WP Auto Content Review: Be Careful, Here’s Why.

Quick Report:

Name: WP Auto Content by Ankur Shukla.

Price: $27 but this was the price for possible affiliates (I am proudly not one of them). I assume it may be more for consumers and potentially, the up-sells that are going to be in this program too.

WP auto content review

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10 stars.

I could have sworn I reviewed a similar, bad product by Ankur Shukla before and looking through my site’s archives, I was right. It’s like a duplicate of the old program, or perhaps a recycled one, but either way, the software program is doing things that would eliminate your odds at any good SEO results.

Recommended program? No!

What is WP Auto Content?

It’s a plugin/software program which takes information from whatever sources you choose and puts it on your WordPress site. Ankur even gives an inside look on his sales page to show how this is done (and this helped me understand why I would NEVER use it!).

You can select one or more sources to “scrap” info and images from and it will automatically place it on your page.

The idea is that this program is supposed to lessen the work load of producing your own work and make it a simple process. In the game of SEO, producing as much of it as possible is one of the keys to success and theoretically this program is supposed to expedite that process and if you’re doing that on your own, here’s a tutorial on what to blog about to help you.

Why I wouldn’t buy this “opportunity”:

I am rarely so up front about warning people against using a particular program or software to make money online, but I have to do it with this program.

I am strongly advising people stay away from WP Auto Content and this is because it is doing things that have already been proven to:

Not work for SEO.

In fact, it produces the opposite results because the information taken by this program and put on your site is copied and thus the action is plagiarism at best. 

-You can share information from other sources, but you should never copy it from another source. At best, make a screenshot of the text and/or link to the original source, but NEVER copy it, then put your name on it as the author, that is illegal!

-You can even share videos such as those from YouTube, but adding them to your page does not add much weight in SEO unless you have your own, unique writing on the same page to keep people on it.

-Images which this system is said to take too can also potentially be illegal to do. Images are always an area where you NEED to be careful. Taking images from another site without the permission of the owner is not allowed and you can get taken down for that. You either have to buy them or make them yourself.

Ankur’s program is basically doing things the wrong way in these fields. It’s literally black hat and that is 100% a risk for SEO.

Now it is also entirely possible the information this software takes, it can actually spin around to look different, but the results are typically (in what I’ve seen from similar cases) horrible in grammar and tough to understand, plus it’s still trying to mask the fact that it’s plagiarism.

Is Ankur reusing the same program he had before? It’s possible…

When I saw this program today, and Ankur’s name behind it, I immediately though that I’ve seen it already. Doing a quick check of my previous posts, I had found 2 program reviews I’d done before which were made by Ankur and one of them was called: WP Content Machine.

Sounds familiar no?

Well looking over that review and trying to remember the sales page of that program, I saw striking similarities in that Ankur was basically making the same kind of pitch on that program as he is on this one. Now just as with this program, that one also got a big zero out of me for the exact same reasons.

But more importantly than that, I have this suspicion that Ankur is reusing the same program but is just tying it to a new name. That is possible or perhaps he updated the program and made it “better”. However, let’s pretend it’s the latter.

Even in that case, we’re still dealing with anti SEO methods and plagiarism.

There’s just no other way to explain it…

Oh and on a side note, his other program, Adsense Machine that I said that I reviewed was a guide on making money via Adsense, which was a PDF eBook and it actually also suggested the same type of stuff this program does.

I don’t know how Ankur can keep recommending these debunked methods of making money online…

Final Rating: WP Auto Content.

0 stars

Red Flag

0 out of 10 stars. Like I said guys, be careful. I would never use a program like this for my sites, never and I certainly wouldn’t recommend nor promote it. These tactics to get easy rankings don’t work anymore, your site will suffer in rankings as a result…

My final thoughts:

Each time I see the words auto in regards to SEO, I know there’s some black hat stuff going on. It’s 2018, these kinds of programs should not exist anymore or at the very least be allowed to be hosted on places like JVZoo. And to quickly talk about that…

I have had issues with JVZoo’s policies and with the review I’m doing here, this just adds a new issue. They allow too many low quality programs onto their network. This isn’t good. Everyone has a right to make their own program and put it up on networks, but there need to be standards. In this case, we’re talking about a program that plagiarizes and that’s wrong…

And people STILL buy this stuff today! I assume it’s because they aren’t experienced and still believe in easy Google rankings and/or there are people with email lists pitching these programs to their subscribers (And ruining their reputation in the process…).

In any case, I have said before that you should not use these programs. Write your own content, or pay a writer to do it for you, uniquely. Believe me, I’d much rather write a post like this in my own, unique words than have it be auto generated, illegally and risk getting into trouble with Google or the person who I copied the stuff from…

In short, programs like these are again, not recommended. Stick to stuff like this:

That is what you need to use if you want to succeed in SEO.

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