Is My Freelance Paycheck Really a Scam? Secrets Revealed!

This is one of the few reviews you’ll find of My Freelance Paycheck where the person (me) actually bought it and I’m telling you, it isn’t a scam. 

However, this review will explain the potential of freelance writing and if this program will help you achieve those potentials as well as alternative within this same industry that I personally partake in, which makes me a full time income. 

Quick Report on My Freelance Paycheck:

my freelance paycheck review

Name: My Freelance Paycheck by Laura Pennington. Try it here.

Price: $47 with just one up-sell after the purchase, a $67 offer for an “advanced” training program, which is then down sold to $33.50, and then $16.75 as a final down sell if you choose not to buy the initial $67 offer.

I personally just purchased the regular package and found it to be perfectly fine, however, there is a $30+ monthly charge. I liked the info and cancelled after one month personally.

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10 stars.

Honestly I was impressed by the tips and training offered in this program. This program is NOT a scam.

I really feel that most people getting involved with a freelance writing career, whether it be for side or full time careers will truly benefit from this program. I will explain further what’s inside so you see why I graded it this way. 

Recommended? Yes!

my freelance paycheck alternative

What is My Freelance Paycheck?

Well it’s a program designed to help you find work and make good money as a freelance writer. You get info on which sites to join (there’s 4 recommended ones), how to attract the right client/s and make the money to sustain yourself, whether it be for a little bit extra of full time work.

Now there’s a few very positive things I want to say after checking this program out:

1) The first is that Laura offers a decent and free eBook before you purchase the program that shows you testimonials of some successful people in the business, each giving their 2 best tips on succeeding in the industry.

Despite being only 13 pages long, I enjoyed reading it and overall recommend you at LEAST read that booklet. Here is a link to it:

2) Second is the main eBook itself (where you learn all the good stuff) which provides all the main training. It’s 156 pages long. There is a lot of details within it which talk about the beauty of freelance writing, the 4 main places Laura suggests joining (Freelancer, Textbroker, Upwork, and Get it here.

With each suggestion, Laura carefully explains the benefits and tips on how to succeed within each network. She provides detailed instructions on how to join and sign up with them, what to select and then how to find gigs, including how to find good/bad clients, how much to charge and how to base your work so you make either a small or full time income. There’s also a lot of tips on how to write your sample work, your “resume” to attract the client/gig faster.

The other thing I found very good (and this is speaking from personal experience) is that Laura recommends finding gigs pertaining to interests you have, meaning if I know about health related topics, I’ll want to seek out health related gigs to make money off. This is such a simple and yet misused tip, so seeing Laura suggest it (which is exactly what I would suggest too) is very good to see.

3) Finally, I want to add that with the main purchase, you also get bonus content on things like which topics to seek out if you want to have better chances of finding gigs. Here is a screenshot:

my freelance paycheck options

Can you make money in the industry by following Laura’s tips?

I would absolutely say yes to this. Take the time to read all of the content in the program, starting from the free eBook Laura provides you with where you get tips from successful freelancers.

Then absolutely make sure to read the entire 156 eBook (the main one) on how to get started, take notes down on which sites to go with, follow her tips on finding the gigs and be ready to write. Do not expect to get good income if you are not a decent writer. No good client is ever going to hire you if you can’t provide them with good work.

While you don’t need to be a “professional writer”, being able to spell and write in a grammatically correct manner, while at the same time writing high quality content that is exciting to read are the main suggestions I’d make. Here’s help with writing high quality content.

See how I am writing this review as an example. I’m not a professional, but my points are being made, try to write in this similar fashion when you get hired to do do.

And as a bonus, read the bonus material too. It’ll only help grow your knowledge of this industry and help you expand further into it.

Final Rating: My Freelance Paycheck.

Green Flag (Legit program).

7 out of 10 stars. An excellent resource for succeeding in this tough yet lucrative industry. A highly recommended training resource. Get it here.

My final thoughts: Here’s my 3 bonus tips to use alongside this program:

I have experience with this. I don’t do freelance work for others, but I’ve written 1,000’s of high quality articles for myself (as an affiliate marketer, not necessarily a freelance writer) over the years and have hired a person to some of my additional content production, so I know a lot. Here is my history.

1) Always select gigs/clients who seek work in topics you know a lot about.

This will absolutely make writing easier and it will show the client you know about the topic. This will help provide you with future gigs with them.

2) As you get better and better, seek out popular niche topics…

While one of the bonus materials in the program talks about this, let me add my own flavor to this tip:

Let’s say my original area of expertise was fitness and I wrote for several clients. Maybe I want to expand my clientele list. So I’ll start to learn about similar, yet different topics like losing weight and dieting. Then I’ll try to find gigs from people seeking content creation in those fields.

This will help expand my client list, give me more gigs and provide me with more money.

3) Consider writing for yourself as a potential career move.

