10 Examples of Amazon Affiliate Sites That Make Good Money.

Is it really possible to make money from Amazon? My experience says it is (as an affiliate) and I will showcase that here through 10 examples.

examples of amazon affiliate sites that make money

I will show you how I’ve made money with that network and used it to make money with other networks. I’ll also show you success stories of other affiliates in this same exact business.

Anyway, to start, there have been 2 ways in my experience to become a successful Amazon affiliate.

The first is making a niche website and the second is making a niche specific e-commerce page, with the niche being the KEY focus. I have a bunch of experience with the former example and would like to provide a few pages I’ve made over the years that have made pretty decent money. 

But I do want to say 1 very important thing before I reveal these pages and that is…

You don’t only have to market through Amazon’s affiliate program to make money. 

Do not ALWAYS limit yourself to just one affiliate program.

One of the “problems” I’ve found with Amazon specifically is that most of the niche products I’ve sold have provided a pretty low commissions for me so despite making many sales, their sum equated to pretty small earnings overall. 

Now I have made the point that despite low percentages for commissions, it’s still VERY possible to make good money through this program, but it just takes a bit more patience and work to get there. The key is to find high selling products and sell them correctly on your page/s. Here is an example

That being said, if you find an affiliate program whose products suite your niche audience well enough and pay better, I would promote that instead.

In one of the examples I will showcase, it was just FAR more profitable for me to promote through a different program (Clickbank) than via Amazon and at the same time, my visitors would also end up benefiting from this promotion. But I’ll get to the example later to explain the specifics…

I also made $300,000 with another affiliate program inside Wealthy Affiliate and it’s bootcamp course is what helped me do it.

And another important point is that:

If you have a successful page, you don’t have to be limited at all to any affiliate program.  

The success of a page relies less on what it sells and more so on WHO it sells to. I can have amazing products ready to be sold to people, but if the people aren’t interested, forget how amazing it is, it just won’t make me money.

Now if I can find the right audience to sell the product to. Guess what? I will have a successful online business. 

Adding to that, if I can find the right audience, I don’t even have to rely solely on programs like Amazon. I can literally make my own products and cut out the need to go through those big places and have them take the majority of the sale. This is especially true for informational type of niches. 

Why settle for a 4%-15% commission rate through Amazon when I can keep a 100% of the sale? 

For example:

Let us say that I run a page on improving eyesight. That is a niche and like I said before, a niche page is one of the proven formulas I talked about for earning good money.

Now to monetize this page, I obviously need niche specific traffic, that being people interested in having good vision or improving it. Provided that I can properly lead that type of audience to my page, I can get them to buy pretty much anything I recommend.

What I mean when I say leading is that I write good content that gets high Google rankings and gets people searching for topics on eyesight to see my page. 

Now if they find the page and visit it, the question becomes, what can I promote to them? Well Amazon is certainly one option as I can sell eye drops, supplements for improving vision, books on this subject, ect…

But if the average commission rate for selling these products is anywhere from $0.10-$2.00, it’s going to take a whole bunch of visitors buying from my page to make me a lot of money.

Now it’s not wrong to promote this stuff. But what could the other option be? Well I can literally just write my own eBook on improving one’s vision, provided it has great information and just sell that on my own for about $15. 

Then when people buy, 1 sale will equal to $15, something which would take me multiple sales from Amazon to reach. 

Now I’m NOT saying you should make your own products and eBooks, but you should consider it if you’re not happy with the kinds of commissions you are earning. 

It is also important to note that you won’t always have this option available (being able to sell your own things).

For example, if I promote clothing to skiers, I can’t exactly make it myself and sell it. I would need a company like Amazon in this case to help provide me with products to promote. 

My whole point about this stuff is that you should look around beyond just one program and know that it may NOT always be suitable for your business to promote through there. 

So again, if you’re wondering if it’s possible to make money with Amazon…

Here are the 10 case studies that say yes: The first 3 are my sites that are connected to this affiliate program and are making sales:

1) The first is a weight loss page.

I made it in 2014 and HARDLY worked on it. The reason was that I put nearly all my efforts into THIS site and it occupies most of my time. I do not regret focusing on this one more so than the weight loss one because this one brings me good money and it would be absolutely foolish of me to neglect the money maker page and put all my efforts into what I call secondary pages. 

Never the less, whenever I have time, I put focus on the weight loss site and the other 2 I’ll mention. 

The quick history on this example is that besides making it a few years back, I wrote about 80 articles on it, most of them reviewing popular diet products and books being sold on Amazon. On average, the site receives about 200-300 visitors a day.

Originally, my goal was to take the traffic I’d get from writing about these popular weight loss products and sell a Clickbank product in it’s stead (It was also a diet program). I wasn’t trying to promote the actual products I was reviewing, because they paid very little per sale, so if I could get people onto my page interested in the popular Amazon products, but to buy the Clickbank product, I’d easily make over $20 per sale. Here’s details on the experiment.

The result of this experiment led the weight loss page to make several $1,000’s, but over the course of a year, which considering the little work I put into it to not be too bad. 

However, in 2017, I switched it up and ran an experiment where instead of promoting the Clickbank product, I ended up promoting the actual Amazon products themselves, at least the ones I though were good enough to sell. In other words, now all links were pointing to the Amazon product/s, not Clickbank. 

How did that work out? Well, here’s a screenshot of the sales reports over the past 3 months:

Unfortunately, the report will not let me go past 3 months back so this was the only screenshot I could get. However, making a measly $19+ over that period is a sign I should have stuck to my original idea, which I recently went back to after seeing how this experiment was working out. 

