Adsense Machine Review. It’s Many Red Flags Revealed.

I purchased Adsense Machine because I was interested in having some my websites start using the Adsense platform to make me money. After looking at this program, I was very disappointed by the things it teaches, which you will find in this review.

Quick Report on Adsense Machine:

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Creator: Ankur Shukla and Anirugh Bavra.

Price: I think it was about $19.87, but there’s at least 5 one time offers (not really since you can buy them inside the members area if you didn’t before) and I though the way they were pushing it was very annoying. 

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars.

This program to me is like a mix of good theories with bad practices in them because overall, the idea is interesting and worth trying (I’ll explain the formula), but there’s practices recommended that are black hat in nature and very messed up, so overall, I will NOT recommend Adsense Machine to you at all.

So what exactly is Adsense Machine?

If there’s something I’ll give the guys who made this program credit to, it’s that the title of the program fits the practice, but that’s actually not a good thing as you’ll see shortly.

Basically you:

1) Create a FB fan page, a personal blog website and an Adsense account with Google.

2) Then you create a lot of content on your website, share it on your FB fan page, then use FB ads to funnel traffic to your fan page and/or directly to your website and for cheap costs.

3) You set up Adsense ads on the actual website so incoming visitors who click on it will earn you revenue.

So let’s break this down so we all understand what’s going on:

Some of you may be new to this type of formula, so let me explain each aspect of the blueprint:

1) Facebook as you know is a gigantic social network where well over a billion people are registered. You are going to target people within this social network who are interested in broad types of topics, such as weight loss.

2) Adsense is a program made by Google, the biggest search engine in the world (not related to Facebook) and what it does is it lets you place ads on your website. Then if people visit your website, and click on those ads, you are paid an X amount of money. In most cases, pennies, in rare cases, a dollar or even a few.

Naturally, it’s a process where the more traffic you get to the website, the more people will click on those ads. Thus you will be able to make more.

3) What this program does is it basically has you pay for massive traffic inside FB to visit your website on which the ads are located and the more you send, the more they will likely click and make you money in the process.

My major problem with this formula:

I’m very well versed in the art of getting visitors to my site. I’ve been making a living in doing that for years, but this formula is totally new to me so I can’t exactly comment on it’s effect until I try it.

But there are aspects of this program that I know about that are not exactly considered good practice for websites, namely:

Their talk about using websites and services which essentially and potentially plagiarize content. 

Now here’s the thing…

The entire program boils down to just 1 eBook. That eBook is 89 pages long and right on page 39, the author talks about how you should create a website and write 350-700 blog posts a MONTH to get it ranking well in Google and getting traffic.

Here’s why that quota is impossible and just ridiculous to reach.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve ever written a blog in your life, you will know this task is nearly impossible to complete, and only with a team of maybe 10 or 20 COMPETENT writers could you even come close to that quota. And the money you’d spend on each writer would equal to $1,000’s spent every single month just to reach that goal.

For just 1 writer, a single blog post may take several hours to complete and that’s considering it’s written with high quality content. At the rate the author suggests you write, you’re going to have to crank out several blog posts a day, a task which if done alone is not only impossible, but to try and make it happen will drive you insane.

Trust me, as someone who has blogged and written several THOUSAND articles in his lifetime, I know how hard that is and I’m telling you, this task, on your own is IMPOSSIBLE. 

But here’s the BIG red flag part:

The only way such a quota could happen, besides having an army of writers (you’d have to pay a bundle for this) is if you relied on BLACK hat marketing tactics, namely taking software such as content spinners, copying and rewriting content that’s on the internet.

And what do we call that? Oh right, plagiarism.

Now it’s ironic to note that the author makes it clear to never copy another website’s work, and then they recommend 2 sources to hire writers from. I looked over those sources (one of the websites didn’t open) and one of them was basically selling writing services where you could buy bulk articles for VERY cheap prices.

Now this is another topic I know A LOT about and I’m going to tell you straight up:

To pay so little for so much writing work usually means one thing…the writers will likely plagiarize other people’s work and/or rewrite their own stuff. Usually this is either illegal (plagiarism) and/or the result is difficult to read work. 

