3 Rules on How to Make a List of Profitable Niche Ideas

I’m going to show you 3 rules that will always help you make and find profitable niche ideas, and ones that will always have the potential to make you good money too.

how to make a list of profitable niche ideas

Here are the 3 rules of finding profitable niche ideas:

  1. Compile a list of life experiences you have and break them up into categories.
  2. Filter out which of the ideas you listed as profitable and popular.
  3. See which ideas are evergreen and even better yet, both evergreen and hungry niches.

In a moment I will show you examples of how following these 3 rules will always help you find profitable niche ideas but I’ve personally used this method for years to do it. In fact, here are 50 truly profitable niches all of which follow these 3 rules.

The 3 rules of finding profitable niche ideas explained in detail:

Rule 1: 

Compile a list of LIFE experiences you’ve gone through and this has to absolutely include things you’ve had problems with and managed to solve. They have to have both passion and experience to be included. Let me give you some ideas to consider:

  • Do you have pets?
  • Do you have relationship experience?
  • Do you have kids and raised them well or not so well?
  • Do you have financial stability?
  • Do you have degrees in particular fields?
  • Are you GOOD or even great at something?
  • Have you gone through difficult times in life such as perhaps experienced diseases or personally have been involved with someone who has?

Here’s an additional thing that I know will help: I wrote this article on finding your nice based on these things a long time ago and a lot of the advice in this article you’re reading now stems from that one. I would absolutely recommend you read that one too just to be sure the list you personally make is an actual passion and applicable to rule #1. 

Rule #2: 

From there, filter out the ideas via looking at which topics are popular among masses of people (niche audiences). For example, if you have 2 passions such as building clay models and hydroponic gardening, then the latter is more popular and that is the one I’d consider for your niche idea to start with.

Rule # 3: 

Make sure it’s evergreen and preferably hungry too. Evergreen niches are topics that never lose demand and always stay popular and hungry niches are topics that people are ready to buy solutions for (like stopping hair loss).

Allow me to apply the 3 rules in my own example to show you how this works:

For rule #1:

Here is what I personally made in accordance with rule #1:

  • I have had issues with diseases like lyme diseases. I was able to treat it. 
  • I had issues with knee problems which I also was able to fix.
  • I have issues with hair loss and still am still dealing with it, trying to find out how to regrow it.
  • I run a full time business on the internet through a website. 
  • I have hobbies like drone flying.
  • I enjoy things like martial arts.
  • I’ve done very fun and challenging things like the Spartan Race (I made a site for Spartan Races by the way). 
  • I’ve gained belly fat before and looked at ways on how to lose it.
  • I’ve gained life experience in things like dating.

Now these are things that I personally have both passion and experience with, therefore, they apply. 

In your case, make your list just as big if not bigger than mine. Write down everything that possibly comes to mind but make sure the topics are labeled as bullet points. I could have in my case put several of the hobbies I listed like drone flying and martial arts into 1 category, but that’s not how rule #1 works, so keep it separate and this is important when you’ll apply rule #2…

For rule #2: 

The key is to take that list, do research on which topics get a lot of traffic. In my case, everything I put up has popularity, but some has more than others and it is important that I first look at the topics which I love most and then research them individually. This brings me to the following research results that came up for my topics:

how to select a niche market

Lyme disease. Initial research shows that this topic is extremely popular.

Over a 100,000 people look up the term itself and I would guess that it’s well over a 100,000 who look up similar searches. The niche is popular, I have experience in it and “passion” in that I know what it feels like to have this problem and how to help people solve it. 

Knee problems. Another big one. I would say well over a MILLION people look up phrases and terms pertaining to knee pain online and how to fix it. Being that I dealt with this issue, I already know a lot about it. And spoiler, I ran an experiment where I was gathering an email list of people with this program (and it worked very well!)

