How to Make Money Online Through Content Curation.

As someone who is quite experienced in the field of content curation (my resume in it coming up), I’d like to simply explain what it’s meaning is, give you examples of it.

And more importantly, I want to show you how content creation can make you a lot of money online. If you can properly understand and do this, the rewards are limitless. 

So what is the meaning of content curation?

content curation meaning

It’s simply the art of researching and creating more (intelligent) content on whatever online platform you’re using (Here’s a good definition of it via Wikipedia).

It could be a blog, a website with articles, a YouTube channel, ect…

1) If you have a blog or website, curating content means writing more blog posts or articles on it.

2) If you have a YouTube channel, curating content on it means making more videos on your YouTube channel.

Now where all of this helps you make money online, is that you can make content on blogs and YouTube videos, get traffic to that content and sell that traffic stuff like affiliate offers (which I will explain later).

It’s pretty simple to understand, but there’s also smart ways to do it and one of those ways is to create specific blogs, articles and videos that attracts a particular audience to that work. 

Here’s specific examples of how content curation works:

1) A person who runs a fat loss blog would best benefit from creating information (in the form of a blog, article or video) on it that deals with fat loss topics. 

2) A person who has a blog on stock market tips would best benefit from writing more blogging and writing articles on that same topic.

3) A person who has a YouTube channel on self defense tips would best benefit from making more videos showing you ways to defend yourself.

You get the point…

Also one of the ways to do this sort of stuff is to research info on whatever topic your website, blog or video channel is aimed at delivering and to make more of it.

So for example, if the same person who creates articles, blogs and videos on fat loss topics runs out of ideas, he or she can just go to other places online, seek out more info and use that to grow their business. Here’s an article on what to blog about and make content on.

5 major reasons why content curation is so important:

Reason 1:

The internet is growing because there’s more people using it (the stats, it’s over 3 billion). It’s just TOO convenient to go and instantly find info on ANYTHING you want and/or buy so people aren’t going to stop doing this, rather, they’ll do it more often.

And because this whole process is evolving, and getting faster and easier to do, do you really think people are going to neglect using that convenience? Nope!

Reason 2:

As a result, there is demand to provide people with more of this convenience and one of those ways is through website/blogs where people can access that convenience.

Naturally, this demand has made MORE people create more blogs/websites/videos to fill that void. It’s also because they want to make money off it, they want to become more popular, they want to work from home. There is massive demand.

Reason 3:

People who use the internet CRAVE information and once they get it, guess what? They crave even more information and this insatiable craving is one of the MAIN reasons why consistent content curation is so important.

People will just get bored and stop coming to a site or watching a video, unless the owner of those things keeps giving them more reason to stick around, aka curating and creating more info that interests them. 

Not only that but websites, blogs and video channels also lose their steam and audience once they stop creating more of it, so the evolution and survival of your blogs, website/s and video channels revolves around creating more of it.

Reason 4:

There is MASSIVE opportunity/incentive for curators to make money through this demand going on. By getting more people to their digital content (video, website or blog), they can make more money in the process. There is literally a massive internet economy in existence that endlessly grows because of this. I’ll discuss opportunities for monetizing in a moment…

Reason 5: 

I don’t think this demand for curation is going to stop. People will keep looking for info online, they’ll keep buying more things online and because of that and the incentive to make money off that, people with blogs, websites and videos will just keep “leeching” off that demand. 

Here’s my personal success story as a content creator:

For about 14 years now, I’ve been creating my own unique work across many websites, article directories and YouTube videos. To put it into numbers, I’ve written:

  • 1,000’s of blog posts. Just this blog itself has over 800 posts (feel free to check it out). 
  • 100’s of articles on directories (I used to write for
  • And made almost a 100 YouTube videos (Here’s my YouTube channel).
  • And here’s a YouTube guide to help you. It will help you get more views and sales and basically do affiliate marketing on it.

In the process, I’ve attained millions of views, over a million in sales and I guess you could say this is a pretty good lifestyle. I understand the demand and opportunity that is in this digital world and despite that resume, I’m still learning to grow my success in it because the truth is that there’s more work to be done and way more money I could make off blogging, writing articles, making videos and just basically curating more across these platforms.

But being that I’ve done it for so long, and have had a good amount of success doing so, I’d like to share my tips on how to do this too:

3 ways you can become a successful content curator (and make good money):

These 3 ways are based of ways that I do it.

1) Start a blog and promote products in a niche.

Remember that example I gave with the person who has a fat loss blog? Well you can sell fat loss products. You can do this across any website with just about any topic you can imagine.

This is called affiliate marketing and it’s one of my MAIN business models which I’ve been earning through very well. Learn more.

2) Start a channel on YouTube and sell niche products too.

There’s a plethora of examples of people who created tons of YouTube videos and provided a link to affiliate products they were selling. The more videos they made, the more viewers they got and this just drove more sales for them. Again I included a link to the tutorial above, but here is the YouTube guide again and it’ll teach you how to sell niche products straight from the YouTube videos you create.

3) Become a freelance writer.

Do you really think I had an easy time writing 1,000’s of blogs and articles all on my own?

Clearly not, but even though it’s a lot, I do have multiple websites and to keep up the pace of writing for all of them is near impossible and maddening for a single person to do.

So I need help, freelance help that is. And guess what? So do tons of websites and blogs, and being a freelance writer who helps these people out provides YOU with a great income if you’re good at it. A freelance writer is basically just another word for curator who writes blogs and articles for sites.

Believe me, if you know how to write well, and you know where to advertise your services, you will become a sought after individual. People, online companies and blogs will seek your services and pay you A LOT to have you write for them. Trust me, they are CRAVING good freelance writers and in desperate need of them. 

Here’s a great way to start and become a successful content curator:

If you are basically in step 1 of this whole topic, where you’re just getting into it and don’t know how to get started, the best way to do this is to get training. I didn’t just get to 1,000’s of articles when I started, I worked my way up to it, but I became knowledgeable and successful at doing that via this program:

But it’s not just about writing stuff, it’s about knowing how and what to write as well as what video content to create. That program will teach you ALL of that and how to get paid from it.

4 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online Through Content Curation.”

  1. Vitaliy,

    Curator is a term I have not heard in some time but as you bring back memories for me, this is so correct. Any writer that can become a curator at writing is the best there can be. Content in any online business is a must and your blog brings this to the front light quite well.

    As an affiliate marketer myself I know that content is the king of websites but no clue as to how very important it was to feed the people reading them. Adding content is a must more now than in the past thank you for making me realize this.


  2. Cool article. Curation always seemed to be a foreign concept to me (even in the age of Google) but this article really simplified it for me. I can really see the importance of content in an online business and how it can attract the right people to your website.

    Due to the number of people on the internet, It’s no surprise anyone can create their own niche website and make a decent income even with competition. I think I am going to go and create some quality content right now. Thanks for the motivation!


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