What is Textbroker And Can You Make Good Money With it?

Yes, Textbroker is totally legit! And while I’m happy to say that, let me explain what it is and give you tips on how you can make the most income with this opportunity!

Quick Report on Textbroker:

is textbroker legit

Price: You can either register as a client (person who buys articles) or writer (person who writes articles for the client). Both registration options are free.

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10 stars.

Arguably, this is one of the most legitimate sites to earn an income from writing articles, aka freelance work.

But at the same time, the income opportunity from using it may not exactly be enough for some people to rely on. But for secondary freelance gigs that pay extra, sure.

Textbroker explained, what it is and how it works:

I first heard about this place from someone who mentioned it on an article where I talked about 10 different programs/sources to make an income from and frankly, this place deserves a spot on that list.

Anyway, to make it a simple explanation, Textbroker is simply a place that connects people who seek writers to create content for their website/s. You can hire people to write an article for you in various different topics/fields, as well as choose how many words you want written, and even pick the level of writing you want, from decent to high level, and even to people who possess high level skills in writing and SEO, which is huge. 

To explain it in simple terms, content creation is a huge driving force behind the success of websites, particularly blogs (we call it content curation in this context) and a lot of people simply can’t devote enough time on their own websites to create content on their own, so they are “forced” to outsource.

One of the big problems however is that there is a lot of risk involved in outsourcing and the person looking for an article writer often does not know if the services they are getting will be legit.

Often times, people that get hired do an awful job of creating content that is often duplicated, written in poor grammar and other issues that can really hurt the website owner and their business.

So being that there is a high demand in content creation AND the need to have content creators fill the void, but there not really being that many sources of finding the legitimate writers, Textbroker was created to have clients find honest, worthwhile writers they can trust. 

And that brings us to how it all works and what you can expect:

There are 2 groups of people inside Textbroker: Clients and writers. 

Clients can go inside Textbroker and request a writer through a series of “questionnaires” to ensure they get the right choice for their needs. The more in demand and higher quality of a writer your seek, the higher of a price you’ll have to pay.

I’ve seen prices range from about $20 per 1,000 word article where you’d have a decent writer create content for you to $70+ for the same 1,000 word article, but the writer would be of a higher caliber, and one who knows SEO. 

Here is an example of what a client will have to answer before they can “order” an article to be written:

textbroker writing qualifications

Followed by the above screenshot, I was taken to the next page to even further detail what I had wanted:

As someone who understands the hardships of outsourcing work and getting high quality stuff, I can tell you right away that having this type of filtration is very calming to me because I can very specifically detail the type of work I want and believe me, for someone in my line of business (online business) I know a lot of the necessities involved in creating good content, things like:

How many words are necessary. You can choose that with Textbroker.

What types of keywords I want in the article provided. There is a box for this.

How quickly I want the work done. There is a box for that.

Specifications on how I want the article written. We have that as well in this case.

I need to be certain there’s no duplicate content. This is one of the BIGGEST problems in outsourcing nowadays because it’s hard to gauge if the person you hire is doing it or not. With Textbroker, it appears they follow a strict guideline to make sure NO duplicate content is happening and thank goodness for that!

With just these 5 strict, yet simple pieces of criteria I have, Textbroker fills the gap. Now granted, such a criteria did give me a price of about $72 for the article, but I can tell you right now, good writers will cost you about that much money and it’s actually an even further calm to me to see that price because it fits in with the legitimate prices and qualifications I’ve seen regarding outsourcing topics. 

So if you decide to be a client, you can expect good work from the writers you hire at this place, but get yourself sorted on on WHAT you expect the writer to actually produce for you, because the higher level of work they produce, the better it’ll look for your online business. 

Now for the writer. Qualifications that need to be met and how much you can make:

Textbroker pays writers based on the level of content they produce, but there’s layers to that and depending on the kind of quality you posses, your earning potential and income level will differ. For example:

  • Do you know SEO? If so, you are more in demand.
  • Do you write well? None of that SMS, slang jargon is welcome here, you need to be able to write well.
  • You need to understand that you can’t plagiarize/copy other people’s work.
  • You need to provide a sample of your work and “resume” basically of the knowledge you possess in writing. 