Hair loss. I don’t like admitting it but it’s a problem I have, yet at the same time, I have experience in looking up solutions and know which ones haven’t worked well and which have. This is a HUGE problem for both men and women and the initial estimates say that there’s millions of people Googling how to solve this problem. 

Internet business. I’ve got plenty of experience here to show and help others reach success. People who want to work from home and make a home based business is also in the millions. 

As for things like drone flying, martial arts, races, dating and belly fat which were on my list, I didn’t include them, because these were (so far) not things that I would say I have more passion and experience in than the ones I just mentioned. 

Rule #3: Is it evergreen?

All the niches I’m left with from following rule #2 are evergreen but remember I said it should also ideally be “hungry” and if I take a look at that list, 2 stand out:

Hair loss and knee problems. So I can start a niche site on one of those topics and I’ll confidently know it is profitable.

And that is how you find profitable niche ideas! My final thoughts:

Picking the “perfect” niche is a completely subjective thing that will differ for anyone who follows these 3 rules, but this will absolutely help you personally make your own, perfect choice.

However the choice you make is the starting point of success and it can only be reached if you BUILD of it, meaning building the site, building the content and ensuring the effort you put into the passion you picked turns a profit.

In your case, follow the same rules and create your own list. In fact, leave me a comment below on the list you personally made that you’d like my input on. Be sure to include how much you like and know about this topic because that will be a huge determining factor in whether it’s a smart choice for you to build a website off. 

30 thoughts on “3 Rules on How to Make a List of Profitable Niche Ideas”

  1. Great article. I wish I would have read this before choosing my niche although I have to say I am very passionate about the one I chose which is camping.

    So how can you tell if people search for one niche more than another. You said you did some research to figure that out. Is there a way that I can find that out for myself about my niche?

  2. Thank you, Vitaliy, the rules make a lot of sense. Here’s a list of things I know and have a passion for:

    Video production – Studied Video production and filmmaking in college. Have worked in this profession.

    Writing – love writing.

    Camping – was an avid camper growing up. When I was a young adult, I kept my camping gear in my car, so I could go camping at a moment’s notice. As an older adult, we went family camping a lot. Presently, work schedule keeps me from camping a whole lot.

    Cruising – Our favorite type of vacation.

    Pastoring and preaching – my full-time occupation for over 25 years.

    Project management – was a professional project manager. Loved doing it, don’t know if I’d love pursuing it as a niche.

    Computer repair/network administration. Was gainfully employed in this profession also. Taught computer repair as well.

    I can see how making this list can help. Thanks for sharing your insight.

    • Hi Joe, out of the following choices, though I can list niche ideas for each, the ones which stand out to me are the following:

      Camping. This is a great choice, you can really talk about the topic of camping, promote tents, survival accessories and other things to help people have a great, safe time. I would really consider this option.

      Computer repair. I’m sure there’s a large niche audience which have computer problems and in this particular instance, finding common problems people have with their computers and offering free tutorials on YouTube and a personal blog will go a long way. You can offer personal fixing solutions as a service where you log into the person/s computer and help them clean it up for a fee, it would be a great way to earn honest commissions.

  3. Hi Vitaliy,

    It’s very exciting to read your article and infact I wish I could have read this two years ago when I was starting my online journey. In my case I have made a list and have come up with eight points and then narrowed them down to two. According to your advice of following the passion, I made a choice on music and photography. I love both music and photography and I’ve had a lot of experience on both of them.

    Searching for one more niche, I think I would go ahead and choose how to make a music studio at home. I think this would be more specific compared to my first nice which is a little bit general. I found out that there are so many people searching about this online.

    This method of choosing a niche sounds an excellent one and I will bookmark your article for future reference.

    Much blessings,


    • Hi Paul, while I was reading your comment, I was worried you didn’t pick a niche when you said photography and music, but then when you mentioned the specific choice, I was relieved and I agree that it is a good one! This really sounds like something you will enjoy doing and I will fully recommend you get started on this niche site as soon as you can!