While freelance writing CAN indeed be lucrative, in the end, the content you write will not belong to you, it will belong to the person who ordered it and paid for it.  And you will only be paid once for the article, with no continuing cash flow coming in unless you keep getting gigs.

Let’s say you can write a 100 articles for a particular niche at $50 per article for a client. This will make you $5,000. Honestly, that is NOT bad at all, considering it can reach this point…

But consider an alternative and if you were to write those same articles for a personal blog, attract visitors and sell them things like affiliate products or your own services. You could in the long run make far more than $5,000 in the process and in all honesty, I’ve made $100,000’s doing this:

I personally create content for myself, put it on my own blog and monetize it that way through the tips of this particular program, which helped me make a full time income doing so. This is a matter of preference. And obviously mine is to have my work benefit me primarily.

These are my 3 tips and in the end, I still very much recommend Laura’s program to anyone seeking to do writing for others. It is usually a VERY hard industry to break into without the type of knowledge she shares with you in her program, so definitely get it if you’re looking to get involved in the business.

12 thoughts on “Is My Freelance Paycheck Really a Scam? Secrets Revealed!”

  1. Vitaliy,

    I enjoyed reading about My Freelance Paycheck. I love to write but have never gotten into the business of freelance writing.

    I have been told many times that I write beautifully and should write a novel. I am still contemplating doing just that. However, I am a retired mortgage banking underwriter/financial analyst with over 45 years in that field and I love being retired.

    Unfortunately, the cost of living has led me to understand that I will have to find additional work to continue to be a viable human being. I want to work from home and writing would allow me to do that.

    I am going to look further into My Freelance Paycheck and see if the program would allow me to use my writing abilities to afford me additional income to supplement my monetary position while also writing for others.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    • No problem Jacqueline! The freelance writing industry is certainly one option you can go with. The other is Wealthy Affiliate and I’d recommend that as well. While freelance writing is a viable extra income source, I am personally of the opinion that having your own business is a better “nest” than looking for gigs online.

  2. Hey Vitalily,

    Great post and write up on Freelance Paycheck. It’s pretty cool to see how so many people are embracing the freelance lifestyle and how many opportunities there are for that kind of stuff out there. Personally I’ve used Fiverr a few times to help with my own blog posts.

    This program by Laura looks to be the real deal. And the value you get for the money seems right on point. I love it when people are willing to share their knowledge, expertise and experience with others for a nominal price.
    The regular package seems to be the way to go unless you think the upgraded package is a better deal.

    Thanks again,

    Mat A.

  3. Hey there! Great review. I always enjoy reading reviews where you can tell the author actually purchased the program and took the time to understand what was being offered.

    It seems like a pretty reasonable price for what you get. Are there free updates? Or do you have to pay for any new content or updates that come down the road?

    I agree with you that in order to make this work, you have to be a decent writer. No better way to get experience than by writing for yourself and then getting feedback.

    • Hey, I’m not sure about the update part and having to pay for it. Right now, the program is still in it’s current stage, so if there is a future update and it requires a payment, I’ll let you know, although I predict that won’t happen, not unless the author, Laura, releases a brand new product, in which case, it’ll probably have a different name entirely.

  4. Hey Vitaliy,

    Thanks a lot for the comprehensive review of the freelance paycheck. Based on how you have boiled the program down, I am convinced that it’s going to work for me.

    I will also be sure to use the 3 tips you have offered below as I have found them extremely insightful and helpful. Thanks for the great work here.

    • No problem Dave, this is one of the few times I recommend a product other than Wealthy Affiliate, because it is more for the freelance writer than the online business entrepreneur. 

  5. Very nice review, easy to follow and a lot of good information. Although I am not interested in actually writing for others I am looking to get better at writing for myself and eventually I would like to write my own book. 

    Do you think this course would be helpful in trying to become a better writer or are there better options? Thanks again for your review, it was very informative.

    • In this particular case, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate more so than Freelance Paycheck Terry. The reason is that if you already write well enough, that part is covered, its the marketing of your future book you’ll need to worry about and Wealthy Affiliate will teach you that.

      Freelance Paycheck is more focused on finding gigs and if you have the writing part down and are seeking to write for other people, then this program will be more suited, but like I said, in your case, Wealthy Affiliate is a better choice.

  6. How’s it going, Vitaliy? I enjoyed your post on My Freelance Paycheck. I was actually looking for something similar about a year ago, I had heard about AWAI and checked it out. It is crazy with upsells. Laura’s program sounds a lot more reasonable, and if I’d found it first I probably would have bought it. What happened though was that while I was reading a review of AWAI I found a link to a training platform that would train me how to write for myself. It’s the same one you recommend. So that’s where I’m at now. Freelancing is great for those who don’t want to build their own blogs though.

    • Hi Grant, this is the first time I head of AWAI, but I am now going to review it thanks to your mention of it! I will be careful of the up-sells you mentioned though, you shouldn’t have to pay anything to do freelance work. Paying for freelance training is a different thing.


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