What to Promote on Amazon to Make a Lot of Money Online.

While there’s literally millions of things you can promote as an affiliate on Amazon, not everything is guaranteed to sell well. But in this article, I’ll help you choose what’ll sell well.

what to promote on amazon to make money online

Now this tutorial is geared towards Amazon affiliates because that is primarily my area of expertise and I have dealt with Amazon for many years, and made money from them (and still do).

I have written numerous articles on helping fellow affiliates succeed in it and I will link them to you guys here in case you haven’t read them, but again a main part of this article will be helping affiliates pick out specific things to promote on Amazon which will have the highest probability of making sales. 

Let me also briefly say that these people used that training to become successful affiliates for Amazon.

Before promoting something on Amazon…

Have the following 8 part checklist set up:

1) Actually be an approved affiliate for them (register with Amazon associates).

And before you do that, ensure parts 2-7 are set up, otherwise, they might disapprove you!

2) Have at least 1 niche topic picked out that you know tons about. Try to make it a hungry niche as these sell best.

3) Know a lot about the niche as you will be required to write up reviews for the products you’re promoting. Now you won’t always have to purchase the products but that knowledge is going to go a long way in helping you make high quality reviews. 

4) Have a blog set up or at least one ready to go. Don’t know about any of this? Then start here for a starter guide to setting up a blog that will make money.

5) Head over to Amazon, find a single product that is part of the chosen niche, but see how it’s ranked compared to other best sellers in it’s category. Then click on the actual link that takes you to the best seller. Choose the products with the most reviews and highest ratings. You are going to promote one or more of these products.

6) Do keyword research on each best seller product you select and see which gets the most visits. 3 things may happen here: 

A) You may find a lot of keyword searches for the specific product name. In this case, go ahead and write a review on the product itself.

B) You may find that none of the products you chose get good keyword search volumes. In this case, pick out the one with the best ratings and most reviews and promote that, but promote it to the niche audience you chose. 

C) You may find that both things are present (good keyword volume for the product exists & the niche audience you can promote it to is huge). In that case, write a review that talks about the product but also makes it clear which audience it’s perfect for. This is honestly my personal pick out of the 3 as it attracts the best of everything.

7) Write the review, make it comprehensive, and decide if the best route to get traffic to the review is through PPC, SEO or both.

8) Write up reviews on other products in this manner, promote them if they are good, or just link them to a better promotion you’re already selling. 

The 8 part checklist in action (use this as reference):

1) Since I am an approved Amazon affiliate, this part is good to go! Oh and if you’re not, here’s what you can do if you’re disapproved.

2) I am choosing the knee pain niche for this example, as it’s based of a real example.

3) Part 3 was having experience and I do indeed have that. 15 years of pain and solving it, I would say this makes me pretty knowledgeable. Personal experiences in niches are essential for credibility when you write sales pages. 

4) I have a site for this niche topic and if I didn’t, I’d make one through this method.

5) Now comes the initial stages of research to see what I’m going to promote. I went over to Amazon, typed in a knee supplement, found one, then found the links I talked about which led me to the list I was talking about.

Now in this particular case, I had to choose from knee products such as knee braces, accessories for it, but specifically, what I am looking for is supplements. So based on that, I found the list and here is what it looks like:

what to promote on amazon to make money online

Now I have to say, I was initially very surprised by the products I found. Although I circled 3 which I found to be useful, there was a huge list of products in this list that I didn’t think would even be classified under joint & muscle pain relief, like Advil for example, but this is important because I am not interested in promoting Advil, it is far too broad for me, I need creams and supplements that relieve knee pain, so the ones I circled are most closely related.

Plus they also have a TON of reviews and high ratings. So for this stage, I am going into the next step with these 3 in mind (You can personally have a bigger list than mine).

6) Time to research the 3 products I found:

Here’s what my research shows:

  • Outback all natural pain relief gets about 200 searches a month on Google. Commissions: $1-$2
  • Spectra gel gets about 100-200 searches monthly. Commissions $1-$2.
  • Theraworx foam gets about 100 searches. Commissions $1-2. 

Now I want to quickly note that these 3 products weren’t exactly easy to memorize since they had some long name I couldn’t remember, so when I did the keyword research, I put myself in the mind of the regular person browsing the internet for it and what they would type and it looks like my mindset was right since the ways I wrote the keywords above do get searches.

Very important:

In this case, since the average searches are pretty low (I’d consider 1,000 or more searches high), I’d just review the product but make it clear, it’s for people with knee problems. That way, when people with that problem visit the review I write, they may not know the product, but when they read that it’s for solving their problem, then they’ll make that association instantly and it’ll lead to more sales.

7) Time to write a review.

But which product should I start with?

I decided to pick the third one, and the reason why is because the picture shows someone putting the cream on their knee, it has high ratings and good reviews. These things make it highly relevant to promote to my niche.