  4. Thanks for sharing. This is a great process to follow. The passion niche thing is so important. I’ll be honest and say that I have tried driving a site that was way outside of my comfort zone, but showed excellent traffic potential. But it never got off the ground and realized the true potential as I simply couldn’t relate to it. The ones that do excite me and inspire a passion and drive are the ones that deliver the ROI. So your post is spot on and offers great advice. Thanks…. I only wish I’d seen it sooner 🙂

    • It’s alright Sean, most bloggers make that mistake, including me. But I am glad you were able to switch from a none passionate niche topic to one you really like.

  5. You hit the nail on passion and experience. i like you’re approach. I didn’t go as deep as you went. I did pick something I’m passionate about.

    It makes a huge different, I actually enjoy writing about it, it doesn’t take as much research as opposed to something you might enjoy but have less hands on experience.

    • Absolutely right Fred, there is far less research time needed when you KNOW your niche well, this saves you time on all of that research since you already have it in your mind/experiences and far more time spent on writing it and letting it get on Google.

  6. I’ve made a niche website on a topic that I had absolutely no interest or experience in before and it went horribly. Since then I’ve made another website that is on a niche that I am much much more knowledgeable about and I do find interesting and its been much easier to build that site up.

    I’m now looking at building another site but I’m not sure what niche to go for. I’m only 17 so I don’t have many life experiences or things of that nature. I guess the things I’m most into are strength training and gaming.

    How could I turn these into a good niche website?

    • Well my advice wouldn’t be to get into another niche site when you already have one you like and are building. Is this current page making you money and/or does it have the potential to? If so, then why would you want to delay or stop it and go into another one? I’d suggest you keep working on it.

      But if you have the time and really want to explore those 2 ideas you mentioned, I can certainly offer a few niche ideas that may work for you, although my main recommendation stands.

      • I haven’t made any money off my current site yet. Its around a month old and its the first one I’ve ever made. I’ve got about 25 posts on it and I think I could continue with building that site up whilst putting the same amount of effort into another site.

        I don’t want to do that until I have a good niche hopefully related to strength training.

        • Well in that case, I would still build your existing site, it will give you the experience you need to market your future strength training site in a smarter way. Plus having 25 posts in ONLY a month is amazing work man and if you still have the pace to keep this going, do it.

          I would not disregard your existing site because you have no passion for it. You clearly do if you’ve written so much stuff already. How many words are you writing each time?

          • Around 700-1100 per post.

            What do you think about a niche website in strength training for teenagers? Or maybe at home strength training?

          • You don’t necessarily have to target a demographic like teenagers, I’d just focus on something like gaining muscle naturally or helping people get six pack abs, mixed in with topics on fat burning. There’s also workouts for strength growth you can target as well. Either of these 3 choices will be fine.

            Also for the word count, stick to above 1,000.

  7. This information has helped me to choose topics that I have experience and passion for. Although I’ve started a website, the niche that I’ve chosen isn’t a passion of mine. I’ve done research and gathered information on that particular niche but I don’t think I have the passion to continue creating content as there’s nothing that’s of interest to me.

    Now I can take my list from experiences and passion, turn them into profitable niches and watch them make money.This has been a very helpful topic. I’ll certainly follow those rules with my experiences and passion to make the most out of them, I hope to start seeing a steady income flowing in after completing something I have experience and passion about.

    Thank you for this very informative topic.

    • Chasing a niche market I don’t like is familiar to me as well Keith and I can certainly understand why it didn’t become profitable. I am glad though that now you have a more clear path to choose the right niche market for yourself. Focus on 1 for now, it’ll help you put in more time to make that 1 choice profitable, faster.

  8. This is so helpful how you broke this down. I often get so many ideas in my head that I’d like to write about, but I can’t seem to narrow it down to just one very easily. I like the way you narrowed it down.

    I have a question about building a second site, though. When do you begin a second site? What are you looking for in your first site before you decide you can afford to slow down on it to create a second one?

