyone to follow the same thing so should you run into a program that you are worried about buying, hold off on that part, and let me know about it here

I’ll let you know what I think about it and then we can move forward. I literally buy this stuff to prove it. And often times I lose money, but should you fall into this problem, know that there is a way out of it and this is it.

Final Rating: My Millionaire Mentor (We already know):

0 Stars

Red Flag

0 stars out of 10. Total scam in my opinion promoting another one.

My final thoughts: 

Because the promotion My Millionaire Mentor was pushing is now gone, there’s no point in worrying about this anymore, but you should be careful of other similar high ticket scams lurking about the internet. Either way, I am going to help you avoid this and the other schemes out there, by simply recommend this:

But back to the other program, personally, I very much dislike having to re-review the same program because no matter what, it’s still the same one, just with a new name on top of it.

Then I usually have to go through the refund requests, ect…, but despite that stuff, I don’t mind it. I hope people can hear about the way these scams operate and know how to stay away from them.

Well, on that note, I am off to try and get my $97 back! 

My Millionaire Mentor


My Millionaire Mentor Score



  • None.


  • It promoted MOBE and MTTB. The FTC already took them down anyway.

11 thoughts on “My Millionaire Mentor Review. How I Proved It’s a Scam.”

  1. Hi Vitality,
    Great website and I’m glad you are exposing the scammers at My Millionaire Mentor and MTTB. I think that helps a lot of people keep their hard earned money. I’m glad you provide an alternate and legitimate way to make money online with Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for your research.

    • No problem Mitch. I don’t like doing these kinds of reviews because of all the negativity but it’s just so important people know all this info about this “program”.

  2. Wow this is so scary, and so sad that people knowing that they are directing others into a scam still promote theses sites. For this exact reason it took me a long time to join the online community.

    Thank you for taking one for the team to expose scams like this to protect someone who is genuinely looking for a new opportunity.

    • Well many of these affiliates do not see it as a scam, they legitimately believe it’s a good program, but in my opinion mainly because of the price and high commissions, not really for the arguments I make against it.

  3. Thanks for the warning. It is so good and important to shed light on the scams on the Internet. They give the programs that are serious a bad name. A lot of people miss out on great opportunities online, because they have experienced scams themselves, or heard about them from others. It is important to show people the difference between a good online training program, and make money quick scams. Keep up the good work! Thanks.

    • Exactly Tressy, when people get scammed again and again, not only do these miss their chance (and money) to find a good program, but they also lose hope in ever trusting another program again. I went through that, and it fuels me to expose these programs.

  4. Oh my gosh I don’t know how many times I have run into this! Makes me mad! I even heard of sites coming up with ways to fool the lottery, another good topic. I’m glad you and others debunking these kinds of sites. People really need to know!

    It’s pretty bad when there isn’t even a name to go with that scam..oh yea..cause its a scam!

    • The lottery?! That’s crazy Tammy, for something that is literally a game of chance, I cannot understand how it’s possible to fool it!

  5. Hi Vitaly,

    You really went a long way to expose this scam! Wow! Did you ever get your money back? It’s really a shame that so many people get sucked into something like this. I’m glad there are people like you, who set out to expose these things for what they are.



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