I can tell you this much right now:

A person who has a degree in English and writes well, but doesn’t know SEO will NOT be paid nearly as much as someone who writes decently, doesn’t have an English degree, but knows SEO and how to write to achieve good SEO results. 

The way the internet works these days is that the latter writer will be given more privilege and points from both Textbroker and search engines (the end goal of where the writing work will end up on). 

So you’d better make sure you educate yourself on the type of content that is needed to be produced in order for YOU to become the most in demand writer for hire. Here’s some tips:

1) Know SEO. Here is an article on SEO that is very important to know.

2) Understand keywords so if a client orders an article on a particular subject and adds keywords, you will know how to best use them.

3) Know how to write in a way that is grammatically correct, that the spelling is fine and the writing style itself is written such that it’s easy to read and markets well when people read it.

4) Know about several topics well (health, making money, popular subject, ect…), this will expand your base of clientele seeking writing work from you.

Having just these 4 qualifications alone will make you stand out, trust me. 

Also, if you seek to get success as a writer on Textbroker as well as other similar freelance sites, a good guide you should check out is My Freelance Paycheck.

So how much can writers make with Textbroker?

Based on the reviews I’ve seen from actual Textbroker writers, the typical earning potential is several $100’s a month, but these same reviews usually didn’t indicate HOW many articles they wrote OR how much experience they had, such as the 4 suggestions I made above.

My guess is that the same reviewers didn’t have all 4 of those qualifications and if they did, their pay would be substantially greater, as would the number of people wanting to hire them.

You see, when you join Textbroker as a writer, you have to fill in things you know about, such as topics you’re educated on, so if a client comes to the site, asks for an article in a subject you know about, and you’re open, you will receive that gig and furthermore, if you have good feedback from the client and are considered high quality, you have more chances of landing even more frequent gigs, thus driving up your earning potential both from individual clients and the number of clients who will come to you.

Final Rating: Textbroker.

Green Flag (excellent!)

7 out of 10 stars. An excellent service for clients seeking good content producers and also an excellent source for money and gigs writers to get started in the world of freelance writing as well as a decent income opportunity.

My final thoughts:

One thing I neglected to mention is that whether you’re a client or writer, you can get started right away. But for writers, you should expect to have to work your way to a point where you get enough positive feedback to be “ahead” of the writing line for people to get hired for gigs. 

Certainly it will take time for most, but this is a great place to earn a bit extra so if you can write well and have the necessary qualifications I listed and linked you to in order to be the highest caliber writer you can be, this is a great place to help you earn some decent money.

54 thoughts on “What is Textbroker And Can You Make Good Money With it?”

  1. It is awesome to know that Textbroker covers all potential pitfalls of outsourcing such as duplicate content and pays based on whether you know SEO and have good writing skills.

    In regards to writers who do SEO, do the writers do all the things, like including things such as SEO optimized images?

  2. Wow Vitaliy. Your articles definitely add value to the readers life. Your review of Textbroker is not only detailed but it is also written very lucidly. I have several blogs now and am not finding the time to produce regular content. I tried outsourcing to Fiverr and Freelancer but the quality there is very bad. At the same time UpWork is very costly. Nice to know there is Textbroker also. I am going to try it today itself. 


    • The other sites (Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr) DO have good writers, but they are rare to find. Besides Textbroker, do check out a manual I wrote for helping you out with getting more good writers to post content on your site.

  3. This review got me excited. I am curious how the pay out works? Does this pay out weekly? Monthly? Per job? Is there a commission that Textbroker keeps?

    I know you mentioned something about signing up, is it a subscription or one time fee. Have you used this service before, either as a writer or hired one?

    Sorry for the tons of questions. I am just very curious. I like to write myself and could use some extra cash, I am not the best writer but I do know SEO well.



    • Hi Nic, you can sign up for free at Textbroker from what I remember and then get paid per words written. Textbroker keeps a piece of the order a client makes. I’ve never used them, but I’ve been hearing nothing but good things from people I know and that are seeking to do freelance writing that this is the one of the best places to start. 