Now I can promote the other products too and I will probably write reviews on them later, but for now, this will be my main promotion because it’s high quality. 

Now the next step is getting people to see that review and I have 1 or 2 options. With PPC (paying for traffic), I’d have to pay about $0.05-$0.10 a click to get people to come to the site and with a $1-$2 commission rate, this just isn’t worth it. If the product paid me $10 or more per sale, that’s a different story, but in this case, I decided not to focus on PPC.

I’d instead write up about 2,000 words on this product and link to it. This would help it rank in Google pretty well and as I would write more reviews (which is step #8), this would also boost up the site. It wouldn’t be a fast approach, but it would lead to good traffic down the line and I estimate I could probably get 10,000 searches monthly at least. 

And by having a good sales funnel on your site that’s say…10%, here is how this can look:

10,000 visits, at a 10% conversion rate, with $1 made on each sale = $1,000 a month. Not bad for low cost stuff right?

Ok Vitaliy, your case involved low commissions, will it always be like that?

The answer is no. I just wanted to use a big niche topic and show what to promote on Amazon so you can use that as you own personal blueprint.

You may find that your niche (even if it’s the same) also shows popular, yet cheap products that may not pay you a lot. In those cases, you can follow the more specific blueprint I laid out in the best seller list strategy to promote something else, that pays more.

Now you can also use this same 8 step approach and involve yourself in high ticket niches and sell high ticket items. I actually have a good example of that from personal experience: Drones. Their cost is quite high, but a majority of my sales on the site I made for them is for accessories for those things, not the drones themselves.

In any case, as I said in the beginning of this article, there’s a lot of obstacles in figuring out what to promote, but with this 8 step checklist, you at least have the following criteria down:

-You have a big niche audience, even a hungry one.

-You have a big product that sells well to offer to that niche audience. 

-You have an approach to get a lot of visitors to your site to buy the products.

It may not always be a big commission but with high traffic and low cost items, you may actually make more sales because high quality stuff, for small prices is generally an easier choice for people to buy since they risk little. Also, should the sales be in large proportions but still add up to little profit, here’s other ways you can expand to make more money.

My final thoughts:

As I said earlier, this list is really going to help you find the buyer audience and the product that is most likely going to sell well to that same audience. This really removes many obstacles most people would come across if they were trying to figure out what to promote on Amazon.

Now if you are a newbie to the world of promoting/selling products, especially online via affiliate marketing, while this strategy works, there are more angles to consider if you’re going to make a good business out of this, such as content creation, actually making the site and other important things.

Niche sites are profitable business opportunities, but it takes more than just promoting a good product to a buyer audience to make it work, you also need to let your audience know that you’re the right person to get advice from and that requires a lot of content creation and time to do.

And also, don’t be limited to just Amazon, consider places like Clickbank or other places. Combining these networks with tons of niche ideas like these, you can find limitless opportunities on what to promote, whether on Amazon or elsewhere. 

But to make all of this work for you, here is what I recommend everyone, who is a beginner do:

That being said, please let me know if you found this tutorial useful and/or have questions on it’s content. Perhaps you chose a niche, followed these steps, but the result was little traffic or the project wasn’t a success. In that case, give me all the details you can and I’ll try to help you out with it 🙂

6 thoughts on “What to Promote on Amazon to Make a Lot of Money Online.”

  1. Hey Vitaliy! The checklist that you have provided here is really useful and I’m sure that it would help a lot of people. I actually bookmarked your post so that I can refer to it when I need help. Deciding a niche is absolutely important and I agree that one needs to engage a strong audience for he products to sell. Not forgetting that the product has to cater to the needs of the audience. Thanks 🙂

  2. Hello there Vitaliy,

    I just set up a new blog with the aim of promoting amazon products and making money from them. I have heard that you will need to make 2 sales before 180 days are over, from the day you join in order to be approved. Do you think it will be possible for me to have made the 2 needed sales before the set time if I follow your steps? Waiting for your response. Cheers.

    • Hi Dave, how many of the 8 steps I listed above do you currently have? You mentioned that you have a site selling Amazon products, but you never mentioned the niche subject of that site. If you don’t have this part down, it’ll be tougher to make the sales. But if you do have it down, the fastest way to generate the sales would be through PPC advertising and leading people to your review where you promote that Amazon product, it would help you get that quota Amazon requires so your account doesn’t get shut down.

  3. Hello Vitaliy! I have a niche website for PC Hardware and gaming and in most of my posts and pages, I promote products from Amazon since it offers such a huge variety of niche related products. Should I actually go to Amazon and review a product based on traffic and revenue or stick to the current formula of reviewing products I actually find genuinely interesting?

    • You should ideally be able to find popular gaming products on Amazon which you also find interesting John. If you possess enough knowledge on how to see if a particular gaming product is good, and it has good keyword stats, then write a review on that.


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