So how is this a success? Well like I said before, I hardly worked on this page. If I had…

I could have easily doubled and tripled the incoming traffic to it, going from 200-300 visitors a day to well over a 1,000. I had a great plan in place, but unfortunately no time to execute it. Had it been done, just through Amazon alone this page would be making several $100 a month, which is not bad…

But the Clickbank experiment would still prove to be far more profitable. Moving forward, I still am aiming to build this page further, but like I said before, do not neglect other affiliate opportunities. My experiment here cost me several $1,000 in profits and proved that perhaps going through Amazon was not the best idea, but it was an important lesson for my second site that I’ll show you…

2) My page on drones.

Seeing as how the weight loss site would bring in very small commissions because of the low cost products I was selling through it, I decided to stick to the Clickbank strategy, but that didn’t mean I would forget about Amazon, I just needed to find a different niche market with more expensive products to sell and so I created a drone site.

Now this page is still very new but the foundations of being successful with it are the same as any other page I’ve made in the past which has gotten a lot of traffic, so it’s just a matter of working on it and giving it time before it gets a bunch of traffic. In the case of the drone niche, the page I’m currently making will easily get over 5,000 visitors a month with all the research I’ve done. 

As for products, I’m selling ones that go from $400-$5,000. Now Amazon is the only place through which I can promote these product and luckily, despite the low percentage I’d make per sale, it would still equal big commissions. At the price range of drones I just pointed to, the commission can range from $16-$200.

The key to the success of this page is to basically create high quality articles on drone products and related topics and just like with the weight loss example, to get people from Google looking at drones and topics related to them, to find my page.

Luckily I know a lot about this subject so it’s an easy niche market to write a ton of content on. The hard part is going to be writing all of the articles I want, but trust me, the audience is there and so are the profits (read the update on my drone site).

3) My “mud” site. 

I once wrote about a HOT niche market involving racing in mud and so ever since I did that, I have SLOWLY been building that site up. Today it has over 50 articles on it and gets about 600 visitors a month. It’s growing slowly for the same reasons my weight loss site was, because I just can’t devote enough time to all these sites when I have this main one bringing in 99% of all profits.

On a side note, if at this point, you’re doubting that I know how to create successful sites, read how much this one’s made (or my case studies) and then tell me I don’t know anything. You’ll understand why I put in so much time into the main site and not these other 3.

But anyway this mud site has earned about $40 through Amazon. The main thing is that it has the same issue the weight loss site has in that the products being sold offer small commissions, so the key is to get more traffic and multiply those numbers.

I’ve already proven the traffic is there. It’s just a matter of growing off this and improving the profits, which I will continue to do when I have the time to devote to this page. 

4) Billy’s Amazon business.

Billy is a guy who runs a YouTube channel who I did a case study on. He sells drones through his videos and makes good money that way. While he doesn’t run a site from my knowledge, he does very well on YouTube.

5) More Amazon affiliate success stories.

I have a whole post on people who are successful Amazon affiliates here which you can read about and their results are better than mine in this particular affiliate business.

The main message to take from these pages:

All of them promoted or do promote via Amazon. But as you saw, it’s not always lucrative enough to promote through it. The big site I am focusing on making big money through the Amazon program at this point is the drone page because of it’s high priced products (high ticket). In this case, the drone niche is a legit high ticket niche topic to promote Amazon products through (stay away from these high ticket opportunities though).

Other than that, the most important thing to take from these 3 sites (and the main one I talk about focusing most of my time on) is that as long as you focus on the niche, you will get the right traffic to your site.

All 3 examples above are following that blueprint and thus they are already seeing success, but it’s success that relies on me personally building it further. The slower I build them, the slower the profits will be and the faster I do it, well, then faster and more profitable it’ll be obviously…

If you can reach the same point with your pages (the point where you get the niche traffic), from that point, know that you are FREE to choose to promote to the niche audience whatever you feel is right.

If it’s something from Amazon, sell them that. If it’s something from Clickbank, sell them that and if it’s neither of those things and is a product you personally made, sell them that instead.

The point is that as long as you have the niche page running successfully, you will have the freedom to make money in it promoting whatever you want from wherever you want. 

4 thoughts on “10 Examples of Amazon Affiliate Sites That Make Good Money.”

  1. I have mouth full of wows to the information you present in such a coherent and complete manner that I am certain it is an exact example when you are contemplating the creation and subsequent growth of a website.

    I am already building a niche website following the wealthy affiliate training, and I like it all so much, but man reading all this information makes me feel hopeful. My website should be fun to build, and so far (nearing the 10th page/post), that’s my experience of less than a month into it.

    Even though it is a lot of text to read I never lost interest while reading it. So I think you really know how to build a successful website, and that gives me hope that some day I will too.

    • Hi Tomas, provided you keep having with fun the site you’re building and considering you continue to do what the program I recommended says, I am sure you will see this success!

  2. I have mainly been promoting video games through Amazon. I have also used eBay’s affiliate program as well but have not made any sales yet.

    I am currently thinking of using Amazon’s affiliate program until I start making a bunch of sales after which then, I might switch back to eBay since they pay about 50% commission from what I heard.

    One thing I am wondering is if visitors are more likely to purchase things online if it is from Amazon. Do you think it would be a good idea for me to use Amazon’s affiliate program for now until I start making some sales then switching back to eBay? A part of me feels like if I did, visitors would be less likely to buy.

    • Amazon in my experience is more trusted than eBay, but the point I want to make is that it sounds to me like your focus is in the wrong area. I believe you mentioned on a different topic that you have a pretty new site. If that is the case, your focus should not be on which affiliate program to use (because you’ll always have the option), it should be on growing the site. 

      Ideally, if you do this and get good traffic, then you can test whether or not eBay or Amazon is the better converter when you send your traffic there. Until you do that, you’re only speculating and this is going to make you lose time building your site.


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