  4. Wow! So much valuable information in this article to both writers and clients! I hadn’t heard of textbroker before and find the concept really interesting, I find writing about certain subjects really easy but with others I can struggle for hours if not days to get anything reasonable written, this could be the answer I was looking for.

    Do you have any idea how the writers get their pay? Is it paid weekly, monthly or on completion? 

    Thanks in advance.

  5. I’ve read reviews of a couple of sites now and I am really hesitant to even try to get someone else to write my articles. I have a very particular niche (horses) and I wonder how many writers they would have with any knowledge what so ever.

    Can you just not accept the content once it’s finished if you feel it is not up to standard to include on your site? Gosh I’d feel awful telling someone their content just wasn’t good enough!

    Perhaps I should put myself forward, not sure if there are many horse websites looking for others to write content, but perhaps it would generate a few extra bucks.

    • There are plenty of blogs and sites which talk about horses Heidi and you can try to find them in an effort to find work. And as for you being the person hiring, yes you can always choose to not accept someone’s work. It also helps to let them know beforehand what you want to see to avoid that potential issue.

  6. What a brilliant recommendation! I had never heard of text broker before, but you have definitely piqued my interest!
    I have tried outsourcing content on Fiverr before and as you can expect, the content was poor and i was unable to use it.

    I was also looking at websites such as Upwork, I thought the prices were extremely expensive, so this is a great alternative where you can get good quality articles at affordable prices.

    It’s also amazing that you can include good SEO within the content, this is so important within content marketing!
    I am so happy i stumbled upon this article and i will be checking out text broker, thanks for the great article!

    • Hi Colleen, it sounds like you are seeking writers, not exactly a writing gig yourself right? If that’s the case, then you should consider spending more for higher quality articles and make sure they are filled with great content that is NOT duplicated. From my understanding, Upwork and Text Broker ensure this is done right, but I’d still double check after you get work done there.

  7. Thanks – I bookmarked this page. I will come back to it after learning a little more about SEO. It’s so valuable to know there are legitimate places where you can earn a few dollars online. And you’re article is even more helpful because you included what qualifications they want in their writers. Do you have a link to that article on the 10 different programs/sources to make an income from? I would like to read it.

  8. Hi Vitaliy. As a content creator myself (I do blogs) this really stood out for me. As a human, I do have a day job and this eats up a lot of my time. If I need to get some content created, but don’t have the time to do so, this seems like a great bet. Do you know anyone who has written for them?

    • There have been at least 2 people who commented on my site who have worked for Textbroker Dan and they both liked it, although their final conclusion was like mine. In addition, just about every independent review page also had the same conclusion about this program.

  9. Textbroker sounds like one another platform called ContentMart. Textbroker actually sounds very good to my ears, both as a way to make extra money and as a way to outsource work for my blog. Have you ever heard of ContentMart though? Do you know which one might be better over the other?

  10. Hi, I find this a very interesting and potentially educational for a person who is starting their blogging. Finding topics to write about will get you used to writing, give you ideas for your own blog, and increase your knowledge in your own niche.

    This is something that I may be interested in, when I was in college I was amazed that I would write five or six essays a week, and many over 1000 words.

    I am going to check out this site and see if I can get a little cash as I build my own brand.

    • You’re not alone in that regard! I also had an easy time when I started writing essays and always felt it was too easy to do. Naturally this makes us great prospects for sites like Textbroker. But at the same time, do not just limit your skills to that place. If you join an organization like Wealthy Affiliate, they’ll help you take those natural blogging skills to the next level and make your own business from it.

  11. Hi Vitaliy, great post! I am 7 months into my website and I’m starting to understand things a bit more now, thanks to quality posts like yours. I’m starting to see how hard it can be to get up quality content often enough to start ranking well in the search engines. I always post twice a week, and each one of those posts takes me a day if not more to do from start to finish. I know I want to start posting a lot more and will definitely in the future consider outsourcing. You’ve answered a few of my concerns that I would of had. The biggest being how I would ever find a writer to write in my own unique style? Luckily textbroker has this covered, making it an easy process to find exactly what you’re looking for.

    • No problem Stefanie. I am wondering, in terms of the posting frequency and how long you say it takes you to post, perhaps the niche topic isn’t one you’re too interested in or perhaps you try to make it too good? If either of these is the case, there’s ways to increase your posting frequency and save time. Here’s some tips I use to write my articles quite quickly. 