    I assume you then go through the same process to come up with your second site niche then.

    • Hi Teresa, I’ve been considering writing an article regarding this for awhile, but I’ll try to answer your question. My rule is that your first site has to make enough on it’s own to fund the new site, but at the same time, if it’s (the first site) making good money, do NOT just drop it and move over to another one, because if you forget about your main website, you will slowly start to lose rankings and profit. 

  9. Well written! I will certainly follow these guideline for creating my niche website. I agree with you – often times people fail when trying to build a website because they simply are not passionate about it and that is the most important element. Thank you for sharing this valuable information!

    • Not a problem Johel, as long as you understand what a niche is and understand how to brainstorm them to pick the one you like most, you’ll be much more likely to create a successful online business through it.

  10. I am naturally a do, then think later kind of person. Not much patience I’m afraid. Your articles have made me re think my niches and I’m off to apply all your advice here to make sure I have the passion and the knowledge for my choices. Maybe I will find either better subjects or even my third.

    I will get back to on whether I have jumped in too soon with my niches or whether my gut instincts were right!
    Definitely hoping I find a third niche by applying your principles.

    • Hi Karen, were the first 2 niche choices successful for you? Just curious because if they weren’t, there really isn’t a good reason to jump into a third one. 

  11. This is an excellent way to find the perfect niche to focus on! It’s really important to choose a niche that you know a considerable bit of information about, and for that reason, it will be easier to help others. And to avoid the trap of being too vague, narrowing down the niche to a more targeted one is key. Informative article! I’ve launched my first website on a niche that’s near and dear to my heart; but this article makes me want to go back and find other niches I can research for possible online business ideas.

    • Hi Wendi, in your case I would suggest sticking to your original choice and not distracting yourself with other choices. You already mentioned how the one you chose is close to you, so keep building off that one. Let that niche site become profitable first.

  12. Whenever I read interesting articles about selecting a niche, I get an adrenaline rush. I want to get that perfect idea so much. I have written lists and researched ideas, but never came across an explanation as unique as yours. I have already bookmarked this page because it is now my “Go Here” to get it right.

    I have an idea right now about “Keeping Healthy,” because I had a health scare two years ago. I want to share my experience about the importance of keeping your arteries plaque free. I am looking at different foods, exercise, and natural treatments versus prescribed medication. As I put your suggestions in practice, I think I will come up with the ideal niche. Can I get your feedback? I can’t thank you enough for this post.

    • Hi Carol, what I would do is create a list that is relevant to the topic of clearing arteries. The mention of health is not specific enough. That being said, I have a few ideas based of what you mentioned that can help you narrow down your idea:

      Helping people reduce their risk of heart disease and strokes, as well as heart attacks. 

      A niche site specifically on reducing blood clots and clearing up arteries (you can tie this in with the heart disease topic easily). 

      Exercises to help reduce the risk of heart problems. 

      Overall, these are 3 connected ideas, but the first one about the heart disease topic is without a doubt the most specific and open ended in that you can connect the other 2 topics with it and build an even bigger niche site out of it.

  13. Reading this has reminded me that I am on the right track. I made my site around gaming because it is something that I was passionate about and is also very popular nowadays. There I recommend ones that are a lower price because I know it can be an expensive hobby for others.

    I am curious to know, is there anything other than reviewing products related to my niche (once I have chosen it) that you would recommend I try to be able to make a living off of?

    • Hi Arie, I would honestly recommend your gaming topic be more specified. There are SO many different classifications of gaming: consoles, PC, board games, other hobbies, offline games, ect… 

      I would really stick to one particular topic out of those. Typically, gaming hardware for PC’s would be a VERY good and profitable choice in my experience, because the products sold in that niche are quite expensive, purchased by many and that will bring in great commissions. 

      I suppose that answers your question on the ability to make a living through this. I have personally seen more than few people in this niche succeed quite well. 


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