So on one hand the author says not to do the bad stuff, but then suggests services where this bad stuff is likely done and to go further, I looked up reviews on the said site the author recommends to hire writers and guess what? Claim after claim that they spin and copy content from other sources and I cannot say I am surprised.

Next part of the problem with Adsense Machine:

Now because the formula of Adsense Machine does not involve ranking on Google’s first page, this method that is being endorsed indirectly will not affect your site. It simply won’t rank on Google because it’ll be caught for duplicate content and de-indexed, but it will still work fine on Facebook ads, at least until.

Someone comes around and complains that their work has been copied to your site. It may not happen, but it’s a massive risk to take. 

And second, would you really want your livelihood to depend on such red flag approaches to making money? I certainly would not…

Other issues I have with this entire program:

There is a VERY strong push within the members area to get you to buy those upsells and join a webinar set up by the creators. This type of stuff to me indicates that their main product (Adsense Machine) is mostly a cheap bridge to make them more money. 

In fact the eBook itself, despite being 89 pages, for more than half of it talks about setting up a website and all of the ingredients that most beginners would probably know about. In other words, by the time you get up to heart of the program (the formula I mentioned above), you are already about 60% done with the eBook, so there’s not much value in my opinion.

One more possible issue:

Programs like Adsense have special rules for how they pay people who run their ads. To be eligible your website needs to receive organic traffic. The method used with this program is using paid ads to funnel traffic to a site to then make it seem organic. And this seems like it’s trying to fool the Adsense system, which I suspect may end up getting the site owner and FB ad owner in trouble (this is my opinion). 

I also suspect this because the whole writing 100’s of articles in a DAY is nonsense unless there is some cheap, cheating way to do it and I explained why that method is itself a problem. I just think this program is doing a lot of back handed things to make money online and this is why I don’t want to recommend it.

Final Rating: Adsense Machine.

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. In my opinion, the only value is in the eBook and that itself doesn’t offer that much value other than the main formula they preach about.

There’s also too huge of a push to buy other stuff and finally, the main red flag was on the buying people to write content for you, for cheap. It’s not a practice I’d endorse and I found Adsense Machine to be a low quality product.

Could the Adsense Machine formula ever really work? Maybe if you re-frame it.

It’s a mixed bag for me honestly. I know FB can provide your website with a lot of traffic, but on the other hand I am totally against this practice of copying content and re-spinning it (which the author doesn’t directly endorse, but like I said, it’s very contradictory when you read the eBook…). 

The whole idea of funneling FB ad traffic for cheap to a website with Adsense ads is actually not bad at all (and it’s allowed from my understanding) but rather than hire people to write an insane amount of unique content for insanely large prices or worse, copy content and put that on your website through plagiarism, I’d much rather you…

Create your own niche website, write your own articles, then use that to funnel FB traffic through and get Adsense ads set up. 

Basically I’m not against the formula proposed by the authors of the program, I’m just against the small areas where there is literally black hat stuff going on indirectly because it can ruin your business if you’re caught. And to be honest I think the way this program teaches to do things is overall shady and can lead to account suspensions.

A safer suggestion? Yeah I’ve got one.

There is a program I’ve used for years that’s been the best source of income and making money for me. The tactics they teach have no grey or black hat areas (only white hat), they simply show you the most stable and safe way to create an online business that lasts you long term:

I have found that risky tactics like the one Adsense Machines proposes (yes I do think it’s risky) are usually not the type of projects you want to risk your website on and if anything, do it on a secondary site you’re not worried about failing. 

But if you’re looking to create a stable page, with stable, awesome income potential, that utilizes Adsense, FB ads and other VERY important pieces of a website’s success (Google ranking, social media traffic, PPC, ect…), then my program is in my opinion the WAY safer and less costly alternative.

Adsense Machine


Adsense Machine Score



  • None.


  • I can't find a truly realistic way this idea can work.
  • Good luck writing 100's of blog posts monthly the way they teach.

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