  12. I’ve never heard to text broker before. I’ve been using other platforms to get content made but I like that text broker has a concentration on creating articles and content for publishers. I especially like how the brokers specify what they’re good at and writing style which helps eliminate writers that don’t have the same voice as my blog. Thanks for sharing, I know have a new place to get content.

    • No problem! Which places do you use or have you used? I wouldn’t mind reviewing other sources to help freelance writers connect and get gigs.

  13. I have looked at article writing sites in the past but this is the first time I heard of Textbroker. I have even used Fiverr before myself.

    I had the problem you discussed in your article of getting articles that were not well written, and even had to reject some because of the bad writing.

    Based on your review it looks like Textbroker does a much better job of making sure you get the article you are looking for than Fiverr. 

    It was disappointing to see that the writers were making about $100 per month. I hope there are some that have more regular clients that hire them to write much more. I would think that website content creation would be in high demand.

    • Content creation IS in high demand but because Textbroker organizes the client with the writer, they control the price and how much the writer gets. I will say that the earnings I listed for those writing on that site did not say how long they worked, but it was always a general consensus that if you’re a writer there, you can make something extra, just not a ton. 

      I did see this as a potential con within Textbroker because if there is someone who does writing work on there who deserves to earn more, they are better off promoting themselves elsewhere. Here is what they are better off doing.

  14. Hi, 

    I had a similar experience to one of the other commenters where I applied for a “freelance” writing opportunity but was denied, which was a bit surprising given I’ve had several scientific publications – but I digress. This seems to be an interesting opportunity that I may need to check out. Thanks for the information!



    • Did you cite your publications when you were asked in your resume with those freelance sites? Just curious. It is not uncommon to get denied to write content for other sites, it is a necessary policy freelance hiring websites need to follow to ensure they get the best writers and services delivered to their clients.

  15. I have been part of this network for more than five years now and have earned a lot of cash as a writer. I joined free as a writer and got several opportunities to earn writing for clients. Textbroker is one of the most trusted brands in the content marketing industry today and has gone a long way in providing quality content writing services to valuable clients who need fresh content on their sites or blogs. Clients spend hundreds of dollars advertising their sites through content writing and get rankings from Google and other major search engines.

    • 5 years, amazing stuff Israel! Would you agree with me about the earning potential of being a writer there as being OK or something people can truly make a second income from?

  16. Wow this is great information to know. I absolutely love this post and greatly appreciate this information and am possibly a future client as I own a website and sometimes get forced to stay at work (my 9 to 5) a lot longer then I intend and do not have the time when I return home to write a post for my blog as I had planned on doing that night after work. 

    Then on the other side of this the as the (writer side) works great as well because my wife is a stay at home mother to our daughter and sometimes in her spare time writes great posts for me and sometimes my friend who owns a site too. Her posts are way better than anything I can do and she has even taken a few classes on writing. Sometimes when I’m off work and she has a break she will write a few posts for me to post throughout the week. 

    She loves writing and I think this would be a great way for her to make some extra cash for herself while still being able to sit at home and care for our daughter. Do you think she would be able to use the post she has written for my friend as proof of her work? And I doubt it seeing as we are married but possibly the work she has written for me as well?

    • Hi Noah, yes your friend can use her previous work/s to show clients of her skills. She can certainly try out Textbroker if she’s as good as you mention, but in addition, I’d also recommend she apply to other sites that hire Freelance writers (iWriter for instance) and put up her resume there. 

  17. Vitaliy,

    Thanks for the post on Textbroker! When I started my exploration of other income streams 90 days ago, I first started looking into SEO writing. I had read up on the process and what it takes to be a good content writer. I applied and was turned down because they had enough newbie writers and didn’t need me any more. From your post it looks like I’ve found another option and will give them a second look. Thanks for the great post,


    • Hi Martin, I’m curious as to which site/s you applied to, because I know for a fact anyone who possesses good writing skills and SEO knowledge is a valuable asset to website owners, though price does impact whether that relationship goes through, although you will find that serious website owners will invest good money in a good writer because they understand their value. 

      That being said, don’t worry about those other sites turning you down. If they do indeed hire “newbie” writers like you said, they will ultimately pay the price, believe me, and your efforts would be better spent on Textbroker or just finding ONE website owner for whom your writing services would be priceless. I also have a good article on this subject here. Check it out, it would help you get more potential gigs. 

    • This is the first time I’ve ever heard of Contentmart Ronnie and it’s a program I WILL be checking out now thanks to you! While I can’t say which of these platforms are better, I can tell you that if you are happy with the work either platform provides, there’s no reason to switch to another.

  18. Thanks for a wonderful article! A few questions:

    What is the average word count to dollars ratio? Does it vastly vary due to the different potential topics? For example, does medicine pay more than pop culture?

    Also, do you recommend using TextBroker over other general freelancing service sites such as Freelance or UpWork (formerly oDesk)?

    Thanks again, man!

    • Hi Kenneth, the cost is adjusted based on how much extra stuff you select for your article orders, meaning, that if you want extra stuff like more words, SEO extras, keywords and overall extra stuff, you will have to pay more and honestly, I would consider adding them and risking the extra cost as this is what a good freelance service should provide. I am not sure on the topic of how much subjects affect the cost, but as you select these things, you will see the cost be adjusted each time and that will help you determine if you want it or not.

      And to answer the second question, yes, as of now, I would suggest Textbroker above the others as they can more narrowly give you the writer/s you want vs the others, however, if you can find at least one writer on the other services that meets your demand and work with them one on one, you can really do MORE and pay less in the long run, so you shouldn’t discount the other services. Having that 1 writer you can count on is priceless.

  19. What an interesting and valuable article! Thank you!

    Having a website of my own, my goal is always to produce 3 new posts per week! Up until now, I have done this all on my own! But…I can see how valuable it may be to outsource and this sounds like an awesome place to do so!

    What about pictures? Is Textbroker strictly for the text component of an article? Or…can you ask that pictures (royalty-free only) be included within your request?

    • That’s a very good question Misty, I believe I saw a section where you can upload photos on your own. If Textbroker offers such an option, it will likely increase the cost of the article, so if anything, I’d just do it myself.

  20. Hey Vitaliy,

    I am checking on article outsourcing opportunities and came across your post about textbroker. As I always pay attention and take seriously the things you have written and investigated, textbroker could be the option I could choose for outsourcing. Before your post, I read some other article on iWriter that also seemed to be a good option. Have you used iWriter or perhaps you have some knowledge about this platform? Which one could be better for article outsourcing?

    • Hi Arta, as of now, I will say Textbroker is the better option as they can help you isolate the type of content writer you seek better than iWriter can. And if you seek to be the content creator looking for a gig, textbroker will also help you find it and start earning faster. 

      iWriter is good, but it’s a broad spectrum of writers and it’s harder to narrow down the type you want as well as get hired, which is why I am suggesting the other option for now.

  21. This is a new subject for me to to absorb in the world of making money online. Being able to hire yourself out as a writer for other people. As I can see it you can probably make it a full time income but I seriously would not consider myself in the role. Writing my own blogs on my own niche is keeping me quite busy.

    • That’s how it should be if you enter in online business and build your own site Andrew, but there are others who would prefer to make a more immediate income and head through the freelance writing area. My opinion is that the former is the better long term option, but short term wise, being a freelance writer, can lead to more immediate gigs and side income.

  22. Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve written on Textbroker close to three months now. It’s a nice little site that has an easy user-interface and a lot of flexibility.

    As a writer, I get to pick whatever article I want from their pool. Plenty of categories to choose from. Sometimes finding one with clear instructions can be difficult but if you’re willing to expand your interests and knowledge base there’s always something to find.

    I write anywhere from 1-2 per day, only on weekdays. It’s honestly an easy way to make some extra spending money and is relatively stress-free. The only thing I can see posing a problem for some is their stricter deadlines, but that’s to be expected from copywriters.



    • Hi Michael, yes, it was actually your original comment on Textbroker you wrote here that made me write this review in the first place, so thank you for that. You did mention you make about $250 a month with them and I’d say this is on the high end of earnings their writers make from the other reviews I’ve seen.

  23. Hi! I’ve never used Textbroker. I have used Elance and like you stated, I ran across a few non good English speaking writers, cheaters, and scammers.

    What I learned is to KNOW what is imperative to include in an article, know the kind of voice I want to have, and if they can’t speak good English, they can’t write it.

    The time I spent outsourcing was a waste of money for me because I always had to check and edit. I came to the conclusion to be patient and confident with finding my own voice in writing and get to writing my own stuff.

    I have thought about using my writing, seo, keyword knowledge to make some more money but I figured I need all that time and energy to create content for my own blogs. I just need to be consistent.

    I am still open to outsourcing but just not right now. I need to create a firm foundation before I hire someone. If I didn’t have to worry about writing I could channel that energy elsewhere.

    Now that I know about Textbroker I’ll be making a visit to their site when I’m ready to hire someone! Great review!

    • Hi Jaime, I came to the very same conclusions you did after personally getting involved in trying to outsource writers. I will say that the conclusions you came to in terms of knowing what you want for an article and the writing style are pretty much all located on Textbroker when you order an article, but keep in mind, it will raise the price. 

      However, the more important point you made was that this is something worth worrying about down the line, not now, not when the site you are interested in building is not yet built to the point that you can hire a writer for it. 

      That being said, I honestly think Textbroker itself, plus this particular article will really help you out. It’s the conclusions and safety tips I’ve come to in regards to hiring freelance writers that will truly help people find the right one for them.

  24. Hello Vitaliy, thanks for the article on Textbroker. Back in the day, I was somewhat interested in a freelancing job until I started using Wealthy Affiliate. Personally, I wouldn’t hire no one to write blogs for me as I like to create the blog myself and am skeptical of other people’s work. Textbroker seems like a very legitimate place for freelancers to make a little bit of cash on the side. Thanks again and continue to be great!!!

    • Thanks Ahmad, I will say that through Wealthy Affiliate, you will absolutely learn how to create your own website and be your own freelance writer. Honestly, if you can put in the work, you will not need to hire anyone, but that’s really for 1 website. 

      If you grow your business and it will happen if you follow the type of training Wealthy Affiliate provides, there will come a point where you will want to expand into other websites, but there will not be enough time to devote to all of them. At that point, I would start looking at hiring freelance writers for yourself, maybe through Textbroker, and maybe inside Wealthy Affiliate itself. 

      I will say that there should be quite a few people in there who know about content creation and SEO well enough to provide satisfactory work for you.

  25. Textbroker does seem like a legit way to make income. At the very least it does seem to pay it’s workers nicely.
    However, clients do have to pay a ‘premium’ to get quality writers which is alright but, I feel that it’d be a major turnoff for me and probably a lot of others to hire through it.

    So my question for you is, do you you know of any other freelance sites that don’t charge as much to hire yet still write quality content? Or would you say that Textbroker, although expensive, is the best option for hiring writers, period.

    I would like to hear your thoughts on this,



    • Hi Amhil, if there were such a place where people can pay cheap and get high quality writers, it would be a popular and well established organization. Unfortunately, there isn’t such a place. You have to come to terms with the fact that in order to get great quality work in regards to freelance writing, you need to pay a fair amount to compensate the person/s writing.

      Nobody who has great writing skill and knows it will ever settle for getting paid cheap to write articles that take hours to produce. An average price of about $50 and above is what I’d say GOOD (maybe not great) writers will charge. 

      Otherwise, if somehow, you find someone who says they’ll write great articles for cheap, be very, very careful, you’re likely going to run into scammer.

      Now as for the other part of the question, i will not say that Textbroker is the “best”. That’s because I haven’t investigated every possible choice out there and to be honest, I don’t need to. 

      What I can say is that Textbroker is a good stable place to find good writers if you know what you want them to write, and it’s even better if you know that, plus how you want them to structure your article for SEO.

      In other cases, you would have to go into other freelance sites and go through a pretty big hassle of finding yourself a good writer, but there’s good tips I recommend you read here to make it happen faster.

      Ideally, above all else, if you can get a writer (single) who you can trust, who knows SEO and will write you good stuff, keep them, you will absolutely benefit from having this person/s. 


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